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News from the Schleswig Leader

November 4, 1910 - January 27, 1911

November 4, 1910

'Round About

A Spirit Lake man has brought suit against the Modern Woodmen Lodge of that place for $25,000 for the injuries he claims he received while being taken into that order.

The school board at Pomeroy has made a ruling that no boy can attend the schools there with pipe and tobacco, or "makin's" in his pockets.

A woman has filed petitions in the Ida county district court asking an injunction against every saloon keeper in Ida county. She claims that the saloons are setting liquor in a manner contrary to the laws of the state.

Ute has been suffering from the raids of chicken thieves.

According to an exchange a 60 acre potato patch near Sanburn will net about $7,000.

Almost 5,000 game fish were liberated in Wall Lake at Lake View last week by state game warden Lincoln.

A man was killed near Little Sioux while coasting down hill on a bicycle.

Mrs. A. B. Clark of Ida Grove woke up the other morning and found herself an heiress to twelve million dollars. Anyway she believes that she has good claims to an estate in the old country worth that much money.

Galva was visited by bank robbers last Thursday. They opened the vault of one of the banks by means of a large charge of explosives, but secured no money. A hardware store, a saloon, and an elevator office were entered the same night. They got a little more than $100 in all.

November 4, 1910

Local Items

- Dr. Conn of Ida Grove was in town Tuesday.
- Dr. Jones spent Sunday in Ida Grove with his parents.
- Banker Reed of Ida Grove spent Sunday at the Theo. Rohwer home.
- Hans Mohr is seriously ill. He has a trained nurse with him constantly.

- Sparks from the North Western engine set fire to Peter Jepsen's meadow the first of the week.
- Barney Lorenzen returned this week from South Dakota where he had been during harvest and threshing.

- Miss Olson, a trained nurse from Omaha, arrived here Monday to attend Mrs. W. H. Schultz, who is ill.
- Dr. Jones autoed to Sioux City Wednesday to meet his wife who has been visiting a sister in South Dakota.

- Barney Boysen went to Danbury Tuesday to spend a week or more visiting with relatives and friends.
- A birthday party was held at the Carl Lohse home one day this week in honor of little Elwin's first birthday.

- H. W. Schmidt, John Nicholsen and Will Bielenberg went to Mondamin Tuesday to hunt ducks in the Missiouri bottoms.
- A. H. Stoltenberg and Miss Mary Burch drove to Denison Sunday, the former to have dental work done, the latter to spend the day at her home there.

- Jurgen Schroeder and wife, C. Ernst and wife, John Ehler and wife, Mrs. Fred Schultz, Lorenz Petersen and Sug. Stender attended the funeral of the late Fritz Steffen at Charter Oak Saturday.

- Mrs. Aug. Rickert celebrated her birthday Tuesday.
- Dr. Jones and Will Bielenberg were in Denison Monday.
- Erna Moltmann is spending a few days this week with friends in Arion.
- Miss Anna Flynn, teacher in Schools here, spent Sunday at her home in Denison.

- Mr. and Mrs. Matt Jacobsen of Ida Grove were Sunday visitors at the Carl Lohse home.
- Birthday parties were held at the Peter Broders, Ed Reimers and Adolph Wellendorf homes on Sunday.

- Herbert Biermann, agent for Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co. here, spent Sunday with friends in Ricketts.
- Frank Stock went to Mondamin Monday to spend a few days hunting ducks in the Missouri river bottoms.

- Ed Schroeder left Saturday for Des Moines where he will attend business college during the coming winter.
- Miss Norman, the whistler and reader, will be at the Schleswig opera house Friday evening, Nov. 11, at 8 o'clock.

- Roy Rogers of Round Lake, Minnesota, arrived here last week and is now employed in the Stock barber shop.
- Mrs. H. C. Schroeder went to Sioux City Monday to be with her husband who is in a hospital there having his eye treated.

- Miss Schlumberger's pupils will give a recital at the opera house Friday evening, November 11, at 8 o'clock. There will be whistling, reading and singing. Admission 25c, children 5c.

- There will be another big public dance in the opera house Saturday night after the speech is over with. The speech will last until 8:30; the floor will be immediately cleared; the dance will start not later than 9 o'clock. Good time assured. Tickets only 50c.

A meeting of the board of health of Schleswig will be held Monday evening, November 7, at 7:30 o'clock at the city hall.
Aug. Schultz, Chairman.

Friday, November 11, 1910

Local Items

- Caroline Hollander spent Sunday with friends at West Side.
- H.J. Schmadke and Herman Koerner shipped cattle to Chicago Saturday.
- A crowd gathered at the Fritz Witt home Friday to help Mr. Witt celebrate his birthday.

- Henry Hansen returned last week from South Dakota where he had been during threshing.
- Herbert Biermann, agent for Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co. here, spent Sunday with friends in Ricketts.

- Mrs. Minnie Jannsen has returned from Minnesota where she had visited for a couple of weeks with relatives.
- Hon. H. C. Schroeder and wife returned Saturday from Sioux City where he had been in a hospital taking treatment for his eye.

- Miss Schlumberger's pupils will give a recital at the opera house Friday evening, November 11, at 8 o'clock. There will be whistling, reading and singing. Admission 25c, Children 15c.

- Our hunters, Herman Schmidt, Frank Steck, John Nicholsen and Will Bielenberg, returned from Mondamin last Friday and each one had several fine ducks as a result of his fine markmanship.

- There is a deputy marshal on the job since Saturday morning in the person of a son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rickert, which arrived Saturday morning. Needless to say, Henry is all "up in the air" about it.

- The dance Saturday night drew a big crowd as usual and of course everyone had a big time. The Schleswig orchestra furnished the music. A big crowd attended the speech in the hall the fore part of the evening.

- Paul Wollesen of Kiron was in town between trains Thursday.
- Rev. Wetzler was called to Kansas last week owing to the death of his father.
- Hans Iversen of Kiron attended thetdance here Saturday night and spent Sunday with friends.

