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Do you know of links that provide interesting information regarding our histories and/or Dallas County? Please share! Just drop me a note with Dallas Co Interesting Links in the subject line. Here are a few that I have come across.  Because they are off-site links, please let me know if they fail to work. Thanks and have fun!
QuickSheets - reference guides
First Name Abbreviations
Iowa Unsolved Murders: Historic Cases
Ever wondered about what those ailments really were and how they were remedied?
Old Disease Names
Old Time Cures & Remedies
Ever wondered why you were born with the surname Smith, Anderson or maybe Vale? Very interesting information!
Behind the Name: Family Name
Wondered how the 1st cousin is related to the 5th cousin 3 times removed?  This link will assist with that riddle!
Cousin Chart
Looking for information on the old European villages?  Try this resource.  It covers a lot of the old communities that are not even in existence today.
JewishGen Community
A source for DNA testing ... my McDaniel family came from Ireland... before the testing, we thought we were from Scotland!
Family Tree DNA
Ever thought of looking for that mysterious relative in the prisons or court records?  Here's a link that might just help.
Iowa Black Sheep Ancestors
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