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News from the Schleswig Leader

Sept 2, 1910 - Oct 28, 1910

Friday, September 2, 1910

Front page

School Opens Monday.

The fall term of the Schleswig schools opens Monday, September 5, with the same teachers in charge as were in charge last year. Professor Olry will be in charge of the upper room, Miss Anna Flynn in chare of the Grammar room, Miss Mary Burch in charge of the Intermediate room, and Miss Anna Schnebelen in charge of the Primary. These teachers gave good satisfaction last year, and will this year keep the high standard of tour schools.

Let us impress upon the parents the importance of having the children start in the first day of the term and attend every day. Nothing will make a child loose [SIC] interest in school work quicker than irregular attendance. When a pupil misses part of the term he becomes behind in his studies and then has to spend much extra time studying in order to catch up, or else go back to the next lower grade.

Let them attend every day so that they may get a good education, for that is what counts I this day and age. Give your children an education and you give them something that neither drought, frost nor hard times can effect [SIC].

A Freak of Nature

Henry Jensen brought into the Leader office Monday a freak ear of corn. The butt of the ear is the same as an ordinary ear, only large. Towards the end it grows larger and finally branches out into eight ends. It is something that is not seen every day. It may be seen hanging in the Leader office window.

Dray Line Changes

On Wednesday a deal was closed whereby Henry Rickert sold his dray line, teams, wagons and business, to the Willert Bros., John and Ed. The new firm took charge at once. Henry has had the dray line for several years and has always given his patrons the best of satisfaction. John Willert is well known here, having been section foreman for nearly a year. We wish the new firm the best of success.

Council Proceedings

Council met in special session at city hall Aug.29, 1910. Called to order by Mayor Schultz at 8 p.m. Members present Hollander, Schroeder, Stegemann; absent Spahn, Braase. Minutes o special meeting of Aug. 19, 1910, were approved as read. Mayor Schultz opened bids on purchasing and laying water mains.

A.G. Schultz bid $2,482, and O.J. Sacquety bid $2,450. Moved and seconded that the council vote by ballot to let contract on bids for water mains and laying; carried. Vote resulted: A.G. Schultz 3, O.J. Sacquety 0. Moved and seconded that the council adjourn.
Aug. Rickert, Clerk.

'Round About.

Moorehead is to have a carnival soon.

About a thousand people saw Ex-president Roosevelt at Denison last Friday, and about 400 at Dow City. These were the only two stops made in the county.

Defiance is to have a Street Fair on Sept. 7, 8 and 9.

A man near Galva got 2,000 bushels of No.2 barley from a field of 50 acres.

Battle Creek is to hold a big Harvest Home Jubilee the 7th and 8th.

A woman at North McGregor, Iowa, has two very old newspapers, one of which was printed in Boston in the year 1770, six years before the Revolutionary war. The other ancient paper is one that was printed in Kingston, N.Y, on January 4, 1800, and in which was the announcement of the death of George Washington, who died Dec. 14, 1799. - Ex.

Battle Creek will hold a special election on September 6 to decide whether the town shall be bonded for $2,000 for the purpose of constructing a sanitary sewerage system.

Soldier is having a carnival this week.

Charter Oak won all three ball games at their carnival last week. They played with Soldier, Denison, and Onawa.

Twenty-four tons of prunes have been bought by the state for use in the different state institutions.

A farmer near Spencer threshed 238 [NUMBER UNCLEAR] bushels of spring wheat from a 7 acre field.

The hunting season for ducks, prairie chickens, etc., opened yesterday. Those who hunt must have licenses however.

Local Items

- Fred Spahn was in Kiron between trains Monday.
- Mrs. Sarah Vermehren was visiting in Omaha the past week.
- John Willert and wife spent Sunday at his parental home in Auburn.
- Don't forget the Old Settlers' Reunion and Picnic at Denison Friday, Sept. 9.

- Henry Stockfleth Jr. and Herman Boysen were in Omaha a few days this week.
- The State Fair at Des Moines this week is drawing a large crowd from this vicinity.
- Mrs. Adolph Jochims is enjoying a visit from her sister and two children of Denison.
- Julius and John Rohwer went to Ida Grove Tuesday for a short visit with their grandparents.

- School opens Monday, September 5. It is hoped that there will be a full attendance from the first.
- Mr. and Mrs. John Glau of Charter Oak attended the Odd Fellow's dance here Saturday night.
- The Schleswig firemen will hold their annual dance Saturday evening, September 10. Plan to attend.

- Hilda Miller was given a surprise party at the Herman Boysen home by her friends Tuesday evening.
- John Ehler is riding around in a new auto now, having traded his old one to Ernest Boock on a new Buick.

- Miss Anna Schnoebelen of Riverside, primary teacher in the Schleswig schools, arrived here this week.
- Don't forget that the Brick Hotel is the place to go for your midnight supper the night of the Firemen's dance.

- Mrs. F.N. Olry and daughter Carmen are visiting relatives and friends at Council Bluffs and Omaha this week.
- E.A. Boock and family, Mrs. Henry Bendixen and John, Selma and Hattie Bendixen were in West Side Sunday and Monday.

- Robert Dahms and lady friends returned to Holstein Monday by auto after visiting relatives and friends in this vicinity a couple of days.
- The dance given by the Odd Fellows Saturday night in the Gottburg building was well attended, there being about one hundred couples present.

- August Braase accompanied his niece Elma Berendes to her home at Gregory, S. Dak., last week. She had been visiting relatives in this vicinity this summer.
- There is just one way to make a good town and that is for every one to boost for that town. If we have a good town and know it, let others know it, and that will make it better.

- George and August Simsen and Emer Carlsen and wife of Stratford, Iowa, left Wednesday for home after a week or more spent here at the home of their uncle L.L. Hollander.

- The boxing match between "Skinny" Schmidt and "Spike" Stock was one of the main features at the medicine show Friday night. The fight went three rounds and was declared a draw.

- Prof. F.N. Olry of Schleswig, candidate for county superintendent of schools, was in Dow City last week. He is a very pleasant gentleman and is fast making friends. There is no doubt about his election. - Dow City Enterprise.

- Julius Rohwer of Ida Grove was in town Wednesday.
- Loretta Schmidt attended the carnival at Mapleton last week.
- Caroline Hollander left Monday for West Side where she will visit for a time.

- Carl Friedrichsen celebrated his birthday Tuesday by having a crowd at his home.
- Gustav Rickert and family of Ricketts spend Sunday with relatives in town.
- The Brick Hotel will serve a fine midnight supper the night of the Firemen's dance.

- Peter Jepsen and wife went to Correctionville Thursday where they are visiting relatives.
- August Rickert celebrated his birthday Sunday. A crowd of relatives was present at his home.
- Fred Mohr and family returned Saturday from Davenport where they had been visiting relatives.

