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Death Announcements

Bell, Mrs. Jane (1902)

Denison Review - 10-21-1902 - Vail
Mrs. Jane Bell died Wednesday at the home of her daughter at Dunlap and the remains brought to Vail Friday and the funeral held at the Presbyterian church. She was one of the early Crawford county settlers and leaves a large number of friends to mourn her death.

Bargstahl, Mrs. John (1902)

Denison Review 7-8-1902
A large funeral took place Tuesday afternoon, July 1, that of Mrs. John Bargstahl nee Neumann. She was born Jan. 7, 1872 in Germany, married Nov. 17, 1889, died June 28 of premature delivery, aged 30 years, 5 months and 21 days. The relatives are the sorrowing husband, four children, the parents and many aunts and uncles. Rev. Lothringer officiated at the house, his church and cemetery. A large concourse attended the funeral.

Berggren, Mons (1903)

Denison review 4-28-1903 - Kiron
Mr. Mons Berggren ended his life by cutting his throat on Thursday morning at his home three miles northwest of Kiron.

The news of the terrible death executed by his own hand soon spread and was a perfect shock to the entire community. For the past weeks he had been brooding greatly and despondency overtook him, which seemed to affect his mind and caused him to commit the fatal act. His horses having been sick for some time caused him to worry, this together with other supposed by him to be troubles, unbalanced his mind.

On Sunday we are informed he went into a well but for reasons he did not carry out his intended self destruction. After a soaking in the water he came out of the well and walked into the house. Owing to his mental condition he was watched on Wednesday he requested that he be taken to the asylum as he feared something would happen.

On Wednesday night Rev. N. P. Truedson assisted the family to watch over him. On Thursday morning he arose as usual and talked most rational to his wife who expressed herself as most glad to see him looking and talking so well. Mr. Truedson asked him how he felt when he replied that he had slept most well during the night. Mr. Truedson stepped out into the kitchen to wash and in a few moments returning found Berggren drawing his last breath. When left by himself he had cut his throat with a razor, dying nearly instantly.

Mr. Berggren was one of the early settlers in this locality and together with his family through hard and honest work has become well fixed financially. He was a most upright and honest man, a good helping neighbor and a most devoted and loyal husband and father. The Coroner was notified at once and the verdict rendered was suicide by his own hand. The funeral occurred on Saturday afternoon and his last remains were laid to rest in the Kiron cemetery.

He leaves his wife, two sons and one daughter and other relatives and friends to mourn his death. His daughter resides in North Dakota and she was notified of the sad news. Oscar E. who has been attending college at Des Moines arrived home Friday morning. The most deepest sympathy of the community goes out to the hard stricken family.

Berndt, Carl (1903)

Denison Review 10-21-190 - Goodrich Twp.
Mr. Carl Berndt, died at his home in Goodrich Township on Sunday afternoon at 4:45 of heart trouble. The deceased was 63 years, 5 months and one day of age and leaves a wife and four boys and four girls to mourn his loss.

He was born in Germany and in 1868 was married to Miss Sophia Krutum and they came to Crawford County from Germany in the fall of 1883.

The funeral was held today at the Lutheran Church, Rev. Frazier officiating. Mr. Berndt has been failing for over a year but it was only recently that he was obliged to take to his bed. He was a man of good habits, kind disposition and a loving father and husband. His son, John, was called out to the old home early Sunday morning and the remainder of the children with the exception of a daughter living in California were present at the time of his death.

Clark, Johnny (1903)

Denison Review - 7-15-1903 - Denison
Pm Friday afternoon, Johnny Clark, son of Mrs. Tom Clark, was drowned while bathing in the East Boyer just below the Luney mill dam.

Early in the afternoon Johnny had asked his mother for permission to go bathing and having gained her consent, he prepared a bathing suit as he said the boys were not allowed in the river without suits. After reaching the river there were a number of young boys fishing and swimming. At first Johnny fished for awhile and caught a number of fish.

Afterwards he went in swimming. He was only a beginner and did not venture out where the water was too deep. It is told by the boys there that he was wading near the shore, and getting out a little too far, stepped into a hole and went down. In a moment all was excitement and Arthur Cushman, son of W. W. Cushman, aged about 12 or 13 years, who was dressed and standing on the bank, jumped in the water after him.

He succeeded in reaching Johnny who in his excitement caught Arthur around the neck and pulled him under. The Cushman lad succeeded in breaking away from him twice and by this time the other boys who had been on the other side of the river fishing arrived and threw a fish pole out to Johnny and it is said that he grabbed this twice but each time, perhaps because of lack of strength, let go.

Cushman was so nearly exhausted when he caught the pole he could barely cling to it and when finally brought to shore was not able to support himself. The alarm was given as soon as possible and Mr. Luney telephoned up town and soon there was a crowd at the river. A dozen or more immediately stripped and plunged into the river and commenced diving for the body.

At one time, Ed McAlpin found it but was unable to raise it, the weight being too great after the deep dive. It was then perhaps forty minutes fore the body was found again. Mr. Pierce employed by the Crawford County Telephone Co. dived after it and succeeded in bringing it up. A. C. Weeks who was in a boat, secured the body in a boat and brought it into shore.

Physicians who were on the ground immediately took charge and worked over the lifeless body for over an hour but to no avail, it had been under water over an hour and the body was cold. It was a sad sight indeed when the cruel waters gave up the dead, strong men were made to weep and many were the heart torn strings of fellow playmates. In the meantime the mother had been informed of the drowning and it was a terrible blow to her.

