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News from the Schleswig Leader

May 27, 1910 - August 26, 1910

May 27, 1910

Front Page

Base Ball

The Ricketts ball team came up Sunday for a return game with locals. The game was well played and interesting throughout. Schroeder was in the box for the locals and pitched a good game. He had eight strike outs to his credit while Rix, the Ricketts catcher had six. The score was 7 to 6 in favor of Schleswig.

In the evening two games of indoor baseball were played between the married men and the single men. The first game the married men won by the score of 11 to 10. In the second game the young fellows won by score of six to 1.

Next Sunday the Odebolt team comes here for a game. A good game is promised to all who attend. Game is called at 3 o'clock. In the evening another indoor game will be played between the single men and the married men. This game will be at 6:30 sharp.

May 27, 1910

Local Items

- Laundry basket goes every Wednesday from barber shop in hotel.
- Ernest Burk and F.O. Cubbage of Battle Creek were in town Tuesday.
- A.H. Stoltenberg and Miss Mary Burch were in Denison Sunday.
- Chris Hoeffer was over from Charter Oak Sunday to attend the ball game.

- Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jensen and babe of Anthon were visiting relatives and friends here.
- Fred Jochims and wife left Thursday for a visit with relatives and old friends in the Fatherland.
- Ema Rickert has resigned her position as typo in the Leader office and is clerking in the Aug. Rickert store.

- Will Bielenburg and wife and Amelia Krohnke are visiting relatives and friends in Bloomfield, Nebraska.
- Jurgen Schroeder celebrated his birthday Thursday. In the evening a large crowd gathered at his home for a good time.

- Aug. Jochims and wife and Pat Copps and wife of Charter Oak visited a few days this week at the H.R. Hansen home near here.
- Rev E. Hansen of Clarence this state is greeting old friends in Schleswig this week. He reports the arrival of a baby boy at their home this winter.

- Mrs. Emil Kruger returned to her home in Omaha Monday after several days spent here with friends. She went by way of Denison, Mrs. J.S. Andresen accompanying her to Denison.
- NOTICE - After June 1, the butcher shop will be open in Sundays from 8 to 10 o'clock but no delivering will be done on Sunday. Delivering will be done on week days until 9 a.m. sharp.

- Mrs. Aug. Schultz Sr. and Hattie Ebert attended a birthday party on Mrs. Nemitz in Ricketts Friday night. From Ricketts Miss Ebert went to Mapleton to visit relatives, Mrs, Schultz returning home.

- The Woodman Decoration Day will be observed Sunday, June 5. All members are requested to be at the lodge hall at 1:30 p.m. Decoration services at the Nissen cemetery at 2:30. - Peter Timmsen, Consul. and Theo. Rohwer Clerk.

- Ernest Warnock spent Sunday in Denison.
- John Ehler and Fred Reinking were in Ida Grove Wednesday.
- Will Antrim and Pete Perry of Charter Oak were in town Friday.
- Miss Nool of Ida Grove visited last week with Miss Nellie Porter.

- Aug. Ericksen and wife of Boyer visited friends in Schleswig Thursday.
- John Schutt Jr. and family of Battle Creek were in town one day this week.
- Peter Hansen and wife visited a few days last week with relatives in Mapleton.
- Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Reinking, Mrs. and Mrs Henry Reinking and Mrs. Wm. Baak autoed to Denison Tuesday.

- Mr. and Mrs. George Riessen left Friday for Nebraska where they will visit relatives and friends for a couple of weeks.
- Mrs. M.A. Seversen and son of Orange City visited the past week here at home of her brother station agent John Thomasen.

- Elizabeth Mitchel, who has been teaching in the Martin Friedrichsen district, left last week for her home in Dunlap, her school having closed for the summer vacation.

- Some of the lady friends of Mrs. Adolph Cook gave a farewell surprise party on her Friday evening and presented her with a fine rug as a token of the esteem in which she was held.

- Will Schroeder and wife and Ella Kahler, John Krohnke and wife and Ed. Reimer and wife, Mrs. And Mrs. Chas Jurgensen, John Jurgensen and Ema Rickert, all took the auto route to Denison Wednesday.

- On Saturday in Schleswig will be held the meeting of the German Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of Crawford and Ida counties. This company has about $500,000 insurance in for (CAN'T READ) a and is one of the largest farmers mutual insurance companies in Iowa.

- The Sons of Herman of Oom Kruger lodge No. 17 are requested to meet on Decoration Day, May 30, at the home of Hans Baeth, and from there march to the Morgan cemetery to decorate the graves of their brethren. Meet at 1 p.m. sharp. - J.H. Jepsen, President

- Albert Putzier and Chris Olson of Ida Grove autoed to Schleswig Wednesday.
- Herman Peper returned this week from Liopd, Montana, where he had been looking for land.
- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Andresen left Tuesday for Spencer, this state, where they were visiting relatives.
- Jochim Schroeder returned Monday from Nebraska where he had been visiting relatives a week or more.

- Henry Rickert was in Denison to see a carpenter.
- Linus Crow of Mapleton, Democratic candidate for state senator was in town Wednesday.

- Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Cook left Monday for Sutherlin, Oregon where they expect to make their home in the future. This estimable couple have lived in Schleswig for a number of years, and their many friends regret their departure. They wish hereby to thank the people of Schleswig and vicinity for the many kindnesses shown, and to bid them a kind goodbye.

Friday, June 3, 1910

Front Page

Base Ball

The Odebolt team came to Schleswig Sunday and met and defeated the home team by the score of 7 to 2. Schleswig was assisted by four of the Denison players. Faul and Freed did the battery work for the home team while Beeler and Gaffney did the battery work for Odebolt.

Seven hits were made off Faul while only two were made off Beeler. Faul had four strikeouts while Beeler had nine. Schleswig made several errors at critical times in the game when it meant scores for Odebolt. John Nicholsen umpired.

The game by innings:

Schleswig 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 - 2
Odebolt 1 4 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 - 7

A return game will be played at Odebolt Sunday when our boys hope to even up things a little. The Hayes and Ricketts teams will cross bats on the Schleswig diamond Sunday. These teams are evenly matched and ought to put up a good game.

15th Annual Tournament

The fifteenth annual tournament of the Maple Valley Firemen's Association will be held at Lake City, Iowa, Wednesday, June 15. Special trains will be run from all points to Lake City on that day by the Northwestern railroad.

The Maple Valley Firemen's Association is composed of 25 companies, all of which will be in attendance. Ten bands will also be in attendance, in addition to the official band, hired for that day.

A first-class track and a large, safe amphitheater, capable of seating 5,000 people, has been completed.

Lake City is amply able to take care of all in attendance on that day, there being two first-class hotels, two restaurants, and in addition to which all churches will serve meals at a price not exceed 35c per meal.

Cash prizes amounting to $475 will be competed for. A band concert will be given in the evening with a prize of $35 to the two best bands, divided in first and second money. Grand Firemen's Ball at Townsend's opera house.

Friday, June 3, 1910

Local Items

- Hans Johansen of Denison was in town Saturday.
- Mrs. Theo. Rohwer is visiting relatives and friends in Ida Grove
- Frieda Naeve of Denison is visiting relatives and friends here this week.
- J.F Harthun and son Julius of the Denison Zeitung were in Schleswig Saturday.

- A Mr. Miller of Grundy county spent a few days the past week with John Schwenn.
- Rudolph Bumann of near Battle Creek spent Sunday at the home of his parents here.
- Wm. Stegemann sold cream to A.F. Hansen Saturday and again Monday that tested 60.
- Work is progressing rapidly on the new auto garage just north of the Pipgras implement shop.

- Mr. and Mrs. Jochim Schroeder left Monday for Clinton where they will visit relatives for a few days.
- Don't forget the big Firemen's Tournament in Lake City Wednesday, June 15. Let Schleswig send a large crowd.

- Work on the new furniture store of C. Gottburg & Co. is being pushed rapidly, the foundation being nearly complete.
- Tom P. Hollander bought the Hennings farm of 160 acres near here Wednesday, the price paid being $150 per acre.

- Mr. and Mrs. Will Baak and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Christiansen of near Ricketts spend Sunday here at the M. A. Hollander home.
- Hazel Taggart, who has been teaching in the Carl Friedrichsen district, left Saturday for her home in Wall Lake, her school having closed for the summer.

- Herman Schroeder returned Wednesday from Bronson where he had been working for Hugo Wiegand. He reports everything going well with the Wiegand family.

- S.B. McGarvey and family left last Friday for West Side where there will spend the summer. In the fall they expect to go to South Dakota to make their home. Mr. McGarvey and wife have lived in Schleswig for several years, coming here not long after the town was started. Their many friends here regret their departure but wish them the best of good luck in their new home.