- Fred Willert and Ben Brummer furnished music for a dance at the Willert home in Auburn Saturday night.
- Minnie Reimer won the popular lady contest at the medicine show last week. The prize was a rocking chair.
- "Swedie" Lindstrom arrived in town this week to take charge of the section, John Willert having resigned.

- Thos. T. Hollander left Monday for Osmond, Nebraska, where he will visit for a time with relatives and friends.
- While playing in a pile of lumber Tuesday little Roland Rohwer fell to the ground, cutting his arm quite badly.

- Otis Sacquety of Holstein was in town Monday submitting his bid on the job of laying water works mains for the town.
- L.A. Hollander was up town Thursday for the first time in two weeks or more, having been confined to his bed most of that time.

- Martin Friedrichsen and wife returned Saturday from Tama and Jones counties where they had been visiting relatives and friends for a week.
- Mrs. Claus Gottburg, a sister of Mrs. J.H. Riessen, returned to her home at Schleswig Monday after a happy visit with her sister in Charter Oak. - C.O. Times.

- Next Monday, September 5, being labor day, the rural route men will not make their regular trips. There will be no mail delivered on the routes from Saturday until Tuesday.

- Claus Gottburg returned from Chicago Friday where he had been to purchase stock for their large new store. They expect to be located in the new building in a couple of weeks.

- While working around a corn sheller at Theo. Abbe's Tuesday, Ernest Rehmke had the misfortune to have his finger caught in the machinery. The finger was crushed so that it had to be taken off.

- Julius Andresen, Harry Lorenzen and Ted Lohse left Saturday for Des Moines where they will enter a business college. A good business education is what every young man needs in this day and age of the world, and the boys are to be commended upon the step they have taken. Here's hoping them success.

Friday, September 9, 1910

Front page:

Council Proceedings.

Council met in regular session at city hall Sept. 6, 1910. Called to order by Mayor Schultz at 8 p.m. Members present Spahn, Stegemann, Hollander, Schroeder; absent Braase. Minutes of previous regular and subsequent special meetings were approved as read. The following orders, that were paid during August, by order of the council, were O.Ked.

Aug. 6 W.J. Norton $118.40
9 do 3.00
13 do 84.90
13 Aug. Schultz 74.90
17 W.J. Norton 105.40
17 Chas. Christiansen 35.00
22 B.R. & Co 3.40
26 Hy. Andresen 10.00
26 Neil Koch 32.50
26 J. Carstens 49.50
26 John Jensen 78.50
26 Adolph Bumann 19.75
26 Martin Schultz 11.00
26 Hy. Corken 62.00
27 Will Hamann 7.00
31 Leo Butler 30.00

Moved and seconded that the following bills be allowed and ordered paid; carried:

Jurgen Schroeder $39.20
Wm. Pipgras 23.65
Hy. Rickert 31.00
Farmer L. & C. Co 367.05
Andrew Hansen 36.93
A.G. Schultz 50.76
W.M. Dannels & Son 95.68
Fred Schultz 1.54
Peter Timmsen 8.75
Peter Broders 12.75
John Jensen 4.75
Will Hamann 6.50
Ed Reimer 2.00
Henry Rickert 4.50
Ernest Rickert 1.75
Ernest Boock 60.00

Moved and seconded that the council issue the tax levy; carried.

Moved and seconded that council levy 10 mill Corporation tax. Vote resulted Spahn aye, Stegemann aye, Hollander aye, Schroeder aye.

Moved and seconded that council levy 4 mills Water Works tax. Vote resulted Spahn aye, Stegemann aye, Hollander aye, Schroeder aye.

Moved and seconded that council levy 3 mills Improvement tax. Vote resulted Spahn aye, Stegemann aye, Hollander aye, Schroeder aye.

Moved and seconded that council levy 5 mills Bond tax. Vote resulted Spahn aye, Stegemann aye, Hollander aye, Schroeder aye.

Moved and seconded that council levy 5 mills Water tax. Vote resulted Spahn aye, Stegemann aye, Hollander aye, Schroeder aye.

Moved and seconded that council levy 3 mills Grading tax. Vote resulted Spahn aye, Stegemann aye, Hollander aye, Schroeder aye.

Moved and seconded that council accept bid of Johannes Carstens to dig ditch 5 feet 6 inches deep below grade, 2 feet wide at top and 1 foot 6 inches wide at bottom, for 7 cents per foot; carried.

Moved by Stegemann and seconded by Schroeder that council vote by ballot whether they should purchase an engine and pump, or a water tank. Vote resulted two for engine and pump and two for water tank.

Moved and seconded that council adjourn; carried.
Aug. Rickert, Clerk.

'Round About

Sid Green, fugitive, returned to Denison this week and gave himself up to the authorities for trial. He was president of the Dow City bank in 1904. The bank failed and he skipped out. He has been in the west since.

Denison played three games of ball the past week with the Omaha Americans. Denison won the first 2 to 0, lost the second 4 to 2, and won the third 2 to 1. The last game went 16 innings.

The Crawford County Fair will be held at Arion Sept. 13, 14 and 15.

The McHenry herd of Aberdeen-Angus cattle from Denison carried nine first prizes, on second prize, and one fourth at the Iowa State Fair.

Three men held in the Onawa jail attempted an escape last week. When the sheriff came with their breakfasts they jumped upon him and beat him up. They then bound and gagged him and lit out. They were recaptured and put back in jail. It is thought that the sheriff will recover, but if he should not, lynching is feared.

Mrs. Emma McFarland, an old lady living alone in Odebolt, burned to death in her home last week.

Defiance is holding a carnival this week.

The side of one of the ware-houses on the Cook farm near Odebolt, containing oats, gave away last week, letting about 60,000 bushels of new oats out upon the ground. The oats were so much heavier than usual that the building, although well made, gave way under the pressure.

The pump in the water works station at Moorehead blew up last week. The man in charge was trying to pump water into the tank without first opening the valve into the tank. The town is without fire protection until new parts are received.

Vail held a big Labor Day picnic Monday.

A Farmers' State Bank has been organized at Vail.

Manilla is to hold a big fall carnival Sept. 15, 16 and 17.

Now that it has been demonstrated that man can fly faster than the birds what's the use of taking out a hunter's license in the future? Just think how easy it would be to take after a flock of geese or pintails and capture them with your hands. Save your dollar and buy an airship with it. - Ex.

Battle Creek's big Jubilee was on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Sept 9, 1910

Local Items

- Mayor Schultz was in Denison Monday on business.
- The Ladies club met with Mrs. Matt Lorenzen Tuesday.
- Mike Peterson was in Sioux City last week to see his daughter who is ill.