Johnny was the second son and a very bright and obedient little fellow. He had always taken a great interest in the church work and was the pride of Rev. Father Farrelly. The funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the Catholic church at 4 o'clock and was one of the largest attended funerals ever held in Denison. Father Farrelly delivered a most touching eulogy, calling attention to the many excellent traits of the lad, his loyalty to his widowed mother, his brother and sisters and his church. It had been the hope and ambition of the fond mother that her son be prepared for the priesthood and preparations to that end were continually being made and his death is indeed a terrible blow to her. Interment was made in the Catholic cemetery north of the city and the remains were followed to their resting place by a very large number of friends. The sympathy of the entire community is extended to all the bereaved ones.

Conroy, Martin (1902)

Denison Review 6-24-1902 - Arion
Martin Conroy, one of the pioneers of Crawford County, died at his home near Arion on Monday morning at seven o'clock from injuries received in falling from a wagon.

On last Friday Mr. Conroy was at Dow City transacting some business and getting in his wagon to drive home, when going over a crossing he was thrown to the ground and one of the wheels passed over him. His back and head and shoulders were seriously injured. He was immediately given medical aid, but died on Monday morning. The funeral will be held tomorrow.

Mr. Conroy came to this county in the early days and settled here where he has lived ever since. He has reared a family of noble children and his death is a great blow to them. He was a man of pleasing disposition and a friend to everyone; all regret his death.

Carlson, Leon Earl

27 August 1965
Graveside services for Leon Earl, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Carlson of Ricketts, were held at St. John's Lutheran cemetery Friday morning with Rev. F. A. Wiese officiating. Leon was on of a set of twins born recently to the Carlsons.

Dahms, Chas. F. (1903)

Denison Review - 4-28-1903 - Kiron
Just as we are ready to send in our items, the report comes that Chas. F. Dahms died Friday. He is one of the pioneers of this township, a well-to-do German farmer, highly respected by all who knew him.

Devett, Kate (1902)

Denison Review - 9-12-1902 - Vail
Miss Kate Devett died Sunday morning at the home of her brother, Owen Devett, after a lingering illness of several months. The funeral was held this (Tuesday) morning at the St. Anne church.

Detwiler, Bert

16 February 1965
Nisna Valley - Bert Detwiler died at Mesa, Ariz., Feb. 16 (1965) following a short illness.

He was born in Nishnabotna township, Crawford county and spent his entire life in this area, with the exception of the winter months in recent years, which were spent in Arizona or California.

He lived on the home farm which he continued to operate for many years, until his retirement. He served as trustee, was a member of the board of directors of the R.E.A. and also a member of the board of directors of Farm Service Co-op for over 35 years.

Survivors include his wife, Edna; one daughter, Thelma, Mrs. Wayne Schaupp, and two granddaughters of Sedona, Ariz. Also one sister, Mrs. Pearl Shill of California and one brother, Jess Detwiler of Dickinson, N. D.

Flahive, Patrick (1902)

Denison Review 8-12-1902 - Paradise Twp.
Today occurred the funeral of Mr. Patrick Flahive, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Flahive Sr. of Paradise township. Seldom has a larger funeral been seen in Denison and the extremely large attendance spoke louder than words of the esteem in which this young man was held. He was in all respects a model young man, steady, industrious, of the best of habits and a devout Christian.

He was but twenty-four years of age at the time of his death and he was as promising a young man as there was in the county. He was born in Crawford county and had lived here all of his life. About two weeks ago he was stricken with tonsillitis which soon developed more serious symptoms and last week his life was despaired of.

He died on Monday, August 11th, and the funeral services were held at St. Rose of Lima's church this morning, Rev. Father M. J. Farrelly officiating. His parents and his sorrowing brothers and sisters have the heartfelt sympathy of all in their great grief.

Fouts, Mrs. George (1903)

Denison Review - 3-31-1903 - Denison
The death of Mrs. Geo. Fouts occurred on Wednesday evening at her home in east Denison She leaves several small children to mourn her loss. Mrs. Fouts had been ill for some time. The remains were taken to Dow City for burial, the funeral taking place today. We are informed that her husband had not been near the home for several days before the death of this faithful wife and mother, although he was in the city during all the time. Comment is unnecessary. We can but express our sympathy for the little ones. We hope that they may be provided for, and that all possible may be done to make up to them the loss of a mother's love and care.

Fries, Nicholas (1903)

Denison Review 5-12-1903 - Schleswig
Last Monday Mr. Nicholas Fries, a prominent and respected German of Schleswig died as a result of a stroke of paralysis. He, together with Messrs. Broder Petersen, Henry Moeller, Fritz Stephen, Henry Kuhlbam and Wm. Korten were at the depot ready to take a train on their way to Germany, when he was suddenly stricken. Just fifteen minutes before train time he was as well as anyone in the party, and was talking of his trip and of the pleasure he anticipated in going back to the fatherland, when all at once and without warning he threw up his hands, dropped over and died immediately.

Mr. Fries was forty-five years of age and leaves a mother, one brother and one sister. He was a widower and had for some time been making his home with his sister, Mrs. Hagen. Coming to this country in the early settlement of Morgan Township, he had by hard work saved considerable money and was at the time of his death leading a retired life, surrounded by wealth and happiness. The funeral was held from his mother's home two and one-half miles from Schleswig on Tuesday and the remains buried in the Nissen cemetery.

Frownfelter, Mrs. John (1902)

Denison Review -12-2-1902 - Dow City
Mrs. John Frownfelter who had been confined to her bed six weeks with Typhoid fever died Wednesday and was buried Friday. She leaves a husband and six children to mourn her departure. The funeral was held at the M E church, conducted by Rev. Nickell.

Friedrichsen, Ben

Note: No dates were given on the newspaper clipping. If you know particulars about the dates of this event, please send them to us and we will add it to this notice.

Ben Friedrichsen, 81, Denison died Wednesday morning at this home in Denison. Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p.m. at the Zion Lutheran Church in Denison. Burial will be in the Morgan Cemetery, near Schleswig.

Friends may call after 2 p.m. on Thursday at the Huebner Funeral Home in Denison.

