The Names below were in William Bradshaw's autograph book. William was the son of Joel and Mary Jane Bradshaw. The page for each person has been scanned. Most of the autographs have more than just a signature. The years are 1885-1896.

BOYD, Mattie, May 23 1885, Grand River IA

BRADSHAW, A S, January 2 1886, Grand River IA

BRADSHAW, Charles, January 6, 1885, Westerville IA

BRADSHAW, Essie, July 31 1885, Grand River IA

BRADSHAW, Ida T, January 2 1886, Winfield KANSAS

BRADSHAW, Laura, May 17 1885, Westerville IA

BRADSHAW, M C, July 17, 1885, Westerville IA

BRADHAW, Ruth, September 11, 1885, Clearfield IA

BRADSHAW, Sadie, May 20, 1886, Grand River IA

BRADSHAW, Sherman, 1885, Grand River IA

CARTER, Camelia, August 9 1885, Grand River IA

COLE, George

COLE, Sallie, May 3 1885, Grand River IA

COMSTOCK, A B, Grand River

EDWARDS, Annie, July 24 1885, Osceola IA

EDWARDS, Thomas, May 25 1885, Westerville IA

FERGUSON, J C, Cedar Rapids Linn County IA

GREENLAND, Jade, January 25 1885

GREENLAND, Joshua, January 4, 1885 Grand River IA

GREENLAND, William, Westerville IA

HOCKING, W A, March 13 1886, Dubuque IA

JOHNSON, Harvey S, January 1885, Grand River IA

KELSO, Edward P, Grand River IA

McGREEVY, James, November 11 1896, Grand River IA

SHIELDS, Tillie, June 28 1885, Grand River IA

SHOLT, J H, Des Moines IA

SNOOK, Mary L, January 25 1885, Westerville IA

TAYLOR, Dian, April 7 1887, Batavia IA

WATERMAN, J H, June 12 1885, Westerville IA

WRIGHT, Mary, July 20 1885, Grand River IA