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The following is a list of surnames currently being researched by individuals with Dallas County roots. You may add as many surnames to the list as you would like by sending an email to the county coordinator which includes the following information:.
Surname, migration route, residence, time period, your name, your e-mail address.
Please put "Dallas County Surname List" in the subject line of your e-mail. The time period should reflect the period of time that your ancestor resided in Dallas County, Iowa. The residence may include town, township, address or general area within Dallas County.

Thank You!
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Migration Route


Time Period


ADAMS WI> Dallas County, IA   1900 to 1920 Bert Stevenson
ARMFIELD Indiana > Dallas County Redfield 1856 - 1906 Marilyn Jennings
BAILEY Ohio > Muscatine Co. > Dallas Co Dallas Co. 1859 to 1929 Doyce Bailey
BECK (William M. & Angeline Earl) NC>IL>Dallas Co., IA Dallas Co, IA 1836-aft 1870 Roberta (Scarborough) Lewis
(George & Penelope Mary Poile)
England>Dallas Co., IA Dallas Co., IA 1834-aft 1895 Roberta (Scarborough) Lewis
BIRDSALL New Haven, CT to Keokuk, IA to Dallas Co., IA Minburn - Perry 1856 to 1916 Susan Mersereau
BLACKMAN VT>Dallas County, IA   1860 to 1900 Bert Stevenson
BLANKS (Charley & Berdie Mae) MO>KS>Dallas Co., IA Perry 1900 - 1980's Honesty Parker
BOUPLON NY>Dallas Co, IA Dexter 1978-1914 Kay Schroeder
BOYD McLean Co. IL. > Dallas Co Minburn, Dallas Co. 1872 to 1912 Doyce Bailey
BRYANT (John Cyrus) Indiana>Washington Twp., Dallas Co Washington Twp., Dallas Co 1870 N. G. Craig
CARLIN (Mark) Toledo OH > ? > IA 712 7th  in Boone 1915 to 1917 Rick Carlin
CLARK NY>Dallas Co, IA Dexter/Redfield 1878-1914 Kay Schroeder
COSBY   Adel Twp / Redfield 1855-1390 Carrie Lascano
CRAIG (James H.) OH > Minburn, Dallas Co. Minburn, Dallas Co. 1870 N. G. Craig
CRON [Crawn]
(Joseph & Jemima Clemmons)
KY>IN>Dallas Co., IA>MO Dallas Co., IA apx 1850 Conni McDaniel Hall
CROSBY Unknown >Dallas County, IA   1860 1942 Bert Stevenson
CURTIS VT>OH>Clinton Co., IA>Dallas Co., IA Redfield, Dallas Co., IA 1800-1950 Donald L. Hendrix
DILLON OH>IN>IL DeSoto 1855-1947 Kim Turner Baker
DIXON IN>DeSoto DeSoto 1855-1920 Kim Turner Baker
ECKMAN MD>IL>Dallas County, IA   1824-1950 Herb E. Steltzer
ELDER PA Dallas Co, IA 1854-present Nancy Elder Petersen
EVISON ENG>Clinton Co, IA>Crawford Co, IA> Dallas County Redfield 1910-1999 Sue Renkert
FISH Luzerne Co, PA>Dallas Co, IA   1853 to 1942 Bert Stevenson
FRANCIS IN>OH>Dallas County Adel, Colfax, IA 1860 - 1947+ Karleen Phillips
FREEL OH-IL-Polk Co. IA-Dallas Co. Walnut Twp, Dallas Co. 1860-1900'S Patrick H. Murray
FREESTONE VA>OH>IN>Madison,IA>Dallas,IA Beaver Twp, Dallas Co. 1870's to 1982 kjfreestone@yahoo.com
GILLIAM (Humphrey Parrish)