- At a special meeting of the Schleswig Fire Department last Thursday evening S.B. McGarvey resigned his position as chief of the department. Henry Boysen also resigned his position as secretary. C.J. Claussen was elected chief and Peter Hollander was elected secretary. Herman Boysen was chosen foreman of Co. 1 to take Claussen's place. Ernest Hamann, Ben Witt and John Berendes were chosen as firemen to fill vacancies in Co.1.

- Mr. Frank Stock was in Denison a few days this week.
- Chas. Reinking of near Battle Creek was in town Saturday.
- Mrs. J. Bottger is spending a few days with her father near Kiron.
- Editor Lawrence of Kiron was in town last Thursday with his fast trotter.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tamm and son visited in Denison Sunday at the John Tamm home.
- Olga Schroeder went to Denison Saturday where she is taking lessons in dressmaking.
- Auditor M. J. Collins and Clerk of Court Frank Faul of Denison were in town Saturday.
- Emil Boock and wife and daughter spent Sunday at the Clayton Woolridge home near Ida Grove.

- Mrs. Jochim Rathje celebrated her birthday Sunday. A crowd gathered at her home where all had a good time.
- Peter Siemsen, wife and daughter of Stratford are visiting at the home of his brother-in-law L.A. Hollander.

- Henry Jepsen celebrated his birthday Wednesday. A crowd gathered at his home in the evening for a good time.
- City council will meet Monday evening, June 6 instead of Tuesday June 7, on account of primary election on Tuesday.

- A large crowd was in town Saturday to attend the meeting of the Crawford and Ida County Mutual Insurance company.
- Irene Garber, who has been teaching school near here, closed her term last week and left Saturday for her home at Denison.

- Mr. and Mrs. John Willert returned Friday from Auburn. Since then they have been busily engaged in getting comfortably settled in the section house.

- A large crowd from here attended the ball gave between Denison and the Omaha Americans at Denison Monday. The Americans won the game by the score of 7 to 4.

- We have a few locals this week from Route 5, Denison. We hope to receive some from there every week. We would also like to have a correspondent on each of the Schleswig routes.

Route 5, Denison

- Robina Theobald, who has been teaching the ten mile school, left for her home at Manilla Friday.
- Martin Petersen of this vicinity spent Sunday in Denison with his brother Jens.

- Don Corey, who is doing carpenter work near here, spent Sunday at his home in Odebolt.
- Mrs. John Thoms is confined with a severe attack of quinsy.

- Frantz Kellar and Carl Petersen returned Tuesday from Redfield, S. Dak., where they had been on a [WORDS MISSING FROM ARTICLE] Each bought 120 acres of fine land in that vicinity.

- Chas. Schmidt celebrated his birthday Saturday. A crowd gathered at his home in the evening where all had a good time.

Local Items

June 10, 1910

- Robert Naeve was in Denison Monday.
- L. A. Hollander celebrated his birthday Friday.
- Johannes Jochims and wife were in Denison Monday.
- Theo. Rohwer bought a fine new Ivers & Pond piano Saturday.

- Herman Krohnke and wife spent Sunday at the Paul Voss home in Denison.
- Mike Petersen and Matt Lorenzen were in Omaha a few days the past week.
- Mrs. F. E. Wagner is enjoying a visit from her sister Mrs. Maxon of Cedar Falls.
- Wm. Koepke and wife of Denison visited this week at the Ehler and Lorenzen homes.

- Mrs. Fritz Witt celebrated her birthday Monday by having a crowd at her home in the evening.
- Decoration services were held at the Nissen cemetery Sunday by the members of the M. W. A.
- The ladies aid society wishes to thank the many who so liberally patronized them Thursday night.

- The Schleswig ball team had another off day Sunday and were defeated at Odebolt by the score of 31 to 3.
- Don't forget the big Firemen's Tournament in Lake City Wednesday, June 15. Let Schleswig send a large crowd.
- Louise and Hertha, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Jurgensen of this vicinity, spent a few days last week in town.

- Will Schroeder, John Schwenn, Fred Kuchel and Nellie Porter spent Tuesday afternoon at the Frank Reitz home in Mapleton.
- Mr. and Mrs. Aug Schultz, Mrs. W. H. Schultz and Mrs. Rath spent a few days the past week in Manning at the W. H. Martens home.

- Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Olry and little daughter and Buschy Frahm left Tuesday for Wendte, S. Dak., where they will visit at the Paul Stapleton home.

- Mrs. Emil Boock entertained the M. G. R. club Tuesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Maxson of Cedar Falls. Mrs. Boock and Mrs. Maxson were classmates at Cedar falls in 1903.

- The exercises by the school children last Thursday evening were well attended. Everyone in attendance was well pleased, each one on the program taking his or her part well. The recitations, songs and drills were all good, as were the violin and piano solos. The Play "Hans VonSinash" was good and pleased the audience. Professor Olry presented the Certificates of Promotion to the pupils with a few well chosen words. The ladies aid society served ice cream and cake after the entertainment.

- Wm. Stegemann and wife were in Denison Saturday.
- Jurgen Schroeder and son Raymond were in Ute Thursday.
- John Jurgensen bought one of the fine new Overland 40 autos this week.
- Herman Pipgras and wife of Holstein are visiting the Henry Miller home.

- Mrs. Claus Severs of Los Angeles, California, is visiting relatives in this vicinity.
- Broder Bruggen of York, N. Dak., was shaking hands with old friends in town this week.
- Mrs. Rudolph Mohr and children of Carroll, Nebr., are visiting here at the home of her parents.
- John Schwenn left with his household goods this week for Grundy county where he expects to farm.

- Mrs. Roy Wedlock and babe left Thursday for Aitken, Minn., where they will visit at the home of her parents.
- The dance Saturday night was well attended and all had a good time. The Schleswig orchestra furnished the music.

- the M. G. R. club met with Mrs. B. S. Andresen Friday.
- Will Schroeder and family and John Nicholsen and family spent Sunday at Lake View, making the trip in Mr. Schroeder's auto.

- Laura Hoiten left Thursday for Aberdeen, S. Dak., where she will visit relatives for a few weeks. She was accompanied as far as Ute by Sara Hoiten.

- Carl Kleaver was taken to Ida Grove last Thursday where he entered the hospital to be operated upon. He is getting along nicely at present writing.

- The unofficial primary election returns show that Carroll won the nomination for governor on the Republican side over Garst. Porter is the Democratic nominee. In the county on the Democratic ticket Collins was nominated for auditor, Faul for clerk, Terry for recorder, and Ebert and Butterworth for supervisors. There was no contest for the other offices.

June 17, 1910

Local Items

- B. S. Andresen and wife were in Denison Sunday
- Mrs. Frank Jones has been seriously sick the past week.
- Harriet Hall is visiting here with her sister Mrs. H. D. Jones.
- Roy Wedlock spent Wednesday night in Deloit at the home of his parents.

- W. Bottger and family of Denison spent Sunday at the Chas. Jurgensen home near here.
- Jurgen Schroeder and family spent Sunday in Denison with his daughter Olga, who is learning dressmaking there.

- Broder Bruggen returned Monday to his home in York, N. Dak., after visiting friends here for a week or more. He was accompanied to York by Henry Naeve, J. Peter Jepsen and Detlef Peters, who went to look after land interests.

- Carl Kleaver returned Monday from Ida Grove where he had been for a couple of weeks in the hospital. While dancing at the last Sons of Herman dance several weeks ago Mr. Kleaver fell and injured himself. He grew worse and when taken to Ida Grove it was found to be necessary to remove a couple of inches of the lower part of his spine.

- Robert Dahms of Holstein was in town Monday.
- The auto company received two fine new cars Sunday via Denison.
- Frank Jannsen of Ida County this week purchased a fine Cadillac auto.
- H. C. Hansen left Monday for Ipswich, S. Dak., to see to some land that he has there.

- Konrad Burk celebrated his birthday Sunday by having a crowd of relatives and friends at this home.
- Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Willert of Auburn spent Sunday here at the home of their son John and wife.

- NOTICE - All those having empty cases and kegs belonging to the Storz Brewing Company will please return at once. F. W. Mohr.

- Miss Grace Schlumberger, graduate of the music department of St. Katherine's school, Davenport, Iowa, and pupil of H. Weber (Chicago Conservatory) will be in Schleswig on Monday to give piano lessons and to meet prospective pupils.

- Dr. Jones in now located in his new cement block office building just west of John Naeve's residence. Dr. Jones now has one of the finest offices in the western part of the state, and without a doubt the finest in a town the size of Schleswig.

June 24, 1910

Front Page


To all members of the German American Liberal League of Schleswig and vicinity:

It has become known that the state anti-saloon league has concluded to drop its fight for a resubmission of the Prohibition amendment to the constitution, because it was found that a majority of the state senators that will be elected this year are known to be opponents of resubmission.

