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Death Announcements

Garber, Helen (1911)

Schleswig Leader - November 10, 1911
Mesdames W. H. Schultz and Magnus Hollander attended the funeral of Helen Garber at Denison Friday.

Gardener, O. (1907)

Denison Review 10-30-1907

It is with sadness and regret that Deloit is called to mourn of its highly respected citizen, O. Gardner, who has been ill since last June. The funeral took place Monday at the L. D. S. church, Elder C. J. Hunt preaching the discourse and prayer by Rev. Bruce. The pallbearers were A. N. Galland, John Cose, Carl Winey, Jay Myers, E. K. Patchin and J. N. Turner, members of the M. W. A. Lodge, Mr. Gardner being a member of that order. The lodge thus loses its first member by death since first organized some ten years ago. A very large gathering was present at the funeral to show the last tribute of respect to the departed one.

The sympathy of the neighborhood is extended to the bereaved wife who so nobly cared for her husband through his prolonged illness. A wife and little daughter are bereft of husband and father. May the look to Him who doeth all things well, for comfort and consolation in the sadness of trial. The remains were laid to rest in the Deloit cemetery, the members of the M. W. A. in charge.

George (1912)

Denison Review 3-27-1912 - Deloit
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson George lost their infant babe Tuesday of last week. It was buried in the Deloit cemetery last Thursday. It was quite difficult to get to the cemetery on account of the deep snow. It is reported by those digging the grave that only four inches of frost was found.

Gibson (Child)(1907)

Dow City Enterprise 2-8-1907
A child of Mr. And Mrs. John Gibson died this week and was buried Wednesday, Rev. A. L. Curtis preaching the funeral. The bereaved ones have the sympathy of the community.

Ginn, Alvin M. (1908)

Denison Review 4-15-1908
Mr. W. T. Huckstep of Milford informs us that word has been received from Greenville, Idaho, announcing the death of his brother-in-law Alvin M. Ginn, which occurred March 30. He was the husband of Kate Huckstep and well known here. Her friends will feel sorry indeed to know she has lost her most worthy husband.

Goldschmidt, Mrs. W. O. (1899)

Denison Review , 10-10-1899
It is with sincere sorrow and sympathy that we record the death of Mrs. W. O. Goldschmidt, nee Martha Dammann. Mrs. Goldschmidt had been sick for some time and the fact that her little boy was also sick at the time, made her illness doubly distressing. She leaves a husband and a little boy of three to miss her love and care. Mrs. Goldschmidt was not quite twenty-two years of age. She had proven a loyal, loving helpmeet to her husband. The remains were taken to her former home at Walcott, Iowa, this afternoon for interment.

Grady, Mrs. Maurice (1908)

Denison Review 5-20-1908 - Arion

The community was saddened by the death of Mrs. Maurice Grady, who died in a hospital at Omaha last Friday. The funeral was held Sunday morning at Dunlap. There was beautiful music and flowers and the sermon following mass was from "I am the Resurrection and the Life, saith the Lord". Interment was made at Pleasant Hill cemetery with impressive ceremony of the Catholic church. The sympathy of all is extended to the brother and sisters and especially to the mother, Mrs. Henry who will miss her daughter, whose affectionate and cheerful disposition made her visits home looked forward to with great pleasure.

Mrs. Grady is survived by her mother, Mrs. Henry and two little daughters, Eva and Dorothy and brothers, M. Henry Dunlap, Laurence and Thomas of Arion and sisters, Mrs. Summerfield of Dunlap and Mrs. Chas. Menagh of Denison and Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Jas. Butler of Arion.

We wish to express our gratitude and thanks to the many kind friends who came to our home with sympathy and beautiful floral offerings. Mrs. Catherine Henry and family. A beautiful cross of carnations and roses failed to reach the home in time for the funeral. Chas. Horn came with his camera and took a picture of the cross and some other flowers which kindness Mrs. Henry appreciates and the picture will comfort her in days to come.

Grandelins, infant (1912)

Denison Review 11-13-1912 - Boyer
A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Axel Grandelins, but the infant died Saturday night and was buried Monday afternoon.

Grant (1907)

Dow City Enterprise 5-17-1907
A little child of Mr. and Mrs. John Grant was buried in the Dow City cemetery yesterday.

