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Death Roll of the Pioneers

1900 to 1911

The Death Roll of Pioneers

In an earlier chapter we have read of one of the first winters spent in Denison, how the young men clubbed together, worked and played and how in spite of cold and snow they were comparatively content, for were they not young, strong and hopeful with life before them and the future an unopened book but peopled with roseate dreams? But the snows of time are harder to defy than the snows of winter. The years moved on space and with the opening of the Twentieth Century we find that the pioneers are growing old. they have fallen as the leaves of autumn until, today, there remain but a few of those who have the brunt of early settlement.

The death roll of the pioneers since 1900 is long and sad and the names recall the faces of many loved ones, of many others who played humbler, but just as important parts in happy homes. We give the list of the fallen pioneers, those who have died since 1900 as nearly as possible. It has been the effort to give them all, if some have been omitted it is unintentional and greatly regretted.

Where possible the date of their coming to Crawford county is given in parenthesis, following the name.

SurnameFirst NameYear into
McKim Ethan 1861 Deloit
Wright Rev Wm 1876  
Romans Mrs J B 1861  
McKim Esau 1861 Deloit
White John   West Side
Nehls Danl    
Rudd J F   Dow City
Huckstep John B   Deloit
Burk J F 1869  
Staley C M    
Meyers Mrs J Fred 1874  
Brogden Jos 1855  
McAhren O C    
Stessie Mrs H    
Dohle Henry 1871  
Austin Ethel    
Tierman Mrs Margaret   Dow City
Frodig Mrs C P   Kiron
Espholt Mrs Sophie   West Side
Bowling C J    
Reimers Wm    
Greek S B    
Brogden Edward 1855  
Swanson N A   Kiron
Giss Phillip    
Kinnan Emma Bell    
Seagrave Mrs Levina 1857  
Robertson A   Dow City
French A F    
Spiegel Gottlieb 1882  
Tempest D   Vail
Ryan Jeremiah   Vail
Binnall Mrs Thos 1862  
McFarland Mrs J R 1879  
Sievers John sr    
Smith Mrs C R   Manilla
Piper John F    
Hoff David   Manilla
Cody Mrs C   Vail
Noll Levi   Dow City
Nixon Mrs L B    
Valley Mrs L   Charter Oak
Henry Patrick    
Aylesworth B    
Riddle Daniel 1854  
Heston George 1868  
Ainsworth M    
Tabor Mrs Chas 1873  
Eastman S    
Langian Hon. Hugh    
Conroy Martin 1863  
Barber E R 1876  
Topf Henry    
Lawler M C    
Pfankuch H E    
Lapel Hy    
Thorpe John    
McHenry Mrs D F    
Lane Bernard    
Griffin Thos 1873  
Short John 1873 Vail
Revwswot Hy    
Smyth James 1865  
McCarthy John 1876  
McCarthy David 1874  
Beermaker Peter 1887  
Shaw D W    
Schuler J P    
Lorenzen L B 1876  
Lorentzen Capt H J 1887  
Vanervere Hy    
Nobles Hy    
Gunn J N 1880 Jackson twp
Smith W    
Mahoney Patrick    
Harker Mrs T W 1870  
Gillmor Mrs Issac    
Davie Mrs W A    
Dobson T C 1852 Deloit
Cochran Wesley    
Fellingham Andrew   West Side
Cadwell Leroy   Manilla
Campbell J M   1878
McAhren Mabel    
Butler T W    
Luth Fred    
Butterworth Ward    
Jones Mrs John    
Nicholson Mrs C L    
Sewell L A 1872  
Denahy John 1886  
Johnson D O 1874  
Sprecher Cyrus    
Weickmann Mrs Aug    
Stegeman Mrs C    
Jurgensen Mrs B P    
Rouilliard A D    
Harris Rev J B    
Swan T J 1874  
Wood E H 1880  
Eggers Henry    
Griffin Mrs Susie      
Nixon L B 1872  
Baber John   Dow City
Oxwang Mrs P    
Lynch P M   Vail
Byrnes Mrs Wm   Vail