Survivors include his wife, Rosie; three sons, Willard and Burdell of Denison and Gene of Onawa; two brothers, Knut of Cherokee and Ted of Denison and one sister, Wanda (Mrs. Art Spahn) of Storm Lake. Also surviving are 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Griffin, Thomas Sr. (1903)

Denison Review 2-19-1903 - Denison
Mr. Thomas Griffin, senior, died at his home west of Denison, on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 17th of lung fever.

Mr. Griffin was in his eighty-first year. He was born in county Clare, Ireland and came to this country many years ago, settling in Memphis, Tenn. Later he came to Iowa, living in Scott County and thirty-three years ago he cast his lot with Crawford county, of which he has ever since been an honest, upright and respected citizen.

He was twice married and his second wife survives him today. He leaves two children, Mrs. Martin Magner and Mrs. Patrick Hefferman. His brother James Griffin also survives him as well as many grandchildren and other relatives in this county. Mrs. Frank Fitzpatrick, whose death occurred but a few years ago was his daughter.

We regret that at this time we are unable to gather more particulars of the life of this patriarch pioneer of Crawford. He was a kindly, friendly man, richly endowed with native wit, ability and integrity. His bright sayings, his witty illustrations, never more enjoyed than when at his own expense, will long be remembered. He was a kind and loving husband and father, a good citizen and an honorable and upright man. The Review would express its sincere sympathy for the loved ones who deeply mourn his death. The funeral services will take place today (Thursday)at the home at 9:30 and at St. Rose of Lima church at 10:30 a.m., Rev. Father M. J. Farrelly officiating.

Hathaway, Mrs. E. (1902)

Denison Review - 8-1-1902 - Aspinwall
We regret to announce the death of Mrs. E. Hathaway, of near Aspinwall which occurred on July 25th, after only a short illness. Mr. and Mrs. Hathaway had been residents of Crawford county for a number of years and Mrs. Hathaway was well liked by everyone who knew her. She was also a great help to her husband. We do not believe he ever sold a load of cattle without first consulting her as to how much he ought to receive for them.

They had only recently purchased a lot in Manning and intended erecting a fine residence there and spend the remaining days in comfort, and now death has stepped in and taken her away. She was buried in the Iowa Township cemetery on the 29th. We together with numerous friends extend to Mr. Hathaway our deepest sympathy.

Hugge, Susania Catherine (1903)

Denison Review - 1-1903
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hugge mourn the death of their little 20-month old daughter, Susania Catherine, who died Tuesday morning, Jan'y 6, the cause of her death being a complication of diseases. The funeral will be held on Thursday afternoon at 1:30 PM at the German Methodist church. The little child was exceptionally bright and always seemed healthy until very recently and her death is a sad blow to her parents.

James, Arthur Dee (1902)

Denison Review 6-10-1902 - Denison
The remains of Arthur Dee James were brought to Denison on Friday morning from Chicago, Mr. John Campbell accompanying them. They were met at the depot by a large delegation of Knights and friends and escorted to the family residence, where they remained until Sunday afternoon at which time the funeral took place at the Methodist church, Rev. E. M. Holmes preaching the funeral sermon.

The Knights of Pythias had charge of the funeral and the pall bearers were selected from among their number and the deceased's personal friends and comrades of the Spanish war. The pall bearers were Messrs. Jas. Armstrong, W. D. McAhren, Ben Fodderberg, Jas. Luney, Wm. Seemann and Joe Kelly. The remains were accompanied to the church from the family home by the Knights, the G. A. R. post, the W. R. C., the Sons of Veterans and many friends.

The church was overflowing with friends, many being obliged to stand in the aisles. A quartette composed of Messrs. J. I. Gibson, D. L. Boynton, Sears McHenry and B. J. Sibbert, with Mrs. W. C. VanNess as accompanist rendered very appropriate music and a most touching prayer was offered by Rev. A. G. Martyn. Rev. Holmes preached a beautiful sermon, calling attention to excellent war record of the deceased, his loyalty to his country, his home life and of his devotion to his parents. The sermon was a source of great comfort to the bereaved parents and brothers and sisters and in a large measure served to lighten their burden of grief. The floral offerings were numerous and beautiful, many tokens coming from a distance.

At the cemetery the grave had been decorated with flowers and made to look beautiful by friends. The Knights used their ritualistic ceremony, W. C. VanNess having the service in charge. Rev. Holmes offered a prayer and the remains were laid to rest with singing by the quartette. The home life of Dee James had always been very pleasant, whenever possible he was with his mother whom he dearly loved, this love was returned as only a mother's love can be, and his death has been heart rending to her. His letters home had always been to her, they were full of love, and always relating to his personal affairs, how he was getting along, what he had been doing the previous day, etc. and she was in touch with his daily life. His death casts a sorrow which only time can remove.

Jensen, Jens (1903)

Denison Review - 8-12-1903 - Kenwood
At his home near Kenwood, on Sunday, August 9th, at 1:30 o'clock, Mr. Jens Jensen, at the ripe old age of eighty years and five days. Funeral services were held at the home on Monday at 10:30; interment in the Nissen cemetery, J. F. Harthun, of Denison, reading the obituary.

Mr. Jensen was born in Schleswig, Holstien, Germany. He was married to Anna Christiansen, coming to America in 1883 and settling in Crawford County. There were ten children in the family, seven of whom, together with his wife survive him. The children are Edlif, Peter, Julius, Maroitz, Anna, Sophia, (Mrs. Cruse) Ulrike, (Mrs. Balmsen.) The bereaved ones have the sympathy of the entire community.

Johansen, Mrs. Johannes (1903)

Denison Review - 8-26-1903 - Deloit
It is with regret we chronicle the sad news of the death of Mrs. Johannes Johansen which occurred a week ago Saturday at her home west of Deloit. She leaves a husband and several children to mourn their loss.