Greenwood, George (1909)

Dow City Enterprise 7-23-09
Elder C. J. Hunt was called from Deloit to preach the funeral of Mr. George Greenwood at Gallands Grove, Shelby county. He was born Oct. 22, 1832 in England where he became a member of the L. D. S. church in 1840. He was married in 1855 and came to America the same year. He died Saturday morning at the home of his son. Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock the funeral was preached by Elder C. J. Hunt and was very largely attended. The remains were interred in the Gallands Grove cemetery. The Enterprise extends sympathy to the bereaved relatives.

Gregeshes, Infant (1911)

Schleswig Leader - July 7, 1911
A baby boy arrived at the Jurgen Gregeshes house last Saturday but it died shortly after birth.
Denison Review 7-12-1911
A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Gregoshes Saturday. The child was not strong and passed away Monday.

Greves, Infant (1911)

Schleswig Leader - August 11, 1911
The little daughter of Will Greves and wife passed away last week. It was ten days old

Grill, Jurgen (1909)

Schleswig Leader, Oct 29, 1909

This community was surprised and shocked Thursday morning to hear of the death of Jurgen Grill, one of the oldest and most respected citizens, at his home here. Deceased had been very ill for some time, but had been improving for the past week.

He leaves a wife, three boys and three girls to mourn his death. He was aged 66 years. Full particulars are not at hand at the time of going to press, but we will furnish them next week.

Grinn, Paul (1894)

Denison Review 7-25-1894 - Vail
Paul Grinn, aged 71 yeas, died at his son's home in Hays twp last Friday. A large number of friends joined the funeral procession which took place the following day at the Hays cemetery.

Guin, C. L. (1907)

Dow City Enterprise 4-5-1907
C. L. Guin, living east of Woodbine was killed last week in a runaway. His wife was only slightly injured.

Gallagher, Patrick (1901)

Denison Review - September 18, 1901 - Vail
Patrick Gallagher died Thursday at his home south of Vail in Hayes Township and was buried Saturday morning, the funeral taking place at the St. Anns Church, Rev. Father Murphy officiating. A large number of friends were present to pay their last respects. He had suffered for some time with a cancer on his face from which death was finally the result. He leaves a wife, two daughters, three sons and a large number of friends to mourn his death.

Gaul, Mrs. Katherine (1901)

Denison Review - December 3, 1901
Mrs. Katherine Gaul, an old and highly respected lady, and mother of the Gaul brothers north of town, died Tuesday and was buried Thursday, the funeral taking place from the St. Anns Church. A large number of friends paid their last respects to the departed.

Giss, Phillip (1901)

Denison Review - August 27, 1901
Died, Mr. Phillip Giss, aged 64 years, died at his home in Denison on Saturday, August 24th. Mr. Giss was an industrious man but seemed to be followed by misfortunes. He leaves a wife and seven children. They are in destitute circumstances and now that their bread winner is gone they are especially dependent upon the kind heart of the community. We trust that they will be cared for by the charitable of the city. It is reported by the coroner who had the funeral in charge, that from the state of the body it appeared that Mr. Giss had been dead several days before the matter was reported. The funeral was held on Sunday, Rev. C. C. Claussen officiating.

Goldschmidt, Martha Dammann (1899)

Denison Review - October 10, 1899
It is with sincere sorrow and sympathy that we record the death of Mrs. W. O. Goldschmidt, nee Martha Dammann. Mrs. Goldschmidt had been sick for some time and the fact that her little boy was also sick at the time made her illness doubly distressing. She leaves a husband and a little boy of three to miss her love and care. Mrs. Goldschmidt was not quite twenty-two years of age. She had proven a loyal, loving helpmate to her husband. The remains were taken to her former home at Walcott, Iowa, this afternoon for interment.

Gould, Asa (1897)

Denison Review - November 10, 1897
Mr. Asa Could died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles Heaviland, Saturday, November 6, of heart failure, at the age of 72 years, 6 months and 16 days. Deceased was a native of Nova Scotia. When a young man he came to Wisconsin and on the twenty-fourth day of December, 1853, was married to Miss Cynthia Helenbolt of Decatur, Wisconsin. To them were born six children, four of whom survive to mourn the loss with their mother of a kind father and loving husband.

Grave, Mrs. Chas. (1901)

Denison Review - November 8, 1901 - Kiron
Friends here received the news of the death of Mrs. Chas. Grave the first of the week, at Worthington, Minn., formerly residing three miles north of Kiron.