They have concluded therefore, to take a new tack, and now propose to make a campaign for a constitutional convention, and expect thereby to gain their point.

They hold that the proposition for a constitutional convention will carry, and not only Prohibition, but also Woman Suffrage, be grafted into the constitution.

Our efforts must, as heretofore, be against resubmission, and also against a constitutional convention for either one means nothing more or less than Prohibition and Woman Suffrage. Let the word go out to fight both, and as unitedly as against resubmission alone.

Our Liberty we prize,
Our Rights we will maintain.
Very Respectfully,
H. B. Hansen, Sec.

June 24, 1910

Local Items

- Peter Hollander celebrated his birthday Wednesday.
- Julius Rohwer is working on the Thos. T. Hollander farm near here.
- Laura and Minnie Hollander and Henry Klutz spent Sunday in Ricketts.
- Mrs. Henry Boysen and two sisters spent Sunday in Battle Creek with relatives.

- Fred Reinking, Neil Koch and Will Jepsen were in Fort Dodge on business this week.
- Caroline and Roma Hollander went to Holstein Tuesday where they will visit some time.
- Don't forget the dance Saturday afternoon and evening. See large ad on this page for prizes.

- Ella and Carl Krueger of Omaha spent a few days the past week visiting at the Andrew Hollander home.
- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reinking returned Wednesday from Nebraska where they had been visiting for a time.

- R. E. Wedlock went to Deloit Monday and from there to Aitkin, Minnesota, where he expects to make his home.
- August Suckstorf of Bloomfield Nebraska is visiting here with his brother Henry Suckstorf, Sr., and with other relatives.

- L. A. Hollander left Friday for Forest City to visit relatives. From there he will go to Boone for a few days visit with relatives.
- F. N. Olry returned Saturday from his trip to Wendte, S. Dak. While there he purchased 40 acres adjoining the farm he already owned.

- Mrs. Minnie Jansen, who has been here for some time at the home of her uncle John Schutt, leaves today for Winona, Minnesota, where she will visit relatives and friends.

- John Seehausen is the owner of one of the new Overland touring cars.
- Mr. and Mrs. Jurgen Krohnke returned Wednesday from Sioux City.
- Albert Christiansen was over from Battle Creek a couple of days the past week.
- The Schleswig ball team is scheduled to meet the Kiron ball team in Kiron July 4.

- Mrs. John Ehler and daughter Edna left Tuesday for Davenport where they will visit for a time.
- A. H. Stoltenberg, cashier in the German Bank here, is spending his vacation at his home in Doon.
- Mrs. Lorenz Petersen and Mrs. Henry Suckstorf Sr., are visiting relatives in Davenport since Tuesday.

- Relatives and friends gathered at the Dr. Schultz home Thursday evening to help him celebrate his birthday.
- Mrs. John Krohnke celebrated her birthday last Thursday by having a crowd of friends and neighbors at her home.

- Mrs. Matt Lorenzen and Mrs. Mike Petersen left Tuesday for Schuyler, Nebraska, where they are visiting relatives.
- Mrs. F. N. Olry and daughter and Buschy Frahm returned Thursday from Wendte, S. Dak., where they had been visiting with their sister, Mrs. Paul Stapleton and family.

- The Dannels cement crew left Wednesday for Denison. They put in cement walk at the Green Bay Lumber this week. This crew will come back later on t put in walks around the school house, and other places.

Friday, July 1, 1910

Local Items

- The G.L. club met Wednesday with Mrs. Lohse.
- A good sized crowd from here attended the big circus in Denison yesterday.
- Ella and Will Hansen of Boyer attended the Childrens dance here Saturday afternoon.
- John Carstens and wife of Holstein were in town a few days the past week with relatives.

- Dr. Jones and wife, Hattie Hall and Mrs. Theo. Rohwer autoed to Ida Grove and back Tuesday.
- Miss Hedwig Kolholf of Denison visited at the home of her sister Mrs. John Willert since Saturday.
- Mrs. Claus Peters and daughter Ella returned Saturday from Davenport where they had been visiting relatives.

- What is the matter with Cupid? The county clerk reports 340 less licenses issued in the past year than in the year previous.
- All those having empty cases and kegs please return at once and receive credit for same. Will Jepsen.

- Rev. A.W. Gauger of Odebolt will hold preaching services in English at the school house Sunday evening. Everyone is invited to attend.
- Peter Kruger bought the Peter Nielsen home last week, the consideration being $3000. Mr. Nielsen expects to build a fine new home this summer.

- Mrs. Hans Schmidt and two daughters of Charlotte are visiting here with her children, Mesdames W.H. Schultz and Paul Jepsen, Miss Loretta Schmidt and Magnus Hollander.

- Herman Boock and family left Thursday for Denison and other points after visiting relatives here for a few days. They leave Sunday for Oregon where they expect to make their home.

- The total yearly expenditure for hats and caps in 1909 was $52,000,000. The total expenditure for school and college text books during the same time was $12,000,000. So much for the hat! So little for the head!

- While clearing away the ruins of a barn that had burned last week near Ute, the boys found the charred remains of a man who had been sleeping in the barn at the time of the fire. They have no clue to his identity.

- The Children's dance here Saturday was fairly well attended, the rain keeping many away. Prizes were given to the best dancers, but we were unable to learn who received them. The dance in the evening for the older folks was well attended.

- Denison is planning the biggest 4th of July celebration ever held in this section. Charter Oak and Den- [SIC] will play ball. The Jeffries-Johnson fight will be reported by rounds direct from the ringside. A large crowd from here is planning on attending if the weather is good.

- Hans Baeth celebrated his birthday Tuesday. A crowd of friends was at his home.
- The Schleswig ball team is scheduled to meet the Kiron ball team in Kiron July 4.
- John and Hugo Krohnke and Will Schroeder autoed to Bronson and return Wednesday.
- Merton and Luella Koontz of Onawa are here visiting with their sister Mrs. Henry Peterson.

- Seymour Bond and George Hoover assisted the home orchestra in "making moosic" for the dance Saturday.
- A ball game was played Sunday day [SIC] between Schleswig and a team from Grant. Schleswig won by a score of 23 to 3.

- A.H. Stoltenberg returned to his duties at the German bank Wednesday after a two weeks vacation spent at his home in Doon.
- Mrs. Frank Stock and three children left Thursday for Fontenel, this state, where they will visit for several weeks with her parents.

- Avery Vickery and Sara Hoiten drove to Holstein Monday, and on Tuesday autoed to Cherokee to attend the big Haggenbeck-Wallace circus.
- Sioux City is to have a Y.M.C.A. building. After a hard campaign the citizens raised $100,000, the amount required. This is a move that will never be regretted.

- Mr. and Mrs. Emil Boock autoed to Avoca one day last week. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Boock's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lahl, who visited a few days with them.
-Misses Selma and Elma Willert, also Ed Willert and Chas. Brown of Auburn attended the big dance here Saturday night and visited over Sunday at the John Willert home.

- Mars and Ely, the two foremost understudies of Glenn Curtis, the aviator, are in Sioux City with their airships this week. They made flights on Wednesday and Thursday, and will again today.

- Mrs. John Bottger and Anna Lohse left Tuesday for Emmerson, Nebraska to attend the wedding of Miss Rose Dahms of that place. Robert and John Dahms and Ted Lohse also went to Emmerson, going in Robert's fine new auto.

- The Brick Hotel is now under different management, H.C. Petersen having sold to Fred Hansman. The new man took charge Thursday. Mr. Petersen expects to reopen the City Restaurant. The new man and family are from Battle Creek.

As the time approaches for celebrating the nation's birthday, let us bear in mind the fact that 215 boys and girls were killed, and in all 5307 persons were killed, blinded, maimed and injured on July 4, 1909. By all means let us have a sane 4th this year.

The Kiron ball players are out most every night practicing so as not to get whitewashed by Schleswig on the Fourth. Kiron expects to at least have half as many runs as their opponents. Captain Williams says the game will be an interesting one. - News.

- The fire department was called out early Tuesday morning to put out a fire back of the Brick Hotel. A shed and a barn caught on fire, how it caught is not known, and was burning briskly when discovered. The alarm was turned in at about 2:30 and both departments responded, soon having the fire out. There was little wind that night, which is indeed lucky as the water supply is very low.

