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Dallas County History

Iowa State Gazetteer. -- Dallas Co. - 146

Was first settled in 1846, and organized in 1847. It is the first county west of Polk county, the seat of the State.

Government. North Coon river flows through the centre of the county from the northwest; Beaver creek in the eastern and Mosquito Creek in the southwestern parts of the county -- these, with their numerous branches, are well skirted with timber. They also afford numerous good water powers, ten of which are occupied. The soil is generally a black sandy loam from five to six feet deep and very productive.

There are in the county seven flouring mills, seven saw mills, and one oil mill, all run. by water power, and four saw mills by steam power.

There are needed, and would pay well, a woolen manufactory, another oil mill, a sash and door manufactory, and one to make agricultural implements.

There are eight churched in the county, and 32 school houses, all of which are used for religious services by various denominations.

ADEL, the County Seat of Dallas County, is situated on the State Road leading from Des Moines to Council Bluffs, and is 25 miles west of the former place, and receives two mails per day. It contains six churches, viz: Baptist, Christian, Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, and United Brethren, and three Lodges of Secret and Benevolent Societies, viz: Adel Lodge No. 80, A. F. & A. M., Friendship Lodge No. 96, I. O. O. F., and Adel Lodge No. 171 I. O. G. T. It has four general stores, five grocery stores, two drug stores, one book store, one boot and shoe store, one hardware store, one bank, two flour mills, two saw mills, and two brick manufactories. Two newspapers are published weekly, the Dallas Union by Edward W. FULLER, and the Western Journal, by Harman COOK. Population of township 1800, of town 1,000.

REDFIELD is an un-incorporated village, situated 35 miles due west of Des Moines, and ten miles west of Adel, the county seat, near the forks of the Middle and South Raccoon Rivers. Its site is high table land, sloping gradually to the south and east, and presents a view of several miles in extent. It is surrounded by a beautiful and fertile country and by large tracts of heavy timbered land. There is an abundant quantity of coal and stone. The rivers here afford abundant and reliable water prow for several manufactories. There are two woolen factories, one planing mill, and two saw mills here; and there are six flouring mills and on woolen factory within eight miles of here. There are three religious denominations, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Christian. There are five stores, doing a good business. There are four societies, Masonic, No. 158, Odd fellows, No. 1835, Good Templars, No. 106, and an Agricultural Society. It has a population of 300.

ALTON a small post village in the northern part of the county on the Raccoon River, 35 miles northwest of Des Moines, and 10 Miles north of Adel. It contains two churches, the Methodist and Christian. The soil of the township is good and the Raccoon River affords many good mill sites. Population of township, 250.

SNYDER is a post office on the Des Moines River, 22 Miles northwest of Des Moines. Population of township, 300.

XENIA is in the northeastern part of the county, on the Des Moines River. It contains one Methodist church, and two general stores. Population 100.

PIERCE'S POINT is in Sugar Grove township, eight miles northeast of Adel. The township contains two churches, Methodist and Christian, also one flour mill, and one saw mill. It is watered by the north Coon River, which is skirted with timber. It furnishes a good water power. Coal is abundant. Population of township 180.

BOONE, a post office in Boone township, 13 miles southeast of Adel, and on the stage route from Des Moines to Council Bluffs. There is one church, Methodist Episcopal, in the township. Population of township, 500.

Chattanooga, Greenvale, and Wiscotta, are post offices of this county.


~ source: Iowa State Gazetteer - Complied and Edited By James T. Hair - Chicago: Published by Bailey & Hair, At the Office of the City Directory, 164 Clark Street; Chicago Illinois - 1865

~transcribe by Matthew D. Friend.


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