Gries, child (1901)

Denison Review - March 8, 1901 - Charter Oak
The two year old son of John Gries Jr. and wife, who live a few miles southwest of town, died Tuesday night of pneumonia. The funeral services were held at the Center school house Thursday, conducted by Rev. Carson.

Gries, Elmer (1901)

Denison Review - March 19, 1901 - Willow
Elmer, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Gries, was called to rest last Wednesday. The little one had been ailing for some time but the parents did not realize that the time was so close when they would have to part with their little one. Dr. Spangler of Ute and Dr. Waterhouse of the Oak were called but could do the child no good, heart failure being the trouble. The remains were put to rest in the Center cemetery. We all extend our sincere sympathy to the bereaved parents.

Gunn, Helen M. (1902)

Denison Review - February 11, 1902
Died, February 6, at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Helen M. Gunn, of heart failure, buried at Clinton, Iowa. Miss Gunn's home was in Jackson Twp. She was one of Crawford County's oldest and best teachers having taught for five year in District No. 2, Jackson Township and in other districts in Crawford and Sac Counties. She leaves her aunts and two brothers, Geo. and Ernest Gunn of Jackson Twp., and three sisters, Mrs. Walhelm, Primghar, Ia., Mrs. Waggoner of Odebolt, and Mrs. Murdock of Chicago, to mourn her loss, besides many friends and relatives.

Greene, William (1951)

Unknown Crawford Co. Newspaper
William Greene, 53, Charter Oak, died Oct. 16

Hansohn, Wm. (1917)

Denison Review, Feb. 28, 1917 - Deloit
Mr. William Hansohn who had been living at the home of Mr. Chas. Erne and doing chores this past winter, died and was buried the latter part of the week.

Hall, Wm. (1912)

Schleswig Leader - September 5, 1912
Mrs. H. D. Jones mourns the death of her father, Wm. Hall, who died at his home in Denison on Wednesday of last week.

Hamann, William (1912)

Schleswig Leader - October 31, 1912
Wm. Hamann Is Dead
Expired at Three O'clock This Morning
Ulcer Breaks and Causes Sudden Death

It was a great shock to the people of Schleswig this morning when word was passed around that Wm. Hamann had died at three o'clock a.m.

The cause of his death resulted from an ulcer in the ear which had bothered him for the past six months but to no great extent. During the early hours of this morning the ulcer broke and the discharge emptied into the brain, causing death in a short time.

For years he has been one of the efficient clerks at the Schroeder and Stoltenberg stores, and up to last Saturday had always been on duty, save a few days about a month ago when illness compelled him to lay off a short time. He was one of Schleswig's most popular young men, his acquaintances being his friends.

He Would have been 35 years old had he lived until next Sunday.

The bereaved wife and five small children have the deepest sympathy of all. A father and mother also survive him at Bloomfield, Neb. At the time of going to press no arrangements have been made for the funeral. We will print an obituary next week.

Hamilton, Mrs. (1893)

Denison Review 9-6-1893 - Vail
Mrs. Hamilton died at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. Frank Lally, in Hays township, Wednesday, Aug. 30. The remains were buried at St. Ann's cemetery the following day, a large number of friends accompanied them to their last resting place.

Hansen, Mrs. (1909)

Schleswig Leader, Oct. 8, 1909
On Monday morning early occurred the death of Mrs. Hansen, mother of Henry and Matilda Hansen, at an advanced age. Deceased had been in ill health for some time, and death came as a welcome relief to her sufferings. She leaves to mourn her demise one son and one daughter, with whom she has been staying. Particulars are not at hand at the time of going to press this week, but we hope to publish the obituary next week.

Hansen, Christian (1912)

Schleswig Leader - March 8, 1912
As we go to press we learn that Christian Hansen died today at the Charter Oak hospital. He was working for a number of our people and was at the home of Aug. Jochims when he was taken sick. Yesterday he was brought to the hospital, but there was no chance then to save him. - Charter Oak Times. The fellow referred to is the same one that tried to work in the livery barn here at Schleswig.

Hansen, Jurgen (1912)

Denison Review 4-17-1912
The funeral of Jurgen Hansen was held at the Lutheran church Friday.

Hansen, Jurgen (1912)

Schleswig Leader - April 12, 1912
Word was received here this week of the death of Jurgen Hansen of Holstein. This old gentleman used to live here in the house west of Andrew Hollander's residence. The funeral was held Friday from the church here.

Jochim Hansen of Galva came here this week to attend the funeral of his father Jurgen Hansen, on Friday afternoon.

