From: "Janice Katherine Lund" <>

To: <>


Date: Thursday, May 17, 2001 11:36 AM

Regarding the postings on Peter BRENNEMAN and his daughter, Nellie, who

tragically died in that fire.....I wrote my BRENNEMAN cousin, Barb Christie

and she was nice enough to "spell out" how I am connected to this family as

I didn't have Peter in my Family Tree Maker.

This means that Joanne Baker and my "cousin" Linda (on the Decatur list) are

also "cousins" of these people

And she also included a compliment to the list and's her

reply...and THANKS, Barb!


Hi Jan, I checked my family program and come up with the following: Albert

Cary Landes and Peter Brenneman were 3rd cousins, once removed. Albert Cary

is your first cousin, twice removed and Peter Breneman your 3rd cousin 3

removes. Peter and your Frances were first cousins, one remove. Is that

enough 'cousins' for one paragraph<G>??

The Decatur list is a great one! None that I am on have anything like it,

just a bunch of bla-bla-bla - "anybody know my Smith family" type thing

comes through every little bit.


So now I know....hope I can remember <grin>

Jan Lund

Direct Descendants of Melchior BRENEMAN, Jr.

1 Melchior BRENEMAN, Jr. b: August 1718 Conestoga Township, Lancaster,

Pennsylvania d: 19 April 1794 New Danville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

. +Anna GOOD Source: Scott Brenneman b: 21 September 1722 m: c. 1738

d: c. 1800 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Burial: New Danville Cemetery

Mennonite Church, Pennsylvania Source: Mark Hicks Father: Peter GOOD

Mother: Margaret GEETHA

. 2 Isaac BRENNEMAN b: c. 1746 Conestoga Township, Lancaster,

Pennsylvania d: Aft. 1800 Near Alexandria, Huntington, Pennsylvania

..... +Anna HERR m: c. 1772 d: Near Alexandria, Huntington,

Pennsylvania Father: Rudolph HERR Mother: Barbara BRUBAKER

..... 3 Melchior BRENNEMAN b: c. 1773 d: 1853 Walker Twp,

Huntington County, Pennsylvania

......... +(_________________) THOMPSON

........ 4 Henry 'Harry' BRENNEMAN b: c. 1810 d: 15 March 1886

Grand River, Decatur, Iowa Burial: Young Cemetery, Grand River, Iowa

............ +Esther KRIDER b: 1814 d: 1872

............ 5 Peter BRENNEMAN b: 31 July 1841 d: 26 October 1924

Burial: Grand River Cemetery, Grand River, Iowa





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