Department of Iowa

Grand Army of the Republic

J. W. Guthrie Post #252, G.A.R. Woodward, Iowa

Miscellaneous Data and History:

Chartered: November 18, 1883
Members: Charter 24 Total 75
Disbanded: June 15, 1930

Property: At G.A.R. Headquarters, Des Moines, Iowa: Received October 9, 1939. Description Book, Minutes December 26,1885 - April 27, 1895, Application papers, Transfer cards, General orders, Dept, Iowa, National Misc. nos, for misc. years. Books and papers from American Legion brought in by Thora Brookings.

Named for:
Guthrie, John W.
Died: May 21, 1862, Keokuk, Iowa Buried: Oakland Cemetery, Keokuk, Iowa
War Record: Prvt Co B 15th Iowa Inf

Roster Iowa Soldiers: Age 19. Residence Des Moines, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Aug. 25, 1861. Mustered Nov. 9, 1861.

NameBornWhere BornDiedWhere DiedBurialWar Record
Adams, Eli1843Indiana- Webster County Douglas Twp St. Olof Cm.Corp A 16 Indiana Inf,
Antrim, Aden19 Feb 1844Wabash Co., Ind.04/02/33Iowa Soldiers HomeWoodward, IowaPvt. K I Ill. L. Art.
Antrim, William1836Wenona, Ill1920 Oak Hill Cemetery, Belle Plaine, IaPrvt. K 1 Ill. Art.
Armstrong, Samuel22 Sep 1843Tenn.6 Aug 1923Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, IaPrvt. G 7th Cav. Iowa
Barrows, George W. New York Prvt. B 147 Ill. Inf.
Bechtel, Samuel6 Nov 1841Jefferson Co., Pa.23 Nov, 1916Boone, Ia.Rose Hill Cem. Boone, Ia.Prvt. D 3 Wisconsin Inf.
Bechtel, Samuel6 Nov 1840Jefferson Co., Pa.23 Nov 1916Boone, Ia.Boone, Ia.Prvt. D 3 Wisconsin Inf.
Biggs, Silas F.2 Jul 1842Ind.23 May 1908Boone, Ia.Woodward Cem. Woodward, IaCorp. D 10 Iowa Inf.
Bowman, Josiah Pa. Prvt. B 4 Iowa Cav.
Bradley, Chauncey Joel20 Dec 1846Newburg, Mich.5 Dec 1901Maquoketa, IowaGoddard Cem. Maquoketa, IowaPrvt. G 6 Iowa Cav.
Brooks, Marion8 Feb 1842Whiteside Co. Ill.23 May 1936Des Moines, Ia.Bouton, Ia.Captain I 8 Kansas Inf.
Brown, James
Brown, John Prvt. K 82 Ohio Inf.
Bucholtz, George16 Jun 1829Hanover, Germany9 Nov 1920Humboldt, IowaUnion Cem., Humboldt, IowaPrvt. CV 9 Ill. Cav.
Burgess, Horace Bambridge, O. Calif.Calif.Sgt. E 196 Oho Inf.
Burkhart, David L.10 May 1833Butler Co., Pa.29 May 1891Boone Co. Iowa Peoples Twp.Peoples Cem Woodward, IaCorp A 23 Iowa Inf.
Calonkey, Henry Peter1 Jan 1848Rice Co., Ill.10 Apr 1940Downer's Grove, Ill.Woodward, IaPrvt. C 140 Illinois Inf.
Cartwright, William E.2 Apr 1846Marysville, Mo.1922LaJunta, Co.Fairview cem. La Junta, CoPrvt. C 46 Iowa Inf,
Chamness, Allen L Sgt. B 57 Ind. Inf.
Chapman, Francis1829N. Y. City31 Jul 1892 Peoples Cem Peoples Twp. Boone Co., IaPrvt. D 12 Ill. Inf.
Conger, Samuel O.30 Oct 1837Danvers, McClain Co, Ill14 Apr 1911Woodward, IaWoodward Cem., Woodward, IaRecruit A 94 Ill Inf. Pvt F 37 Ill Inf
Cook, George W.15 Jun 1844Columbus Lichen Co., Ohio14 Dec 1935Los Angeles, Calif Prvt B 133 Ohio Inf. Natl. Guard
Cottrell, Zerah E. Sgt. Major B 23 Iowa Inf.
Couch, Daniel B N. H. Prvt E, F, C 1 Mass. Cav
Davis, Tamerlane12 Feb 1836Meigs Co., Ohio17 Jul 1917Boone, IowaEast Linwood Cem Boone, IowaPrvt, C 42 Mo. V. Inf