- Rev. Fauth of West Side occupied the pulpit in the church here Sunday owing to the absence of Rev. Wetzler.
- Miss Norman, the whistler and reader, will be at the Schleswig opera house Friday evening, Nov. 11, at 8 o'clock.

- A. B. Lorenzen and wife of Denison and their son Lorenz and wife of Gilmore City spent Sunday at the Peter Hollander home.

- A. H. Stoltenberg and Miss Mary Burch drove to Denison Sunday, the former to have dental work done, the latter to spend the day at her home there.

- Miss Ida Olson, the trained nurse who has been in charge of Mrs. W. H. Schultz for the past 10 days, left for her home at Harlan Thursday, Mrs. Schultz being much improved in health.

- Mrs. Fred Hansman of the Brick Hotel spent a few days the past week with relatives at Battle Creek and Odebolt. She was accompanied home by her mother who will visit here for a while.

- A few friends tendered a surprise party to Elma Lorenzen Friday evening, the occasion being her birthday. A fine four-course lunch was served and she was presented with a sugar bowl and creamer.

- "Pete" Branaka, former editor of the Leader, but now editor of the Outlook at Cedar Rapids, Nebraska, was shaking hands with old friends here Saturday. He says that they like it first rate in Cedar Rapids.

- Nicholas Timmsen, a 13 year old lad, a nephew of Peter Timmsen, arrived here last week from Germany. He had made the trip alone and had been detained at Ellis Island, New York, for two weeks. The law is that no children under 16 years of age shall be allowed to enter this country unless accompanied by some adult who agrees to support and educate them. There being no one with him he was of course held there. His case had already come before the board and arrangements were made to send him back, when Mr. Timmsen wired to the government officials and sent a sworn statement saying that he would support and educate the boy. The boy was allowed to come when the statement was received.

  • Miss Grace Schlumberger and her pupils

  • In Recital.

  • Assisted by Miss Garnet Norman.

  • Schleswig, Iowa, Friday evening, November 11.

  • Duet
    "Rough Riders"
    Hattie Bendixen and Naomi Stock
  • Whistling
    "The Mocking Bird"
    Miss Norman
  • "Ding Dong Bell"
    Edna Ehler
  • "Little Fingers' Waltz"
    Lela Hansman
  • "The First March"
  • Reading
    Leverne Schmidt
  • Duet
    "Song of Praise"
    Hilda Miller and Miss Schlumberger
  • "A Jolly Sailor"
    Chester Schlumberger
  • "The Rooster Gets Up Early"
  • Whistling
    "Birds and Brook"
    Miss Norman
  • "Cuckoo"
    Martha Woock
  • "German Melody"
  • Duet
    "Wild Flower Waltz"
    Naomi Stock and Martha Woock
  • Monologue
    "Sweet Girl Graduate"
    Miss Norman
  • "Viola Waltz"
    Theresa Rohwer
  • "The First Danes"
    Alma Schmadeke
  • "The Garden Party"
    Amanda Schroeder
  • Duet
    Helen and Theresa Rohwer
  • Whistling
    "Lady of Quality"
    Miss Norman
  • "Four Leaf Clover"
    Naomi Stock
  • Reverie
    Mae Hansman
  • "Cosette"
    Hattie Bendixen
  • "Summer Night"
  • "Flying Leaves"
    Mrs. Olry
  • Lullaby
    Chester Schlumberger
  • "Pas de Amphore"
    Loretta Schmidt
  • "Scarf Dance"
  • Reading
    "The Butcher"
    Miss Norman
  • Trio
    "Bewitching Fairy"
    Hattie Bendixen, Theresa and Helen Rohwer
  • "Allegro"
    Miss Schlumberger
  • Pantomine
    Miss Norman
  • "The Juggler"
    Miss Schlumberger
  • Whistling
    Miss Norman
  • "Wish Me Good Luck on My Journey"
    Chester Schlumberger, Miss Norman, Miss Schlumberger

Friday, November 18, 1910

Front Page

Notice of Election

At the election held in Schleswig and Kiron precinct on the 8th day of November, 1910, the following were elected:

Martin Friedrichsen, trustee; Henry Miller, trustee, Adolph Wellendorf, trustee; E.G. Boock, constable; C.C. Iversen, constable; John Claussen, justice of the peace: R. Nordell, justice of the peace; W.P. Moeller, assessor; J.P Jepsen, clerk.

The above named are to appear before the proper officer and qualify according to law.

Public Sales
Justus Hennings prop., sale on the old Henry Vogt place 2 miles south and 3 miles west of Schleswig, and 4 miles east and 1 mile north of Ricketts, commencing at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Consists of 8 horses and Jack stallion, 24 cattle, 2 dozen chickens, 11 hogs, billy goat, farm machinery, 600 bu. corn in crib. Lunch at noon; usual terms.

Ordinance No. 46
Be it ordained by the town council of Schleswig that there be a speed limit established governing the running of automobiles in the streets of the town of Schleswig, Iowa.
SECTION 1 - The speed limit shall not exceed 6 miles per hour.
SECTION 2 - The driver shall give signals upon approaching street crossings or intersection of streets.
SECTION 3 - The penalty for violating this ordinance shall be not less that [SIC] $5, nor more than $25, for each and every offence.
Passed and adopted this first day of November, 1910.
Attest, Aug. Rickert, Clerk.

'Round About.

It is said that over seven thousand farmers of Iowa own automobiles.

An Ida Grove man brought from New York an ear of corn that was raised there. It is 14 inches long.

A couple of Cushing girls have been picking corn this fall and averaging 100 bushels per day between them.

Manning shipped out a train load of potatoes last week to South Dakota points.

A Milford man fell to the bottom of a 40 foot well the other day and escaped unhurt.

A Rock Rapids minister has quit preaching and starting writing life insurance. He said that he could not make enough money in the pulpit to support his family.

