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School Histories

Eighth Grade Graduation Class

16 August 1948, 2:00 P. M.

Ritz Theater, Denison, Iowa



Invocation -------Rev.F. A. Smith

Address--Mr. Karl Smith, State Supervisor, Dept.

Public Instruction Presentation of Diplomas and High School Admission Certificates
F. N. Olry, County Superintendent.

Moving Pictures----One Hour

Class Picture


Kind Words, like favorite flowers, are admired by all. Tomorrow will be a better day if you begin this morning to improve it.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not. --Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Don't worry about what others will think. Have confidence in your own judgment.

He that can have patience can have what he will. --Benjamin Franklin.

  • Soldier Township No. 1
    Teacher: Elizabeth Berkenmeier
    Graduate: Marleen Johannsen
  • Soldier Township No. 5
    Teacher: Mrs. Maxine Bartels
    Graduates:Robert Flanigan, Bonnie Lou Meeves
  • Soldier Township No. 6
    Teacher: Viola Meeves
    Graduate: Robert H. Schwarz
  • Ricketts
    Teacher: Patricia Nellor
    Graduates: Una Bell Gloede, Ramona Brummer
  • Soldier Lutheran
    Teacher: Helen Blum
    Graduate: Eugene Knop
  • Morgan Township No. 5
    Teacher: Theresa McHugh
    Graduates: Darlene Petersen, James Mohr, Lois Hecht
  • Morgan Township No. 6
    Teacher: Mrs. Ruby Griffin
    Graduate: Vernon Stockfleth
  • Morgan Township No. 7
    Teacher: Cleta McHugh
    Graduate: LaDonna Bahnsen
  • Morgan Township No. 9
    Teacher: Margaret Roberts
    Graduate: Betty Jean Creese
  • Otter Creek Township No. 2
    Teacher: Mrs. Florence Brockman
    Graduate: Verna Schultz
  • Otter Creek Township No. 6
    Teacher: Mrs. Leota Korner
    Graduates: Marlyn Mae Baker, Donna Lou Kastner
  • Otter Creek Township No. 9
    Betty Jane Robinault
    Graduate: Joydine Baeth
  • Stockholm Township No. 1
    Teacher: Olive Wulf
    Graduate: Lester Stehr
  • Stockholm Township No. 10
    Teacher: Emma Anderson
    Graduate: Mary Maxine Wolfe
  • Jackson Township No. 2
    Teacher: Mrs. Doris Auen
    Graduate:Bonita Joyce Nissen
  • Jackson Township No. 3
    Teacher: Rowene Brotherson
    Graduates: William Jetter Jr., Leo Henkelman
  • Jackson Township No. 4
    Teacher: Mrs. Lewis Tripp
    Graduates: Mary Joyce Maynard, Daryl B. Blelenberg
  • Jackson Township No. 52
    Teacher: Dena Horst
    Graduate: Lloyd L. Rickers
  • Jackson Township No. 8
    Teacher: Ila Mae Nilson
    Graduates: Donna Mae Dixon, Beverly Dixon, Kenneth Dixon
  • Jackson Township No. 9
    Teacher: Rita Loew
    Graduate: Ruth Brandenburg
  • Milford Township No. 1
    Teacher: Mrs. Evelyn Paulsen
    Graduates:Frederick Klink, Ruth Mae Klink, Dale M. Fineran
  • Milford Township No. 4
    Teacher:Mrs. Violet McKim
    Graduates: Nellie Glawinski, David Quandt, Merlyn Aldag
  • Milford Township No. 8
    Teacher: Leah Henkenius
    Graduate: Francis Donald Stammer
  • Goodrich Township No. 3
    Teacher: Betty Ullrich
    Graduates: Marian Olga Jepsen, Milroy Groth
  • Goodrich Township No. 4
    Teacher: Mrs. Viola Willey
    Graduate: Maxine Gehring
  • Hanover Township No. 2
    Teacher: Emil Niewoehner
    Graduate: Marvin B. Roecker
  • Hanover Township No. 6
    Teacher: Mrs. Eleanor Grill
    Graduates: Willis W. Jaacks, Donna Mae Namanny, Norma Jean Meggers
  • Hanover Township No. 7
    Teacher: Mrs. Dorothy Kutschinski
    Graduate: Harold E. Sievers
  • Hanover Township No. 8
    Teacher: Lou Ann Hopp
    Graduate:Rita Mechura
  • Hanover Township No. 9
    Teacher: Lois Pithan
    Graduate: Dale Kruthoff
  • Hanover Lutheran
    Teacher: Eugene Roeder
    Graduates: Harvey E. Westphalen, Howard G. Schau
  • Charter Oak Township No. 2
    Teacher: Lavaughn Friedrichs
    Graduate: Phillip Nemitz
  • Charter Oak Township No. 5
    Teacher: Ninnette Larson
    Graduate: Beverly Ann Jones
  • Charter Oak Catholic
    Teacher:Sister M. Angelice
    Graduates: Charles Staley, James H. Hansen
