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Subject: Wm."H"McElwee's Autograph Book

Date: Thursday, May 10, 2001 4:40 PM

I would like to contribute an Autograph Book.

This one belongs to my Brother, William "H" McElwee. b Dec 27. 1931 d Jan 25. 1999. He was born in Corning, Ia. He started collecting these autographs when he learned that we would be moving from Van Wert to Texas, which we did in 1946.

Dec 25, 1945

Dearest Billy,

If hills and rocks divide us

and you no more I see,

Remember it was Mother

that wrote these line for thee.

Love Mother

Feb 8, 1946

Always love, always kisses

fools names in public places.

2 good 2 be 4 gotten.

Bob McDowell

Van Wert, Iowa

Jan 23, 1946

Dear Billy

I don't know of anything to write,

but remember the good times

we have had together.

Your Friend.

Gene Boles

Van Wert, Iowa


Dear Billy

No heed to others pay;

They try to discredit, never fear.

You'll go triumphant on your way,

If your conscience you keep clear.

Your Teacher-Scoutmaster & Friend

Glenn S. Campbell-Weldon, Ia.

Jan 23, 1946

Dear Billy

When you grow up and

live across the River,

Kill the old Tom cat and

send me the liver.

Don Pierce

Feb 8, 1946

Dear Bill,

Love is such a funny thing.

It's something like a lizzard.

It wraps itself around your heart

andnibbles at your gizzard!

Author Unknown

Feb 8, 1946

Van Wert, Ia.

I don't have much to say,

but just remember that you

still got a friend!

Your Friend,

Junior Mallatt

Van Wert, Ia.

Feb 11, 1946

Van Wert, Ia.

Dear Billy

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Sugsr is sweet, and so are you!

2 good 2 be 4 gotten

Love, Verda Mallatt

Van Wert High

Feb 13, 1946

Dear Billy,

Sure as the grass grows under the stump

Beverly is your sugar lump!

B. K.

Van Wert, Iowa

Jan 17, 1946

Dear Billy,

Too much moonlite, too many kisses,

Will change your gals name from Miss to Mrs!

Yours till cows give shaving crean,

A history classmate,

Pauline Fry

Van Wert, Ia

Feb 8, 1946

Dear Billy,

Crackers are dry with out the cheese,

What's a kiss with out the squeeze!

Your Friend,

Beverly Houck

Van Wert, Ia

Feb 8, 1946

Dear Billy,

Leaves may weather, flowers may die,

Friends may forsake you, but never will I!

Your Friend, Twyla DeVore

(Bill later married Twyla-Jun 27, 1961)

Dear Billy,

The boy stood on the burning deck.

His thots they were not grim.

What did he care if the ship did burn,

It didn't belong to him!

Little Jack Horner sat in the corner

necking with little Miss Muffet.

He leaned on her shoulder and then

he grew bolder. The little boy knew how to rough


Dean Houck

Van Wert, Ia

Feb 8, 1946

Snow on the mt,

Sun can't melt it.

You love BABS

and she can't help it!

Your Friend.

Bonita Houck

Feb 8, 1946

Roses are pink, violets are yellow;

Does your cow ever bellow!

Harold Luse

Jan 24, 1946

Dear Bill,

No ink, bum pen:

Can't think, so Amen!

Remember me till Niagra Falls,

Gerald DeVore

Van Wert, Iowa

Feb 8, 1946

Dear Billy,

Poor paper, poor pen,

poor writer I am!

Mary Ann Mallatt

Jan 23, 1946

If a task is once begun,

Never leave it till it's done.

Be the labot great or small,

Do it well or not at all!


Miss Jensen(Teacher)

So we don't have a wooden gate,

Pardon me but I forgot the date!

Dear Billy,

When holding hands at the wooden gate,

The Lovers are blind but the neabors ain't!

Can't spell can I

2 good 2 bee 4 gotten

Beverly Wilson

Van Wert, Iowa

March 12, 1946

Dearest Billy,

The higher the mts, the lower the breeze;

The younger the couple, the tighter the squeeze!

Yours till tu-lips(Two Lips) meet.

Always include me in your chimney

of friendship as one brick!

A Friend,

Belva Ramsey

Feb 11, 1946

Dear Billy,

Rose are red, violets are blue;

Girls are hard up and so are you!

Till the rooster lays an egg.

Your Friend,

Con McDowell

Van Wert, Iowa

Feb 8, 1946

Dear Bill,

When you get married and have twins,

Don't come to me and ask for pins!

Your Friend,

Orland Buckley

Van Wert, Iowa

Jan 23, 1946

Dear Billy,

When you get married and live across the river,

Kill the old black cat and send me the liver!

Your Friend,

Donald Morris

Van Wert, Ia.


Dear Billy,

May your lifes ladder reach the highest star,

and may you mount it round by round, and

may your time spent in Van Wert be an

inspiration for the climb!


Leo Boatman

(Same Page)

Dear Billy,

I have been much interested in your welfare since

I first knew you in Sunday School, in groups of

young people, picknicking and on a paper route.

Keep your Ideals high and with hard work your

ambitions should all be realized!

A sincire friend,

Hattie Boatman

Dear Old V. W. H. S

Examination Day

Feb 12

Dear Billie,

When life's school days are ended,

and God says school is dismissed,

May we enter the High School of Heaven

and our names appear on the "List"!

Don't let your pitchin' hand get rusty.