Molseed Robert 1873 Vail
Leahy Thos 1880  
Glau Wm    
Bendixen Henry    
Clough J H 1875  
Henning Gus    
Ainsworth Mrs Mary 1868  
Kuhl Hans    
Wiggins Henry 1869  
Gould H W 1880  
Hunt Mrs M 1864  
Wilson M C   East Boyer twp
Herre F J   West Side
Lorenzen Mrs A C 1875  
Slater S W   East Boyer twp
Sheridan Jas 1885  
Young F J 1871  
Jordan G S 1881 Milford twp
Keith A B 1873  
Iseminger Mrs H G 1881  
Bugge Fred    
Scriver Mrs W J    
McSorley John    
Owens James 1877  
Woodard C H   Manilla
Salomon C J 1883  
Bond G H    
Petersen J P   East Boyer twp
McGrew Mrs Vera   Dow City
Grill Claus   Goodrich twp
Johnson Frances L   Deloit
Kruger Emil 1881 Schleswig
Ullrich Geo   Charter Oak
Shirtcliff Mrs Henry 1873  
Wrightman J W 1869  
Brosnahan M 1879  
Lorenzen Mrs L    
Savage Prof H H    
Dow S E 1855 Founder of Dow City
Dow Mrs S E 1855  
Segebart John   Manilla
Bond Mrs L L 1882  
Howorth Mrs E   Goodrich twp
Petersen Frederick   Paradise twp
Dieter Mrs J A 1883 Vail
Chapman Tracy 1852 East Boyer twp
Schultz Mrs Herman    
Thew Erastus 1870 Buck Grove
Cole Mrs W E    
Familton Mrs Wm 1872  
Marshall W H 1871  
King Mrs Orpha Joy 1881  
Rae Hon George 1865 Dow City
Carstens Matthias   Aspinwall
Mundt Wm 1870  
Carey Mrs Thos 1873 Iowa twp
Long Mrs Sarah   Vail
Kevan Mrs J T 1872  
Gould Mrs Sabina 1872  
Dillivan Mrs Walter    
Kinney Michael 1875  
Norman H sr    
O'Connor John    
Snell Mrs E R    
Schelm Carl    
Hillebrant Mrs P    
Bonsall J W 1874 Dow City
Scaggs Harry 1871 Memorial Day
Frahm Claus    
Magner James sr 1882  
Breen P J   Vail
Gable Mrs S L 1858  
Neal Martin 1883  
Torrey John 1880  
O'Connor Thos 1871  
Heuttmann Gus    
Woodruff David    
Barber Mrs E R 1876  
Potter Mrs F M 1882  
Otto Mrs C sr 1885  
Trosene R    
Girard Gustav   Schleswig
Harthun Mrs J F    
Hattery Mrs H J   Deloit
Peper Geo   Iowa twp
White Mrs Thos    
Weatherby Amos   Dow City
Butler D J   Arion First white child born in co.
Hawley R C 1860  
Jackson W W 1868  
Clark Mrs Prudence    
Winans Lawrence    
Von Tuil M 1875  
Hill Mrs T G    
Hill T G   age 91
Spottswood George E   West Side
DeWolf C H    
Poitevin S    
Cochran Mrs W J 1859  
Jackson Mrs W W 1870  
Ainsworth E M    
Coon W W 1867  
Larson A J    
Cummings Mrs H J    
Broadus Jackson    
Powers James    
White B 1872 Vail
Kolls Rudolph    
Berg Mrs Anna 1879  
Ainsworth O J    
Ayres Mrs Elizabeth    
Jaaks Henry    
Bixler Isaac 1881  
Fegtley Mrs Jacob 1875  
Roggendorf Mrs P C 1882  
McWilliams Hugh 1859  
Plimpton Mrs E S 1858  
Lewis M B 1874 Dow City
Phillips T J    
Ryan M E 1875 Vail
Bumann Mrs Hy 1874  
Wiley J F 1871  
Gillmor Isaac 1869  
Miller J P 1872  
Dobson Mrs Sarah K 1852 Deloit
Swan Mrs Catherine 1873  
Hermann Wm 1875  
Evans Dr W B 1877 Arion
Maynard James    
King M 1881  
Wright M D 1873  
Meggers Frank 1873  
Lenz Mrs A 1882  
Bergstedt Mrs Wm    
Saggau H H 1876  
Brown Mrs Cynthia    
Holmes Maj G W 1883 Charter Oak
Mount Mrs Anna 1863  
Luney Samuel 1867  
Way John 1872  
Lehfeldt Mrs H H 1870  
Carey Mrs Patrick 1870 Iowa twp
Barden Edward    
Bayles J W 1870 Manilla
Dorfler John R 1883 Ricketts
Costello Mrs Thos   Vail
Ely C P 1874  
Dobson Harry G   Deloit
Behan Mrs Patrick    
Grill Jurgen 1874 Schleswig
Nemitz Wm   Charter Oak
Riddle Jas 1870 Dow City
Powers John 1882 Vail
Thies John   West Side
Gorman John   Buck Grove
Boger F   Buck Grove
