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Church Records for St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Bouton, Iowa


Appenzeller, J. (ohn)Dec. 3, 1822Wuertemburg, GERMar. 8, 1896old ageFuneral service at home
Appenzeller, Elisabeth nee BrüstleJan. 15, 1860not givenNov. 22, 1898cancerBurial at Perry; husband Andrew and five children
Kirgis, JohannApr. 4, 1822Radeburg, GERJan. 22, 1899grippe and old ageBurial at Perry
Kirgis, Dorothe nee WeberJul. 25, 1826Freudenstadt, GERMar. 4, 1899old ageBurial at Perry
Arnold, JacobSept. 23, 1831Lengerich, Baden, GEROct. 2, 1899dropsy and heart failureBurial at Perry; widow and four children
Alborn, Wilhelmina ChristinaMay 24 1897Dallas Co., IADec. 13, 1900throat troubleBurial at Perry; parents and two siblings
Wolber, DoraSept. 8, 1884Sac Co., IASept. 21, 1905tuberculosisBurial Peoples Cemetery; parents and siblings
Alborn, JohnSept. 4, 1868Lee Co., ILDec. 12, 1905accident--fell from treeBurial at Perry; wife and four children
Friedrichsen, Edna ChristinaMar. 6, 1906near Bouton, IAMar. 18, 1906blood poisonPeoples Cemetery; parents Jerry and Christina
Wolber, JohnOct. 26, 1856Sterling, ILAug. 24, 1906tuberculosisPeoples Cemetery; wife and children
Lass, Hazel MarieAug. 19, 1905near Woodward, IASept. 4, 1906whooping coughParents and siblings
Hagenstein, Mrs. Mary EmmaApr. 26, 1878Kewanee, ILJul. 6, 1907cancerBurial at Minburn; husband and six children
Friemel, Corene SalomeJun. 3, 1907Woodward, IANov. 6, 1907convulsionsBurial at Woodward; parents, brother and sister
Arnold, Mrs. ChristinaNov. 11, 1837Lengerich, GERJan. 12, 1908old age and asthmaBurial at Perry; four children
Bristle, Mrs. Barbara C.Aug. 3, 1833Baden, GEROct. 20, 1908heart attackPeoples Cemetery; husband and six children
Meier, Mrs. Herman (Anna) nee RohnApr. 23, 1853Meyersdorf, GERApr. 9, 1909old age and asthmaPeoples Cemetery; seven children, two brothers, two sisters
Wolber, John JacobOct. 27, 1882Sac Co., IAAug. 2, 1909tuberculosis of lungsPeoples Cemetery; mother, three sisters, two brothers
Schroeder, Doris nee SchoorNov. 14, 1831Darmstadt, GERJul. 23, 1909old ageJordan Cemetery near Valley Jct.; two sons
Berghaus, HeinrichAug. 9, 1848Hanover, GERAug. 24, 1909pneumonia/lung feverBurial Clinton, IA; widow, son and daughter
Knosby, Henriette nee SchlusserSept. 29, 1838Brandenburg, GERSept. 12, 1909old age; sick 12 dayswidower and six children
Bristle, SimonFeb. 15, 1841Baden, GERSept. 23, 1909abdominal tumorPeoples Cemetery; six children; widower of Barbara
Arnold, Josephine ChristinaNov. 5, 1901Perry, IAOct. 25, 1909spinal meningitisPeoples Cemetery; parents and two brothers
Lass, PeterNov. 25, 1868Schleswig Holstein, GERDec. 8, 1909Bright's disease; heart failurePeoples Cemetery
Stockburger, FriederichJul. 30, 1840Peterzell, GERJun. 6, 1910heart trouble and old ageBurial in Perry; wife and two daughters
Alborn, HenryMay 25, 1845Hessen, GERFeb. 25, 1911croup, kidney, heart troublePeoples Cemetery; widow, mother, three sisters, one brother
Wolber, Albert F.Dec. 14, 1887Boone Co., IADec. 31, 1910not givenBurial in Perry; widow and nine children
Stockburger, JacobJun. 30, 1848Wuertemburg, GERApr. 12, 1911cancer of the throatBurial in Perry; widow and eight children
Stockburger, CarolineJan. 18, 1842Lauterbach, GERApr. 15, 1911tuberculosisBurial in Perry; two daughters
Waltz, GottfriedNov. 13, 1843Elhausen, GERNov. 17, 1911cancer of the throatPeoples Cemetery; three daughters, one son
Hansen, Henry B.Jul. 11, 1894Bouton, IAJan. 12, 1912Bright's disease Peoples Cemetery
Kirgis, WilliamApr. 24, 1850Wuertemburg, GERJan. 15, 1912accident on interurbanBurial at Perry; widow and 11 children
Hansen, Elmo PercivalJun. 1, 1913near Perry, IAJun. 1, 1913not fully developedBurial at Perry
Lorenzen, KathrynMar. 21, 1891near Bouton, IASept. 21, 1913tuberculosisPeoples Cemetery; parents, three sisters, two brothers
Rothfus, Edna WilhelminaAug. 16, 1908near Bouton, IAJan. 21, 1915diabetesPeoples Cemetery