- The Brick Hotel will serve a fine midnight supper the night of the Firemen's dance.
- Mrs. Girard is visiting a few days this week in Botswick, Nebraska, with her brother and family.
- Mrs. W.H. Schultz celebrated her birthday Monday. A large crowd was at her home in honor of the event.

- Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Olry and daughter Carmen returned Saturday from their visit at Omaha and Council Bluffs.
- Herman Boysen and wife went to Battle Creek Tuesday to be there for the big Harvest Jubliee Wednesday and Thursday.

- Thos. Michaelsen was in Omaha this week and bought four car loads of cattle for feeding this winter. The stock came Tuesday.
- Little Hertha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Jurgensen, celebrated her birthday Sunday. Elma Lornenzen and Ema [SIC] Rickert attended.

- Misses Lulu and Alma Jacobe of Sterling, Colorado, spent a few days the past week with their aunt Mrs. Hansmann, at the Brick Hotel.

- Will Schroeder and family and Henry and Ella Kahler are visiting relatives and friends in Bloomfield, Nebraska. They made the trip in Will's auto.

- Thos. P. Hollander, who has been so serioiusly ill for several weeks, is somewhat better now and it is hoped that he is on the road to [a] speedy recovery.

- M. R. Hueschen has bought the West Side Journal plant and has [alr]ready taken charge. Mr. Hueschen will be remembered by Schleswig people as the editor of the Her[ald] eight or nine years ago.

- The high cream test record was [?]n broken Wednesday by Hans [?]. This time his cream tested [?] Chas. Miller also brought in [?] fine cream which tested 62. [?] of these tests were exception[ally?] high and, with the many high [?] that have been brought in lat[?] show that our farmers keep [?]ng but the best stock. A.F. [?]en bought the cream.

- Will Schmidt and wife were in Denison Monday.
- Dr. Schultz is treating his residence to a fine new coat of paint.
- John Krohnke, John Berendt and Fritz Witt autoed to Denison Monday.

- Mrs. Mike Peterson and son Louis visited in Battle Creek several days last week.
- Heinie Peterson and Merton Koontz attended the Jubiliee at Battle Creek Thursday.
- The Schleswig firemen will hold their annual dance Saturday evening, September 10. Plan to attend.

- Miss Nellie Porter returned Monday from Ute where she had been visiting her parents for a few weeks.
- Don't forget that the Brick Hotel is the place to go for your midnight supper the night of the Firemen's dance.

- Pye Jurgensen returned Wednesday from a couple of months' visit with old friends and relatives in the Fatherland.
- Luella Koontz of Onawa arrived here Saturday, and on Monday started teaching in the Louis Witt school southeast of town.

- Henry Klotz, assistant cashier in the Baxter, Reed & Co., bank, spent Sunday and Monday at his parental home in Holstein.
- The barber shop in the Brick Hotel has been reopened and you are invited to call and get acquainted. Henry W. Schulten.

- Mrs. Anna Reimer returned Saturday from Calhoun, Nebraska, where she had been for the past few weeks with her sister who was seriously ill.

- Vincent Hirsch and family of Grand Rapids, Michigan, are visiting here with his parents. They expect to make Schleswig their home in the future.

- Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lorenzen and son of Denison, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Leifeldt of California spent Saturday and Sunday at the Peter Hollander home.

- Harriet Hall left last week for Denison where she visited a few days. From there she went to Ocheyedan, this state, where she has charge of the kindergarden work in the public schools.

- Jacob Frehse and Will Kortum were in Omaha Saturday, Sunday and Monday attending the Kriegerfest of the Western Kregerbund. The program was held at Seymour park. Over 1500 old soldiers were in the parade.

- Robert Naeve was called to Elwood, Iowa, last week by the serious illness of his little daughter Viola. Mrs. Naeve, with the babe, had been visiting in Elwood, and the child was taken suddenly ill, and for a while it was not expected to live. Their many friends here hope for the speedy recovery of the little one.

September 16, 1910

Front Page

Citizens' Meeting

Citizens' meeting called by Mayor Schultz Sept. 8, 1910. Called to order by Mayor Schultz at 8 p.m.

It was moved and seconded that the citizens vote by ballot whether they would have a water tank or an engine and pump. The vote showed 23 in favor of a water tank and 3 in favor of the engine and pump.

It was moved and seconded that council make a loan of $9,000 to pay for putting in the water works system. Motion carried. Aug. Rickert, Clerk.

'Round About

- Over two thousand people attended the Crawford County Old Settlers' Reunion and Picnic at Denison Friday.
- The fall term of court opened in Denison Monday.
- The court house tower in Denison is being repainted.

- Julius Rohwer of Ida Grove recently purchased a 480 acre farm near Sioux Falls, S. Dak.
- The Crawford County Fair was on at Arion this week.
- Soldier is to have a brass band. The instruments have already arrived and are being tooted every spare moment.

- Mapleton is to have a two days race meet and base ball tournament Sept. 29 and 30.
- A farm near LeMars sold the other day for $195 per acre.
- The Odebolt Chronicle suggest an ox roast at that place as a fitting fall festival to celebrate the rich harvest and general prosperity of that community.

- Manilla is holding a big fall festival the last three days of this week.
- At a special election held in Battle Creek last week the citizens voted 101 to 27 in favor of bonding the town for $2,000 for the purpose of putting in a sewerage system.

- A man near Mapleton had a 175 acre field of oats that went 41 1/2 bushels to the acre, machine measure.

- A Moorehead man has some stalks of German Millet that are six feet tall and the heads over ten inches long, some stalks of corn over fourteen feet tall with two good ears to every stalk, the top ear being nine feet from the ground.

September 16, 1910

Local Items

- Nellie Porter spent Sunday with her parents in Ute.
- Jurgen Krohnke and wife are visiting relatives in Sioux City.
- Will Holliday of Dow City is working in the Stock barber shop.

- Hans Iversen of Ricketts spent Sunday at the Peter Hollander home.
- Lorenz Petersen on Tuesday bought Matt Larenzen's fine driving horse.
- Two full lots and two cottages for sale at $2,000 till Nov. 1. Mrs. Sarah Vermehren.

- Letha Jones went to Denison Sunday where she will visit for a few weeks with relatives.
- Claus Martens and family of Anthon are visiting relatives and old friends here this week.

- Caroline Hollander returned Tuesday from a couple of weeks visit with friends near West Side.
- Avery Vickery and wife and Pyrl Vickery and wife of near Ida Grove attended the dance Saturday night.

- Olga Schroeder, who is learning dressmaking in Denison, spent Saturday and Sunday at her parental home here.
- Aug. Braase returned this week from Gregory, S. Dak., where he had been visiting relatives for a couple of weeks.

