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1920 Farmers Directory

Crawford County

These pages include a list of farmers by township in Crawford County, Iowa. They were not necessarily the landowner. The information included in each list is

  • farmer's name
  • first name of spouse
  • first names of children
  • P. O. Address
  • whether they rent or own the land
  • number of farm acres
  • farm location by section number
  • number of years they lived in the county
  • owner of land if land is rented

The list of Townships below (with towns in parentheses) link to the complete information on each of the farmers found in the Atlas.

A good companion database is the 1925 Iowa State Census which asked for the individual's age and place of birth; father's name, age and place of birth; mother's maiden name, age and place of birth; parents' place of marriage.

Source: Atlas of Crawford County, Iowa. 1920. Anderson Publishing Co., Des Moines, Iowa.

Submitted by Bob Kuehl