Schleswig Leader - April 26, 1912
Jurgen Hansen died at the home of his daughter Mrs. Frank Kuchel in Holstein. He had been sick for six weeks with kidney problems. The remains were taken to Schleswig Friday and buried by the side of the wife and mother.

Mr. Hansen was 71 years old. He leaves seven children, Mrs. J. Sindt, Mrs. Chas. Martens, Mrs. F. Kuchel, Jurgen Jochim and Henry Hansen, all of Holstein, Chris of Sanborn, Mrs. Chas. Drake of Bigelow, Minn., and Mrs. R. Branko of Calumet, Iowa. He also leaves one brother at Durant. - Pioneer.

Hargens, Ella (1911)

Denison Review 7-19-1911 - Hayes
Last Saturday a sad accident happened at the home of Chris Hargens, when his little daughter, Ella, got killed by a wagon box falling on her. Ella and Alfred Hansen were playing and while not knowing it would tip as easy, they stood on the edge and turned the ox which struck her in the neck. The little boy was fortunate in falling under the box, although he was unconscious when found. The entire community extend their sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Hattery, Martha J. (1912)

Denison Review - Aug. 28, 1912 - Deloit
Mrs. Martha J. Hattery, who has lived at Deloit many years being on of the early settlers, died Thursday noon at her home in Deloit. For many months she has been a great sufferer from tumors on her back and for several weeks her suffering has been intense. Her daughters, Mrs. Minnie Ehlers and Mrs. Lily Blanchard have been almost constantly at her bedside. The funeral was held at the L. D. S. church at 10 a.m. Saturday.

Denison Review - 9-11-1912 - Deloit
In reading the item in last week's Review of the illness and death of Mrs. Hattery, we noticed that Mrs. Anna Nicewanner's name was not mentioned. As one of the daughters who cared for her during her sickness and death, Mrs. Nicewanner should have special mention as she came home on purpose to care for her mother during her last days, taking her mother home after the last operation which was her mother's desire

Haworth, "Grandma" (1899 Charter Oak)

Denison Review Friday 21 July 1899

"Grandma" Hawworth died Friday morning of dropsey at the home of her son, Nathan Haworth, Living 2 miles north of Charter Oak. The funeral services were held at the house Saturday afternoon conducted by Rev. Carson. Her daughters, Mrs. Penrod and family of Galva, Mrs. Werner and family and M.D. Haworth and family of Mapleton were in attendance. Mrs Haworth was 72 years old and one of the early settlers of the county.

Fannie is the wife of Sampson Haworth that died in 1880

Hedderman, Mrs. P. (1898)

Denison Review 12-23-1898 - Arion
Death entered our quiet village on Saturday and claimed Mrs. P. Hedderman. We extend our sympathy to the husband and child in their sad bereavement.

Hedger, Florence (1898)

Denison Review 12-27-1898 - West Side
A telegram was received from E. O. Hedger Saturday stating that they would be here Monday with their daughter for burial. We learned since that it was little Florence. She was a very bright child and the whole community mourn with the sorrowing parents and relatives. There will be brief services at the M. E. church after which little Florence will be laid to rest beside the other children in the cemetery north of town.

Hemminger, Frances B.

Francis B. Hemminger, Shelby Co. Iowa
Died Dec. 11, 1945, in St. Joseph Hospital in Omaha
Born: January 8, 1886, in Crawford Co. IA
Parents: The late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hemminger
Marriage: February 25, 1914 to Pearl Holdsworth
Occupation: Farmer in Shelby Co.
Surviving: Children: Lewis of Manilla, Wilbert of Springfield, Mo, Leroy of Irwin and Harvey and Betty both at home. Sisters: Mrs. Effie Thrapp and Mrs. John Joachimsen and brother John of Irwin
Preceding in death: parents, 2 sisters, Gertrude and Alice, and brother William

Herrig, A. (1910)

Schleswig Leader, May 13, 1910
Several from here attended the funeral of the late A. Herrig in Wall Lake Monday. Mr. Herrig died Thursday after suffering some time with cancer

Hess, Myron (1894)

Denison Review 3-14-1894 - Deloit
The grim visitor "death" made its appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hess on Friday, claiming for its own their only son, Myron, at the age of fourteen years. Funeral services were held at the Methodist church on Saturday afternoon, by Rev. G. L. Griggs. After the services his remains were conveyed to their last resting place in the Deloit cemetery.