- Chas. Jurgensen and family, John Jurgensen and wife and Jochim Rickert and wife autoed to Denison Tuesday.
- "The Widow Perkins" played here Friday night to a good sized house. The show failed to give very good satisfaction.

- Mrs. Girard returned Saturday from her visit of a week or more with relatives and friends in Omaha and other Nebraska points.
- Mrs. Marvin Hollander celebrated her birthday Monday. A large crowd from town and country was at her home in honor of the event.

- John Ehler, living northeast of town, is seriously ill.
- Andrew Hollander was in Omaha a few days this week.
- Ernest Boock and Henry Rickert were in Battle Creek Tuesday.

- John Ohl of Dunlap visited the past week with relatives in this vicinity.
- Hulda Bottger of Denison is visiting at the Chas. Jurgensen home near here.

- Jurgen Hansen left last week for Holstein where he expects to make his home with his children.
- Selma Willert of Auburn spent a few days the past week here at the home of her brother John and wife.

- Henry Miller and wife are visiting in Larchwood at the home of her daughter Mrs. Peter Mohr and family.
- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stegemann, Sr., left Sunday for Huron, S. Dak., where they will visit with relatives for a time.

- Ernest Warneck of Battle Creek and Birdie Berg, who teaches school near here, spent Sunday at the latter's home in Denison.
- Fred Spahn has a crippled hand these days from getting it caught in his harness sewing machine. One finger is badly crushed.
- Mrs. Julius Christiansen and babe of Ricketts were in town between trains Wednesday at the home of her sister Mrs. Magnus Hollander.

- The Dannels cement crew finished up their work here Wednesday and returned to Denison. Their last job was laying a sidewalk in front of the H. W. Schmidt and Claus Gottburg stores.
- The annual Firemen's Dance held Saturday night was a success in every way. There was a fine crowd, fine floor, fine music, and everyone apparently had a fine time. There were nearly 200 numbers sold.

- A runaway occurred Sunday near here that resulted in Mrs. Emil Abbe getting an arm broken. Mrs. Louis Bruck and babe of Battle Creek were in the buggy with Mrs. Abbe when the tongue came down. The horses became frightened and ran away, upsetting the buggy and throwing the occupants out. The baby was very seriously injured and it is feared that it will not recover.

- Mrs. Peter Hollander and Annie Hollander were in Ida Grove Wednesday with Mrs. Thos. T. Hollander, who went there to have dental work done.

- PICKED UP - About August 1, red and white heifer, weight about 700 pounds. Owner can have same by proving property and paying damages. Fred J. Petersen

- Chas. Schmidt and Will Jacobs returned to their homes at Elwood, Iowa, Wednesday. They had been here to attend the funeral of Viola Naeve, they being cousins of Mrs. Naeve.

- Will Schroeder and family and Henry and Ella Kahler returned Wednesday from their auto trip to Bloomfield, Nebraska. They had visited relatives and friends there for a couple of weeks.

- Mrs. John Nicolsen and son Howard left Tuesday for Fort Dodge where they will visit with relatives for a couple of weeks.

- Frank Lund, former lineman for the Schleswig Telephone company but now doing construction work at Carroll, attended the dance here Saturday night.

- Ella Hoiten, who has been visiting at her parental home here for some time, returned Saturday to Aberdeen, S. Dak., where she has accepted a position as bookkeeper in a store.

- E. L. Crow of Mapleton, Democratic candidate for senator from this district, was in town Tuesday calling on voters. Mr. Crow is a pleasant man and is making friends wherever he goes.

- A game of ball was played Sunday on the home diamond between Grant and Schleswig, Schleswig winning by the score of 5 to 4. Pilener and Carray of Ida Grove did the pitching for Grant, while Fred Willert pitched for Schleswig.

- Capt. John Hindrichs of Delva, Germany, arrived here Friday for a visit with his sister Mrs. Hans Schmidt, and other relatives. Mr. Hindrichs has been a sailor for many years, having been captain of a boat for 26 years. He has made 117 trips from Germany to different parts of the world, which is a record few can equal. On his 100th trip he was presented with a fine gold watch worth 500 marks by the firm he worked for. He has medals received from Emperor Wilhelm of Germany, the emperor of Prussia, and the king of Greece. He was accompanied here by his sister Mrs. Anthon Stoltenberg, and her husband of Mason City.

September 23, 1910

Front Page

'Round About

"Billie" Hamilton, until recently editor of the Odebolt Chronicle, died last week Thursday from heart trouble. He had been in Odebolt for 23 years, and ranked high as an editorial writer.

The Methodist church at Mapleton has been sold and will hereafter be used for an auto garage.

While attempting to kill a cat the other day, a Lake City man shot himself in the arm. He was holding the cat in his left hand and had a revolver in his right. He apparently wasn't an expert shot.

Louis Hass of Holstein had a field of oats this year containing 21 acres that averaged 102 bushels per acre. fourteen acres of this field went 120 bushels to the acre.

Mapleton will have one big day of base ball and races Wednesday, September 28.

A farmer in Marshal county had a 12 acre field of spring wheat that went 43 bushels to the acre.

Fifteen head of colts and young horses sold at Cushing at an average of $137 per head.

The town of Buck Grove claims to have the oldest woman in the state. She is 102 years old and is still spry and active.

Sheriff Rawlings of Monona county, who was attacked and badly beaten by three prisoners in the jail at Onawa recently, is now recovering.

A farmer near Sioux Falls died recently from anthrax. He contracted the disease from skinning some cattle that had died from it.

The North Western ran a special train on the Movile branch to Sioux City two weeks ago when Teddy was there. The special was an hour and a half late and the excursionists got to Sioux city just in time to be too late to see him.

Gambling dens were found in several of Sioux City's leading hotels.

Moorehead has a fine new high school building of which it is justly proud.

Several cases of diphtheria are reported near Odebolt.

September 23, 1910

Local Items

- Dr. Conn of Ida Grove was in town Tuesday.
- Hans Lohse and wife went to Denison Thursday.
- Mrs. A. D. Herrig of Denison visited friends here Sunday

- Gus Sanders, a leading Kiron merchant, was in town Wednesday.
- Mae Hansman spent a few days the past week with friends in Battle Creek.
- Laura Hoiten is spending the week with her sister Mrs. Avery Vickery near Ida Grove.

- Henry Krohnke shipped in a car load of fine colts Saturday which he sold at auction.
- Fred Willert, who has been working on the dray line for some time, returned to Auburn today.
- Mr. and Mrs. Claus Rhineoldt of Manning were in town Monday to call on Capt. John Hindrichs.

- Mrs. Andrew Hansen has been spending the week with her brother George Brodersen and family near here.
- Emil Boock and wife and Mesdames Peter Hollander and Paul Jepsen autoed to Denison and back Tuesday.
- Peter Moeller and wife of Denison are home after having spe the summer with their children in Montana.

