Miscellaneous Naturalization Records

The following are a list of Dallas County residents who filed for Naturalization.  Most likely, it doesn't cover everyone who came to Dallas County from other countries.  These names are those whose transcripts are available through the Iowa Genealogical Society.  Contact the IAGS directly for obtaining a copy.
If you know of other Dallas citizens, and have their information, please contact the county coordinator to add their information to another table.


Last Name

First Name Date Country of Origin
Barrett John 1880-04-07 Ireland
Barton Geo 1880-10-04 England
Cler Melchoir 1882-02-07 Loraine Germany
Johnson Mathias 1875-03-06 Prussia
Meusburger Joseph F 1880-10-21 Austria
Peterson Andrew 1876-09-25 Sweden

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