Hildebrandt, Harriet Wiley (April 17, 1907)

Dow City Enterprise 4-19-1907

Mrs. P. Hildebrant died in the hospital at Des Moines. We did not learn where she would be buried but in all probability the interment will be in the Dow City cemetery.

Dow City Enterprise 4-26-1907
Harriet Wiley Hildebrandt, who died April 17, '07, was born Dec. 25, 1861 in Cedar County, Iowa. She married Peter Hildebrandt and they moved to Dow City in 1887, and again moved to Denison in 1902. She was a faithful wife and a devoted mother and leaves to mourn her loss, a husband and five children. Funeral services were held April 19, in the Denison Baptist church of which she was a member. The deceased was a sister of Jesse Wiley of this city.

Hinton, Maud (1900)

Denison Review, Tuesday, 3-20-1900
The many friends of Mrs. H. W. Hinton will be pained to learn of the death of her daughter, Mau, which occurred December 25, 1899 at Ellensburg, Washington. That dread disease consumption was the cause of her death, after one year of sickness.

The deceased was 15 years of age, was a Christian and a young lady loved by all who knew her. She leaves to mourn her untimely death, a mother and three brothers. Just one year ago, a sister was taken in the same manner and this second blow to the mother was, indeed, a sad one. Mrs. Hinton's many acquaintances in Denison extend to her their sincere sympathy in this her hour of trial.

Hitchcock, Mrs. Fanny (1898)

Denison Review 1-25-1898
Charter Oak
Mrs. Fanny Hitchcock died at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Jos. Shipley, in Morgan township, Wednesday morning, January 19, 1898, aged 82 years. Mrs. Hitchcock was born in Vermont, where she was married to Levi Hitchcock, and to her were born eight children, three of whom survive. Her husband died at Ida Grove in 1878, about a year after they had located in Iowa.

Hoagland, John (1911)

February 10, 1911, Schleswig Leader
John Hoagland, a citizen of Kiron, died a week ago. He had lived in Iowa since 1865.

Hoagland, Mrs. John (1907)

Denison Review 8-28-1907

The death of Mrs. John Hoaglund Sr. occurred on Monday evening at 9:25. As she has been in very poor health for some time and especially during the last six weeks, gradually failing fast, her death was expected. She was born in Wermiand, Sweden and together with her aged surviving husband came to American, August 10, 1865, locating in Fayette county, Iowa. After a three-year stay there they moved to Kiron and located on a farm now owned by Nels Larson. They moved to Arthur, Iowa where they resided some sixteen years, moving back to Kiron five years ago.

She leaves to mourn and miss her, her kind and devoted husband, one son, John Hoaglund Jr. of this place, one daughter, Mrs. Robert Whittaker of Dallis Center, Iowa, a son-in-law and daughter-in-law, thirteen grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Chas. Lindberg of this locality, one brother Carl Carlburg at Galva, one brother and a half sister in Sweden and a large circle of friends.

During the last five weeks her daughter, Mrs. Whittaker has patiently and tenderly cared and nursed her. Funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the services being conducted by Rev. J. Soderstrom from the house.

A good woman has gone though she has passed away her life and deeds were such as will long keep her in the memory of those she mingled with.

Hoes, Mrs. Ella (Owens) (1908)

Denison Review - 7-15-1908
The residents of Manilla were shocked when they learned Friday, July 10, of the death of Mrs. Ella Hoes at 4 p.m. after a short illness of but a few weeks. Her relatives and friends never once thought for a moment of her death. She was a kind and loving mother, a faithful Christian and a true neighbor and companion.

Ella F. Owens was born in Marshall County, Iowa, June 3, 1865 and died in Manilla, Iowa, July 10, 1908, at the age of 43 years, 1 month and 3 days. She was married at Ferguson, Iowa, December 2, 1889 to W. A. Hoes. Soon after they moved to Sheldon, Iowa and later to ...(rest in paper)

Hoiten, Mrs. George (1910)

Feb 11, 1910, Schleswig Leader
Those from out of town who attended the funeral of Mrs. George Hoiten Tuesday were: Mrs. Burroughs, Mr. Billings and Chas. Iversen, manager Green Bay, of Kiron; T. Potter of Harlan, representative of the Green Bay; I. N. Vollersen, manager Green Bay at Ricketts; Henry Elias of West Side.

