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School Histories

Eighth Grade Graduation Class

Crawford County

August 27th, 1921

Opera House Denison, Iowa

1:30 P M

The Aim of our Schools

To develop the head, the heart, the hand and the health


"Dare to lead, there will be plenty of followers"


Purple and White


  • Invocation
    Rev. Robins
  • Violin Solo
    Miss Josephine Kinney
  • Vocal Solo-Selected
    Miss Birdie Metcalf
  • Address
    Rev. M M Cable
  • Vocal Solo -Selected
    Miss Birdie Metcalf
  • Presentation of Diplomas and High School Admission Certificates
  • F N Olry, County Superintendent
  • Moving Picture, Educational Film, 45 Minutes

This is an invitation to those who are interested in these boys and girls and in better schools for Crawford County to spend a pleasant afternoon with these eighth grade graduates.

No charge for admission.

  • Aspinwall
    Teacher - Hilda Dethlefs
    Graduates: Edwin Wegner, Allan Guth, Marie Schwieso, Emma Schroeder
  • Ricketts
    Teacher - P M Haufle
    Graduates: Albert Baak, Louise Dethlefs
  • Deloit
    Teacher - Edith Clauson
    Graduates: Dollie Sachau, Dorothy Turner, Russell Wescott, Leo Winey
  • Soldier Twp No. 2
    Teacher - Mabel Blankenhorn
    Graduate: Edna Carlson
  • Morgan Twp No. 3
    Teacher - M. L. Thornburg
    Graduates: Herbert Miller, Anna Kuehl, Minnie Namanny
  • Morgan Twp No. 4 Teachers - Hazel Carter and Lillie Woock
    Graduate: Esther Hansen
  • Morgan Twp No. 7
    Teacher - Clara Blume
    Graduate: Emma Braase
  • Morgan Twp No. 8
    Teacher - Margaret Straub
    Graduates: Harvey Munster, Erma Henningsen, Herbert Vogt
  • Otter Creek Twp No. 2
    Teacher - Hazel Lanser
    Graduate: Luverne Bielenberg
  • Otter Creek Twp No. 5
    Teacher - Anna McCaffery
    Graduates: Leona Moeller, Velma Volkmann
  • Otter Creek Twp No. 7
    Teacher - John L. Ainsworth
    Graduates: Loyal Winey, Margaret Winey
  • Otter Creek Twp No. 8
    Teacher - Alfreda McCullough
    Graduate: Werthus Grill
  • Otter Creek Twp No. 9
    Teacher - May Stodgell
    Graduate: Johnnie Peters
  • Stockholm Twp No. 4
    Teacher - Maybelle Ogren
    Graduates: Laura Gronau, Mabel Clauson
  • Stockholm Twp No. 5 Teachers - Evelyn Vassar, Bula Pithan
    Graduate: Esther Pithan
  • Stockholm Twp No. 9
    Teacher - Dorothy Green
    Graduate: Myrtle Clauson
  • Stockholm Twp No. 10
    Teacher - Evelyn Vassar
    Graduate: Gladys Loudon
  • Jackson Twp No. 1
    Teacher - Mabel Hankins
    Graduates: Edward Schluter, George Schluter
  • Jackson Twp No. 2
    Teacher - Reba Hankins
    Graduate: Aileen Kelly
  • Jackson Twp No. 3
    Teacher - Ruth M. Leise
    Graduate: Zelma Taylor
  • Jackson Twp No. 7
    Teacher - Hattie Voss
    Graduate: Edwin Malloy
  • Jackson Twp No. 8
    Teachers - Bernelette Pline, Estelle Hickey, Adelene Driscoll
    Graduates: Ruby Wilkin, Jennie Alter, Everett Doling, Harry Kasperson
  • West Side Twp No. 1
    Teacher - Mrs. Alice Gottsch
    Graduate: Rufert Scheldorf
  • West Side Twp No. 2
    Teacher - Adalene Driscoll
    Graduate: Alma Pacholke
  • West Side Twp No. 8
    Teacher - Elsie Brogan
    Graduate: Kathryn Maguire
  • Milford Twp No. 1
    Teacher - Nelle Keeney
    Graduates: Alecia Costello, Irvin Slechta, Frances Costello
  • Milford Twp No. 2
    Teacher - Sarah A. Gardner
    Graduate: Loyal Hutchinson
  • Milford Twp No. 3
    Teacher - Anna M. Hoefer