1850: Grandview, Louisa Co

1852: Fredonia, Louisa Co

1856: Burr Oak, Winneshiek Co

Van Meter, Dallas Co. 1880-1893 Gabriel Brown
GRAHAM OH-IL-Polk Co. IA-Dallas Co. Walnut Twp, Dallas Co. 1860-1900'S Patrick H. Murray
GUTHRIE PA to OH to Iowa Dallas Co, Des Moines Twp 1848-1930 (present) Steve Guthrie
HALL (Johnson & Mary) 1807-PA>OH>Green Co,WI> Winneshiek Co, IA> Freeborn Co, MN>DALLAS Co, IA Dallas Co, IA 1870 to 1905 Kris Erb
HAMILTON       Leslie Renaud
HANLON Ireland>WI>IL>IA   1885-Present Joan Hanlon
HARLOW VT>NY>IL>Boone Co, IA.Dallas County Xenia, Perry 1854 to Present Sue Renkert
HARPER Ross Co., OH > Elkhart Co, Indiana > Mercer Co, MO > Dallas Co, IA Adams Twp Abt 1870 to 1893 Barbara Hagen Pelot
HARVEY PA-OH-IA Dallas Co 1853-1876 Chris Hansen
HARRISON Luzerne Co, PA>Dallas Co, IA   1860 to 1942 Bert Stevenson
HASELTON   Dallas County, IA 1850 to 1900 Bert Stevenson
HASTY   Adel Twp abt 1880-1890 Carrie Lascano
HILEMAN IL>Guthrie Co btwn 1910-1920>Dallas Co Dallas Co.    Diane Evans
HUTCHISON WV>New Virginia, IA>DeSoto DeSoto 1860-1960 Kim Turner Baker
IRWIN VT/NY>Dallas Co, IA Dexter/Des Moines 1878-1965 Kay Schroeder
JACOBS   Dallas County, Iowa 1890-1900 Ida Fetterer
JOHNSON (John & Martha) VA>KY>IN>Dallas Co. IA Adel Twp., Dallas Co. 1860-AFT 1900 Marilyn (May) Cozza
JOHNSON (John & Mary)   Dallas Co., IA abt 1840 - LeRena Stump
KALE-KAHLE PA Iowa - Kansas - Oklahoma Adams Twp 1870-present Don Wells
KEERNS IN>IL>IA Adel 1883-1896 Nancy Dingman
(Jackson or A.J., Esther, Charles, James, Laura, Letha, Mary)
IN>IA Sugar Grove, Minburn Twp, Dallas Co. 1865-1887 Kendall Esgar
KIMREY NC>IN>IA Sugar Grove, Dallas Co 1855-1900 Sherri James
KRIEGER Rhein-Pfalz Germany> Tuscarawas, OH> IA Lincoln Twp & Perry, Dallas Co, IA 1875-1960 Debbie Krieger-Christian
LANK (Rachel) IN > Dallas Co., IA Dallas Co. (Quakers) 1855 to 1900 Peter Sleeth
LESTER OH> Gallatin, MO> Perry, IA Perry, IA 1890-1920 Michael Lester
LEWIS MD-VA-KY-IND-IA Dallas Co. 1870-1881 Chris Hansen
MAGART   Adel Twp abt 1847-1890 Carrie Lascano
(Collin; Clayton; Miles; Mabon; Bob; Laura)
IN > Dallas Co., IA Dallas Co. (Quakers) 1855 to 1900 Peter Sleeth
MASTERSON MO>IA   1900 to present Sue
MCGRAW (Patrick) Ireland>Canada>IA Sugar Grove Twp, Dallas Co 1880 kuper.barbara@gmail.com
MILLER (Samuel & Easter Kimball) NC>In>IL>Iowa Adel, Iowa 1847/47 to 1871 Larry W. Miller
MILLER (Samuel & Henrietta) Baden Germany>Berks, PA>IA Perry, Dallas Co., IA 1180 - 1950 Debbie Krieger-Christian
MOSS VA>IN>MO>IA     Conni McDaniel Hall
MYERS PA>Dallas Co. Washington Twp. 1850-1890 Bob Myers
MYERS (Henry) Penn>Panther, Dallas Co.  Panther, Dallas Co 1848 N. G. Craig
NEEDLER (Francis) Indiana>Minburn, Dallas Co. Minburn, Dallas Co. 1873 N. G. Craig
NEWELL OH to IA Dallas Co., Des Moines Twp. 1842 - present Steve Guthrie