A basket social was held in Dow City last week for the benefit of a widow, which brought in $27.

A team near Holstein was frightened last week by an auto and ran away. The lad in the buggy was dragged out over the dash board and was kicked in the leg, the leg being broken in two places.

Mrs. B.F. Carroll, wife of the governor, was elected president of the Iowa Mothers' Congress.

A phonograph was used at the funeral services of Oliver Andrews at Mason City last Friday. It was only carrying out the wishes of the deceased.

A Lansing man killed 184 snakes in five months.

The Charter Oak council has purchased a 25 horse power gasoline engine to put in their pumping station.

A new seed house was built in Sac Ci[ty HOLE IN PAGE] fall for Conger & Ball at a co[st HOLE IN PAGE]00.

[HOLE IN PAGE]ing gasoline hand cars on the sections in western Iowa.

The Denison council has ordered water meters put in by all who use city water by May 1. The water question is getting to be a serious one there. Work has been started on a new 20-foot well.

Local Items

- Schleswig now has a resident dentist.
- Prof. F.N. Olry and wife were in Denison Saturday.
- The Brick Hotel will serve a fine dance supper Wednesday night.
- S.B. McGarvey of West Side is conducting a drug business at Bagley at present.

- Will Nave and Julius Peters returned Tuesday from South Dakota where they had spend the summer.

- Thomas Jahde and wife of Ida Grove spent a few days last week here with her sister Mrs. John D. Carstens.

- Bowlers at the Schleswig alleys on Saturday, the 19th, can bowl for ducks and geese. Frahm & Mahrstedt.

- Miss Grace Schumberger of Denison, who has a class of music pupils here, left Thursday for Arkansas where she has accepted a position as musical instructor in one of the leading colleges of the state. Her pupils here will regret her leaving very much. We are informed that Miss Garnet Norman of Denison will continue Miss Schlumberger's work with the class here. Miss Norman is an accomplished musician also, well acquainted with Miss Schlumberger's method of instruction, and will no doubt continue the fine work that Miss Schlumberger has started.

- Many of the census figures of Iowa have been compiled and given out. The state has 2,224,771 people in it. For some time it has been known that there would not be as many people found as in the census of ten years ago, the shortage being estimated aft from four to forty thousand. The figures show a shortage of only 7,082. All of the larger cities have pushed ahead, but the small tows and rural districts have suffered. Crawford county has only 20,041, while ten years ago she had 21,685, a shortage of 1,644. Carroll county is short 202. Monona 1,346; Ida 1,031; Harrison 2,435; Sac 1,084; Shelby 1,380. The population of the various towns has not been given out. --- Charter Oak Times.

November 25, 1910

Front Page

Public Sales
Justus Hennings prop., sale on the old Henry Vogt place 2 miles south and 3 miles west of Schleswig, and 4 miles east and 1 mile north of Ricketts, commencing at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Consists of 8 horses and a Jack stallion, 24 cattle, 2 dozen chickens, 11 hogs, billy goat, farm machinery, 600 bu. corn in crib. Lunch at noon; usual terms.

'Round About

A basket social was held in Dow City last week for the benefit of a widow, which brought in $127.

The Anderson Lipton bank building at Ida Grove was discovered to be on fire on day last week. About $600 damage was done before the fire was put out.

The Battle Creek sewer system is now completed.

A Sibley farmer got $76 an acre for his flax this year.

An onion grower of Scott county has netted $145 an acre from his farm for the past 14 years.

The large new pipe organ in the Methodist church at Denison was dedicated last week.

A woman of Marathon became so worked up during a series of revival meetings that she lost her mind and had to be sent to the asylum at Cherokee.

A Vinton woman was attacked by a maddened cow last week and received injuries that will likely result in her death.

The Charter Oak fire department was called out early last Wednesday morning to put out a fire in a saloon there. The fire was extinguished before much damage was done.

The last seining done at Wall Lake brought out a good many pickerel that weighed 18 or 20 pounds. These were all thrown back into the lake, however.

E. H. Campbell, newly elected representative from Ida county, is being censured for the way in which he conducted his recent political campaign. He has a twin brother, and while the real candidate was canvassing one side of the county his brother was doing likewise on the other side. The voter was none the wiser, and as they were both good vote getters, succeeded in rolling up an enormous majority. - Exchange.

The sugar beet factory at Waverly has been doing a good business this fall. It has handled nearly 25,000 tons of beets already.

A family of skunks took up its abode under a Greene county church and made its presence very forceably known in a manner peculiar to such animals. A lad living near the church captured twelve of the animals.

The entire force of 100 men at the Marshaltown car shops of the Iowa Central railroad went on a strike because two negros were hired to work in the shops.

Wolves killed ten sheep for a farmer one night near Oto.

Dell Johnson brought to an Ida Grove elevator a load of pop corn weighing 4,750 pounds. It is the largest load delivered so far this season.

November 25, 1910

Local Items

- Mrs. August Schultz spent Thanks- (sic) in Ricketts
- Leone Jahve of Walnut is visiting here with Elma Lorenzen
- Alfred Dohse of West Side spent Thanksgiving here at the Andrew Hollander home.
- C. H. Michaelsen of Oklahoma City is visiting with his son Thomas and family near here.

- Anna Rohde of Mapleton is spending a few days this week at the M. A. Hollander home.
- A fine crowd was in attendance at the dance Wednesday night and all apparently had a good time.

- Mrs. Bendixen, son John and two daughters went to Wall Lake Thursday to spend Thanksgiving with relatives.
- Misses Anna Flynn and Irene Garber are spending their short vacation from school work at their homes in Denison.

- Roy Rogers, who has been working in Stock's barber shop for some time, left Monday for Presho, S. Dak., where he has a position in a barber shop.

- PICKED UP - About Nov. 14, four calves, three black, one red with white face. Owner can have same by paying for this notice. Henry Sackstorf.

