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Schleswig Public School


Jokes and Groaners in the 1931 School Annual

Miss Andrew - "What are creatures called that have lice?"
Otto Kuehl - "They are lousy."

Andrew - "You don't necessarily die every time a snake bites you."
Miss Andrew - "No, you only die once."

Elsie Hansen tells a group of girls that she has a twin brother.
Marion - "Do you have a twin brother?"
Elsie - "Yes."
Marion - "Was he born the same day you were?"

Miss Andrew - "Name some insects."
Babe - "Cooties."

Mr. Lease - "What is the most densely populated island in the U.S.?"
Arthur - "Rhode Island."

Dorothy - "What does H stand for in music?"
Marion - "It must stand for horrible."

Mr. Kramer - "Can the statement 'saturation point' be applied to everything?"
Babe - "Human beings."
Mr. Kramer - "How?"
Babe - "They often times become saturated."

Mr. Lease drew a triangle on the board and said, "We'll call this triangle A. B. C."
Alberta - "All right."
Mr. Lease - "I'm glad you gave me permission."

Mr. Kramer - "What causes scarcity?"
Babe - "The lack of people wanting something."

Mr. Kramer - "What is the definition for the double standard of money?"
George F. - "When they use two pieces instead of one."

The End!