July 8, 1910

Front Page

Council Proceedings

Council met in regular session at City Hall July 5, 1910. Called to order my Mayor Schultz at 8 p.m. Members present: Spahn, Stegemann, Brasse, Hollander, Schroeder. Minutes of previous meetings were approved as read. Moved and seconded that the following bills be allowed and ordered paid:

Henry Rickert, freight $1.25
Do dray & labor 9.50
S.B. McGarvey, Siam twins 7.50
Green Bay L Co., culvert 70.70
Albert Schultz, hardware 7.38
R.E. Vaughan, posters 1.00
Ernest Boock, salary 60.00
Aug. Schultz 11.25
Aug. Rickert 25.00
A.F. Stegemann 4.00
A.P. Hollander 4.00
Hy. Andresen, boring for w 11.50
Ed Reimer, street labor 10.50
Neil Koch 11.00
Johannes Peterson 3.50
Wm. Bielenberg 5.25
Ernest Boock7.50
John Jensen 43.75
Matt Lorenzen 9.00
Carl Rathje 6.00
Chas. Christiansen 1.00
Aug. Schultz, boring for w 14.00

Moved and seconded that Mr. Norton shall dig a town well 6 feet wide carried. Moved and seconded that the Water Committee purchase brick for the town well, carried. Moved and seconded that the Water committee be instructed to get sealed bids on 4 inch and 6 inch water main also on tees and hydrants, carried.

Moved and seconded that the Mayor and Water Committee purchase two acres of land from Henry Suckstorf, for the purpose of digging a town well carried. Moved and seconded that the council adjourn, carried. Aug. Rickert, Clerk.

'Round About

- Richard Smith, a young farmer near Mapleton, was struck and instantly killed by a bolt of lightning. He was hitching up a team preparatory to going to work in the field and had just asked his wife to fill a jug with water, saying jokingly that he knew he was going to be struck by lightning but would take the water along anyhow. Hardly had he said the words when he was struck, the bolt entering the top of his head and leaving though his breast.

- John Ulrich, a young mans from Mapleton, died last week from blood poisoning. While shaving himself he cut into a small pimple. Blood poisoning set in, causing his death a week later.

- The Crawford County Bank at Denison has erected a new electric chandelier at the corner of the bank. It stands 12 feet high and surrounded by five large globes, which will light the streets for a block away.

- Jim Taylor, a young man working near Ida Grove was walking backwards leading a team hitched to a wagon. He ran into a tree but the team came on, the wagon tongue striking and piercing his abdomen. He will recover.

Base Ball

The Schleswig ball team played a game of ball at the big Hanover picnic last Sunday with the Ricketts team. Schleswig was defeated by the score of 15 to 7.

On the 4th the Schleswig ball team went to Kiron where they met the team of that place. Schleswig won this game 17 to 8. The game was too one sided to be interesting, Schleswig having the best of it from the beginning.

A game will be played with the Ricketts on the home diamond Sunday if the weather is fair. This ought to be a good game.

July 8, 1910

Local Items

- Miss Rose Riessen visited Denison the past week.
- There was a big party at Adolph Hamann's Monday night.
- John Willert and wife drove to Denison and return Wednesday.
- Carl Roll and his wife and son Raymond are visiting relatives in Sioux Falls, S. Dak.

- Peter Hollander and wife and Otto Hollander spent Sunday and Monday in Denison.
- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Witzel of Fort Dodge spent the 4th here at the A.G. Schultz.
- A crowd gathered at the Claus Rusch home Wednesday, the occasion being Mr. Rusch's birthday.
- A large picnic was held at the Frank Jannsen home near here Sunday. A big crowd was in attendance.

- Honus Lohse is in Chicago taking treatments for rheumatism. We all hope he may be benefited much by the treatment.
- Jurgen Kolholf and wife from Montana visited Thursday with his daughter Mrs. John Willert, and with other relatives.

- Work on the new furniture store of C. Gottburg & Co. is being pushed as rapidly as possible since the lumber came last week.
- Anna Lorenzen, who is working in Sioux City, is spending her vacation with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lorenzen and family.

- If the local page is a little bit "thin" this week, charitably remember that we celebrated long, hard and loud. As Mr. Roosevelt would express it, we had a "bully" time.

- James J. Jeffries, the white men's idol, for the first time in his ring career was brought to his knees on July 4 by Jack Johnson, the colored Pugilist. Jeffries went down for the count in the 15th round. Johnson is now the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

- A crowd was entertained the 4th at the Fritz Witt home.
- Miss Veda Yates of Whiting is visiting here with Hattie Hall.
- Miss Augusta Frahmburg of Chicago is visiting at the Fritz Wit home.
- Bertha Schultz of Hanover is visiting in town with her brother Albert.

- John Jepsen and wife spent a few days with relatives in Denison the past week.
- Laura and Minnie Hollander and henry Klutz spent the 4th with relatives in Holstein.
- Misses Hilda and Carrie Teijen of Blair, Nebraska are visiting at the Henry Naeve home near here.

- Miss Hedwig Kolholf returned to Denison Tuesday after spending a week or more here with her sister Mrs. John Willert.
- A large picnic was held Sunday at Hanover church Sunday. Many from here and vicinity were in attendance and all had a good time.

- John Willert and wife, Hedwig Kolholf and the editor spent Sunday and the 4th at the home of John's parents near Auburn.
- All those having empty cases and kegs please return at once and receive credit for same. Will Jepsen

- Following the report of Johnson's victory over Jeffries on July 4, over 25 negros (sic) were killed and scores injured. Special police were needed in all of the cities to keep order.

- Mrs. Sara Vermehren received word Saturday announcing the death of her mother Mrs. Feenstra of Arcadia. She, with Geo. Horten and daughter Sara, went to Arcadia Monday to attend the funeral.

- Crowds from here attended the 4th of July celebrating at Kiron and Denison. Those who were at Kiron say that there was good celebration for the size of town. The majority who celebrated at Denison were dissatisfied. They said that outside of the ballgame there was little doing.

July 15, 1910

Front Page

Base Ball

What was, without a doubt, the best game of the season thus far, and the only game that went over the scheduled nine innings, was played on the home diamond Sunday between Ute and Schleswig. The game went ten innings to the score of 8 to 7, Schleswig winning.

Pilcher was in the box for the locals and pitched a good game. Fobes caught. Besides these two, Schleswig was assisted by Williams of Hayes, who played second. The game was exciting from the beginning, the two teams playing close all the way through.

Next Sunday the Ricketts team plays here. So far this season, of the games played between Ricketts and Schleswig, Ricketts has won two and Schleswig has won one. This ought to be a good game. Game called at 3 p.m.

'Round About.

The Denison base ball team has disbanded. The expenses were too great for the resources. A new manager and captain have been elected and they will endeavor to reorganize.

Mondamin, Moorehead, Kiron, Dow City, Vail and Denison celebrated the 4th this year, and each one had the biggest celebration and the largest crowd in the history of the town.

Charter Oak is to have a carnival this fall. How about Schleswig?

A burglar entered a hardware store at Defiance last week. He was captured by a posse after several shots were exchanged.

Robert Musser, a young man of Mapleton, went fishing Sunday evening, July 3, and has not been seen nor heard from since. They believe that he skipped, although there was a crowd dragging the river all day the 4th.

July 15, 1910

Local Items

- Hans Iversen of Ricketts spent Sunday in town.
- Mag Hollander and wife are visiting in Ricketts this week.
- Don't forget the Children's ball Saturday. See large ad on this page.
- Jennie Buentz of Battle Creek is visiting here at the Herman Boysen home.

- Theo. Rohwer attended the Ringling Bros. circus at Carroll Wednesday.
- Mrs. Chris Ernst celebrated her birthday Sunday. A large crowd was at her home.
- Mrs. John Clenann of Rock Island, Illinois, is visiting here with her cousin Mrs. Henry Boysen.

- Augusta Frohmburg of Chicago, who had been visiting at Fritz Witt's left Saturday for Dunlap to visit.
- A crowd of Denison Odd Fellows autoed here Monday evening to attend the installation of officers of the local lodge.

- Olga Schroeder, who has been in Denison the past few weeks learning dressmaking, returned to her home here Saturday.
- Some of the tennis enthusiasts have been fixing up a court east of the Farmer's lumber yard and expect to be playing by Sunday.

- The girls of Schleswig held a farewell party on Amanda Petersen Monday evening. The older folks held a farewell party on Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Petersen on Tuesday evening.

- Johannes Petersen and family left Wednesday for Ipswich, S. D. where they expect to farm. This family has lived in Schleswig for some time, and each member has many warm friends who hate to see them leave. Here's wishing them success in their new location.

- F. N. Olry was in Kiron between trains Wednesday.
- Ernest Hamann left Tuesday for South Dakota to look at land and visit.
- Herman Schultz returned Monday from Fort Dodge, where he had been visiting.
- Carl Roll, wife and son returned from Sioux Falls, S. D., where they had been visiting.

- Mesdames W. H. Schultz, Paul Jepsen and Hans Schmidt were in Ricketts visiting friends Tuesday.
- Hilda and Carrie Teijen of Blair, Nebraska, who have been visiting here at Henry Naeve's left Monday.
- Paul Pine and family left Wednesday for Ipswich, S. Dak., where they expect to make their home in the future.

