Zookspur School, 1927

Des Moines Township

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At the time this picture was taken, 1927, there was a 3-room schoolhouse at Zookspur, a mining town, located southwest of Madrid in Dallas County.  There were three teachers.  After much effort we were able with the assistance of Lon Cerretti to secure most of the names of the pupils.  Many of them with be recognized by our readers.  Some first names are missing.  Identification is given left to right.  Front row:  Leo contri, Stanich, Dora Pagliai, Thelma Hughes, Bernice Miles, Hugo Cerretti, Frazier, Cricket Brooks and Nelo Barovich.  Second row:  Harry Nordine, Peter Cerretti, Robert Miles, Bill Clevenger, George Fontani, Elio Vuko, Pete Nicoletto, Rudy Romitti, Bruno Morelli, unidentified, Nicoletto, three unidentified, Kovich, Miles, Miles, Youa Vuko, Billy Miles and Frank Clevenger.  Third row:  June Daugherty, Mary Hornich, Katy Hornich, Howard McClelland, Frazier, Brooks, Brooks, Hornich, Esto Nordine, Charles Yauke, John Polish, Miles, Albert Fontani, Marion Nordine, Fred Morellit, Guido Contri, James Timmens, Mary Kovich, Joe Nordine, Carnkovich, Carnkovich, Elmer Stiles, Fred Stiles, Mary Yauke, Nicoletto, Merrill McClelland, Brooks and Frazier.  Back row:  Joe Pugel, Clem Hornich, Stan Kovich, Londie Cerretti, Ray Contri, James Brooks, James Andrews, Thelma Clevenger, Lena Contri, Jane Andrews, Mary Nicholson, Lillian Timmens, Maggie Steward, Mary Barovich, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Killion (teachers), George Stiles and Mrs. Watson (teacher.)  This picture belongs to Dean Young of Des Moines and the latter teacher is his grandmother.

Donated by Sharon Stiles Blair, November 2010.

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