Jones, Ann

Note: No dates were given on the newspaper clipping. If you know particulars about the dates of this event, please send them to us and we will add it to this notice.

Mrs. H. D. (Ann) Jones died on February 14 at the Doctors' Hospital in Hollywood, Florida.

Funeral services will be held Thursday (today) at 10:00 a.m. at Sinn's Funeral Home. Burial will be in the Oakland Cemetery in Denison.

She was the wife of the late H. D. Jones, who practiced medicine in Schleswig for nearly 50 years.

Jensen, Lester and Ronald

Note: No dates were given on the newspaper clipping. If you know particulars about the dates of this event, please send them to us and we will add it to this notice.

Ronald Jensen, 12, and Lester Jensen, 11, Were Killed in Cave in Near Denison Last Saturday
Was Unconscious When Found But Revived and Fully Recovered the Following Day.

This community was shocked Saturday by a tragedy which occurred near the farm of Emil Jensen in Otter Creek township, when three small boys were buried underneath a cave in of a sand bank. Ronald, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Jensen, and Lester, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Jensen, were dead when found they were found, and Robert, seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Jensen, was unconscious, but fully recovered the following day.

The boys had been hauling sand from the bank along the road with a Shetland pony and cart, and when the pony galloped into the yard alone Mr. and Mrs. Emil Jensen started to search for the boys. Upon reaching the sand bank where he knew the boys had been playing, Mr. Jensen saw that the bank had caved in. He called to his wife to summon aid and started to dig out the sand. Lester was first found lying on his back, dead. Rudolph Jensen arrived at the scene just as Lester was being taken from the hole. Ronald was found next under about one and a half feet of sand and he was also suffocated. Robert, who had been in the rear of the cave when the accident happened, fell forward on his hands and knees and there was enough air space beneath him to keep him alive.

In telling of the accident Robert said that when he was buried he called for help a number of times, but that the sand was so heavy that he became very tired and just went to sleep.

The pony was discovered about a half mile from the scene by Henry Schroeder who was on his way to Deloit. He untangled the harness from the wagon, tied up the reins and tugs and started the pony toward the Jensen farm. It is believed that the pony became frightened and ran away when the bank gave way and that the boys had been buried at least 15 minutes before they were discovered.

Both boys were exceptionally bright and likable lads and they will be greatly missed, both by their families and friends.

Funeral services were held from the Rudolph Jensen home Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock with Rev. K. Kielhorn of Schleswig officiating. Interment was made in the family plot at the Nissen cemetery. More than 1000 people came to pay their last respects and to console the grieving families.

Ronald is survived by his parents, one brother and one sister and Lester is survived by his parents and two younger sisters.

The entire community is extending sympathy to the bereaved families.

Transcribed by Carolyn Jarvey

Keane, Mrs. D. T. (Duffy) (1903)

Denison Review - 5-12-1903 - Vail
Sunday afternoon occurred the funeral of Mrs. D. T. Keane, who died at her home in Des Moines Friday. Her remains were brought to Vail Saturday afternoon and the funeral took place from the St. Ann's Church, Rev. Father Murphy officiating. Despite the rain and disagreeable roads, the funeral was of the largest ever held in Vail. The floral offerings were many and beautiful. The Royal Neighbors, of which she was a member, attended in a body. Friends and relatives were present from far and near.

She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Duffy, was reared in Vail, and was a graduate of the St. Ann's Academy. She leaves a husband and two children.

Kemming, Jeannette (1902)

Denison Review - 9-12-1902
Little Jeannette Kemming, the four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Kemming, died on Wednesday night. She had been sick but a day and the news came as a great shock of grief to those who knew the bright and pretty little one. She was suddenly taken ill with summer complaint, which was followed by convulsions. She apparently recovered from these and passed into a deep slumber from which she passed into the great unknown. The hearts of all are wrung with sympathy for those who have been so suddenly called upon to face such a great and overwhelming grief.

Jeannette was such a dear little girl, all smiles and sunshine and heart ease, it seems impossible and cruel that she should have been taken from those who loved her so dearly. The little Kemming boys called her "sister" with so much of love and pride that it became her name with everyone. Mr. and Mrs. Kemming have been so uniformly kind and helpful to others in time of sorrow that the sympathy of the community is especially heartfelt and their grief is shared by all. The funeral services were held this afternoon under the auspices of the Christian Science church and were largely attended by sorrowing friends.

Lane, Bernard (1903)

Denison Review - 1-31-1903 - Vail and Schleswig
Thursday's Review announced the bare fact of the death of Mr. Bernard Lane; the details as they reach us later are most sad and terrible.

The accident in which the results were so fatal, occurred briefly as follows: during the dense fog of Thursday morning, a work train the engineer of which was unable to distinguish the signal lights, crashed into the caboose of the heavily laden stock train at La Fox, Ill. The caboose was filled with sleeping men wearied with the fatigue of their long trip. Death must have come to some without their consciousness and it is to be hoped that such was the case, for soon the wreck caught fire and the terror of the flames was added to the agony of the dying and injured.

Four men were killed and the list of injured numbered twelve. Among the killed was Bernard Lane of Vail, and among the injured were Iver Nielsen and William Joachins of Schleswig. The injured were taken to St. Luke's Hospital in Chicago and the friends and relatives of all immediately notified. Albert Lyman of Dunlap was so severely injured that death is probable. Chas. R. Coe of Woodbine was killed and his body badly charred. J. Petersen, of Battle Creek and Thos. Amey were killed.

The body of Bernard Lane was burned beyond recognition. It was received at Vail on Friday morning and the funeral services will take place at Vail at 10:30 this Saturday forenoon.