PLATT (Richard & Margaret Dickson) VA>PA>OH>IN>Dallas Co. Des Moines Twp 1850 - 1875 Stella Platt Hughes
(Amanda Francis, John H, and dtr Ada K)
PA>Dallas Co.   1860-1923 Victoria Riste-Dillon
[Jacob E. and Mary Emma (Zeigler)]
Pennsylvania>Iowa>Kansas Sugar Grove and Minburn Town, Dallas Co, IA 1880-1901 Joni King
ROBERTSON       Leslie Renaud
ROBBINS NC to IN to Iowa Dallas Co., Des Moines Twp. 1842 to 1900 (present) Steve Guthrie
RHOADS/RHODES VA>OH>Dallas County Xenia 1849- Present Sue Renkert
(William Tecumseh & Alma Florence Beck)
IL/KS>IA IA 160-1934 Roberta (Scarborough) Lewis
(Pompey J. & Martha M. Dorris)
TN>IL>Dallas Co., IA Dallas Co or Madison Co 1829-1910 Roberta (Scarborough) Lewis
SELSOR Madison Co., OH > Dallas Co, IA Washington, Dallas Co, IA 1870's Harry Selsor
SHERIDAN NC>IA>IN>Dallas Co, IA>Mahaska Co Dallas Co, IA 1830-1890 Evie Schipper
SINGLETON KY>Mahaska Co., IA>Dallas Co., IA Perry 1900 - 1980's Honesty Parker
SISLER [David R. and Susan (Price)] Illinois>Iowa>Kansas Dallas Center, Sugar Grove, and Walnut -Dallas Co, IA 1875-1901 Joni King
SISLER [Michael and Barbara Ann (Newcomer)] Maryland>Illinois>Iowa Dallas Center and Walnut, Dallas Co, IA 1875-1903 Joni King
SMITHSON Northumberland, England> VA> Randolph, IN>IA Dallas & Guthrie counties, IA 1875 - 1960 Debbie Krieger-Christian
SPILLERS SC>OH>Redfield, Dallas Co., IA Redfield, Dallas Co., IA 1799-1920 Donald L. Hendrix
STANFIELD Samuel and Jane (Matthews) Stanfield  Eng., Ireland, NC, Del., VA, TN, IL, Iowa Dallas Co., IA 1856-1924 Carol Hicks
STAR(R)Y MD>IL>Dallas County, IA   1795-2010 Herb E. Steltzer
STELTZER MD>IL>Guthrie Co, IA>Dallas Co, IA   1824-2003 Herb E. Steltzer
(William & Elizabeth Adams Stevens)
OH 1826>Dallas Co>Plattsmouth, NE 1855>KS 1875-1892 Dallas Co 1852-1855 Sherry (Stevens) Baker
STUMP IN>Dallas Co., IA Dallas Co., IA 1835- LeRena Stump
TATE (Minnie & Lloyd) VA>Mahaska Co., IA>Monroe Co., IA>Guthrie Co., IA>Boone Co., IA>Dallas Co., IA Perry 1930's - 1980's Honesty Parker
TAWNEY   Adel, IA 1850-1890 Bob Myers
TAYLOR (Richard & Caroline "Carrie") VA>Laporte, Clarke Co, IA>Dallas Co, IA Spring Valley Twp 1870 - 1885 Jeff Grant
TINDRELL [Everet & Opal (Weaver)] KS>Guthrie Co., IA>Boone Co., IA>Dallas Co., IA Perry 1915 - 1980's Honesty Parker
WAY (Benjamin Franklin) IN > Dallas Co., IA Dallas Co. (Quakers) 1855 to 1900 Peter Sleeth
WICKWIRE Canada>Faribault Co, MN>Dallas Co, IA Dallas Co, IA 1850-1890 Evie Schipper
WILSON NC>IA>Mahaska Co, IA>Dallas Co, IA Mahaska Co & Dallas Co, IA 1850-1890 Evie Schipper
WILSON (William B H) VA>OH>Dallas Co., IA Dallas Co., IA 1850s/1860s Russ McDonald
WILSON (Frances Duke) OH>Dallas Co., IA Dallas Co., IA 1850s/1860s Russ McDonald
WRIGHT (John, Ben F., Otis) OH>IL>IA Dallas Co. 1850s? - 1900s Jim Wright

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