- Robert Koontz, who has been second man in the Nye Schneider Fowler Co. yards here, has been transferred to the yards at Ute. Henry Gerken is working second here now.

- This week Thos. P. Hollander sold what is known as the Henning farm of 160 acres to John Schmadeke, the consideration being $25,100. Fred Reinking, our genial auctioneer, engineered the deal.

- Schleswig now has a resident dentist.
- For dental work consult Dr. Smith. (advertisement in Local Items)
- Nellie Porter spent Thanksgiving at her home in Ute.
- John Willert and wife spent Sunday at this parental home near Auburn.

- Hans Iversen of Kiron spent Thanksgiving at the Andrew Hollander home.
- Mrs. Sarah Vermehren went to Council Bluffs Monday to spend a few days with relatives.
- Mae Hansman spent a few days of the past week with relatives and friends in Battle Creek.

- Henry Schmidt went to Grand Mound, this state, this week where he expects to spend the winter.
- Herbert Biermann, agent for Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co. here, spent Sunday with friends in Ricketts.
- Albert Stoltenberg and Miss Mary Burch drove to Denison Thursday to spend the day at her home there.

- Dr. Bailey and wife left this week for Anthon where he will locate. Schleswig is now without a veterinary surgeon.
- Fred, Walter and Selma Willert came up from Auburn to attend the dance and to spend Thanksgiving with their brother John and wife.

- Mrs. Wilson and two sons Thursday to be in attendance at the wedding of her son Paul to Miss Ella Witt on Saturday of this week.

- TAKEN UP - About Nov. 10, a red steer, weight about 750 pounds, no horns. Owner can have same by paying feed expense and cost of this notice. Ernest Groneberg, Sec 28, Otter Creek.

- A gang of men has been working on the new steel waterworks tower this week and have it built up to the second story. When completed the top will be over a hundred feet from the ground.

- Dr. B. M. Smith, dentist, graduate of the Northwestern University Dental School of Chicago. Now located in Schleswig and prepared to do all kinds of dental work - special attention given to saving the teeth. Ten years practice in western Iowa, having maintained an office in Mapleton and Ute. All work guaranteed, examination free. Office over Schroeder's store.

NOTE: Issues between Nov 25 and Dec 30, 1910 missing

December 30, 1910

'Round About

Ida Grove fireman will hold their annual dance Wednesday night, January 4.

Several runaways near Ida Grove last week resulted somewhat seriously. One boy had his leg broken in two places, while others were badly bruised.

Dr. Conn of Battle Creek was injured in an auto accident last week, the auto going into the ditch on top of him.

Ladies at Schaller sent a barrel of dressed chickens to the Children's Home at Des Moines Christmas.

While polishing a hot stove an Ida Grove woman was badly burned by the polish exploding.

There are fifteen miles of paving in Fort Dodge.

Dow City has organized a company of boy scouts.

Several Missouri Valley boys were taken to the reform school last week in an effort to break up their habit of breaking into the merchandise cars.

Carroll county went wet, the consent petition being signed by 77 per cent of the voters.

The other evening while the Chic Perkins company was performing in the opera house at Missouri Valley, the emergency fire pipes surrounding the stage got turned on in some manner and the plumbers had to dig down to the main before they could get them shut off. The entire company was thoroughly soaked.

Woodbury county went dry, the petition of consent not having the required number of signers.

Charter Oak will be without a baseball pitcher next year as Louie Jacobsen, the ex-leaguer, is going to the western coast where he has a job in a bank.

Infantile paralysis has broken out afresh in the eastern part of the state, only it is attacking hogs instead of people.

A young man of Breda died last week from injuries received in a railroad smashop at Carnavon the week before.

December 30, 1910

Local Items

- Chris Schmidt is on the sick list this week.
- Ernest Schultz was up from Ricketts Wednesday.
- Mary VonAhuen of Mapleton is working in the Peterson restaurant.
- The kids are enjoying to the fullest extent their vacation from school work this week.

- Henry Springer of Perry, this state, is spending the Holidays here with his sister Mrs. Eva Girard.
- Mayor Schultz is up and around again, apparently none the worse for the bad fall he took last Thursday.

- Mrs. Chas. Jurgensen celebrated her birthday Thursday with the help of friends who gathered at her home.
- Dance the old year out and the new one in at the opera house Saturday night. See ad on front page this issue.

- A big birthday party was held at the Ingwert Hollander home Tuesday night, it being Mrs. Hollander's birthday.

- Little Fred Rickert celebrated his birthday Tuesday.
- Etta Gerken of Wall Lake spent Christmas here with her parents.
- A ladies gold watch fob was lost on Christmas day. Finder please return to this office.

- Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boock and daughter Zanet spent Christmas with relatives in Avoca.
- Mrs. Otto Spahn and children of Ida Grove are visiting here at the Jurgen Spahn home.

- Mrs. Herrig and daughter Freda Naeve of Denison spent Christmas with relatives in this vicinity.
- John Lafrantz and Theo. Wellendorf of Ida Grove were at the Adolph Wellendorf home Tuesday.

- Lula Girard, who is attending normal school at Cedar Falls is spending her Christmas vacation at home.
- Will Hansman, who is attending school at Battle Creek, is spending his Christmas vacation at his home here.

- Minnie Stegemann and Mesdames John Reimer and Andrew Hollander spent a few days this week in Ricketts.
- John Prosch came here from Bloomfield, Nebraska, Tuesday, having been called here by the death of his mother.

- Mrs. Paul Voss and grandson Howard arrived here this week from South Dakota for a visit at the Herman Krohnke home.
- The Sons of Herman will hold their annual dance Friday evening, January 6, for married couples only. A short program will be given at 10:30 o'clock.

- Don't forget to do your shopping early after this week as the stores will close as seven o'clock in the evening except on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

- If the next census shows Iowa's population still on the decrease it can not be blamed onto Schleswig and vicinity. We take great pleasure in announcing the arrival of four fine babies at different homes in this vicinity the past week. Let the good work go on.