Mr. Iver Nielsen of Schleswig, suffered a broken leg and Wm. Joachins had his leg broken in two places and was badly burned. Mrs. Nielsen, Mrs. Joachins, Fred Joachins, Hans Mohr and Wm. Jebens, the latter being sent by the M. W. A., left Schleswig for Chicago on Thursday night. A letter has been received at Schleswig from Mr. Nielsen stating he is not dangerously injured.

Mr. Bernard Lane, the victim of this terrible disaster whose untimely death is so sincerely mourned by everyone, was a bright active and prosperous stockman and farmer. He was beloved by all who knew him, careful and honest in business, kind and generous by nature. He deserved a long and happy life.

He was born in Milwaukee, Wis. And was 36 years of age, on Dec. 13, 1902. His parents are both deceased but he leaves a number of brothers and sisters to whom his tragic death comes as an overwhelming grief. The surviving brothers and sisters are Mrs. John Walsh of Armour, S. D., Mrs. James Tate and Mrs. P. J. Portz of Vail, Mrs. James Byrnes of Grinnell, Edward Lane and William Lane of Vail and P. M. Lane of Denison. Bernard Lane had lived in this county 25 years. He was forehanded, enterprising and reliable in every way and his death has caused the greatest sorrow to all who have known him.

The funeral will take place at St. Anns church this morning, Rev. Father Murphy officiating. These are the meager facts, devoid of all the terrible and heartrending details of one of the most terrible tragedies the county has ever known, a tragedy that has brought sorrow to hundreds of hearts, that has cut off this young man in the midst of a life of usefulness and promise. The Review but voices the general grief of the community in extending to the bereaved ones its deepest and most sincere sympathy.

Additional - Denison Review 2-3-1903

The funeral of Bernard Lane was held at St. Anns church in Vail on Saturday morning at 9:30. Rev. Father Murphy preached a very able sermon, taking occasion to speak of the many good qualities of the deceased and urging all to prepare for death as none know when nor where it may strike. Many friends were in attendance at the funeral, not only to show respect to the deceased memory but also to the living. There were a large number of Denison friends present, including a number of Knights of Pythias of which order Mr. P. M. Lane is a member. The remains were accompanied to their last resting place on this earth by a very large number of people. At the cemetery, Rev. Murphy pronounced the last sad rites and all that remained of Bernard Lane was laid to rest to await the final summons from above.

Laurinat, Herman Fred (1903)

Denison Review - 7-29-1903 - Nishnabotny Twp.
July 23rd, the funeral of the boy, Herman Fred Laurinat, aged 5 years, 6 months and 13 days, took place at the house in Nishnabotny Township and at the Manilla cemetery, Rev. Lothringer officiating.

Lorenzen, A. C. (1902)

Denison Review 12-16-1902 - Denison
Mr. A. C. Lorenzen died at his home in Denison on Saturday, December 13th, of dropsy. He was an industrious, hard working man who did his best in life and many friends sincerely mourn his death. His wife died nearly a year ago and he leaves an only son. Through habits of thrift and industry he was able to accumulate a number of thousands of dollars and Mr. L. Seeman has been appointed guardian of the minor son and administrator of the estate. The funeral services were held on yesterday afternoon at the German Lutheran church and were attended by many.

Lynch, Mrs. (1903)

Denison Review - 7-8-1903 - Vail
Mrs. Lynch died at her home in Vail Tuesday after a lingering illness of several weeks. The funeral was held Wednesday at the St. Ann's church, Rev. Father Murphy officiating. She leaves a family of grown up children to mourn her loss.

Marquardt, John Henry (1903)

Denison Review 5-4-1903 - Denison
On Saturday, May 2nd, at 7 a.m., occurred the death of Mr. John Henry Marquardt at his home in Denison. The cause of his death was kidney trouble, complicated with liver disease from which he had suffered for many years.

Mr. Marquardt was born in Germany, March 21, 1824 and was at the time of his death aged 79 years 1 month and 11 days. He leaves his aged wife, two sons, two daughters and 20 grandchildren, besides a sister in Colorado and a brother in Clayton County.

The deceased was one of the early pioneers of Crawford County, where he and his good wife raised their family of children, of whom all are an honor to the name they bear and all were present with him during his illness and death. The funeral cervices were conducted Monday forenoon at the Lutheran church and interment made in the Nissen cemetery.

Martins, Hans (1903)

Denison Review - 2-12-1903 - West Side
Died on Saturday evening at his home, Mr. Hans Martins, age 76 years. The funeral takes place today at the Lutheran Church, Rev. Shari officiating. Mr. Martins has lived in this community for many years an honest, respectable man. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his death. The whole community joins his loved one in sorrowing.

McHenry, Fay (1903)

Denison Review 3-31-1903 - Dow City
We learn with deep regret of the death of the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McHenry of Dow City this week. The little daughter, Fay, was two and a half years of age and was the pride of the household. Mr. and Mrs. McHenry have our sincere sympathy in their great grief.

Nobles, Henry (1903)

Denison Review - 10-21-1903 - Denison
Mr. Henry Nobles, an old time resident of Denison, died at Springfield, S. D. on Wednesday evening, consumption being the cause of the death. Mr. Nobles came to Crawford County in 1869 and has resided here ever since. About two years ago his health began to fail and for over a year he was confined to his home.

Three months ago he and his wife went to Springfield, S. D. where it was thought his health might be benefited, but all to no avail, the disease had taken too firm a hold and death claimed him. Deceased leaves a wife and one son to mourn his death. The funeral was held at Springfield last Sunday.

Mr. Nobles was a man of industrious habits, a loving and kind disposition and had many friends who regret to learn of his death. He was a member of the Masonic order at Denison and his fellow masons had instructed the order at Springfield to conduct the services and make all necessary arrangements.