Knosby, FrederickMay 5 1837Neu Dresden, GERJan. 16, 1916kidney trouble and old ageBurial in Perry
Meier, Howard TheodoreJan. 21, 1913Dallas Co., IAApr. 14, 1916operation after kicked by horseBurial in Perry
Lass, Louise CatherineDec. 30, 1895Dallas Co., IAJul. 4, 1916paralysis and wasting awayPeoples Cemetery
Stockburger, Mrs. Mary JekleyAug. 19, 1848not givenFeb. 21, 1917pneumonia and weaknessBurial in Perry; sons and daughters
Stein, GeorgeJul. 11, 1834not givenApr. 30, 1917old ageBurial in Perry; sons and daughters
Wolber, George EmanualJan. 26, 1912not givenDec. 16, 1917 tonsillitis and kidney troublePeoples Cemetery; parents and two sisters
Appenzeller, Mrs. Emma C.Sept. 4, 1879not givenFeb. 19, 1918blood poison from operationPeoples Cemetery; husband and daughter
Lausterer, Mrs. KatherineSept. 28, 1838not givenJan. 25, 1918old age and palsyBurial in Perry; husband, two sons, daughter
Thornburg, Raymond FrancisJul. 31, 1918not givenOct. 25, 1918whooping coughparents, brothers and sisters
Wolf, Mrs. Christina nee StollMar. 2, 1857not givenMar. 20, 1920operation for tumorBurial in Perry; husband and two daughters
Ely, Macy LucileMar. 23, 1919not givenApr. 13, 1920flu and heart failurePeoples Cemetery; parents, brothers and sisters
Gottschalk, CarlMar. 16, 1840not givenNov. 5, 1921old agewidow, five sons and three daughters
Thornburg, Alonzonot givennot givenSept. 29, 1922blood poison and pneumoniason and daughter
Alborn, WilliamJan. 18, 1871not givenNov. 12, 1923diabetesDied and buried in Perry; widow and children of Linden, IA
Bristle, Matthiasnot givenJan. 3, 1924Jan. 3, 1924diabetesDied Rapid City, SD; one sister in Germany
Haberer, JohnMar. 6, 1846not givenMay 11 1924heart failure--found deadBuried in Perry; one sister, two sons, nine grandchildren
Alborn, Leslie LeoAug. 7, 1908not givenMay 5 1925auto accidentparents, three brothers, five sisters
Appenzeller, JakobJan. 22, 1848not givenFeb. 25, 1927old age and heart failureDied Bouton, IA; wife, children and grandchildren
Friedrichsen, Alma MaeMay 5 1927not givenJan. 12, 1928enlargement of liverparents Leo and Anna and grandparents
Tierney, StephenJul. 5, 1894not givenJan. 17, 1928flu and pleurisywife, three children, five brothers, five sisters
Gottschalk, AugusteDec. 1, 1840not givenDec. 31, 1928old ageeight children
Meier, JerryJun. 19, 1869not givenMar. 30, 1929cancerwife and four children
Stockburger, JosephDec. 11, 1845not givenApr. 5, 1930old agethree children, one brother, one sister, grandchildren
Bristle, Johnnot givennot givenJul. 17, 1930kidney and bladder troublewife and four children
Appenzeller, Mrs. MaryJul. 21, 1862not givenJun. 11, 1931old age19 children, 26 grandchildren
Ely, unnamed child of Mr./Mrs. RalphSept. 30, 1937not givenSept. 30, 1937prematureparents
Meier, Peter Sr.Sept. 9, 1858not givenJul. 14, 1939old agetwo sons, two daughters, four brothers, one sister
Wolber, Maria LucyMar. 31, 1860not givenSept. 1, 1939heart trouble  
Lass, HerbertNov. 29, 1903not givenSept. 15, 1939accidentalmother, two brothers, three sisters
Naeve, ClausJan. 24, 1876not givenJan. 24, 1940heart attackwife and two sons
Thornburg, Lorenzo E.Nov. 27, 1869not givenJun. 26, 1944strokewidow, four sons, seven daughters, one brother, one sister
Alborn, Barbara (Henry) nee SeckingerJul. 31, 1869not givenOct. 25, 1944operation and complicationsBurial Violet Hill cemetery; husband, three sons, five daughters
Weber, Elisabeth nee GreifMar. 5, 1860not givenFeb. 15, 1945old age and tumorXenia Cemetery; daughter of George and Elisabeth Sauer Grief
Kleckner, Dora nee BristleMay 10 1866not givenApr. 30, 1945old agePeoples Cemetery; widow of B. Kleckner
Dissinger, Christina nee ArnoldMar. 19, 1868not givenNov. 2, 1946heart attackPeoples Cemetery; wife of Jacob, two sons, brother, two sisters
Rothfus, FriedrichMar. 8, 1859not givenJan. 17, 1947old agePeoples Cemetery; widow, five sons, three daughters
Note: Peoples Cemetery is in Boone County

Transcribed and contributed anonymously, November 4, 2019

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