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Subject: Decatur Name Quilt

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2001 9:03 PM


We have a name quilt which was Mary Naomi Lentz Gammons. We think it was

made as a gift for her perhaps. Here are the names on the quilt:

Relationship to Mary Lentz Gammon

Anita Beavers Daughter to this Jane

Anna Beavers (Lamar) Anna Deckert (wife of Alonzo Beavers)

Argel Beavers (Mrs. Monroe Carter-Daughter to this Jane-care

facility Arvada, CO)

Della Beavers ?

Glata Beavers Daughter to this Jane

Jane Beavers Cousin to Mary probably

Marjory Beavers ?

Libbie Bethards ?

Delia Bremer Sister

Ellen Bremer Niece (daughter of Delia Bremer)

Marion Bremer Brother-in-law (husband of Delia Bremer)

Maxine Bremer ?

Roxie Bremer Niece (daughter of Delia Bremer)

Ella Campbell Daughter

Josephine Campbell Granddaughter (daughter of Ella Campbell)

Carroll Clark Grandson (son of Etta Clark)

Illa Clark Granddaughter-in-law (wife of Okie Clark)

Okie Clark Grandson (son of Etta Clark)

Mary Cornell ?

Lola Crabill Granddaughter (daughter of Treulia Morris)

Zoma Ellenberger Granddaughter (daughter of Treulia Morris)

Lorene G Greatgranddaughter (dtr of Lewis Freeman Gammon)

Stella G Granddaughter-in-law (wife of Lewis Freeman


Lewis Gammon Grandson (son of Marilda Freeman) *

Mary Gammon ? (Is this Mary N.?)

Alice Hamilton Daughter of Verda (Alice Ellen Gittenger)

Longmont, CO

Herman Hamilton Husband of Verda

Verda Hamilton Niece (daughter of Ellen Jane Traupel)

Etta Henderson ?

Mary Holtcamp Granddaughter (daughter of Treulia Morris)

George Johnson Brother-in-law (husband of Orpha Johnson)

Iva Johnson Niece (daughter of Orpha)

Mae Johnson Niece (daughter of Orpha)

Orpha Johnson Sister (called "Aunt Doug/Dug)

Aloma (Alana) Kendall ?

Ella Lane ?

Hartie Lentz (Lambert, OK) Brother

Terrie Lentz (Lambert, OK) Sister-in-law (wife of Hartie Lentz)

Marea Martin Granddaughter (daughter of Ella Campbell)

Forrest McCarty Niece (daughter of Orpha Johnson)

Jessie Morris Granddaughter-in-law (wife of Herschel)

Leslie B. Morris Son-in-law (husband of Truelia Morris)

Opal Morris Granddaughter (daughter of Treulia Morris)

Treulie J. Morris Daughter

Don Nelson Greatgrandson (son of Leveta Nelson)

Leveta Nelson Granddaughter (daughter of Clara Hamilton)

Roy Nelson Grandson-in-law (husband of Leveta Nelson)

Marguerita Nulph Daughter of Jake & Stella Williams

Clara Patton Sister

Edward Patton (Garden Grove, IA) Brother-in-law (Clara's husband)

Velma Patton Daughter-in-law to Clara (Delos was the son)

Curtis Duane Perks Greatgrandson (son of Lona Perks)

Lona Perks Granddaughter (daughter of Marilda Freeman) *

Mary Maurine Perks Greatgranddaughter (daughter of Lona Perks)

Raymond Keith Perks Greatgrandson (son of Lona Perks)

Izola Petty ?

Jane Petty Niece (daughter of Orpha Johnson)

Lois Petty ?

Ocie Petty ?

Harl Pitman (Leon, IA) Josephine's husband

James Edward Pitman (Leon, IA) Josephine's son

Josephine Pitman (Leon Iowa '35) Niece (daughter of Clara Patton)

Alice Sears Niece (daughter of Clara Patton)

Ella Smith ?

Jane Stephen ?

Ruth Surbaugh Delia's daughter (?)

Jane Traupel Sister (Ellen Jane Lentz)

Mary Traupel Niece (daughter of Jane Traupel)

Mose Traupel Brother-in-law (husband of Jane Traupel)

Maxine Willey Granddaughter (daughter of Ella Campbell)

Clara Williams (Lamar) Daughter of Jake & Stella ?