Pence, Mrs. R. A (1902)

Denison Review - 11-4-1902 - Buck Grove
Mrs. R. A. Pence died at the home of Mrs. Thos. Munsey in Dow City, Monday, October 27, at the age of 26 years. She leaves a husband and three children, two sisters, one brother and a father, also many other relatives to mourn her loss. The funeral was held Wednesday, October 29th at the M. E. church here, the services being conducted by Rev. Wilson of Defiance. The remains were laid to rest in the Buck Grove cemetery.

Petersen, Maria (1902)

Denison Review 7-25-1902 - East Boyer Twp.
Died July 20, of diabetes, aged 6 years, 5 months and 8 days, the child, Maria Johanna Lina Petersen, of East Boyer Twp., and was interred July 22, Rev. Lothringer officiating. Relatives: parents, one brother and three sisters.

Ploog, Adele Helene Dorothea (1903)

Denison Review - 7-1-1903 - Otter Creek Twp.
The funeral of the infant Adele Helene Dorothea Ploog, aged 1 1/2 years, took place Tuesday, June 23, Rev. Lothringer officiating at the house in Otter Creek Township and at the Nissen cemetery. About thirty carriages followed the remains to their last resting place.

Portz, Infant (1903)

Denison Review 3-3-1903 - Vail
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Portz mourn the loss of their infant. The little one died Saturday and the funeral was held Sunday morning from the house. They have the sympathy of many friends.

Popken, Louis

13 October 1981
Louis Popken, 86, of Broomfield, Colorado, formerly of Denison died on Saturday at Boulder, Colorado. Funeral services will be 2 p.m. on Wednesday at the Huebner Funeral Home in Denison. Burial will be in Crawford Heights Memory Gardens in Denison.

Friends may call after 3 p.m. on Tuesday at the Huebner Funeral Home in Denison.

Survivors include his wife, Adela of Broomfield; one son, Louis of Tulsa, Oklahoma; one daughter, Lillian (Mrs. Verono) Beermann of Broomfield; four grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and three sisters, Mrs. Erna Ruberg, Mrs. Anna Rath and Mrs. Elise Thomsen, all of Denison.

Preul, Louis (1996)

20 April 1996

Louis Preul, 82, of Deloit died Wednesday (April 17, 1996) at Crawford County Memorial Hospital. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at Zion Lutheran Church in Denison with burial in St. Paul's Cemetery in Charter Oak.

Visitation is after 3 p.m. Friday at Huebner Funeral Home in Denison.

Survivors include five sons, Allan of Denison, Ronnie of Denison, Randy of Omaha, Nebr., Gene of Deloit and Terry of Schleswig; three daughters, Karen (Mrs. Allen) Schurke of Deloit, Marlend Anderson of Denison and Jeanette (Mrs. Don) Meurer of Harlan; 19 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; one brother, Edward of Charter Oak; and one sister Lena Sander of Denison.

Reouswot, Henry (1903)

Denison Review 7-22-1903 - Manilla
Henry Reouswot, a well-to-do- farmer near Manilla was terribly cut last week with a mower sickle. He was mowing hay and the team becoming frightened, ran away, throwing Mr. Reouswot from the seat in front of the sickle. He was taken into Manilla for medical aid but died. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his death.

Riddle, Mrs. Daniel (1902)

Denison Review - 5-4-1903 - Coon Grove
Sunday, May 3, at 5 o'clock p.m. occurred the death of Mrs. Daniel Riddle of Coon Grove, at the age of 71 years. She had been failing in health ever since the death of her husband, Mr. Daniel Riddle, who died April 4, 1902, and on February 16, she suffered a slight stoke of apoplexy and has been an invalid ever since.

Mrs. Riddle was born in Ohio and came to Iowa in 1854. She was twice married and leaves two sons and two daughters, one son John West, by her first marriage, lives in Oklahoma and three children from her second marriage, live in Crawford county and were with her at the time of her death. They are Earl, Mrs. F. and Mrs. R. Baer.

She was a noble, Christian woman, ever ready to lift up the fallen and help a worthy friend and her death will be mourned by scores of friends all over Crawford county. The funeral will be held Wednesday at the old home.

Roberts, Infant (1903)

Denison Review - 4-25-1903 - Arion
The funeral of Perry Robert's little baby passed through here from Arion last week. He s laid to rest in the buck Grove cemetery.

Robinault, Mrs. Barney (1903)

Denison Review - 7-29-1903 - Denison
Mrs. Barney Robinault died at her home in south Denison on Monday at six o'clock in the afternoon. The cause of her death was dropsy. She was seventy-six years of age and was born in Germany. The funeral was held yesterday. Her husband is very aged and almost blind and will miss the care of his wife, who was constantly looking after her wants.

Rothe, Mrs. C. F. (1903)

Denison Review - 4-4-1903 - Charter Oak
Mrs. C. F. Rothe died at Sioux City on Friday March 28. Funeral services were held at Charter Oak on Monday and interment was made in the Nissen cemetery. Mrs. Rothe leaves no children but her husband, who is one of the representative men of the county, has the sincere sympathy of all in his hour of deep grief.

Schoening, Mrs. John (1903)

Denison Review - 5-4-1903 - Denison
Mrs. John Schoening, who lives four miles south of Denison, died at the hospital in Omaha on Saturday last, where she was taken on Monday week. For some time deceased had been suffering from cancer of the stomach and as a last resort an operation was performed. She was not able to stand this, however, Mrs. Schoening was born in Germany and came to this country when six years of age. At the time of her death, she was forty four years of age. She has been married three times and leaves four boys and one girl to mourn her death. The funeral was held today at the Lutheran church, Rev. Lothringer officiating.