Edgerton, Charles27 Oct 1839 7 Nov 1901 Peoples Cem Woodward, Boone Co., IaPrvt. F 92 Ill. Inf.
Fargo, William P.22, Nov 1832N. Y.20, Apr 1916IndianaPeoples Cem. Peoples Twp. Boone Co,, IowaCorp. G, I 58 Illinois Inf.
Garrett, William H, Ind.22 Jul 1901Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, IaPvrt. D 2 Iowa Cav.
Gettys. William L.3 Mar 1833Indiana Co., Penn17 Oct 1917Madrid, IowaMt. Hope Cem Madrid, IowaPrvt. E 57 Ill. V. Inf
Gott, Francis Marion4 Nov 1837Montgomery Co, Indiana1 Dec 1924Portland, OrePortland, OreCorp A 20 Iowa Inf
Grantham, Robert Richardson Clastel2 Mar1839Fairfield Co., Ohio 4 Oct 1923Des Moines, Ia. Glendale Cem Des Moines, Ia.Prvt Signal Corps, U. S.
Guthrie, James Harvey9 Aug 1847Richland, Ohio27 Feb 1890Woodward, IaRobbins Chapel Cem., Woodward, IaPrvt. H 44 Iowa 44 Prvt D 10 Iowa Inf.
Harker, John England8 Sep 1906 Private E 36 Wisconsin Inf.
Harlow, William H.4 Dec 1838Saratoga Co. N. Y.29 May 1890 Woodward Cem. Woodward, IaPrvt. D 10 Iowa Inf,
Harmon, Patrick12 Feb 1840Union Co., Ohio25 Jan 1897 Woodward , Ia.Prvt. H 82 Ohio Inf.
Hart, Albert T.25 May 1844Hadley Twp. Lapeer Co., Mich.28 Jul 1917Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, IaCorp. H 1 Iowa Cav.
Houghton, John14 Oct 1844Bedford, Canada16 Jul 1900 Woodward , Ia.Prvt. C 17 Ill. Cav.
Hughes, Allen Pvt C 46 Ind Inf
Jesse, Samuel Hampshire Co., England Prvt D 10 Iowa Inf.
Kearby, John W. Prvt. D 32 Iowa Inf.
Keasey, Samuel H3 Apr 1831Ohio1 Dec 1908 Woodward Cem. Woodward, Ia1 Sgt. D 19 Mich, Inf.
Knight, Horatio Onondaga Co., N. Y. Corp. B 122 N. Y. Inf.
Kugler, Joseph Guernsey Co., Ohio Prvt. H 140 Ill. Inf.
Lawson, Jacob Henry Co., Ind. Prvt. I 18 Iowa Inf.
Leaming, Charles M4 Apr 1844Jefferson Co., Iowa22 Nov 1924Liberal, Kas.Woodward Cem., Woodward, IaPrvt A 48 Iowa Inf. Batt.
Lucas, Henry S Tippecanoe Co., Ind. Prvt. I 44 Ind. V. Inf.
Miller, Ezra W.25 Oct 1839Fountain Co., Ind.20 Nov 1922Woodward, IaWoodward Cem., Woodward, IaCorp. B 23 Iowa Inf.
Miller, Frederick1 Dec 1835Bankray, Sweden29 Feb 1925Woodward, IaWoodward Cem., Woodward, IaPrvt. D 3 Minn. Inf.
Miller, Henry J17 Jan 1846Kendall Co., Ill.15 Dec 1939Des Moines, Ia.Perry, IaPrvt H 156 Illinois Inf,
Morely, James Prvt . F 4 Ill. Cav.
Motley, Alfonce18 Mar 1849 23 Mar 1937 Alleged Prvt. C 140 Illinois Inf
Myrick, Perry Ind. Prvt. B 10 Iowa Inf.
Ogden, Charles D1835Cumberland, N. J.6 Jun 1897 Prvt G 17 Ill. Inf,
Patrick, Harmon12, Feb 1840Union Co., Ohio25 Jan 1897Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, IaPvt H 82 Ohio Infantry
Perry, John7 May 1837Montgomery Co. Ohio1925Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, IaPrvt. I 39 Iowa Inf.
Pierce, Jasper W10 Nov 1841Springfield, Ill.19 Dec 1919Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, IaPrvt H 44 Iowa Infantry
Potter, James M.3 Jan 1832Washington Co., N. Y.1 Aug 1901Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, Ia2nd Lt. A 11 Minn. Inf.
