School Superintendent Records 1871

A Uniform Method of Keeping the Records of the

Examination of Teachers of Public Schools

As Required by The Latest School Laws in the State of Iowa

With a Register of the School Officers Residing in the County

Record of the Examination

of Candidates for Teachers

LEGEND: BORN=Where Born DATE=Date of Certificate AVG=Average Standings KIND=Kind of Certificate X=Not Listed

The scale is adjusted with figures, from 0 to 10, each figure being specifically
expressive of the candidate's scholarship, as follows:

0=failure, 1=very bad, 2=bad, 3=poor,4=defective,5=medium, 6=passable,
7=fair, 8=good, 6=passable. 7=fair, 8=good, 9=very good, 10=perfect.

Edwin Eaton 25IndianaJan 6 7 First
Milo S Bullock19VirginiaJan 7 7 First
W H Robinson 27 Mass Jan 2 8 First
James Bly 20 Iowa Jan 78 First
Lawrence Holihan 46 Ireland Mar 6 4 Special
John Nease 21 Ohio Mar 18 8 First
Mary McKino 19 X xxSecond
Flora Lyon 18 Michigan Mar 20 5Second
Elnona Graham 16 Ohio Mar 20 4Third
Ida Knowles 15 Maine Mar 20 4 Third
Emza? A Graham 15 Ohio Mar 20 4 Third
Ella Robinson 25 Penn Mar 205 Second
Mary Keister 18 Wisconsin Mar 27 5 Second
Sarah Smith 16 New York Mar 27 5 Second
T J Thompson 25 X April 5 5 Second
Anna Starr 17 Rock Island Apr 15 4 Third
Arrena Montague 15 X Apr 3 X Third
Hattie Sevalley 16 X Apr 18 5 Third
Jennie A Huckelep? 16 Illi Apr 22 5 Second
Clarence Kidder? 20 Ohio Apr 22 4Third
Harriett Binalle 19 X Apr 27 5 Second
Inez Bisley 20 Wisconsin Apr 28 5 Second
E R Snell 24 N York Apr 28 8 First
N E ? Scott 20 XApr 29 5Second
M A Whaley 23 X Apr 29 5 Second
Nora Snout? 20 Mass May 4 5 First
Louise M Grout18Massachusetts    May 45Second
Rachael Seagraves44MassMay 118First
Alice A. Newcombe18XMay 135Second Renewed
Bell Davis20XMay 135Secn
Alice Gould19IllinoisMay 275First
Mollie Snodgrass24VirginiaJune 248First
J I Ferrow 31New YorkJune 288First
Katie McAndrewsXXJuly 64Third
W J BrowningXXJuly 205Second
Marguerette Morgan    XXAugust 12    5Second
J D SeagravesXXAugust 148First
M A Kearney18XSept 44Third
Annie McKino16 PennsylvaniaSept 85Second
E W Sargent23WisconsinSept 98First
Daniel O'Brien24XSept 138First
Rachael KeriganXXSept 164Special?        
West NewtonXXSept 185Second
Ben C Keuder XXSept 227FirstRenewed
Hattie M Sevalley 15XSept 228First
John Beck33New YorkSept 228FirstRenewed
Ediom M Ainsworth23WisconsinSept 308FirstRenewed
Charles E Morris21CanadaSept 308FirstRenewed
Freeman Knowles25MaineSept 308FirstRenewed
May E Adams15IowaSept 305Second
William ? Arthur19XOct 6XFirst
Louise A BentleyXXOct 6XFirst
S M Thew21XOct 68FirstRenewed and Received
Mary E Dewolf21PennsylvaniaOct 88First
John H Dewolf 19PennOct 87First
W C EatonXXOct 168First
May Wrightman XXOct 97FirstRenewed and Received
Joseph Henry Carver29MassOctXFirstto first? grade?
Geo V Jordan X X Oct 15 5 Second
Geo S Wright X X Oct 15 8 First Renewed
Mattice McFarland 19 Ohio Oct 28 8 First
Geo W Guermison? 48 X Oct 28 9 First
Cyers Greek 18 X Oct 28 5Second
Seba Greek 20 X Oct 28 5Second
C Haskell 20 Iowa Oct 30 7First
Dora Heniman 20 X Oct 30 8First
J J Dunlap 27 Wisconsin Nov 3 7First
Geo A Lyon 22 Michigan Nov 4 7FirstRenewed
Allie M Coudrey 20 Wisconsin Nov 7 8First
John Vail 26 Ireland Nov 10 XPremium?Renewed
John Savoyer X X Nov 16 XThird
Oscar Parker 41 Maine Nov 16 XFirstRenewed
R W Smith X X X XFirstRenewed
Myra Mathews X X Nov 19 XFirst
Eunice Wheeler 17 Indiana Nov 28 XFirstRenewed
Newton Richards X X Dec 1 XFirstRenewed
Geo Rae 31 X Nov 25 XFirst
J C Robinson 32 X Dec 7 XFirst
Emma Dunham X X Dec 7 XFirst
Mary W Strong X X Dec 7 XFirst
Sandie V Cau 38 X Dec 4 XFirst
Mary H Petl? X X Dec 4 XFirst

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