Gibson Samuel   Dow City
Lee Arnold   Dow City
Jepsen Mrs Wm   Schleswig
Hickey T A   Manilla
Kunze Wm   Charter Oak
Slattery James   Buck Grove
Bauman W J 1880  
Cose James 1870  
Binnall Geo   Dow City
Diersdorf C P   Schleswig
Servoss L L    
Cavanaugh Mrs Jane 1872  
Brinckman Mrs P 1882  
Blackman Jerome 1870  
Whited Bert   Buck Grove
Rohwer Henry 1873 West Side
Buss Mrs F C 1879 Dow City
Peper Mrs H 1879  
Lochner John 1876 Vail
Coon Mrs W W 1875  
Herrig A    
Carstens J H    
Long Mrs B B   Vail
McMahon M 1869 Iowa twp
Hart A P   Charter Oak
Ballangee E J 1870 Dow City
Giss Mrs C 1880  
Costello Thos 1875 East Boyer
Clinton Mrs Peter 1885  
Guth Henry 1890 Aspinwall
Ainsworth Mrs Edith Burk 1876  
Gaffey Mrs Luke    
Vosgerau Henry 1876  
Huntington Mrs G W 1869 Dow City
Laub Hon H C 1855  
Landon Mrs Jane 1865 Deloit
Romans Hon J B 1881  
Odefy Aug 1885  
Boger Mrs M 1886  
Eastman Mrs B 1887  
McCarthy Mrs P A 1867  
Sherwood Mrs Frank    
Hart Miss Frances 1887  
Rollins Mrs Kate Davis 1886  
Beerman Mrs Carl    
Weber Martin 1868  
Morgan Mrs M 1869  
Campbell Mrs J M 1878  
Lantau Chris   West Side
Edans Mrs A 1883  
McHenry Hon Morris 1856  
Walker Henry 1871 Manilla
Mulligan Julia C    
Lass Geo H C 1864  
Branka Mrs Delphine 1874  
Green Mrs C 1864  
Schroeder Mrs Dorothea 1889  
Christiansen M F 1880  
McClellan Mrs J B 1889  
Petersen Mrs Andrew   Buck Grove
Huebner Adolph 1883  
Marshall Mrs Lydia    
Ackley Mrs W A    
Kelly Henry 1880  
Heiden C F 1868  
LaFrantz N 1869  
Lochmueller Mrs J H 1867  
Mahler Mrs Sarah 1878  
McWilliams Mrs Hugh 1862  
Galland B F 1868  
Crandall Mrs H A 1861  
Nicholson George W 1880  
Petersen Mrs Hy 1889 Manilla
Walsh Mrs Jas 1883  
Romans Mrs Lewis    
Kelly John 1869  
Conyne A M    
Gunn Mrs Elizabeth 1881  
Richardson George A 1882  
Henry Leora    
Maynard Henry 1879  
Vassar Mrs Leon    
Mooney L P   former sheriff
Smith E H 1872  
Macentum Hy    
Fineran P 1881  
Dodd Geo 1876  
Meeves Peter 1881  
Larson Otto 1871 Kiron
Lindberg Mrs Chas 1869 Kiron
Zea Ed 1861  
Johnston Mrs Carrie 1871 Kiron
Christensen J D 1873  
Servoss Geo 1878  
Saunders J   Manilla
Clinton Mary A    
Morris Harry 1882  
Cook Mrs Elizabeth 1881  
Flint Mrs Geo 1875  
Jabens Jurgen   Schleswig
Brockelsby J R 1874 Hayes twp
Lindstrom Mrs Otto   Kiron
Staffanson Mr   Kiron
Johnston Mrs A F    
Gilbreath Mrs Wm    
Schroeder Hon H C 1877  
Hird Mrs I 1880  
Koappen Wm    
Schmidt J D   West Side
Gulick Mrs H S 1872  
Braddy Wm   former city marshal
Duncan J P    
Crandall D C   Dow City
Marshall A    

This brings the list of our dead among those who had lived long in the county or who had been prominently identified with its history, down to August 20th 1911 and it speaks more eloquently and more pathetically of the work of the grim reaper is doing than the most impassioned phrases. Long before another such a volume of Crawford county history is written the first pioneers will have passed away.

Three hundred and forty-seven names are in the lists above, who among us will be the three hundred and forty-eighth will have answered before this book reaches the hands of its readers, but whoever it shall be, let us hope that the verdict may be "Well done, thou good and faithful servant," just as we know that it has been with the vast majority of the pioneers who have gone before.

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