    Graduates: Inez Childress, Cyrus Martin
  • Milford Twp No. 6
    Teacher - Estelle Hickey
    Graduates: Clair Hawley, Lillian Kral, Estelle Hickey
  • Milford Twp No. 9
    Teacher - Blanche Sperry
    Graduate: Walter Jepsen
  • Goodrich Twp No. 5
    Teachers - Mildred Bowen, Vera Poole
    Graduate: Lydia Speck
  • Goodrich Twp No. 8
    Teachers - Gertrude and Ila Blackman
    Graduates: Hedwig Jaacks, Henry Jaacks
  • Hanover Twp No.5
    Teacher - Veronica Donegan
    Graduate: Ella Maack
  • Hanover Twp No.8
    Teacher - Anna M. Nelson
    Graduates: Henry Vogt, John Hildebrand
  • Charter Oak Twp No. 4
    Teacher - Grace Robb
    Graduate: Virgil Lemmons
  • Willow Twp No. 4
    Teacher - Hannah Heffernan
    Graduate: Maurice Heffernan
  • Willow Twp No. 9
    Teacher - Kathryn O'Brien
    Graduate: Edwin Norman
  • Paradise Twp, Kenwood
    Teacher - Alfaretta Brunt
    Graduate: Hulda Vogt
  • Paradise Twp No. 6
    Teacher - Alta M. Schafer
    Graduates: Herbert Mattson, Irene Fienhold, Elsie Brown, Louis Eggers, Marie Eggers
  • Denison Twp No. 2
    Teacher - Elizabeth Brosnahan
    Graduates: Julia Wolfe, Clarence Powell
  • Denison Twp No. 3
    Teacher - Ruth Tucker
    Graduate: Fred Holst
  • Denison Twp No. 4
    Teacher - Minnie Giss
    Graduate: Elizabeth Kruthoff
  • Denison Twp No. 5
    Teachers - Helen Lehfeldt, Martha Johnson
    Graduate: Lillian Bachman
  • Denison Twp No. 6
    Teacher - Kathryn Cavanaugh
    Graduates: Mary Conway, Leslie Hendricksen, Evelyn Baer, Leota Hendricksen
  • East Boyer Twp No. 2
    Teacher - Violet Leitner
    Graduates: Abbie Lochmiller, Harry Witt
  • East Boyer Twp No. 3
    Teacher - Golda Watke
    Graduate: Lyle Maxwell
  • East Boyer Twp No. 6
    Teacher - Grace McCuthceon
    Graduate: Sarah Bell
  • East Boyer Twp No. 7
    Teacher - Esther Hickey
    Graduate: Eunice McCutcheon
  • Hayes Twp No. 2
    Teachers - Ila Blackman, Marie Rowan
    Graduates: Francis Rowan, Joseph Rowan
  • Hayes Twp No. 3
    Teachers - Marie Rowan, Theresa Keeney
    Graduate: Edward Fitzsimmons
  • Hayes Twp No. 8
    Teacher - Marian Schafer
    Graduates: Erna Wunder, Minnie Hansen
  • Hayes Twp No. 9
    Teachers - Myrtle McMahon, Caroline McDonald
    Graduate: Arthur Hansen
  • Iowa Twp No. 1
    Teacher - Alma Rohr
    Graduates: Edna Bahr, Helen Bolte
  • Iowa Twp No. 3
    Teacher - Bessie Knott
    Graduate: Johnnie Meggers
  • Iowa Twp No. 4
    Teacher - Nellie J. Rust
    Graduate: Myrtle Holdsworth
  • Iowa Twp No. 6
    Teacher - Viola Horn
    Graduate: Willie F. Brus
  • Nishnabotny Twp No. 2
    Teacher - Nina Johnston
    Graduates: Anna Lamaack, Henry Lamaack
  • Nishnabotny Twp No. 3
    Teacher - Josephine Tate
    Graduates: Madonna Tate, Louise Suhr
  • Nishnabotny Twp No. 5
    Teachers - Esther Bateson, Gertrude Hook
    Graduates: Katie Krogh, Hugo Brus, Emma Hollander
  • Nishnabotny Twp No. 8
    Teacher - Myrtle Barber
    Graduates: Edna Grage, Louise Baur
  • Nishnabotny Twp No. 9
    Teacher - Hazel Hulsebus
    Graduate: Burton Holmes
  • Washington Twp No. 3
    Teacher - Stella Staller
    Graduates: Paul Finnigan, Joseph Bauman
  • Washington Twp No. 5
    Teacher - Mary Staller
    Graduate: Clara Greder
  • Washington Twp No. 8
    Teacher - Mrs. Clara Wilder
    Graduate: Hilda Carstens
  • Washington Twp No. 9
    Teacher - Dorothy Ahart
    Graduates: Martha Winn, Dwain Winn