Southern Iowa Normal School

Bloomfield, IA

A Davis County College, located in Bloomfield. Founded by Alfred Holbrook, of Lebanon, Ohio. Fashioned after the Lebanon Normal School, and was for a time the largest Normal School in Ohio.

The first Independent Normal School west of the Mississippi was the southern Iowa Normal and Scientific Institute, established in 1874. On Jan. 2, 1874, the Southern Iowa Normal and scientific Institute was established by M H Jones, J B Weaver, F W Eichelberger, N S Johnson, I V McConn, J D Tribelcock, Jordan McCann, J W Young, S S Carruthers, Wm C Johnson,  A H HIll, Wm J Law, D H Payne, J B Glenn, Amos Steckel, J  A T Hull, A Leach, Wm Palmer, D C Greenleaf, H H Trimble, J H Taylor, J W Clayton, Henry Nulton, LeRoy Hagan, J W Ellis, D J Johnson, H A Spencer, J Deadrick, S W McAtee, A D Gibbons, T O Walker, J R Sheaffer, Wm Hill, and S A Moore.

The main purpose of this school was the training and preparation of professional teachers.

The building was brick, 40x50, 2 stories with basement, and was well constructed with the best material. It was divided into class and assembly rooms. The school existed for 45 years. Attendance in 1882, was 125.

Sources; Pioneer History of Davis County, Iowa; Federated Women's Clubs of the County 1924-1927




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Laying of the Cornerstone 1874


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