- Mayor Schultz and wife returned Tuesday from Bronson, where they had been visiting with the Hugo Wiegand family.
- On account of the rain keeping so many away from the Children's dance June 25, another one will be held July 16. See ad on this page.

- Dr. Adams, dentist, of Little Sioux, Iowa, will locate in Schleswig August 1 in the Krohnke building over Stock's barber shop. He will also move his family here.

- Last week F. D. Reinking sold the Martin Saggau farm of 160 acres north of Denison to Jurgen Petersen for $75 per acre. He also sold 80 acres of the Peter Zeihm farm near here to August Kastner for $150 per acre.

- At a meeting of the fire department Wednesday evening Will Hamann was chosen as a member of Company 2 to take the place of John Schwenn. It was also decided that both companies should meet at their respective houses each Monday evening for practice.

- TAKEN UP - About June 1 at my place one mile north and 1 1/2 mile west of Schleswig, two calves. Owner can have same by proving property and paying damages. Fred T. Petersen.

July 29, 1910

Front Page

Struck by Lightning

During the electrical storm Monday the Henry Buck residence north of the old Stewart lumber shed, occupied by Peter Hollander and wife, was struck by lightning. The bolt struck the chimney, knocking it partly down. It also struck the roof, tearing off shingles. The damage done was not heavy.

He Met Carrie

While at Omaha last week, Geo. Walsh, the Richard Croker of Ida county politics, crossed lines with Carrie Nation, and George is yet undecided as to whether Carrie won additional laurels in her attempt to reform him, for he has never been addicted to the smoke habit and it was for this that Carrie called him down while riding in a street car.

A friend of George had given him a weed, and as he never indulges in the delicious pastime of wafting Havana smoke from the interior of a "twofer" wrapper, he was holding it between his fingers until he could reach the motorman on the front of the car, who was an old friend, and turn the cigar over to him. Carrie spied him with the cigar and George says that while he has had some severe tongue lashings during his 40 odd years, none of them could compare with the one that the saintly Carrie passed out to him.--Record-Era

A Street Fair

Several towns in this vicinity celebrated the 4th this year. Those that did not are planning on having a carnival this fall, or something else going on. What is Schleswig going to do? Why not have a big street fair! We could do it if everyone would get out and hustle. Think it over.

'Round About

-Charter Oak's carnival dates are Aug 23, 24 and 25.

-Farmers are threshing wheat near Mondamin this week. Spring wheat is yielding better than 20 bushels to the acre.

-The Crawford and Harrison county officials played a tie game of base ball in Denison Friday, the score being 15 to 15.

-Two engines were badly damaged at Manilla Sunday in a head-on collision. The fireman on one of the engines had several bones broken and was badly scalded by escaping steam, but will recover.

-Denison Chautauqua from July 25 to Aug. 1.

-The Iowa State Fair begins Thursday Aug. 25 and closed Friday Sept. 2, and promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

-A young lady of Galva was run over by an auto Sunday while on her way home from church. She was not injured.

-Eighty-three representatives of various agricultural colleges of this and foreign countries spent last Saturday viewing the big ranches near Odebolt. 43 states were represented in this crowd, also eight foreign countries.

-Louis Voelkert, an 11 year old lad, was killed near Holstein last week. A team, hitched to a hay loader, ran away, the wheels running over him and breaking his back.

-A quaint covered rig with its occupants of a man and wife and one child, drawn by a small slow team, navigated through Kiron Tuesday on its way to Sioux City. They originated at Deloit and judging from the capacity of the horses we doubt they will not terminate before their destination is reached.-News

Photo Studio Sold

Possession of the photograph gallery was given to Chr. Iversen Friday morning by its former owner, J. E. Glau. Mr. Glau has for some time had a longing for the old life on the farm, so when Mr. Iversen offered to buy, he sold. He has no plans for the future, but is our guess that next year will find him chasing pigs and hoing cockle burs on some good Crawford county farm. He has made good with his pictures, and will make good in the fields if he goes to them.-Charter Oak Times

Mr. Iversen will also make regular trips to the Schleswig gallery we understand.

July 29, 1910

Local Items

-Will Hamann is on the sick list this week.
-Merton Koontz left Monday for his home at Onawa.
-F.D. Reinking has been on the sick list the past week.
-Mrs. Jochim Schroeder is seriously ill at this writing.

-Henry Rickert and wife were in Denison one day last week.
-Henry Klutz and Albert Stoltenburg were in Denison Sunday.
-Elma Bottgar of Des Moines is visiting at her parental home here.
-Hattie Hall spent a few days the past week with friends at Storm Lake.

-Ernest Carlson and Will Kandell of Battle Creek were in town Sunday.
-Rudolph Lafrantz of Bloomfield, Nebraska, is visiting at the John Thomas home.
-Aug. Jahn and men are painting the buildings on the Lorenz Hollander farm.
-The Jurgen Schroeder and F.N. Olry families spent Sunday fishing at the Soldier river.

-Herbert and Emil Peters left Tuesday for South Dakota where they will visit relatives.
-We wish to thank those who so kindly gathered locals for us during our absence the past week.
-A big crowd gathered at the Claus Bielenberg home Sunday to join in a birthday celebration.
-Ferd. Brechwald and two daughters of Ida Grove were in town Wednesday visiting at Rohwer's.

-Thos. P. Hollander, who has been seriously ill, is now better and is thought to be on the road to recovery.
-Anna Lorenzen returned to her work at Sioux City Saturday after a couple of weeks spent at her parental home here.

-Herman Schroeder left Monday for Montana and other points in the Northwest where he will spend a couple of months seeing the sights.
-Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Rohwer went to Davenport Sunday to visit. Mr. Rohwer returned Thursday, Mrs. Rohwer staying for a longer visit.

-Dr. Adams, dentist, of Little Sioux, Iowa, will locate in Schleswig August 1 in the Krohnke building over Stock's barber shop. He will move his family here.
-Mrs. Wm. Holz and son Alfred returned Wednesday to their home at Winona, Minn. after visiting here with her sister Mrs. Minnie Jansen, and her uncle John Schutt.

-Emil Rades, better known as Emil the Dutch painter, suffered a severe attack of hemorrhage of the lungs Sunday evening. He lost about a quart of blood, which left him very weak.

-The Woodman picnic will be Sunday July 31 in the Henry Stockfleth grove 1-2 mile south of Schleswig.

-Hans Iversen of Ricketts spent Sunday in town.
-Will Antrim of Omaha was in town Wednesday.
-Work on the new town well is progressing rapidly.
-Mrs. John Thomas is seriously ill with heart trouble.

-Avery Vickery and Sara Hoiten spent Sunday at Lake Wood.
-Mrs. Aug. Schultz and Hattie Ebert were in Denison Monday.
-Wm. Stamp of Bloomfield, Nebraska, is visiting relatives here.
-Mrs. Eva Girard is attending Chautauqua at Denison this week.

-Aug. Rasch and Hugo and Aug. Rix were here from Ricketts Tuesday.
-Dr. Conn of Ida Grove was in town Monday in consultation with Dr. Schultz.
-Frank Strain and James Dawson of Soldier were in town between trains Monday.
-B.S. Andresen and wife and son attended the Chautauqua at Denison Thursday.

-John Olson of Wall Lake spent Sunday here at the Jurgen Peterson home, coming by auto.
-Alfred Schmidt and family of Ida Grove are visiting here with his brother Will and family.
-Maggie Hutendorf of Charter Oak is here visiting at he Johannes Jochims home this week.

-Mrs. Floyd Smith and babe of Cavour, S. Dak. are visiting here with her father George Hoiten.
-Mrs. F..E. Wagner went to Glidden Tuesday where she is also visiting at he home of her parents.
-Mesdames W.H. Schultz, R.S. Andresen and Hans Schmidt attended the Chautauqua at Denison Tuesday.

-Ferd Carstens will move his barber shop Monday, Aug 1 from the basement under Boysen's store to the bowling alley.
-A few lady friends gathered at the home of Mrs. Will Schroeder Wednesday, the occasion being the birthday of little Arthur Schroeder.

-Parents are notified that hereafter children found molesting the fences, gardens, housese (sic) or out building belonging to others will be punished.

-Ed Krohnke left Friday for Larchwood where he is helping his brother during the harvest. Farmers in all sections say that it is almost impossible to get help.

-John Carl Evers returned Tuesday from South Dakota where he had been visiting. He reports crops as being poor there on account of lack of rain during the summer.

-Herman Schroeder, who is working for Herman Krohnke, had the misfortune to break his foot Friday. He was riding horseback and the horse fell, his foot being caught underneath the horse.