Preston, Alonzo C Iowa7 Jul 1887Woodward, IaXenia Cem., Woodward, IACorp. D 2 Iowa Cav.
Rains, Allen M11 Nov 1809Pendelton Co., Va18 Apr 1901Redding, IaRedding, IowaPrivate G 4th Iowa Infantry
Reed, James Stewart16 Dec, 1833Athens, Ohio12 Dec 1893 Boone Prvt. B 34 Iowa Inf.
Rhoads, Hiram Ohio9 Jan 1893 Liberty Cem. Cass Twp, Boone Cty Woodward, IowaPrvt. D 10 Iowa Inf.
Rhoads, Hugh18 Jun 1844Ohio13 Feb 1920Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, IaPrvt, D. 19 Iowa Inf.
Samuel, Jesse1834Hampshire Co, England Prvt. D 10 Iowa Inf,
Severns, William 27 Mar 1840Ohio16 Apr 1897 Woodward , Ia.Prvt. B 88 Ohio Inf.
Shannon, Jon Bracklin25 Dec 1839Guernsey Co., Ohio9 Feb 1918Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, IaPrvt. I 80 Ohio Inf
Sims, George Midland, England17 Jun 1894 Cass or Liberty Cemetery Boone Co., WoodwardCorp D 40 Iowa Inf.
Sixbury, Chauncey E30 May 1838Sycamore, Ill.4 Sep 1917Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, Ia2nd Lt. A 105 Ill. Inf.
Slusser, Francis Marion10 Jul 1824York Co., Pa18 Nov 1900Soldiers' Home, Dayton, O.Odd Felloow Cem., Adel Twp. Dallas, Co., Ia.Chaplain 33 Iowa Inf.
Smith, Asahel Curtis1839Windsor, Vt. 2 Lt. B 55 Ill, Inf. Prvt. A 105 Ill. Inf
Smith, Marvin A.18 May 1842Dekalb Co, Ill22 May 1931National Soldiers Home CalNational Soldiers Home Cal Cem.Pvt A 105 Ill Vol
Smith, Morgan Ogle Co., Ill Twin Lakes Cem. Twin Lakes, IowaPrvt. E 26 Iowa Inf. Corp. H 26 Iowa Inf.
Smith, Richard11 Feb 1844Germany: Rumbaugh3 Apr 1925DeSota, IaOakland Cem DeSoto, IaPrvt E 1 N,Y, Cav
Smith, Thomas8 Mar 1840 Va.25 Dec 1914 Woodward , Ia.Prvt. G 13 Ky. Cav
Smith, Thomas Pinkey5 May 1835Clermont Co., Ohio16 Nov 1902 Woodward , Ia.Capt. K 79 Ohio Inf.
Stiles, Royal P.13 Sept 1836Cleveland, Ohio12 Jan 1912Woodward, IaWoodward , Ia.Pvt A 1st Ohio Pvt A 150 Ohio Inf
Storms, George6 May 1836Tippecanoe Co., Ind.5 Dec 1824Woodward, IaWoodward Cem. Woodward, IaSgt. I 86 Ind. Inf.
Stover, Isaac Montgomery Co., Ind.Jan 1931 Sgt. D 10 Iowa Inf.
Taylor, Thomas M. Ohio13 Apr 1894 Robbins Chapel Cem., Woodward, IaCorp B 65 Ohio Inf.
Thomas, Harvey W9 Mar 1841Brant Co., Canada21 Jul 1833 Glendale Cem Des Moines, Ia.Prvt,. B 2 Colo. Cav.
Tumbleson, John K 12 Feb 1897 Woodward , Ia.Prvt. A 92 Ill. Inf.
Warnock, James G8 Aug 1836 14 Sep 1817 Woodward , Ia.Prvt. E 4 Mo.
Waterman, Ford Vt.1 Jul 1906 Woodward , Ia.Prvt. B 15 Iowa Inf
Welby, Patrick1821Ireland Prvt. A 1 U.S.A.
Wheeler, Thomas Clay Co., Ind. Pvt, A 10 Iowa Inf,
Winkler, John W5 Jun 1844 21 Mar 1895 Woodward Cem. Woodward, IaPrvt. B 21 Ill. Inf. Prvt. E 66 Ill. Inf.
Winslow, Isaac Newton22 Mar 1846Grant Co., Ind.3 Nov 1917Des Moines, Ia. United Brethren Cem., Union Twp., Polk Cty., IowaPrvt. H 39 Iowa Inf. Tr. To C 7 Iowa Inf.
Zenor, Spear S21 Apr 1844Clay Co., Ind.8 Apr 1930Madrid, IowaFairview Cem. Douglas Twp, Boone Cty, Madrid, IowaPrvt,. C 16 Iowa Inf.

Transcribed and contributed by Mary Cochran for Dallas County IAGenWeb, August 2019; Source: Family Search

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