"One of the Family"

Ginny K. (Kelly)(Cousin)

Van Wert, Iowa

Jan 28, 1946

"Nothing worthwhile is ever

achieved without Perserverence"


Mrs. Geo. E. Campbell

Van Wert, Iowa

Feb 13, 1946

Dear Billy,

When evening pulls its curtain

and pin it with a star, remember

Billy you have a friend,

though she mat wonder far.

Much Success & happiness in the future.

A Friend,

Beverly Anne Erickson

Van Wert, Ia.

Feb 11, 1946

Dear Billy,

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Rocks are hard and so are you!

2 good 2 be 4 gotten

Your friend,

Eddy Saylor

Feb 12, 1946

Van Wert H. S.

7 after 2

Dear Billy,

When you get married and live across the lake,

Send me a piece of your wedding cake.

A neighbor, a friend, a Jr, girl,

Darlene Pettis (Lizzie)

Feb 12, 1946

Van Wert, Ia.

Dear Billy,

T'was midnight on the porch. The lips were tightly


The old man gave the signal and the bulldog did

the rest!

Always remember our good times together in V. W.

A Pal,

June Heckathorn

Van Wert, Iowa

March 12, 1946

"A friend forever"

Dear Billy,

It is not the words that count to make your life


But it is your every day deeds that show the peth

for others.

So work hard & you are sure to find success. when

you are

all out of school and out in this wicked world, we

may never

meet again. But hope to see (you) on the other


Much success & happiness!

A History Classmate,

Miss Viola Simmerman

Age 15 1/2

Feb 11, 1946

Dear Billie,

Remember me and don't forget you

have a Grandma in V. W. yet.

A. F. McJimsey(Arzona Florence Palmer McJimsey)

Dear Billy,

I have just a line or two, but I want to let

you know that you still have a friend.

Pat McManus

Van Wert High

January 23, 1946

Dear Billy,

When yiu grow up and live across the river,

kill your old cat and send me the liver!

When you grow up and live on a farm,

write me a letter as long as your arm!

Remember me in History Class

Your Classmate,


The taller the tree the harder the bark,

the older the girl the harder to spark!

Your Uncle,

Charles McJimsey

Van Wert, Ia.

Jan 23, 1946

By hookie by cookie I am last to write in your


Till the rooster lays an egg.

Till the ocean wears rubber pants to keep its

bottom dry.

Your Schoolmate,

Marjorie Dinham

Van Wert, Iowa
Dear Billy,
"Let us not be weary in well doing,
For in dire seasons we shall reap
if we faint not" Gal 6:9
Minister-Ruby I. Jones

Van Wert, Ia.
Dear Billy,
Remember me early, remember me late;
Remember me at the Golden Gates!
Clara Jones

Feb 5, 1946
Dear Billy,
Roses are red,violets are blue;
Acorns are nuts and so are you!
2 good  2 be  4 gotten
Citizenship classmate,
Delbert Woodall

Dear Billy
Upon a mountain carved on a rock,
are four little words, "For get me not"!
Some times I'm nice, some times I'm naughty;
But just to be naughty I'll write my name twice,
Jerri Lou
Jerri Lou Throckmorton
Your friend forever and wishing you
all the luck in the world!

2 good  2 for get
You tell the Mississippi River to wear rubber
pants to keep the bottom dry!
Wanda Mae Simmerman
Van Wert, Iowa

Feb 8, 1946
Van Wert, Ia.
Too sweet to kiss, but oh how bitter;
to kiss a darn tobacco spitter!
Rosalie Cox
Age 14

Feb 12, 1946
Memories of our happy times that we
shared to-gether cannot by anyone be severed!
Wishing You Best of Luck,
Donna Palmer "LuLu (A Cousin)

Van Wert, Ia.
Feb 8 1946
Dear Billy,
I havent much to say, but remember
me as your friend! Yours until the
Mississippi wears rubber pants!
Your Friend,
Wray Simmerman

Van Wert, Ia.
March 12th 1946
Dear Billy,
When twilight draws its curtain
and pins it with a star;
Remember you have a friend
and do not wander far!
2 good  2 be  4 gotten
Your cousin,
LaVern Kelly
Grade 10-Age 16

Van Wert, Iowa
Feb 7, 1946
Dear Billy,
Always remember "The beginning
is the most important part of the work"
Berdena Bulkeley

Same Time - Same Place
Dear Billy.
As you travel along lifes highway,
whatever may be your goal;
always keep your eye upon the dough nut,
and not upon the hole!
Owen R. Bulkeley

Dear Billy,
Roses are red, violets are blue;
Sugar is sweet and so are you!
Yours till the cows come home.
John McManus

Van Wert, Iowa
Feb 12, 1946
11 after 2:00
Dear Billy,
When you get married and your wife gets cross,
Watch out for the rolling pin, for she thinks
she's boss!
Now I lay me down to sleep with my car parked in
the street.
If it should start before I wake, I pray the Lord,
put on the brake!
Yours till the knife and fork, spoon! Yours till
"Side Walks"!
A Junior Girl-Daisey

Van Wert, Iowa
February 8, 1946
Dear Billy,
Hitch your wagon to a star. Try to achieve the
Highest ideals.
I'll remember you as the Boy Scout that all of the
smaller boys admired!
Your Friend,
Mrs. Selma Thompson

(Bill was an Eagle Scout at age 14)

The autograph book was a Christmas present, Dec 25, 1945

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