  • Charter Oak Lutheran
    Teacher: Arthur Kollmorgen
    Graduates: Shirley Ann Goslar, Marceline Greene, Norma Jean Henshen,Joyce Kellogg, Ronald Kelm, Russ E. Pautsch, Virginia Maahs, Marvin Neddermeyer, Juliann Ullerich, Robert Lee Meeves, LeRoy Nemitz, Gerald Meeves, Darlene Pautsch
  • Willow Township No. 4
    Teacher: Lois Bock
    Graduate: LaRue Klaus
  • Willow Township No. 8
    Teacher: Mary Louise McMullen
    Graduates: Phyllis Mitchell, Helen Holbrook
  • Willow Township No. 9
    Teacher: Mrs. Gerald Houts
    Graduate: Darlene Nuzum
  • Paradise Township No. 2
    Teacher:Delores Michaelsen
    Graduate:Loren Langholz
  • Paradise Township No. 3
    Teacher: Catherine Gaffey
    Graduate:Nelda Blunk
  • Paradise Township No. 4
    Teacher:Mrs. Irene Lambert
    Graduate: Eugene R. Malone
  • Denison Township No. 1
    Teacher: Mrs. Elizabeth Eggers
    Graduates: Barbara Eggers, Pamona Sturtevant
  • Denison Township No. 2
    Teacher: Mrs. Regina Harm
    Graduate:Hans V. Brodersen, Jr
  • Denison Township No. 3
    Teacher: Luetta Kruetzfeldt
    Graduate: Julius Hansen
  • Denison Township No. 5
    Teacher: Jennie Langer
    Graduate: Mary Ann Segebart
  • Denison Township No. 7
    Teacher: Mrs. Sarah Reuwsaat
    Graduates: Helen Namanny, Freddie Miller, James Behen, Neil Neumeyer
  • Denison Lutheran
    Teacher: Fred H. Greinke
    Graduates: Norene Jensen, Frederick Hansen, Roger Dozark, Frederick Witt, Lorena Beermann, LeRoy Comstock, Curtis Stender, Shirley Davis, Ruth Lueck, Deloris Plagge
  • East Boyer Township No. 5
    Teacher: Marilyn North
    Graduate: Neila Mae Lochmiller
  • East Boyer Township No. 6
    Teacher: Doris Ahrenholtz
    Graduate:Nola Rae Aldag
  • East Boyer Township No. 7
    Teacher: Theresa Kenkel
    Graduate: LeRoy Miller
  • East Boyer Township No. 8
    Teacher: Blanche Murchland
    Graduates:Shirley Ann Steckelber, Gladys Walde
  • East Boyer Township No. 9
    Teacher:Delores Reuwsaat
    Graduate: Ruth Mae Petersen
  • Hayes Township No. 5
    Teacher: Madonna Segebart
    Graduates: Helen Jean Meyer, Ruth Mae Wellendorf
  • Hayes Township No. 7
    Teacher: Mrs. Shirley Schramm
    Graduate: Wayne Jahn
  • Hayes Township No. 8
    Teacher: Joyce Rickert
    Graduates: Richard Boell, Robert Boell, Ella Mae Boell
  • Iowa Township No. 1
    Teacher: Clariss Christian
    Graduate: Fredric Dethlefsen
  • Iowa Township No. 2
    Teacher: Mrs. Ellen Rasmussen
    Graduate: Lois Nissen
  • Iowa Township No. 3
    Teacher: Rosemary Lally
    Graduate: Phyllis Jean Genzen
  • Aspinwall
    Teacher: Edna Gollobit
    Graduates: Gene J. Ehrichs, Roy G. Schilling, Wallace D. Schroeder, Joseph Brandt
  • Nishnabotny Township No. 1
    Teacher: Marie McSorley
    Graduates: Rolland Grage, Robert Lohrmann, Darlyne Thomssen
  • Nishnabotny Township No. 2
    Teacher: Mrs. Luella Malone
    Graduate:Virgil J. Jochimsen
  • Nishnabotny Township No. 4
    Teacher: Mrs. Alice Fritz
    Graduate: Homer Saunders
  • Nishnabotny Township No. 9
    Teacher:Mrs. Jean Johnson
    Graduate: Marie Klein
  • Washington Township No. 1
    Teacher: Estelle Hickey
    Graduate: Ruth Ahrenholtz
  • Washington Township No. 2
    Teacher: Mrs. Viola Janssen
    Graduate: Lloyd Deiber
  • Washington Township No. 3
    Teacher: Mrs. Hortense Kepford
    Graduate: Robert G. Kepford
  • Washington Township No. 5
    Teacher: Emily Reuwsaat
    Graduate: Gilbert Carstens
  • Washington Township No. 7
    Teacher: Mrs. Bernadine Heiden
    Graduate: Lorna Ann Deiber
  • Washington Township No. 8
    Teacher: Ramona Kimmen
    Graduate: Urban Katzer
  • Washington Township No. 10
    Teacher: Dorcas Niewoehner
    Graduates: Delores Greder, Beverly Carstens
  • Boyer Township No. 1
    Teacher: Joan F. Ahart
    Graduate: Eugene Christiansen
  • Boyer Township No. 3
    Teacher: Mrs. Margaret Heffernan
    Graduates: John H. Weber, Charles Frazier
  • Arion
    Teacher: Myrtle Christensen
    Graduates: Max Malone, Marty R. Furne, Marilyn Ann Weber