Schurke, Mrs. Aug. (Pithan) (1903)

Denison Review 4-11-1903 - Morgan Twp.
Mrs. Aug. Schurke, of Morgan Township, died on Wednesday, April 8th, from the effects of the grippe. Mrs. Schurke was 36 years of age and leaves a husband and eight small children to mourn her loss. She was a daughter of F. W. Pithan of Charter Oak. She was a young woman of esteemable character and the consideration in which she was held by her many friends, was shown by the large number who attended the funeral which took place on Thursday. The remains were interred in the Nissen cemetery, Rev. Disch officiating. Our heart-felt sympathy goes out to the bereaved husband and the motherless little ones.

Denison Review 4-11-1903 - Kiron)

Like a thunderbolt from a clear sky came the news on Wednesday morning that Mrs. August Schurke had died at her home five miles southeast of Kiron. As her illness was but for a few days and not being known by her friends, the news of her death could hardly be believed as true but to the regrets it proved so. A complication of the grippe and pneumonia was the cause of her death and these agencies accomplished their purposes most rapidly in spite of all that medical aid and loving ones could do.

A hard blow and a sad one to the husband to have to part with his faithful and affectionate wife, and to the children in losing their mother, whose watch care, guidance and protection has been unsparable. She leaves her devoted husband and eight children to mourn and miss the empty space made in their home by her departure.

Mrs. Schurke was born in Clinton county and together with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Pithan, (now residing at Charter Oak) moved to this locality where she has always lived. She leaves a number of relatives, friends and neighbors who are saddened by her death. The funeral took place on Thursday to which a large number attended. A short service was held at the home at one o'clock after which the remains were followed to their last resting place in the German cemetery southeast of Kiron. She was thirty eight years old. The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the stricken family.

Schwieso, Louis (1903)

Denison Review - 3-7-1903 - Manilla
The funeral of Louis A. Schwicso, took place Feb. 26, at the home in East Boyer township, the German Lutheran church in Manilla, and the Manilla Cemetery, Rev. Lothringer officiating.

The deceased was born May 29, 1883 in Hayes Township and had arrived at the age of 19 years, 8 months and 26 days. The cause of his death is supposed to be appendicitis. The mournful relatives are his parents, three sisters, two brothers and a grandmother. A large cortege followed the remains and showed their sympathy for the afflicted relatives.

Short, John (1903)

Denison Review 4-21-1903 - Vail
Just after midnight on Tuesday, April 21st, Mr. John Short, one of the prominent pioneer citizens of Vail, passed from life to death. Mr. Short had long been a sufferer from a malignant growth and death came as a relief to him after many hours of suffering. At this time we are unable to learn the full particulars of Mr. Short's life. He was of Scotch birth and had reached the age of 78 years. He leaves five children to mourn the death of a tender and affectionate father; they are Adam Short of Vail, John Short, Mrs. John Thompson and Mrs. Frank Lewis of Omaha and Margaret Short of Vail. The funeral services will be held on Friday forenoon at eleven o'clock, Rev. Martyn of the Presbyterian church officiating. In our next issue we will publish a more extended obituary of this honorable and lovable pioneer of Crawford.

Shriver, Wm. (1902)

Denison Review 9-12-1902 - Ricketts
Wm. Shriver, whose death occurred after a lingering illness last Thursday, was buried Sunday from the Lutheran church north of town.

Stanton, Olive (1902)

Denison Review - 12-19-1902 - Denison
Many of the old time residents of Denison will remember Dr. Oliver Stanton who lived here during the early days. His daughter, Miss Olive Stanton, died this week at Cedar Rapids. The following is taken from one of the Cedar Rapids papers. This morning at 1 o'clock occurred the death of Miss Olive Stanton at the home of her uncle, W. T. Jones, 1229 First Avenue. For the past thirteen years she has made her home here, her parents and near relatives all being dead. Dr. Oliver Stanton, her father, is remembered by many of the settlers as he came here during the early days and then moved to Denison. The funeral will be held from the home of Mr. Jones, Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock and the remains will be taken to Manchester for interment, as that is where all her relatives are buried.

Stewart, James (1902)

Denison Review - 10-21-1902 - Arion
Friday, Oct. 9, at about five o'clock as James Stewart, son of John Stewart of Buffalo Center, was moving his threshing machine to a neighbors farm he met with an accident which caused his death. He went to back the machine out of the way of a rock so the separator would not strike it and in backing the engine on a short cramp, the strain broke the separator tongue and the sudden jar caused him to lose his balance. He was forced down between the tool box of the engine and a driving wheel which ground away the lower part of his face. His brother seeing the accident reversed the engine thus freeing him.

The funeral services were held in the Congregational church in Buffalo Centre, Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. Rev. A. W. McNeal, a former pastor, but now of Arion, preaching an eloquent sermon. The floral offerings were beautiful and the remains were followed to the cemetery by a large number of sympathizing friends and relatives.

Schiernbeck, Clarence W.

Note: No dates were given on the newspaper clipping. If you know particulars about the dates of this event, please send them to us and we will add it to this notice.

Clarence W. Schiernbeck, 61 of Egg Harbor Road Hammonton, N.Y. died Saturday, Aug. 23, at his residence.

Born in Schleswig, Iowa, he was an area resident for the past 12 years. He was a retired maintenance man for the Hammonton public schools. He was a member of Loyal Order of Moose Lodge 357, Hammonton.

He is survived by his wife, Violet; four sons, Clarence Jr. of Fort Wayne, Ind., Vernon and Richard both of Harlan, Iowa, and Kevin of this community; three daughters, Mrs. Joyce Hagge, Mrs. Dianne Botos, and Mrs. Janice Shahl all of Carroll, Iowa; 2 step-daughters, Mrs. Carroll Christinsen of Egg Harbor, Mrs. Sandra Lucas of Buffalo, N.Y., a brother Hugo of Lamar, Mo.; four sisters, Mrs. Luella Sudyka of Omaha, Nebr., Mrs. Lorraine Boerner and Mrs. Dorothy Booth, both of Sac City, and Mrs. Helen Rodman of Hammonton; and 15 grandchildren.