- The house on the Chas. Schmidt farm one mile south and three miles east of Schleswig burned to the ground Wednesday afternoon. The cause of the fire is unknown as no one was home when it was discovered. A family named Johnson was living on the place.

- Prof. F. N. Olry and family left Wednesday for Denison where they will make their future home. On Monday Mr. Olry begins his duties as county superintendent of schools. He has labored long and faithfully in building up our schools here, and it is with regret that we see him leave. We wish him and his estimable family the best of success in their new home.

- The merchants have all signed an agreement to close their stores evenings at 7 o'clock except on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is something that the merchants in other towns all do, and is no more than right, as the way it is the proprietor and the clerks have little or no time in which to get acquainted with their families. This 7 o'clock closing will start on January 1.

- Misses Anna Flynn and Mary Burch, teachers in the schools here, are spending their vacations at their homes in Denison.

- A. H. Stoltenberg spent Christmas in Denison, of course.
- Monday, the 26th, was observed as a holiday by the banks here. In the cities all of the stores were closed, as well as the banks.

- The school entertainment in the opera house last Friday night was well attended. The program was fine, each one taking his or her part well.

- Julius Rohwer and John Boll are attending the Short Course for farmers at Ida Grove this week. The boys will no doubt learn much that will help them later on.

- Will Schroeder last week sold the Langholdt farm near here, that he had recently purchased, to Julius Ehler for $23,000, and in turn took Ehler's farm in Jackson township for $33,000.

- Jud Brown, former agent for the Nye Schneider Fowler Co., here, spent Christmas here with friends. He left Wednesday for Ireton, this state, where he will cry sales this winter.
- Peter Hollander and Frau went to Denison Sunday to spend a few days at the home of her parents. They returned Tuesday.

- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Christiansen of Battle Creek and Louie Hansman of Whiting spent Christmas with Hansmans at the Brick Hotel.
- Herman and Will Reimer went to Denison Monday and from there took the train to Pierce, Nebraska, where they will visit relatives for a time.

- Henry Lafrantz, Ed Reimer, John Lorenzen, Wm. Stegemann and Henry Kuehl accompanied stock to the Chicago market Saturday night.

- Der Crawford County Demokrat was sold this week to Vosgerau & Finnern. Frank Faul established the paper 24 years ago and has been its editor ever since.

- The men working on the waterworks tank spent Christmas in Omaha, but are back at work now. Water will be pumped into the tank sometime next week to test it.

- Crawford county went wet again. The petitions were circulated without much opposition except in Kiron and Manilla. It is thought that these two places will go dry. In Morgan township every voter signed.

- Those lucky enough to draw prizes in the guessing contest at Rickert's store were as follows. Five closest: John D. Moeller, John Spahn, John Holst, Marvin Hollander and Emil Boock. The next five closest: Ernest Rickert, Bernhard Evers, Mrs. Theo. Rohwer, Peter Kroeger and Mrs. Nick Naeve. The number of beans and peas in the jar was 3291.

- The year of 1910 is drawing to a close. There is much satisfaction to the people of our little city in reflecting on the progress of the year. Many fine new homes have been erected, not only in town, but in the country as well. Our streets have been improved, and much substantial work done on the roads. With the digging of the new well, the erection of the new water tank and tower sees this fine municipal improvement nearly completed this year and the water question solved for years to come. The coming year holds bright prospects for us, and we believe that in the next few years Schleswig will enjoy a greater growth than any of its citizens anticipate.

January 6, 1911

Local Items

- Marie Ebert is working at the Ernest Boock home.
- Hattie Hall is visiting with her sister Mrs. H. D. Jones
- Herb Bierman spent New Year's with friends at Ricketts
- Don't forget the big mask ball at the opera house Saturday eve, Jan. 21

- Fred Mohr and John Ehler had business in Castana a couple of days this week.
- Mrs. Ernest Burk is visiting at her parental home, that of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Riessen

- The stores started their early closing Monday.
- Fred Schultz celebrated his birthday Saturday.
- Aug. Jahn is spending a few days this week in Omaha.
- Theo. Rohwer and H. C. Hansen were in Denison Friday of last week.

- Lon Kruger of Omaha spent a few days the past week with old friends here.
- John Willert and wife spent New Year's at his parental home near Auburn.

- Alta Kullberg and Rosetta Bieser of Odebolt visited the past week at the Brick Hotel.
- Myron Little and Will Stender of Jackson county are visiting this week at the Henry E. Buck home.

- Hattie Ebert, who is working at the Aug. Schultz home, spent Christmas at her home in Hanover.
- The teachers returned Sunday from Denison where they had been spending Holiday week at their homes.

- Laura and Caroline Hollander attended the New Year's dance at West Side and visited a few days with friends.
- Chas. Brown, who works for Willert Bros. on the dray line spent the Holidays at Auburn with relatives and friends.

- Lulu Girard returned to her school work at Cedar Falls Wednesday after spending the Holidays at her home near here.
- Mr. and Mrs. Emil Dickmann of Sioux City are visiting at her parental home here, that of Mr. and Mrs. Jurgen Krohnke.

- Henry Springer returned to his home at Petty Wednesday after spending the Holidays here with his sister Mrs. Eva Girard.

- STRAYED - From my place on Dec. 20, 4 yearlings, 2 steers and 2 heifers, 3 (smudge) and one gray. Wm Reincke, Otter Creek.

- Election of officers for the fire department was held Wednesday evening. C. J. Claussen was reelected chief, P. C. Hollander and Aug. Rickert were re-elected secretary and treasurer respectively, John Berndt was chosen foreman of company 1, and Henry E. Buck foreman of company 2. It was decided to hold the meetings hereafter on the first Thursday of each month instead of the first Wednesday.

January 13, 1911

'Round About

The Ute firemen will old their annual mask ball on Tuesday evening, Feb. 14.