-The editor of the leader returned Tuesday from a very enjoyable few days visit at this old home in Jasper, Minn. Crops in that section of the country are very good, as they had plenty of rain there during the summer.

-Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Christensen and Chris Vollersen of Battle Creek autoed to this place Sunday and spent the day with the Hansman family at the Brick Hotel. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Hansman and little daughter, who visited there a couple of days.

August 5, 1910

Front Page

A Big Picnic

The Woodman Picnic held in Henry Stockfleth grove south of town Sunday was certainly a record-breaker as to the size of the crowd. The day was a fine one and people came from far and near. There was a bowery for those who cared to dance, and it was packed all of the time. There was a large refreshment stand on the grounds. The Schleswig orchestra furnished fine music during the afternoon and evening.

The races were all pulled off as advertised. In the boys sack race John Rohwer was first and Rov Naeve second. In the girls race Thresa Rohwer was first and Naomi Stock second. Will Evers took first prize in the potatoe race and Eliphalat Stock second. In the race for Woodman only Will Miller was first and Detlef Reese of Anthon was second. The race for girls under 10 years was won by Laura Baeth while Helen Rohwer was second. The race for boys under 10 years was won by Cyrenus Schmidt, with George Pipgras second. The ladies egg race was won by Emma Baeth, with Meta Busch second. Jud Brown was first in the free-for-all and Will Miller was second. In the boys tug of war between a Naeve team and a Miller team, the Naeve team was victorious.

But the big event was the tug of war between a team composed of Woodman and an outside team. And it sure was a dandy too. The men of both teams were all big strong men, and for ten long minutes they struggled and strained against each other, the rope never moving a foot either way all the time. The Woodman finally won. All who saw that tug of war unite in saying that it was the best they had ever seen.

'Round About

Charter Oak's carnival dates are Aug 23, 24, and 25.

The Iowa State Fair begins Thursday Aug. 25 and closed Friday Sept. 2, and promises to be bigger and better than before.

Morehead is having a fine new school building erected this summer.

It is stated that the government has confiscated millions of ice cream cones on the claim that they contain boric acid which is injurious to the health.

Morehead citizens were out en masse last week hunting for a trio of lynx seen one evening.

A local base ball pitcher at Pocahontas has a record of 80 strikeouts in three games between the same teams, and allowed only 14 hits. This strikeout record may be better understood when it is learned that the three games lasted in all 47 innings. A total of eight scores were made by the two teams during three games.

Breda has placed signs at all roads entering the town warning automobiles not to exceed ten miles an hour in the town limits under penalty of fine.

An Ida Grove man found in his yard what is thought to be a silk worm.

Vail is to have a carnival Aug 16, 17 and 18.

Denison ball team played six ballgames during Chautauqua the past week and won them all.

A baby near Id Grove nearly died as a result of eating poison fly paper.

John Junkin, the negro who murdered a girl at Ottumwa over a year ago, was hanged at Fort Madison Friday. The sheriff in charge of the hanging failed to adjust the noose properly and the fall from the scaffold failed to beak the negro's neck. He died by strangulation in 14 minutes.

A young man of Correctionville, while accompanying a young lady home, was set upon and severely beaten by the girl's father. After throwing the boy to the ground the old man proceed (sic) to beat him up with his shoes. It cost the man $65.

Council Proceedings

Council met in regular session at city hall Aug, 2, 1910. Called to order by Mayor Schultz at 8 p.m. Members present Spahn, Stegemann, Braase, Hollander and Schroeder. Minutes of previous and special meetings were approved as read. Moved and seconded that the following bills be allowed and ordered paid, carried:

Sg. Tel. Co., batteries $3.00
Aug. Rickert, mdse 4.50
Hy. Rickert, draying 29.75
Heinrien Stockfleth, rent 25.00
W. Norton, well digging 102.50

Moved and seconded that H.A. Boysen and Western Town Lot Co, be notified to build sidewalk along east side of Maple Street on west side of lots 1 and 8 in block 24 car.

Moved and seconded that the mayor and clerk make a loan of $5000, $2500 at German Bank and $2500 at Baxter, Reed & Co. for the Town of Schleswig, payable in one to three years. Vote Spahn aye, Stegemann nye, Braase aye, Hollander aye, Schroeder aye. Moved and seconded that council adjourn, carried.
Aug. Rickert, Clerk

Aug 5, 1910

Local Items

- Andrew Hollander was in Charter Oak Thursday.
- Threshing is on full blast now and all the machines are busy.
- Detlef Reese and family of Anthon attended the big picnic here Sunday.
- Dr. Jones took John Schmidt to Ida Grove Thursday to consult doctors there.

- Thos. T. Hollander and August Wittmaach drove to Odebolt on business Tuesday.
- Mrs. Peter Hollander visited at parental home in Denison a few days last week.
- To new subscribers we will send the Leader from now until January 1, 1911 for only 50 cents.

- Mrs. Theo Rohwer returned Saturday from her visit in the eastern part of the state.
- Marie Ebert returned Friday from Manning where she had been working for several months.
- Mrs. Jurgen Schroeder sold her house this week to Marti Peterson, the consideration being $1700.

- Ella Schroeder of Manning spent a few days the past week here with her sister Mrs. Chas. Spahn.
- The Will Schroeder and Will Abbe families went to Lake View Thursday to spend a few days at the resort.
- W. J. Martens and family of Manning are visiting here at the home of her parents Aug, Schultz and wife.

- Thos. Nielsen, wife and daughter and Mrs. Rath of Denison were in town Thursday. Mr. Nielson is proprietor of the Hotel Dension.

- A letter from Kiron man states that the poultry buyers who are buying poultry here today and tomorrow and are paying 9 cents a pound for old hens, were in Kiron last week and paid 10 cents a pound for old hens.

- Sara Hoiten and Avery Vickery went to Sioux City Monday where they met Ella and Laura Hoiten, who came down from Aberdeen, S.Dak. Laura had been visiting relatives in South Dakota a couple of months.
- The Leader is $1.50 in advance.

- F.N. Olry is attending institute in Storm Lake this week.
- L.A. Hollander and son Thos. T. went to Kingwood Wednesday.
- Malinda Olson of Wall Lake is visiting friends and relatives in vicinity.
- Fritz Witt and wife went to Denison Thursday for a few days visit with relatives.

- Letha Jones returned Sunday from a two week visit at Holstein and Ida Grove.
- Will Baak and wife are building a house on their lots just west of Hoiten's residence.
- Hedwig Kolholf of Denison visited here Sunday with her sister Mrs. John Willert.
- Will Pipgras and Emil Boock went to Letcher, S. Dak., Thursday where they had business.

- Ed Krohnke returned Saturday from Larchwood where he had been helping his brother harvest.
- Mrs. J.H. Thomassen of Orange City is visiting here at the home of her son John ad wife.
- Mrs. F.E. Wagner and babe returned Saturday from Glidden where she has been visiting with her parents.

- Mr. and Mrs. Will Schmidt and daughter Laverne went to Ida Grove Wednesday to visit relatives for a few days.
- Mrs. Henry Buck left Monday for Maqueta, this state, where she will visit relatives an sold friends for a few weeks.
- Nellie Porter left Monday for a short visit with her parents at Ute. From there she will go to Omaha to purchase her fall stock of millinery.

- Dr. Adams, dentist, of Little Sioux, Iowa, will locate in Schleswig August 1, in the Krohnke Building over Stock's barber shop. He will also move his family here.

- Luella Koontz left Monday for her home at Omaha after spending a couple of months here with her sister Mrs. Henry Peterson. She will teach school near here this winter.

August 12, 1910

Front Page

'Round About

- Charter Oak's carnival dates are Aug.23, 24 and 25.

- The Iowa State Fair begins Thursday Aug. 25 and closes Friday Sept. 2, and promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

- Vail is to have a carnival Aug. 16, 17 and 18.

- The Breda News man got to figuring around a little last week and discovered that the income from cream shipped out of that town in a year is about $42,000.

- Gollmar Bros. circus is billed to exhibit in Ida Grove Aug. 16. This is also the opening day of the Chantauqua. An effort was made to get the circus people to change the date, but this they refused to do. The council then refused to grant them a water permit. The advance man for the circus said that they would turn their animals over to the Humane society and depend on it for arranging for water.

- In Charter Oak last week a team, hitched to a lumber wagon, ran away. It ran less than a block, but managed to smash up five buggies and a lumber wagon. Luckily no one was injured.

- A baby died near Charter Oak from drinking ammonia.

August 12, 1910

Local Items

- Only sixteen more days until school starts.
- The Wm. Pipgras family spent Sunday at the Lake.
- Ernest Groneberg left Tuesday for South Dakota to look for a location.
- Jurgen Spahn spent a few days this week with relatives in Ida Grove.