Houston, William (1911)

Denison Review 12-6-1911
On Saturday forenoon at ten o'clock occurred the funeral of William Houston. The funeral was held in the M. E. church, which was well filled with sorrowing friends who had met to pay their last respects to the deceased. The funeral was preached by Rev. Stephen. The Masonic order furnished the pall bearers and attended in a body. They had charge of the services at the cemetery and used the beautiful and impressive service of the order. All will greatly miss this one who has been in our midst so many years.

Howlett, Alma (1909)

Dow City Enterprise 6-9-1909

The little two year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Howlett died Sunday morning. It is thought it was poisoned by eating candy. Funeral Monday afternoon at the M.E. church and the little one laid to rest in the Dow City cemetery. The family have the sympathy of all in their great sorrow.

Dow City Enterprise 6-11-1909
Alma Howlett, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. J. W. Howlett, died Saturday night after a brief illness and was buried in the Dow City cemetery Monday afternoon. She was about two years old. The funeral was preached by Rev. Curtis at the M. E. church at 3:00 p.m. We extend sympathy to the bereaved family.

Huckstep, Wm. (1890)

Denison Review 1-8-1890 - Deloit
Wm. Huckstep lost a two months old baby last Friday. Before going to Mr. H's father's on New Year's day, Mrs. Huckstep gave to the little one a dose of soothing syrup. When they arrived at their destination the babe was in a lethargy from which it never revived. The funeral took place in Vail Saturday last.

Denison Review 1-15-1890

From W. T. Huckstep and Wife - Deloit, Jan. 9, 1890 - In answer to an item in the Deloit correspondence last week we would say that what was said in regard to Wm. Huckstep's baby was not correct. The writer was either misinformed or had no regard for the truth. There was no soothing syrup given the child. There had been no such medicine in the house for eight years. The baby was taken with a very bad cold which had settled on the little ones lungs. From the time he revived several times and received nourishment. The little one was too weak to endure the cold. He passed away the third of January, being just seven weeks old. The funeral sermon was preached at the house Saturday 4th, by Rev. Mayhood of Deloit and the baby was buried in the Deloit cemetery. W. T. Huckstep and Wife.

Huffman, Silas (1888)

Denison Review - Dow City, 4-13-88 - Friday
Died, Sunday morning, April 8th, Mr. S. R. Huffman, 58 years of age. Mr. H. was born in Canada, came to the United States 48 years ago, and to Crawford county 20 years ago and settled three miles east of Dow City. He was well and favorably known by all the old settlers, and was held in highest esteem and by his death, Union township loses one of her best citizens. For some two or three years Mr. H. has been in poor health, and has tried the climate of Arkansas, California, New Mexico and other places for his health, and none gave the relief sought for. He had only been home but a short time when he was taken worse, and Thursday night, went to sleep from which he never aroused from, until death came and claimed him as its own. The family have the sympathy of all in this greatest trial.

Huffman, George (1912)

Denison Review 8-7-1912
This community was shocked to learn of the terrible accident that befell George Huffman last Wednesday. He was very well known and quite a number from Dow City and vicinity attended the funeral Sunday afternoon from the home of his sister, Mrs. Joseph Kepford. He was laid to rest in the Dow City cemetery beside his parents. Sympathy is extended to the sisters and brothers remaining.

Hugg, Maria Salome (1900)

Denison Review, Friday, 5-11-1900
Mrs. Maria Salome Hugg died on Friday, May 4th, and the funeral services were held the following Sunday, Rev. B. Schori officiating.

The deceased was born in Jebsheim, Upper Alsace, on July 16, 1821 and was married to her loving husband on October 14, 1858. Two sons, Matthias and Geo., blessed their union. The family came to America in 1865, first settling in Long Grove, Illinois, where they remained for 13 years and then came to this county where they have since resided.

Mr. M. Hugg Sr. preceded his wife to the grave eight years ago and her body not lies besides his in well-earned rest. Her sons who are among the best and most highly respected of our citizens, have the sympathy of all.

Hutchinson, Mrs. Geo (1912)

Denison Review -Wednesday- 11-20-1912 - Deloit
The sad news was heard over the phones last Friday afternoon of the sudden death of Mrs. Geo. Hutchinson. While the people knew she had been sick some time, it was thought she was improving. The family have the sympathy of all in their sorrow.

Hannan, Dennis (1902)

Denison Review - January 28, 1902
Dennis Hannan died Wednesday noon at the home of his father in Milford Township after a week's sickness with pneumonia. The funeral was held Friday morning at the St. Ann's Church. A large number of friends were present to pay their last respects to the deceased.