A gasoline plow has been purchased for use on a farm near Sac City. It is the first one to be used in this section.

Julius Rohwer has resigned from the council at Ida Grove after being a member for several years.

A young man working near Blenco went to Onawa one day last week and gave himself up to the sheriff there. He stole a team in Dakota three years ago and had thus far evaded arrest. He said he was tired of being a fugitive from justice.

The saloons in Monona county were ordered closed last week Tuesday, the anti-saloon people getting the required 51 percent of the voters to sign their petition.

January 13, 1911

Local Items

- Fred Schultz was in Denison Saturday.
- Jochim Rickert celebrated his birthday Monday.
- Clara Christiansen is employed at the Brick Hotel.
- Hans Kruger spent a few days this week in Denison.

- Robert Hirsch, the cigar maker, is seriously ill with pneumonia.
- Dr. Schultz was called to Boyer on professional business on Monday.
- The D. F. club met with Mrs. Fritz Witt on Wednesday of this week.
- The little baby of Marvin Hollander and wife is very sick at this writing.

- Edna Naeve is staying in town at the Mrs. Henry Bendixen home this week.
- Mrs. Eva Girard was called to Perry Saturday owing to the serious illness of her mother.

- H. C. Schoreder, who has been sick for the past week or more, is better now, being able to be up and around.
- Herman and Will Reimers returned Friday from Pierce Neb., where they had been visiting with relatives.

- The Frank Jones family spent a couple of days this week with relatives in Charter Oak. They returned Wednesday.

- Mrs. Claus Munster of Ricketts and Mrs. Frank Reitz of Mapleton were shopping in town between trains Wednesday.

- Dr. Schultz reports twelve cases of glandular fever in this vicinity. The disease seems to attack the children more than adults.

- Otto Thiede has a sale billed for Jan. 31.
- Herman Baak of Ricketts was in town last Friday.
- Lela Hansman has been on the sick list the past week.
- Claus Krohnke and John Jepsen were in Denison Friday of last week.

- Herman Boysen and Chas. Miller drove to Denison and back on Tuesday.
- Claus Gottburg was in Omaha on business a couple of days the past week.
- Paul Jepsen was laid up a couple of days this week and unable to be at work.

- Hans Peter Hup of Boone is visiting with relatives and friends here this week.
- The J. C. Moeller and Ingwert Hollander families spent Wednesday evening in town at the Andrew Hollander home.

- Barney Lorenzen and Fred Seehausen left this week for Craven, S. Dak., with a car load of horses, etc., belonging to Barney.

- Herman Peters of Battle Creek vicinity visited here a few days the past week at the home of Parents, Claus Peters and wife.

- Henry Mehlberg and Miss Alvina Boysen of Lyons, Iowa, visited here a few days last week at the home of her brother Herman Boysen. They left Friday for Raymond, S. Dak., where they will visit for a while.

- Peter Ziehm has sold his farm and on February 17 will hold an auction sale of all his farm and personal property, after which he and his family will leave for Germany where they will spend the summer in the old home land.

- The dance for married couples was held in the opera house last Friday evening. About fifty-five couples were present and, needless to say, everyone had a fine time. The dance lasted until 4:30 Saturday morning. The next dance will be the Masquerade on Saturday, the 21st.

- The saloon question at Manilla and Deloit is still unsettled. The saloon men at Deloit had enough signers of their petition but there have since been some withdrawals. At Manilla there is a war between the saloon men, and the prohibitionists are putting forth great endeavors to get men to withdraw their names from the petitions.

- Ferdinand Willert and wife of Auburn arrived here Thursday for a couple of days visit at the home of their son John, the drayman.

- Installation of officers of the Odd Fellows lodge was held Monday night. The Woodmen held their installation of officers on Tuesday night.

- Albert G. Schultz and bride arrived here Wednesday from their honeymoon trip into Minnesota. They will begin housekeeping at once in the groom's fine residence here.

- The readers of the Leader will be pleased to learn that Chris Schmidt, who has been so seriously ill, is much improved in health and is now able to be up and around the house.

- Jochims and Frahm have their moving picture machine in Ricketts, Ute and Charter Oak this week giving shows. They will give regular shows here on Saturday and Sunday nights.

- The annual stockholders meeting of the Farmer Lumber & Coal Co. was held Monday. Fred Jepsen and H. C. Schroeder were reelected president and secretary respectively. The terms of Aug. Schultz and Theo. Abbe as directors expired and these men were reelected. Dividends were declared, and capitalization was increased to $15,000.

- The town of Deloit suffered two disastrous fires last week. The first one burned the town jail and the second one took the hotel and meat market.

- Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wilson arrived here last week from Chicago for a visit of a few weeks at the bride's parental home, that of Fritz Witt and wife.

- Messrs. Longsdorf and Jeffries, of the Bryne & Hammer Co. of Omaha, assisted in invoicing the big stock of merchandise in the Jurgen Schroeder store the fore part of the week.

January 20, 1911

Front Page

Public Sales

The undersigned will sell at public auction on the N. P. Larson farm 4 miles east and 2 miles south of Schleswig the following property on Tuesday, Jan 31, commencing at 10 o'clock.

13 horses, consisting of span black mares, span gray mares, dark gray mare, black colt, span driving horses, bay pony, gray colt, mule, 2 work horses. 27 cattle, consisting of 8 milch cows, 6 calves and 13 yearlings. 35 hogs.

Farm Machinery: G. W. manure spreader, 12-ft. drill, high lift gang plow, walking plow. 3 cultivators, 2 harrows, 2 wagons, 2 hay racks, 2 discs, corn plow disc, hay baler, pair bob sleds, single buggy, binder, mower, cream separator, household goods and many other articles. 1200 bu. corn, stack timothy hay. Lunch at noon, usual terms.
Fred Reinking, auctioneer; Kiron Bank, clerk

On account of going to quit farming the undersigned will hold a closing out sale at his farm 6 miles south west of Battle Creek and 4 miles northeast of Danbury and sell the following described property on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 1911, sale to commence at 10 o'clock.