- Henry Stockfleth went to Omaha to buy cattle for feeding this fall.
- John Dahms left Tuesday for Emmerson, Nebraska where he expects to find employment.
- Ennis Stoltenburg of Doon spent Sunday here with his brother Albert, who works in the German Bank.

- Fred Rosemond, who has been working for Fred Spahn in the harness shop, left last week for South Dakota.
- Fred Braase shipped a car load of stock to Gregory, S. Dak., Wednesday. Harry Berendes accompanied the car.
- Sara Hoiten was tendered a linen shower Friday evening. A crown of invited guests were in attendance and spent the evening very pleasantly.

- The town well is down about 25 feet.
- Will Jepsen, Will Hamann and Ben Witt were in Omaha over Sunday.
- Adolph Bottgar and wife of Des Moines are visiting here with his mother.
- The Bernhard Brodersen children of Denison are visiting relatives in this vicinity.

- Mesdames Matt Lorenzen and Jurgen Krohnke were in Berne between trains Wednesday.
- Peter Andresen of Brandt, this state, was here a few days the past week at Robert Naeve's.
- Mae Hansman of the Brick Hotel spent the past week visiting friends in Battle Creek.

- Theo. Steffen, who is working in Ferd Carsten's barber shop, spent Wednesday night at his home in Ricketts.
- Elma Bottgar returned to her work at Des Moines Tuesday after a few days spent at her parental home here.

- Freda Naeve of Denison is visiting relatives here.
- A big picnic was held at the Fred Petersen home Sunday.
- A Mrs. Carstens of Idaho is visiting at the Henry Lafrantz home.
- Fred Carstens, the barber, was in Omaha a couple of days the past week.

- Anna Rohde of Mapleton spent Monday night at the Mag Hollander home.
- Ed Ferry, Vic Steinmann and Dan Barnhard of Cushing were in town Thursday on land business.
- Mr. H. D. Jones and Hattie Hall returned from the Lake Wednesday after spending several days there.

- Chas. and John Spahn drove to Sioux City vicinity this week where Chas. has a farm. They returned Wednesday.
- A number of the members of the local Odd Fellow lodge went to Denison Thursday to attend the big District Convention of that lodge.

- Section foreman John Willert has a badly crippled left hand as the result of trying to start a gasoline engine. The two middle fingers were badly crushed.

- Henry Reese and wife of Battle Creek spent Sunday here with relatives. They were accompanied home Monday by his mother Mrs. Detlef Reese.

- The Dannels cement crew of Denison is in town finishing up the sidewalk work. They are building a sidewalk from the school house west, along the north side of the street.

- Emil Boock autoed to the Lake Sunday, accompanied by Peter Hollander and wife and Henry Hansen. They were accompanied back by Mrs. Boock, who had been there for a few days.

Friday, August 19, 1910

Front Page

A Flood The Past Week.

The drought in this country was broken last Friday night by a good soaking rain that came slow and nice.

On Saturday it rained all day and again on Monday a big rain came that simply flooded everything. It is reported that three inches of rain fell here that morning, but fortunately there was no hail or wind to do much damage in this immediate locality. Hail is reported in Ida county and hail and wind destroyed the crops down near Ute and Mapleton.

A good many county bridges were washed out and damaged ant the county is put to a good deal of expense to get them in shape.

At Vail another flood is reported which put the street under water.

Tuesday evening another storm went over here with some wind in it, but not so much rain. Corn is down only in spots, but that will all come out all right with good weather the balance of the season.

August 19, 1910

Local Items

- Only sixteen more days until school starts.
- Jurgen Schroeder went to Sioux City Tuesday on business.
- A nephew of Joachim Schroeder is here making a visit this week.
- Henry Laumbach and family left yesterday for Dakota on a visit.

- Herman Schultz and J.C. Petersen made a business trip to Berne yesterday.
- Mrs. P. C. Hollander was on the sick list Wednesday night and Thursday.
- Hans R. Hansen went to Dakota Wednesday morning on a visit and to look at his land interests.

- The rains and muddy roads do not stop all the autos. Dr. Jones was seen running his car out yesterday.
- The water regulator can turn off the water in the clouds any time, and we will not kick any more this season.

- One of the Wellendorf brothers lost a horse recently which was killed by lightning in the storm of Tuesday evening.

- Theo Rohwer, our popular banker, is going to take a vacation next week and will make a trip out into Colorado where he will also look over the lands a little.

- Hans Baeth, our county supervisor, was in Denison this week conferring with other members of the board about the county bridges which have been damaged a good deal by the recent floods.

- The rural mail carriers have been having a hard time getting around this week, but they are making their trips the best they can. The damaged bridges are the worst thing they have to overcome.

- A large party of Schleswig people left this week for Davenport for a two weeks' visit with friends and relatives. F.W. Mohr and family went Sunday, and Hans Mohr and family and Peter Ernst and family went Monday.

- T.P. Hollander, living six miles northeast, has been very seriously sick the past week, and at times it was reported he could not live. But he is reported better now, and his many friends hope that he will soon be entirely well.

- A county bridge at the Chris. Gierstorf place is badly damaged by the floods and will have to be fixed before the road can be traveled. A good many small bridges have the approaches washed out and this interferes with traffic.

- Julius Andresen, who has been employed by the Nye-Schneider-Fowler Co. the past three months, has resigned and Merton Koontz from Onawa is taking his place. Julius expects to attend school in Des Moines the coming year.

- Peter Spiegel of Denison was in Schleswig yesterday trying to buy a good horse to replace one which died for him at Denison last week. This is a good place to find the best horses but a hard place to buy them, because everybody wants to keep their good horses.

- Rev. Gauger of Odebolt and Rev. Schoenleben of Denison, German Methodist ministers, were in Schleswig yesterday between trains looking over our little city. We did not learn their mission here, but possibly it has something to do with future services for their church here.

- Dr. Jones reports several cases of ptomaine poisoning in the family of Martin Friederichsen, five miles northeast of town. Four of the boys and a girl were afflicted, the boys now being out of danger, and the girl is enough better to be sure of recovery. [SIC]

- Don't for get [SIC] that Lyndon's Big Show in the tent is in Schleswig all week, commencing Aug. 22nd. We give two handsome Hand Painted China Presents away every evening. Wait for Lyndon's Big Vaudeville Show and Modern Remedy Co., combined. A Big Free Show first night in Schleswig, Aug. 22nd.

- Prof. Olry has been out a good deal the past week interviewing the voters as to his candidacy for county superintendent. Mr. Olry is being very well received everywhere and makes a favorable impression on the people. Reports are that he will poll a big vote and has excellent prospects for a triumphant election.

- John Kullberg, an old resident of this county, died at his home half a mile east hf [SIC] Boyer Wednesday night, after only a week's illness, and will be buried at the cemetery south of Odebolt on Friday. Mr. Kullberg was an old pioneer of this locality and had many friends who will regret to learn of his death. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his death.

- The fine new furniture store building of Claus Gottberg is nearing completion and it will be a great improvement to this town, and shows up fine. It is 40 x 84 feet and the last twenty feet is three stories high. A beautiful steel front has been put on the building and steel sides are being placed this week. It is all lined with asbestos and is thus made as near fire-proof as a frame building can be made. Mr. Gottberg will have one of the largest and finest furniture stores in the county and when he gets his stock in the new place it will be something for Schleswig to be proud of.

- Lyndons Big Modern Vaudeqille Show is coming to Schleswig, Aug. 22nd to give 6 moral, refined entertainments in a Big Waterproof Tent. We have eight people, Ladies and Gentlemen, working on the stage. We also have the best Moving Pictures Made. We close our show every evening with Moving Pictures. Our show is a regular 50¢ show and our admissions are only 10¢ and 15¢, First night, Monday night, Aug. 22, we give a Big Show Free to everybody over 21 years old. All under 21 years old 10¢ first night. Don't forget, first night. Free to everybody over 21 years old. Show rain or shine.

- The editor of the Leader was called suddenly away to Wisconsin last Saturday on account of the serious illness of his brother. This compelled us to leave the work of this issue of the Leader in bad shape, and we have arranged with Mr. Caswell of the Denison Bulletin to send somebody up here to get this issue of the paper onto the press. Mr. R.S. Benjamin arrived yesterday morning to do this work. The issue may be a little late this week, but if our readers will bear with us through this emergency we will try to be on deck again next week to give the usual amount of news hereafter.

- John Krohnke was in Ida Grove Wednesday on business.

- Harry Berendes returned to Gregory, S.D., Last Wednesday, having been h ere since spring. He informs us that his parents have a homestead near Gregory and will move onto same this fall. He went through with a car load of stock and machinery for the farm.