- Henry Andresen and wife were called to Spencer Wednesday owing to the death of his sister Mrs. Christiansen of that place.
- Fred Martens returned to Davenport this week after visiting for several weeks at the home of his brother-in-law J. C. Moeller.

- Emil Bielenberg went to Omaha Wednesday.
- The little baby of Mr. and Mrs. John Claussen is very ill.
- Thos. T. Hollander and wife were in Ida Grove Wednesday.

- Laura and Minnie Hollander drove to Denison and back Tuesday.
- Ernest Schmidt came here from Charlotte Monday to see his mother and other relatives.
- Chas. Brown of Auburn assisted Willert Bros. on the dray line a few days the past week.

- Peter Hollander and wife were in Denison Saturday night and Sunday at the home of her parents.
- Mrs. Detlef Reese went to Battle Creek Wednesday to see a daughter from Colorado who is visiting there.

- Louis Schultz and wife of near Charter Oak and Miss Huebner of Charter Oak were at the Dr. Schultz home Tuesday.
- Several from here attended the big party at the John H. Reimers home near here Saturday night. They all report a big time.

- Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brechwald of Ida Grove spent Sunday at the home of their daughter Mrs. Theo. Rohwer and family.
- A Mr. and Mrs. Buck of Ogden visited Mrs. Will Baak Wednesday. They were old time friends, having been neighbors in Boone county.

- Among those who are attending the fair at Sioux City this week are the following: Ben Hollander, Ed Ebert, Fred J. Petersen and wife, Aug. Schultz, Chas. Jurgensen, Herbert Bendixen, Ernest Rickert, Andrew Hansen, Chris Ernst and family, Henry Bergendahl and wife, John Seehausen, George Hoiten and others.

- Wm. Stegemann Sr. and wife returned Wednesday from Huron, S. Dak., where they had been visiting relatives and friends for a week or more.

- Henry Miller and wife returned Wednesday from Bloomfield, Nebraska, where they had been visiting relatives and friends for a couple of weeks.

- Dr. Wagner has sold his veterinary practive here to Dr. J. R. Bailey of Ute. The change will take place October 1. Mr. Wagner expects to locate at Glidden.

- The Sac City Canning factory has been running very near the full capacity for the past week, averaging about 106, 000 cans per day. Last Saturday the output was 114,700 of corn. Monday they ran only a part of the forenoon and canned 98,700 cans the balance of the day. On Tuesday the output was 107,000 cans. The heaviest run in the history of this factory came Monday 353 tons of corn were received. - Sac Bulletin

- Mr. and Mrs. Ebbe Hollander, Mr. and Mrs. Anthon Stoltenberg, Mrs. Hans Schmidt and Capt. Hindrichs drove to Denison and back Monday.

- Claus Martens and family and John Petersen and family of Anthon have been visiting with relatives and old friends in this vicinity the past week.

- Frank Hart and family of Brunswick, Nebraska, visited at the Theo. Rohwer home the past week. Mesdames hart and Rohwer are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Hart left Tuesday.

- Ernest Claussen, who has been working for Chas. Jurgensen, went to his home at Ricketts Wednesday having had his hand poisoned and thus being unable to work for a few days.

- Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lorenzen and Mr. and Mrs. Jurgen Schroeder went to Sioux City Monday. From there they went to Crocker, S. Dak., to attend the wedding of Chas. Lorenzen to Miss Anna Becker, which occurred Wednesday. They will also visit friends at Ipswich, S. Dak., before returning.

September 30, 1910

'Round About

Carl Schultz of Otter Creek township, a native of Germany, became a full fledged United States citizen Monday. This makes eleven who took the oath of allegiance at this term of court.

A big German Day celebration will be held at Denison on Thursday, October 6.

Eleven thousand dollars was paid to the farmers in the vicinity of Dows for cream and milk during the months of July and August. The price per pound was 33 cents. - Ex.

The Charter Oak Times tells of a Greek who was working there on the railroad who sent two indelible pencils with fancy tips home to his folks in the old county. He sent them as a sample of the wonderful things he was seeing in this country, no doubt.

Over near Arion the other day while a threshing crew was at work, sparks from the engine set fire to one of the stacks. The engineer promptly backed his engine up to the remaining grain stacks, wrapped a cable around each, and pulled them out of reach of the flames.

A 12 year old girl died at Holstein last week from the much dreaded infantile paralysis.

A young couple in Calhoun county were married recently in a corn field.

The new pipe organ, donated by C. L. Voss and wife of Denison to the Methodist church there, was installed last week.

A West Side boy lost all four fingers of his right hand through an accident with a gun. He had the gun in his hand and was climbing out of a corn crib and his foot slipped. The jar discharged the gun. He had his right hand over the end of the barrel. The four fingers were shot off close the the last joint. The thumb was not touched.

The Denison Bulletin moved to its fine new brick building last week.

Cooking, as well as sewing, is now being taught in the Denison High school.

A farmer, 50 years old, living by Dow City left his wife, an invalid over a year, and eloped with her ?? year old stepsister, who had been keeping house for him.

September 30, 1910

Local Items

- Dr. Jones was in Denison Wednesday.
- Fritz Steffen of Ute was a caller in town Friday.
- Saturday, October 8, is the date of the next dance.

- Dr. McWilliams of Charter Oak was in town Wednesday.
- 125 dozen husking mitts just received at the clothing store.
- Mrs. Emil Boock and daughter Zanet spent Sunday with relatives in Denison.

- Henry Lenz was in Omaha this week where he bought cattle for winter feeding.
- Ferdinand Carstens, the barber, is spending a few days with old friends in Davenport.
- Heinie Petersen, the restaurant man, is spending the week at Avoca at his parental home.

- Mrs. Claus Peters, daughter Ella and sons Herbert and Emil, also Mrs. John Naeve, drove to Denison and back Wednesday.
- H. T. Biermann is the new agent at the Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co., yard. He was formerly agent for the same company at Ricketts.

- Mr. and Mrs. John Ehler, Mrs. Wetzler, Miss Niewohner, and Miss Lohse, all of Schleswig, came down per auto last Sunday to attend the mission fest of the German church. - West Side Journal

- The first frost of the season came Tuesday morning. It, however, was not severe enough to do much of any damage. Another week or two of warm weather will put the corn all out of harm's way.

- Moritz Detlefsen was in Denison Wednesday.
- John Lafrantz celebrated his birthday Monday.
- Henry Boysen is spending a few days this week in Omaha.

- Hans Iversen of Kiron spent Sunday in town with friends.
- Mrs. F. Sinksen of Stratford is spending a few days at the L. A. Hollander home.
- Letha Jones returned Sunday from a two weeks visit with relatives in Denison.