14 head of horses, consisting of black mare 8 yrs, wt 1600, black mare 7 yrs, wt 1600, black mare 7 years, wt 1580, black mare 4 yrs, wt 1450, black mare, 3 yrs, wt 1450, black mare 2 yrs, wt 1350, black mare 2 yrs, wt 1200, sorrel mare 2 yrs, wt 1050, brown mare 4 yrs, wt 1100, sorrel gelding 1 yrs, wt 1260, sorrel mare 1 yr, black colt 1 yr, 2 spring colts. 35 head of cattle, consisting of 11 good milch cows some fresh and others fresh soon, Jersey milch cow, yearling steers, 10 yearling heifers and 6 calves. 130 head of good, thrifty hogs.

Farm Machinery: One manure spreader, 14 in. stirring plow, farm wagon, iron wagon, 2 oak hay racks, 12-ft. Deering hay rake, Keystone side rake, Clean Sweep hay loader, Canton riding corn plow. Satley corn planter, long spring wagon, inclosed buggy, top buggy, complete set of blacksmith tools, dipping tank, farm boiler, 8 sets hay slings and ropes, set of pipe tools, 2 sets work harness, set double driving harness, single harness, 2 sets heavy fly nets, set buggy nets, and many small articles too numerous to mention.

Furniture: cabinet sewing machine, kitchen cabinet, 2 cupboards. Detroit gasoline stove, 10-ft dining room table, new china closet, 8 dining room chirs, ingrain carpet 12X15 ft, churn. Stack tame hay, 500 bu. corn, 6 dozen Plymouth Rock chickens.

Free lunch at noon, usual terms.
L. L. Eells auctioneer, H. J. Snover clerk.

'Round About

The Ute firemen will hold their annual mask ball on Tuesday evening, Feb. 14.

The bank at Dow City has installed a new safe to take the place of the one that the robbers "busted" a couple of weeks ago. It weights two tons and is as near burglar proof as it is possible to make one.

Fire at Ute last Wednesday did considerable damage in a restaurant.

A West Side man was killed last week by being hit by a train. He was driving over a crossing when the accident occurred. Both horses were killed and wagon smashed to splinters.

The town of Arthur, in Ida county, went wet by a margin of but one signature.

The saloons in Monona county opened up againg Saturday after being closed for three days.

George Yousling, a bachelor who keeps house on his place south of Ida Grove, won five prizes for fancy cooking in the domestic science department of the short corse at that place last week. Yousling won first prize for a dozen rolls, first for layer cake, first for white cookies and second for angel's food. He was also awarded a special prize for the best five-pound jar of butter exhibited.

January 20, 1911

Local Items

- Mrs. Paul Jepsen is on the sick list this week.
- Laverne Schmidt celebrated her birthday Wednesday.
- Wm. Jepsen of Deloit was calling on old friends here one day this week.
- Miss Anthony of Omaha is visiting here with her sister Mrs. B. Smith.

- Knudt Friedrichsen is laid up with a severe attack of rheumatism this week.
- Ed Wessel of Scott county is now employed on the Willert Bros. dray line.
- Hugo Krohnke and Barney Andresen were in Denison on business Saturday
- Alfred Dohse of West Side spent several days the past week with friends here.

- Little Edna, daughter of Aug. Rickert and wife, is very ill at present with lung fever.
- Mrs. Peter Hollander was in Denison a couple of days last week visiting with relatives.
- Mrs. John Nicholsen was very sick last week, but we are pleased to state that she is much better now.

- Ed Willert left Thursday for his parental home in Auburn being laid up with the grippe and unable to work.
- Otto Thiede has a sale billed for Jan. 31.
- Tille Hansen is among the many who are sick.

- Theo. Rohwer and daughter Theresa were in Denison last Thursday.
- Don't forget the big mask ball at the opera house Saturday eve, Jan. 21.
- The Brick Hotel will serve short order lunches and oyster stew Saturday night.

- Claus Ulrich had his collar bone broken while taking the harness off from a horse.
- Louie Petersen, son of Mike Petersen and wife, celebrated his birthday Friday.

- A jolly party of young folks was entertained at the Magnus Hollander home Sunday evening.
- Detlef Wohlert and wife of near Ricketts spent a few days the past week with relatives in Bloomfield, Neb.

- Albert Lenz celebrated his birthday Tuesday. A crowd gathered at his home in the evening for a big time.
- LOST - Ladies collarette on the road between Schleswig and Ricketts about Dec. 28. Finder please return to this office.

- STRAYED - From my place on Dec. 20, 4 yearlings, 2 steers and 2 heifers, 3 red and one gray. Wm. Reincke, Otter Creek.

- Mesdames Julius Christiansen, Herman Baak and Richard Baak of Ricketts vicinity arrived here Thursday to spend a couple of days with relatives.

- The Misses Elma Lorenzen, Mae Hansman and Clara Christiansen, also Theo. Burk, attended the mask ball at Charter Oak last Thursday evening.

- In the future, children under eight years will be admitted to the picture show for 5c. All over eight years must pay 10c. There will be a show Saturday night.

- Fred Becker returned to Ipswich, S. Dak., last week after several weeks spent with old friends here. He was accompanied there by Ben Andresen and Anthon Hansen.

- Wm. Pipgras, our implement dealer, went to Omaha Monday to order his spring stock of farm machinery. From there he went to Woonsocket, S. Dak., on land business.

- NOTICE - Bids will be received up till 1 o'clock p. m. Monday, February 6, for road work in Otter Creek township for one or more road superintendents. The board of trustees reserves the right to reject any or all bits. J. P. Jepsen, Township Clerk.

- Little Arthur Schroeder, sone of Will Schroeder and wife, who has been so ill with pneumonia, is slowly improving.

