1850 Mortality Schedule for Dallas County, Iowa
Name Age Sex Married/Widow Place of Birth Month of Death Profession Disease or Cause of Death No. of Days Ill
Albert Preston 5-days/30 m   Iowa Nov.   Croup 2
Mary I. Bish 1 f   Iowa Sept.   Not known 6
William Pilcher 16 m   Oh June Farmer Drowned  
Inda Leamine 32 m m Pa. June Farmer Congestion 3
Samuel Davis 2/12 m   Iowa Oct.   Croup 2
Solomon A. Severton 26 m m Ind. Apr. Farmer Congestion 30
Iodiah Scott 30 m m Ky. June Farmer Drowned  
William H. Black 2/12 m   Iowa Mar.   Croup 4

Transcription Notes:

The following columns were omitted on this transcription since nothing was noted in these columns.
Column 4 - Color
Column 5 - Free or Slave

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