Services were held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 27, at the Hammonton Presbyterian Church with the Rev. C. James Hinch officiating. Burial was in Greenmount Cemetery.

Transcribed by Mary Yamada

Towne, Mrs. Salem (1903)

Denison Review - 6-10-1903 - Buck Grove
Mrs. Salem Towne died at her home near Buck Grove, June 2nd, 1903. The deceased was born in Berth, Scotland in 1849 and came with her parents John and Agnes Calderwood to America the same year. They settled in Illinois and in 1868 she was married to Salem Towne. The following year they moved to Iowa. She was the mother of ten children, six of whom survive her. They are: Mrs. S. L. Gable of Wagner, S. D.; Howard, of Wyoming; Olive, Roy, Ward and Ray. All were with her during her last days. Mrs. Towne was a woman of noble Christian character and as she approached death, there was no fear for her trust was in God. Many friends sympathize with the sorrowing husband and children who are bereft of a loving wife and mother

Utterback, D. (1903)

Denison Review 6-24-1903 - Manilla
Mr. D. Utterback, who has been suffering from an attack of pneumonia for some time past, died Tuesday afternoon at his home. The remains were taken to Perry, Wednesday evening, for interment, and were accompanied by the members of the Modern Woodmen Lodge of this place. A wife and seven children are left to mourn the loss of a kind husband and loving father and they have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

Vanderveere, Henry (1903)

Denison Review - 10-21-1903 - Denison
On Thursday, October 15th, Mr. Henry Vanderveere, died at the home of Mrs. Paup, in North Denison, after an illness of only two days. He was about seventy years of age. The funeral was held on Friday and was attended by many of his old time friends.

Mr. Vanderveree came to Crawford County about forty years ago and was, therefore, one of the earlier settlers. He made him home with Mr. Geo. Wilson during all this time. In 1854 he crossed the plains, attracted to California by the gold craze and for a number of years was a prospector in that state. He had traveled all over the west, south and north as far as the line and was quite well known on the frontier.

While in California he was married to Miss Emma Jones, the daughter of a Baptist minister. His wife only lived eight months. In 1869 he returned to Iowa and has been a resident of Crawford County since that time. He was a man of kind disposition; a friend to all and his sudden death was a surprise to his many friends. The cause of his death was said to have been heart failure.

Volquartzen, Hilda Maria (1903)

Denison Review - 10-21-1903 - Denison
On Saturday, Oct. 10th, occurred the death of Hilda Maria Vollquartzen, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vollquartzen, of Denison, the cause of her death being blood poisoning. Hilda Maria was born September 15, 1901 and was three years and one month of age at the time of her death. About three weeks ago she was taken sick and from that time suffered a great deal until death came as a welcome messenger to relieve her. The funeral services were held last Monday afternoon, Oct. 12th, at the home, Rev. Mr. Gauger of the German Methodist Church conducting services.

Weber, Infant (1903)

Denison Review - 3-7-1903
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Webber was laid to rest yesterday morning, having been ill but three or four days. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. A. G. Martyn of the Presbyterian church. The young parents have sincere sympathy.

Wheeler, Mrs. E. T. (Hawk) (1902)

Denison Review 9-12-1902 - East Boyer twp.
On Wednesday occurred the death of Mrs. E. T. Wheeler at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Z. T. Hawk in East Boyer township. Mrs. Wheeler had been in ill health for some time and her advanced years made her in need of constant care. The love and tenderness with which Mr. and Mrs. Hawk cared for her during these many years must be a great consolation to them in their hour of sorrow.

Wiley, Lydia (1902)

Denison Review 10-14-1902 - Washington Twp.
Miss Lida Wiley of Washington Township, who was so badly burned while helping her mother clean house, died at her home on Friday evening at 11 o'clock.

Lida was the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Wiley and was 17 years of age at the time of her death. She leaves four sisters and one brother beside her parents to mourn her death. As noted in the Review, Miss Wiley was assisting her mother in cleaning house and burning old papers that were taken from under the carpet. When lighting the papers her skirts caught fire and although her mother ran to her rescue, before the flames could be extinguished she was frightfully burned. She was unconscious all day and at 11 o'clock she passed to the beyond. The funeral was held at the home on Sunday and was buried in the Defiance cemetery. The entire community extend sympathy to the bereaved relatives.

Winn, Infant (1903)

Denison Review - 4-9-1903 - Buck Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Winn's baby boy, aged 7 days, died Thursday and was buried Friday in the Buck Grove cemetery, Rev. Mattieny of Defiance officiating.

Woodruff, Sarah (1903)

Denison Review 6-3-1903 - Dow City
Mrs. Sarah Woodruff, aged 58 years, one month and 26 days. She was the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Comfort and sister of Mrs. Morris McHenry and Mrs. Bruner and came with the family from Illinois to Harris Grove in Harrison County, this state. Soon thereafter, Mr. Comfort with his family came to Crawford County and located on the tract of land two miles west of where Dow City is located, making about 48 years that Mrs. Woodruff has lived in Crawford County.

She was a member of the Comfort family who had such a large share in the development and upbuilding of the county. She was widely known and held in high esteem as all the members of that family have been. Mrs. Woodruff has suffered much for several years. She had the services of skilled physicians and surgeons but all that was done failed to cure. She peacefully passed away about noontime last Wednesday.

The funeral services were held at the Methodist Church, Dow City, Rev. E. E. Goodrich conducting the services. Notwithstanding the downpour of rain nearly all day, the church was well filled, many of the old friends and neighbors being present to show their sympathy with the family in their bereavement. A large number followed the remains up to the Silent City of the dead on the hill west of town.

Wright, Infant (1903)

Denison Review - 1-03-1903 - Deloit
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wright, Monday, 12-29, a daughter, however, she was only spared a few days to her parents.