- The Peter Nielsen home is nearing completion rapidly and when finished will make a nice little home. The foundation for the Albert Stegeman home is being laid and this promises to be one of Schleswig's neatest homes.

- Mr. Jurgen Schroeder and wife, Mr. Ed. Reimers and wife and Prof. Olry and wife were among those in Denison Thursday.

- A birthday party was held at the Chas. Christiansen home Sunday, the occasion being Mrs. Christiansen's birthday.

- Hedwig Brodersen of Denison visited with Mrs. John Berendts one day last week.
- Our editor, R.E. Vaughn, was called to Wisconsin this week by the serious illness of his brother.
- Elfreda Naeve of Denison is visiting at the Peter Jepsen home near here.

- The Sunday school picnic which was to have been held in the Stockfledt grove Sunday had to be postponed on account of the rain until next Sunday.

- John Dahms went to Emerson, Nebraska, last week for an indefinite stay.
- The D.F. club met with Mrs. Koerner last Wednesday.
- August Hansen sold his house last week to John Krohnke for $1900, the latter taking possession March 1st.

- Alma Boettger returned to Des Moines last Tuesday, having spent a few weeks here with relatives.
- Miss Louise Reinking of near Battle Creek spend several days here last week at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reinking.

- Will Schmidt was in Ida Grove Friday to see his father who was operated on at the Conn hospital. Mr. J. Schmidt has been making his home here lately with his daughter, Mrs. Robt. Naeve, and his friends here are glad to hear that he is doing so nicely.

- Mrs. Floyd Smith returned to Dolan, S.D., last week.
- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mohr and children went to Denison Sunday morning and from there took a train for Davenport where they will visit relatives a short time.

- Adolph Boettger and wife, who have been visiting his parents here the past week, left for their home at Des Moines Monday.

- Mrs. Jurgen Krohnke and Mrs. Matt. Lorenzen were in Berne Wednesday.
- Miss Elsie Thompsen of Charter Oak attended the dance here Saturday.
- Mrs. Delef Reese is visiting her son Henry and his wife at Battle Creek for a few weeks.

- Several of the members from here attended the county association of the I.O.O.F. in Denison last Thursday afternoon and evening. They heard some good speaking in the afternoon. Mrs. Rohwer of our town also gave a short talk.

- Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ernst and daughters, Emma and Ella, went to Davenport Monday where they will visit relatives for several weeks.

- The foundation of the Wm. Baak home west of Mr. Hoiten's residence is completed and the carpenters will soon commence work.

- John and Charles Spahn drove to Lawton this week, looking after their farm interests.

- Master Ralph Petersen celebrated his sixth birthday Saturday by inviting several of his little friends to come and spend the afternoon with him. A very nice lunch had been prepared for them and all had a fine time. The children remembered him with many nice little presents.

August 26, 1910

Front Page

Council Proceedings

Council met in special session at city hall, Aug. 13, 1901. Called to order by Mayor Schultz at 9 a.m. Members present Spahn, Stegemann, Braase, Schroeder; absent Hollander. Moved and seconded that the well diggers clean out well Monday and brick it up below; carried. Moved and seconded that the council adjourn; carried.
Aug. Rickert, Clerk.

Council met in special session at city hall Aug. 19, 1910. Called to order by Mayor Schultz at 8 p.m. Members present, Spahn, Stegemann, Hollander, Braase and Schroeder. Moved and seconded that Mayor Schultz build a roof on the town well; carried. Moved and seconded that the Mayor and Water committee measure out how many feet of water mains the town needs; carried. Moved and seconded that the clerk advertise for prices on 6-inch water mains, tees, crosses, hydrants and shutoffs, in the Schleswig Leader, Omaha World-Herald and Sioux City Tribune; carried. Moved and seconded that the mayor, clerk and councilmen go to some other towns and inspect their water systems; carried. Moved and seconded that the council adjourn; carried.
Aug. Rickert, Clerk.

'Round About

Charter Oak has a couple of boys who are acrobats. They have been filling outside dates this summer and were engaged for the Charter Oak carnival.

Company B of the 56th Iowa, of Ida Grove spent 10 days in camp at Sparta, Wisconsin. There were about 50, 000 troops there, both state and regular.

Mapleton is having a big three days Jubilee this week.

A Cushing farmer reports a yield of 94 bushels of oats per acre from a field of 21 acres.

Ida Grove is installing water meters now. Patrons will hereafter pay for the exact amount of water they use instead of each one paying the same amount, regardless of the amount used.

Moorehead is to have a carnival soon.

Two brothers got into a scrap near Mt. Carmel last week and one of them smashed the other one over the head with a spade.

Ida Grove sent for some balls and chains and now when any hobos come to town their ankles are decorated with them and they are put to work on the streets.

A water spout west of Battle Creek Sunday night caused the Moorehead creek to overflow its banks and considerable damage was done to corn and hay along the stream. Considerable damage was also done by hail and wind.

August 26, 1910

Local Items

- The Charter Oak carnival is drawing crowds from this vicinity each day.
- Theo. Rohwer is in Colorado this week looking after his farming interests there.
- A good sized crowd attended the Sunday School picnic at the Ed Reiner grove Sunday.
- Edna Tomkins of Denison spent a few days the past week at the John Willert home.

- The Schleswig firemen will hold their annual dance Saturday evening, September 10. Plan to attend.
- Hans R. Hansen and wife are visiting at the Patsy Copps home in Spencer, Nebraska, since last week.
- The medicine show has been showing to full tents every night this week and is apparently giving satisfaction.

- The Leader editor enjoyed a couple of days visit this week from his brother H. L. Vaughan of Estherville, Iowa.
- Chas. Tamm and wife are in Colorado this week. Chas. has a large farm in that state which they went out to inspect.

- The Iowa State Fair begins Thursday Aug. 25 and closes Friday Sept. 2 and promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

- The Kiron News changes hands this week, P. C. Lawrence selling to E. R. Nordell of Kiron. Mr. Lawrence expects to go to Texas. We wish the new editor success.

- Adolph Hansen on last Friday bought cream from Hans Marth that tested 65. He bought some this week from Will Stegemann that tested 62. Our farmers may be relied upon to have the best.

- Denison has had a real, live strike. The six operators in the telephone office quit because they were not allowed to talk with the boys as much as they liked during working hours. Their places were filled.

- Ella Witt has been on the sick list the past week. Quinsy was the ailment.
- H. C. Schroeder and W. Reinking were in Omaha this week buying feeding cattle.
- Will Naeve and wife are visiting relatives and old friends in Clinton county this week.
- Selma Willert left her home at Auburn Saturday after a week spent here with her brother John.

- Henry Laumbach and family are visiting at Bresho, S. Dak., with their son Henry, who is farming there.
- A crowd of young folks held a charavari in honor of the newly married couple at the George Hoiten home Friday.

- Peter Ernst and family are visiting with relatives and friends at Davenport. They expect to be gone several weeks.
- Simon Kruse and wife left last week for their old home in the Fatherland, where they expect to spend some time visiting.

- Mr. and Mrs. Will Lawton returned to their home in Omaha Friday after several days spent here with her parents Jurgen Jebens and wife.

- A birthday party was held at the Schwenn grove southwest of town Sunday. A large bowery was built for the occasion and all had a big time. Several from town attended.

- Julius Andresen, Harry Lorenzen and Ted Lohse expect to leave Saturday for Des Moines where they will enter the Capital City Commercial College for a business course. We wish the boys success.

- Arthur Girard left Wednesday for Colorado where he will spend a few weeks in looking over the country. If he likes it he will probably locate there. Art is a good steady boy and will succeed wherever he stays.

- The editor of the Leader returned Tuesday after being called suddenly to Wisconsin two weeks ago. We wish to thank Mr. Caswell of the Bulletin, and the foreman of that office, Mr. Benjamin, for the courtesies they showed, also the many in town who so kindly gathered locals and otherwise assisted Mr. Benjamin in getting out the paper last week. It was all sincerely appreciated.

- The "big" circus showed in town Tuesday to a full tent. They had positively the largest elephant and the largest lion in captivity. Anyhow that is what they claimed on the bills. And as no one here brought out a larger elephant or a larger lion, they were not required to pay the $1000 they guaranteed to give if their lion and elephant were not the largest.

- The midnight ride of Paul Revere can not be compared with the wild Tuesday evening ride of Kenneth Lawrence, the eight-month old baby, who alone took a ride in a runaway which made a hair raising stunt to the audience, who turned out to rescue the scene, as the hose and buggy cleared two barbwire fences and over a small creek. The run was made successfully after a high pulse of excitement and without any mishap. Miraculously the babe was returned to its frightened mother unharmed, save a few bruises. - Kiron News.

Schleswig Leader news articles transcribed by Lisa Sabbatino, Randall Saunders, and Bob Kuehl.