- Jurgen Schroeder and Matt Lorenzen returned Monday from their trip to South Dakota.
- Frank Stock, our barber, is up and around now after a short illness. Lung fever was the ailment.
- Fred Schwartz and wife attended the opening of the new wing of the German Lutheran hospital at Sioux City last Thursday.

- Mary Petersen of Boone has been visiting here since Saturday at the L. A. Hollander home, also with other relatives.
- Mrs. P. C. Hollander, Mrs. Will Stegemann and Miss Mary Petersen visited in Denison a few days this week at the A. B. Lorenzen home.

- Mrs. H. D. Jones entertained the M. G. R. club Tuesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. F. E. Wagner. The party was in the nature of a farewell. Mrs. Wagner was presented with a fine coffee pot.

- Theo. Munster returned Wednesday from Wagoner, S. Dak., where he had been visiting for a week or so with his brother-in-law E. Engelking. He reports crops there as being very good, exceptionally good when the poor season is taken into consideration. He also visited at the Chris Hansen home near Armour, S. Dak.

- E. L. Crow of Mapleton, democratic candidate for senator, passed through here Tuesday evening on his way to Denison to attend the meeting of the county committee. He says things look very encouraging for his election this fall.

- Among those from here who attended the speech of Claude Porter, democratic candidate for governor, at Denison Wednesday night were the following: Jacob Petersen, John Jepsen, Carl Tedsen, A. P. Hollander, F. N. Olry, Will Stegemann, Peter Hollander, John Ehler, H. C. Schroeder.

- On October 1 Jud Brown severs his connections with the Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co., and returns to his home in Hastings, Nebraska. Jud has worked for that company here for nearly two years and has made many friends here. He is a bright, energetic young man and will succeed wherever he goes.

- S. B. McGarvey of West Side was in town over Sunday greeting old friends and soliciting subscriptions for the Sioux City Daily News. Sid is one of the leading contestants for the Maxwell auto the Daily News is giving away to the person getting the most new subscribers. The auto will be given away Saturday.

- Mrs. John Nicholsen and son Howard arrived home Monday from Fort Dodge where they had been visiting for a couple of weeks. They were accompanied home by her mother and step-sister, who will visit here for a while.

- Mrs. F. E. Wagner and babe left Wednesday for their new home at Glidden. Mr. Wagner will follow with their household goods. This estimable family has made many friends in the short time they were here, and their departure is regretted.

- Capt. Hindrichs, who has been visiting here with his sisters Mesdames Ebbe Hollander and Hans Schmidt, left Wednesday on his return trip to his home in Germany. He was accompanied as far as Manning by Mr. and Mrs. Ebbe Hollander and Mr. and Mrs. Anthon Stoltenberg.

October 7, 1910

Front Page

'Round About

The Ute Independent changed hands last week, J. W. Downing, a well known Monona county newspaper man, taking charge.

Mapleton has been suffering lately from the raids of petty sneak thieves. The Press opened its editorial column last week with "Good morning. Had anything stolen yet?"

While threshing near Mondamin one day last week the crew with a threshing machine miraculously escaped serious injury, and probably death, when the engine "blew up", scattering scrap iron in every direction. The engine was a complete wreck.

The old fort at Cherokee, a relic of pioneer days when the Indians in this vicinity were plenty, and troublesome, which has in recent years been fast going to decay and oblivation[sic] will be preserved and made the center of a fine public park, if the movement now in progress there succeeds. -Ex.

A man near Newdell has a cow that has given birth to twins three times in succession. She has given birth to seven calves in three years and two months.

October 7, 1910

Local Items

- Saturday, October 8, is the date of the next dance.
- Will Koppen was in Denison Wednesday night.
- The G. L. club met with Mrs. Chas. Ernst Wednesday.

- Mrs. Herman Boysen spent a few days this week in Battle Creek.
- The M. G. R. club met with Mrs. Herman Schmidt on Wednesday.
- Dr. McWilliams and Louis Jacobsen of Charter Oak were in town Wednesday.

- Mesdames F. N. Olry and Jurgen Schroeder drove to Denison and back Wednesday.
- A. E. Schultz carried mail on route one Monday, carrier Herman Schultz being in Omaha.
- Mrs. Detlef Reese is enjoying a visit from her daughter Mrs. Noffat and little girl of Colorado.

- John C. Moeller and wife are among those who are taking in the "doings" at Omaha this week.
- Herbert Biermann, agent for Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co. here, spent Sunday with friends in Ricketts.
- Chas. Schmidt and wife returned Monday from Holstein where they had been visiting friends a few days.

- Ella Witt spent Sunday with friends in Denison.
- Fred Friedrichsen of Manning in town Wednesday.
- Frank Stock is attending the Ak-Sar-Ben at Omaha this week.

- Aug. Scheuble and wife of Boyer visited relatives in town Monday.
- G. L. Caswell, editor of the Bulletin, was over from Denison Friday.
- Mrs. August Rickert has been on the sick list the past week, but is better now.

- Clyde Jones of Battle Creek visited his brother Dr. Jones here Wednesday.
- Emil Boock and family and Theo. Rohwer and wife spent Sunday in Ida Grove.
- A. Hollander and daughters Annie and Lillie, and Mary Petersen are in Omaha this week.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Willert of Auburn spent Sunday a the home of their son John and wife here.
-The little son of Johannes Lorenzen had his arm broken Sunday by being thrown from a cow he was riding.

- Mrs. Hans Friedrichsen left this week for Bloomfield, Nebr., where she will make her home with her son.

- Mrs. Jurgen Schroeder returned Monday from South Dakota where she had been visiting relatives and friends.

- Matt Lorenzen and wife returned Saturday from South Dakota where they had been visiting relatives and friends.

- Ed and Walter Schroeder, John Boll, Busche Frahm, Otto Evers and Gus Ericksen went to Omaha Tuesday to attend the Ak-Sar-Ben.

- We have been advised to change the address on Paul Stapleton's paper from Wendte, S. Dak., to Larchwood, Iowa, as they live at that place now.

- Roy Naeve, the little son of Nick Naeve, was operated on for appendicitis Tuesday. Dr. Conn of Ida Grove, assisted by Dr. Jones performed the operation.

- John Thomason, our genial station agent, expects to leave next week for Ute where he will have charge of the North Western station. A Mr. Treloar will be agent here.

- Peter Hollander was chosen foreman of fire company number one at the meeting Wednesday evening to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Henry Rickert. Ernest Boock was chosen a member of company one.

- Many from there attended the big German Day celebration at Denison Thursday. It was one of the biggest celebrations ever held on this day.

- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Naeve drove to Denison last Friday where Mrs. Naeve took the train for Denver, Colorado, where she will visit for a time.

- Hugo Wiegand of Bronson is shaking hands with old friends here this week. His little daughter Hildegard is with him. He reports his crops as being good this year.

- Peter Hollander and wife, Will Stegemann Jr. and wife, Thos. T. Hollander and wife, Annie Hollander and Mary Petersen spent Sunday at the Ingwert Hollander home near here.

October 14, 1910

Local Items

- Theo Jepsen left Tuesday for DePree, S. Dak., where he expects to farm.
- Alfred Dohse of West Side spent Sunday here with Caroline Hollander
- A large crown attended a party at the Lorenz Petersen home Monday night.
- August Rickert was in Omaha a couple of days this week buying his winter line of goods.

- Mrs. H. D. Jones left Thursday for Wessington Springs where she will visit for a week with her sister.
- Herbert Bierman, agent for Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co. here, spent Sunday with friends in Ricketts.

- Hazel Taggart and Mrs. Joe Kearn of Wall Lake were in town Saturday between trains. Mrs. Kearn was formerly Fern Wells of this place.

- There have been some big doings at the Leader office this week, as we have had the office papered and have cleaned the windows. Next week we intend to have a clean towel.

- Coming! Box social and program at the Henry Naeve schoolhouse 1/2 mile east of Schleswig, on Friday evening, October 21, commencing at 8 o'clock. Ladies requested to bring boxes. Everybody welcome.

- Laura and Minnie Hollander were in Kiron between trains last Friday.
- Mrs. Conn and Miss Whitney of Ida Grove were visiting friends in town Wednesday.
- Arlo Schmidt arrived here Saturday. He expects to work in the Jurgen Schroeder store this winter.
- F. D. Reinking, our happy auctioneer, cried a sale of horses at Charter Oak Saturday.

- The dance here Saturday night was up to the usual high standard in respect to crowd, music and a good time.
- Mesdames John Naeve and H. C. Peterson and Misses Minnie and Caroline Hollander drove to Denison Thursday.

- Dr. Jones took Mrs. John Clausen to the hospital at Ida Grove Wednesday where she was operated on for a strangulation of the bowels. She is doing nicely now.

- Mesdames Hans Schmidt and W. H. Schultz went to Charlotte last week and shipped Mrs. Schmidt's household goods here. She will make Schleswig her home in the future.

- John Thomasen and wife left Thursday for Ute where he will be station agent for the North Western this winter. Agent Treloar expects his family to arrive here within a few days. They will live in the house vacated by Thomasens.

- Governor Carroll and party of a dozen or more autos were in town Tuesday afternoon for about 15 minutes. He made a short speech telling what he had done during the past two years and what he would do in the next two if he were re-elected.

- John A. Schultz and wife of Movile came here Thursday to attend the wedding of his brother Herman. They drove over from Holstein. When near Emil Abbe's place the neck yoke broke, letting the tongue. The team became frightened and ran, upsetting the buggy. Mrs. Schultz was thrown out of the buggy and had one limb badly bruised. Mr. Schultz escaped unhurt.

- While driving home from Charter Oak Sunday night Albert G. Schultz met with an accident that might easily have resulted more seriously. It was dark and as he was driving along this side of Ricketts, he heard a team coming along behind at a great rate of speed. He tried to get out of the road in time but could not make it. The buggies collided and his was pretty badly smashed up. He had his three little children with him and it is a miracle that some of them did not get badly hurt.

- Thos. P. Hollander was in town Tuesday for the first time in fourteen weeks During the most of that time he has been confined to his bed with a severe attack of kidney trouble and other ailments. For eight weeks Mable Mills, a trained nurse from Omaha, was with him constantly, and at times his condition was very critical. His many friends will be pleased to learn of his recovery. Mr. Hollander wishes to thank the many friends who came to see him during his illness. Also wishes to thank Dr. Schultz and Miss Mills. He says if anyone ever needs the services of a trained nurse the can find no better one than Miss Mills.

- The German Lutheran church held its Missionfest Sunday. In the morning Rev. Fauth of West Side and Rev. Niewoehner of Buck Grove each delivered a sermon. In the afternoon Rev. Graber of Council Bluffs and Rev. Schumann of Aurelia each preached.

- E. B. Nordell, editor of the Kiron News, was one of a party from that place that drove here to meet the Gov. Carroll party Tuesday. Mr. Nordell had had no experience whatever in the newspaper work before he took charge in Kiron, but the News has improved wonderfully under his management.

Friday, October 21, 1910

Local Items

- Ed Willert spent Sunday at his [?]tal home in Auburn.
- Will Beilenberg shipped in a [?] load of fine colts Wednesday.
- Mesdames Theo. Rohwer and [?] Boock were in Denison Mon[day].
- Emil Schmidt of Clinton county [?] [vi]siting here at the Robert Naeve [?]de.

- Henry Reese and wife of Battle [Cre]ek spent Sunday here with his [?]ther. - Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boock and [?]hter Zanet [SIC] are visiting friends [?] Cushing.
- Letha Jones went to Denison [Sat]urday where she will visit with [rela]tives for a time.
- J.V. Barborka and Miss Anna [?]eumaker of Denison spent Sun[day] at the Dr Schultz home.

- Henry E. Buck pulled his [thr]eshing rig into town Saturday, [?]ing finished up this season's [?wo]rk.
- The G.L. club met with Mrs. [?He]nry Krohnke Wednesday. The [?occ]asion was the birthday of Miss [?].
- The funeral of the aged Theo. [?]me was held Thursday. We [ha]ve been unable to get particulars [?of] the death.

- Paul Rossburg and wife autoed [?he]re from Sioux City Wednesday [?an]d spend thte day at the Henry [?Kr]ohnke home.
- Reports from Ida Grove state [?] Mrs. John Claussen is recov[?]cely from her operation and [?]ble to return home in a [?] two.

- M[?] Minnie Jansen, niece of [?Jo]hn Schutt, went to Winona, Min[ne]sota last week to attend the wed[ding] of a relative. She will visit [St.] Paul and Minneapolis before [retu]rning.

- Coming! Box social and pro[gr]am at the Henry Naeve school [ho]use 1/2 mile east of Schleswig, on [F]riday evening, October 21, com[m]encing at 8 o'clock. Ladies re[q]uested to bring boxes. Everybody [c]ome.

- The many friends of Mrs. Jens [C]laussen of Ricketts will be pleased [to] learn that she is recovering nice[ly from her operation at the Ida [G]rove hospital and will be able to [re]turn to her home in a week or [t]wo.

- Hon. H.C. Schroeder and wife [h]ave been busy the past few days moving their household goods into [t]heir house in town. Mr. Schroe[d]er and his estimable wife have [l]ived on the farm for a good many years, and no are going to enjoy the rest that they have so well [e]arned.