- Ferdinand Willert and wife returned to their home at Auburn after several days spent at the home of their son John here.

The saloon petition canvass was completed this week and every town in the county went wet except Kiron. Manilla went wet by two signatures.

- John Ehler, Hugo Krohnke, Chas. Burk, H. J. Schmadeka, Will Kuehl, Carl Lohse, John Jensen and Harry Miller shipped stock to Chicago Saturday.

- Anyone wishing carpenter work done should see Boy Oldsen at the Chris Jacobsen farm in Otter Creek. He is prepared to do carpenter work of all kinds.

- Otto ?austin of Holstein will have masquerade suits here for the dance Saturday night. He will have them in the office of the old Carsten hotel back of the Lindstrom saloon.

- Henry Mundt of near Battle Creek visited here this week at the Will Hamann Home. He has bought a blacksmith shop in Ricketts and will move there after his sale in a few days.

- A crowd of young folks gathered at the Lorenz Petersen home Sunday to help Miss Lillian celebrate her birthday. The evening was spent in dancing and playing games. Needless to say, everyone had a fine time.

- Peter Ziehm has sold his farm and on February 17 will hold an auction sale of all his farm and personal property, after which he and his family will leave for Germany where they will send the summer in the old home land.

January 27, 1911

Front Page

The Mask Ball
The annual mask ball was held in the opera house last Saturday evening and was a success in every way. A large crowd was in attendance, nearly 500 numbers being sold. The maskers were numerous, and the costumes were both pretty and homely.

Vina Schlimer won first prize of the ladies for the prettiest costume. Mrs. Chas. Spahn took second for the best character mask. She represented the year of 1911. Mrs. Herman Schmidt took the prize for the best comic mask.

Henry Godbersen took first prize for the prettiest gent's costume. John Bendixen took second prize for the best character mask being masked as a cowboy. Henry Lenz took the prize for the best comic costume.

The prize for the best group of three or more was won by "The Little Sleswik Jerman Band", which was composed of Paul Wilson, Ben Witt, Rudolph Linstrom, Mag Hollander and Raymond Vaughan.

The dance lasted until nearly five o'clock the next morning, and all had a good time.

'Round About

The Ute firemen will hold their annual mask ball on Tuesday evening, Feb. 14.

The citizens of Manning are much interested over an auto hat was left there by three men the moring after the Dow City bank robbery. The men said they would return for the auto in a few days, but they have not shown up yet.

The lid is on in Monona county for good now, the saloons having been ordered closed a second time by the court.

A restaurant at Mapleton was burned out last week. The loss was large, with no insurance.

A Centerville girl sent out 2000 invitations to her wedding.

A 920 pound hog was raised by a farmer in the eastern part of the state.

Horse thieves have been busy in Shelby county recently. Several valuable animals were stolen and it is believed they were driven to Omaha and sold.

The Ida Grove oil man says that he wasin Galva on the 11th day of the 1st month of the 11th year, and the first 11 customers he had handed him $1 bills.

A Manilla stock farm suffered $100,000 loss in the death of a Short Horn bull, pronounced at the stock show in Chicago to be one of the best in the world.

A Correctionville woman committed suicide last week by throwing herself in front of a passenger train. Her body was horribly mutilated, both feet being cut off and her body severed at the waist.

Local Items

January 27, 1911

- Fred W. and Ed Mohr were in Denison Wednesday.
- Banker Theo. Rohwer had business in Denison Wednesday.
- Tillie Hansen, who has been very sick, is much improved in health.
- Moving picture shows will be held on Saturday afternoons too in the future.

- Little Edna, daughter of Aug. Rickert and wife, is recovering nicely after being so very ill with lung fever.
- George Riessen and Gus Else were in Denison this week. Mr. Riessen being a member of the grand jury.

- The draymen have been busy the past day or two putting up ice for John Krohnke. The ice is shipped here from Lake View, and is of fine quality.
- F. J. Branaka was called from Cedar Rapids, Nebraska, last week Thursday to Denison owing to the death of his mother. The funeral was held Saturday.

- Otto Thiede has a sale billed for Jan. 31.
- Aug. Schultz went to Denison Thursday.
- Knudt Friedrichsen is slowly recovering from a severe attack of rheumatism.
- Mrs. F. N. Olry and daughter Carmen of Denison spent Sunday here at her parental home.

- Mrs. George Brodersen is still sick in bed, having been unable to leave her bed yet this year.
- Fred Christiansen and wife and Albert Christiansen and wife were in town over Sunday visiting with relatives.

- John N. Jensen and wife went to Bloomfield, Nebraska, on Monday for a short visit with relatives and friends.

- We must apologize to our readers for the lack of local items this week, but the fact of the matter is that the editor was laid up a couple of days this week with a more or less severe attack of the grippe and consequently unable to be at work. Anyhow everyone seems to be feeling too bum to do anything "newsie."

- Anyone wishing carpenter work done shold see Roy Oldsen at the Chris Jacobsen farm in Otter Creek. He is prepared to do carpenter work of all kinds.

- Peter Ziehm has sold his farm and on February 17 will hold an auction sale of all his farm and personal property, after which he and his family will leave for Germany where they will spend the summer in the old home land.

- NOTICE - Bids will be received up till 1 o'clock p.m. Monday, February 6, for road work in Otter Creek township for one or more road superintendents. The board of trustees reserves the right to reject any or all bids. J. P. Jepsen, Township Clerk.

- Two families are quarantined with diptheria now. Last week the Henry Bergendahl family was quarantined, some of the children being sick with it. They are better now and are out of danger. Emil Boock was taken sick with it and now is quarantined. It is to be sincerely hoped that the disease does not spread further, and that those who are affected may soon recover. Anyone having a cold or sore throat should take good care of themselves and have a doctor tend to them.

Schleswig Leader news articles transcribed by Randall Saunders, and Bob Kuehl.