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Denison Street Name Changes

From 1875 Plat Names to Modern Day Names

The following table shows the old addresses based on the 1875 Denison plat map and the corresponding modern addresses from a current map of Denison.

The 1875 Denison Town Plan can be used in conjunction with this table to locate the streets.

Thanks to Bob Mesenbrink for submitting this table of Denison street name changes.

1875 Plat Name Modern Street Name 1875 Plat Name Modern Street Name
East/West Streets   North/South Streets  
Updike and Burgess 6th Ave North Phillips * west of 8th St
Saunders 5th Ave North Payton * 7th St
Prospect 4th Ave North Nightingale * west of 8th st
Benefit 3rd Ave North Benton 8th St
Church 2nd Ave North Howard 9th St
Tremont 1st Ave North Knowles 9th St
Broadway Broadway White 9th St
Chestnut 1st Ave South Hoppin 10th St
Walnut 2nd Ave South Lewis 10th St
Vine 3rd Ave South Anthony 11th St
Rail Road 4th Ave South (Hwy 30) Cladding 11th St
Clark * between 4th and 5th Ave South Dyer 12th St
State 5th Ave South Matthews (?) 12th St
McHenry * between 5th and 6th Ave South Main Main
Water 6th Ave South Park 13th PI
John 7th Ave South Sweet 14th St
    Pine 14th St
Streets on far west side   Locust 15th St
Show * approx 3rd Ave South High 15th St
Read * approx 2nd Ave South Washington 16th St
Pierce * approx 1st Ave South Jefferson 17th St
Keith * 1st Ave North Hodge 18th St
Lamed * 2nd Ave North Arnold 19th St
* 3rd Ave North
20th St
Diagonal Streets      
Nassau St Avenue A    
Wall St Avenue B    
Court St Avenue C    
Pearl St *    
Pleasant St * * Some streets or sections of streets do not exist  

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