- Chas Dolk of Kiron spent Wednesday night in town.
- Arlo Schmidt started clerking in the Jurgen Schroeder store Monday.
- Mrs. Berendt of Denison spent Sunday here with her son John and family.
- Dr. Conn and wife of Ida Grove visited Sunday evening at the Dr. Schultz home.

- Jurgen Schroeder lost a plain gold band ring the first of the week. Finder kindly return to him.
- Dr. Jones was in Kiron Tuesday evening o professional business. Henry Klotz went mit [SIC].
- Herbert Biermann, agent for Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co. here, spend Sunday with friends in Ricketts.

- Misses Dohse and Alice Jensen of West Side are visiting at the Andrew Hollander home since Wednesday.
- Les Ainsworth of Ricketts assisted at the Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co. yards here a couple of days this week.

- Olga Schroeder returned from Denison Saturday where she had been for several weeks learning dressmaking.
- Next week will see most of the farmers in the field husking corn, if the weather is favorable. A few started this week.

- Fred Mohr and family are now living in the Krohnke building, ov- [SIC] Stock's barber shop, having moved there during the past week.
- Ed Spahn holds the record for early corn shelling this year as far as we have heard. He shelled new corn Monday and says that it shelled good.

- Hon. H.C. Schroeder has been suffering for some time with inflammation of his left eye. The eye was in bad shape for some time but is much better now.

- Mesdames Aug. Baak and Julius Christiansen were here from Ricketts between trains Wednesday to see the big girl at the M.A. Hollander home.

- John Krohnke and family and Fred Petersen and family spent Sunday at the August Reinking home in Cushing. They made the trip in John's auto.

- Adolph Ericksen of Boyer, who has been a sufferer from blood poisoning for some time, miraculously escaped being trampled to death by an infuriated bull last Saturday. He was crossing a pasture when the animal got after him. He was knocked down, had his arm broken, his shoulder thrown out of joint, and his body badly bruised. Dr. Jones was sent for and made the trip in 48 minutes.

- Henry Thoms is up and around again after being confined to his [?] for sevlral [SIC] days as a result of the runaway last Thursday. Albert Stegemann is still wearing the bandage over his eye where he was kicked when trying to render assistance.

- Fred Jochims and wife returned Saturday from the Fatherland where they had been for several months visiting old scenes and old friends. They were accompanied from Germany by Hans -----------, a cousin of the Jochim Rickert family, who will make his home here. He is clerking in the Aug. Rickert store.

- As we go to press at five o'clock Thursday afternoon a light snow is falling--- the first of the season.

Friday, October 28, 1910

Local Items

- Carl Jessen was in Sioux City Wednesday.
- Miss Tillie Hansen is very sick at the present writing.
- The M.G.R. club met with Mrs. Will Schroeder Friday.
- Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Claussen spend Sunday with relatives in Ricketts.

- A.P. Hollander and son Otto drove to Denison and back Wednesday.
- A crowd of young folks from here attended the dance at Kiron Saturday night.
- John Bruggen of Your, N. Dak., arrived here this week to work during corn husking

- Mrs. Henry Naeve returned Sunday from her visit at Denver and other Colorado points.
- Dr. Jones was called to Kiron one day this week in consultation with Dr. Gardner of that place.
- Louis Ernst of Anthon visited a few days this week with his parents Peter Ernst and wife here.

- Dr. Jones accompanied Hon. H. C. Schroeder to Sioux City one day this week to consult an eye specialist.
- Mr. W.H. Schultz, Mrs. Paul Jepsen and Ernest Schmidt drove to Ida Grove and back on Wednesday.
- Matt Lorenzen and wife and Jurgen Schroeder and wife attended the funeral of Mrs. Herman Otto at Denison Tuesday.

- Farmers are all in the fields this week picking corn. It will be mighty quiet in town now until the corn is all picked.
- Irene Dohse and Alice Jensen returned to their homes at West Side Saturday after a few days visit at the Andrew Hollander home.
- Herman Jochims of Lester spent a few days this week here with his parents. He expects to visit the Fatherland after corn picking.

- While helping put up an elevator one day this week a son of Hans Baeth had his arm broken. Dr. Schultz was called to reduce the fracture.
- A.H. Stoltenberg and Miss Mary Burch drove to Denison Sunday, the former to have dental work done, Miss Burch spending the day at her home there.

- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nicholsen, who have been visiting here for some time at the home of her parents, Han [SIC] Baeth and wife, returned on Thursday to their home in Chicago.

- Ed Schroeder leaves Saturday for Des Moines where he will enter business college. The three Schleswig boys who are already there - Julius Andresen, Ted Lohse and Harry Lorenzen - are getting along nicely and like the work there very much.

- Mrs. Theo. Rohwer is one [SIC] the sick list this week.
- Hans Iversen came down from Kiron over Sunday.
- Ladies aid society met Thursday with Mrs. F.N. Olry.

- Ed Clausen of Malta, Montana, is visiting relatives and friends in this vicinity.
- Carl Oldsen and wife of Wall Lake visited relatives and friends in town Sunday.
- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kuehl visited at the Hans Johannsen home in Denison Sunday.

- Jurgen Schroeder lost a plain gold band ring the first of last week. Finder please return to him.
- Henry Petersen returned from Germany Wednesday where he had been visiting for a few months.

- Mrs. Andrew Hollander is spending a few days this week with relatives and friends in Holstein.
- Julius Heersch returned from South Dakota this week where he had been during harvest and threshing.

- Herbert Biermann, agent for Nye, Schneider, Fowler Co. here, spent Sunday with friends in Ricketts.
- P. J. Klinker of Denison, candidate for county attorney, was in town shaking hands with voters Thursday.

- Mrs. Henry Peterson and son Ralph returned Tuesday from Omaha where they had been visiting for a week or more.

- Mrs. Henry Holst, who has been so sick for some time, is slowly recovering. She still has a trained nurse with her constantly however.

- A good sized crowd gathered at the Henry Naeve school house just east of town Friday evening where a box social was held. They all report a fine time.

- Fred Christiansen and wife and Will Hansman autoed over from Battle Creek Monday evening for a few hours visit with Fred Hansman's at the Brick Hotel.

- A crowd of young folks gathered at the Miller home Sunday evening to help George celebrate his birthday. The evening was spent in card playing and dancing and all had a fine time.

- E.L. Crow of Mapleton, Democratic candidate for state senator form this district, was in Schleswig Thursday while making a tour over the county. He was accompanied by Fred Lenz of Ute and Otto Quandt of Mapleton, both old Crawford county citizens.

Schleswig Leader news articles transcribed by Randall Saunders, and Bob Kuehl.