Henrickson, Mr. (1901)

Denison Review - December 31, 1901
On last Friday morning, Dec. 27, 1901, occurred the death of Mr. Hendrickson living southeast of Johnsonville at the age of 75 years, the funeral services taking place on Saturday.

Hoff, David (1901)

Denison Review - May 7, 1901
David Hoff died at his home in Manilla of heart disease, Saturday, May 4 and the funeral services were conducted at the Presbyterian Church, Monday afternoon at 1:30. He leaves a wife and three children - two girls and one boy - to mourn his departure. Mr. Hoff was well known and highly respected in Manilla and the sympathy of the entire community will rest with the sorrowing relatives.

Hoffman, Joseph (1897)

Denison Review - April 7, 1897
Joseph Hoffman of this city, one of the old respected citizens of the county, died very suddenly at his home in the fourth ward Tuesday afternoon. He had been down town and feeling a slight indisposition went to his home and retired to his bedroom. A few minutes later he breathed his last. The funeral occurred this morning at St. Pater and Paul's Church. Mr. Hoffman was a retired farmer and previous to move to town lived southeast of town for a number of years. He leaves a number of grown children, all respected in the communities in which they live. The above notice is taken from the Carroll Herald of April 2nd. Mr. Hoffman was the father of John and F. J. Hoffman of this city. They have the sympathy of their many friends in this sad bereavement.

Hollander, Peter (1901)

Denison Review - May 28, 1901
Mr. Peter Hollander, resident eight miles southwest of Kiron, died very suddenly of heart failure. He was not feeling well and on reaching home he was helped to bed and the doctor sent for but died before the doctor arrived. His remains were followed to their last resting at the Nissen cemetery on Wednesday by a large number of friends and relatives.

Hoop, Lizzie (1901)

Denison Review - May 31, 1901- Manilla
Miss Lizzie Hoop died Monday evening of consumption at the home of her sister, Mrs. Healey. The funeral was held Wednesday at 10 o'clock at the Catholic Church.

Hopper, Mrs. Thos. (1901)

Denison Review - February 5, 1901
Mrs. Thos Hopper, died at her home near Deloit, Iowa, on the morning of Thursday, February 7th, from a sever attack of the grippe. Mrs. Hopper was fifty-three years of age and leaves a husband and six children, three daughters and three sons, to mourn her loss. She was a woman respected b y all who knew her for her many virtues and sterling qualities. The funeral will take place at St. Rose of Lima's church on Saturday morning next at 10:30 o'clock, Rev. Father M. J. Farrelly officiating.

Horr, infant (1901)

Denison Review - October 8, 1901
John Lewis and S. Horr drove to Odebolt Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday afternoon returned with the corpse of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Horr, which was interred in the Deloit cemetery. Mrs. Horr, better known as Leialah Lewis, has been very sick and hopes are entertained for her complete recovery. They have many friends here who will regret to learn of their misfortune in losing their child.

Hills, Mrs. F. L. (1901)

Denison Review - November 1, 1901
Died Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 30, Mrs. Hills, wife of F. L. Hills, editor of the Charter Oak Times. Mrs. Hills has been sick for some time. A brief memorial service was held at the home Thursday afternoon, after which the remains were taken to Oto for interment. Mr. Hills and his now motherless children have the sympathy of all in this bereavement, than which none could be greater.

Howorth, Carl (1901)

Denison Review - March 26, 1901 - Dunlap
Suffering from a distorted imagination brought on by years of catarrhal affliction, Carl Howorth, son of D. Howorth of this city, ended his life Monday morning by hanging himself to a tree on his father's farm about three and a half miles southeast of town.

Death was not directly caused by the process of hanging, but rather from hemorrhage caused therefrom. Neither was death instantaneous for he lived nearly five hours after the deed, and was conscious until within a few minutes of death. Being in poor health, the deceased's father persuaded him to take a trip west about a year ago and he visited Durango, Colo. And adjacent points in hope to get relief from his catarrh, which was then very bad.

Returning home it was noticed he was unusually nervous and excitable, but this was attributed to the fact that, being near-sighted and scarcely able to see, traveling alone had worried him and produced excitement. Nothing further marked his mental condition until about two months ago when he complained to his brother, Dow, of being unable to remember anything and since then, forgetfulness had grown steadily worse, until he was never certain of anything.

Carl had spent the winter at home, but had accompanied his brother, Dow, home to the farm Saturday afternoon, riding his own horse to the place. Turning the animal loose, it seems that he laid off his overcoat and made straight for the windmill, up which he climbed to the top, and stood upon the edge fifty feet above the ground with as much unconcern as though he had been on the ground. In his rational state, no power could have persuaded him to climb to the tower, but there he stood asking his brother where he had best jump. He carried the idea that a man was climbing the mill to kill him and it took Dow two and a half hours to convince him that there was no one there, so taking off one of his overshoes he flung it downward toward the imaginary man and then climbed down.

Once down his reason seemed to have returned and said to his brother, "What have I done? Did I try to kill myself? I surely must be crazy, for no man with his senses would do such a thing." He then told his brother that he was willing to go to the insane asylum provided he would go with him and when told he would do so, he became pacified and went to bed about midnight, being, upon request, accompanied by his brother. All this time and the following day he labored under the hallucination that three strange men in the house, always whispering his fears in the ears of members of the family rather than make his suspicions audibly known.

Sunday he arose as usual, but was closely watched by his brother and kept from harms way. Night came and the two brothers again retired, but Dow fell asleep from sheer exhaustion and taking advantage of his brother's slumber, Carl arose and left the house. Mrs. Howorth heard him leave and aroused her husband, who made a hurried search for him, finding him in a bewildered state in the hog lot. On the return to the house, Carl said something about tying a rope to a tree near the creek but his mind would not permit him to remember whether he had done so or not. The father having been notified reached the farm about 3:45 Monday morning, passing through Carl's room in order that he might hear from Dow the condition of the elder son. The door between the two rooms was ajar and the conversation which was conducted in low tones did not exceed four minutes but notwithstanding that, Carl, during this short absence of his brother, stealthily left the house. Returning to the bedroom, Carl's absence was noted and Dow, with an emergency lantern, hurried to the creek where the rope was supposed to be.

Sure enough the rope was there and before Dow reached the spot about 150 yards from the house, he heard his brother drop and being attired in night clothes, his dangling body was easily seen. Instantly the rope was severed, but owing to the crippled wrist of the father it was necessary to secure help from a neighbor before the young man could be carried to the house. In the meantime he recovered consciousness and was able to converse with his brother. Shortly after this Dr. Edwards, who had been previously summoned, arrived and administered to the young man but his case was hopeless and he died at 8:30 a.m. Monday morning.

Heide, Ella (1951)

Unknown Crawford Co. Newspaper
Ella Heide, 57, Denison, died Oct. 19

Hunter, Karen (1951)

Unknown Crawford Co. Newspaper
Karen Hunter, infant, Dunlap, died Oct. 12

Irwin, Hattie E. (1900)

Denison Review, Tuesday, 3-20-1900

People were shocked here Saturday by the news that Miss Hattie Irwin had died at two o'clock that morning at Ute.

She had begun some time ago taking treatment of Dr. Lawson of that place while teaching near there. Thursday she did not feel as well as usual and took the afternoon train for Ute to get medicine, but she had overrated her strength and in walking from the depot to Dr. Lawson's office against the strong wind, had ruptured a blood vessel and was taken with hemorrhage. Dr. Lawson had her removed to his residence and her mother and sister at this place sent for. Dr. Hart of this place was also called and all the loving hands or medical skill could do was done for her but without avail. The Master had said, "Come" and the body only was returned to her home Saturday afternoon.

The funeral services were held at the M. E. church of which she was a faithful member, at 2:30 Sunday. Rev. Carson was assisted in the service by Rev. Brown, a former pastor and Rev. Hild of Ute. The remains were followed by a large concourse of friends to their last resting place by the side of her father who died a few years ago. John Davis of Powshiek county, to whom she was to have been married soon, was telegraphed to, Friday morning. He reached Arion on the evening flyer but on account having to go to Ute with a team, reached her bedside an hour too late. The mourning friends have the sympathy of all in their sad bereavement.

Jensen, William H. (June 14, 1965)

Schleswig Leader
Funeral Services For Willie Jensen To Be Held Today Funeral services for William H. Jensen age 73 will be held today (Thursday) at 10:30 at the United Church of Christ. Mr Jensen died Monday evening at the Ida Grove hospital after a lingering illness. A complete obituary will appear in next week's paper.

Jochims, Harvey

Harvey Jochims, age 32 yrs., Denison IA
Died: Dec. 1, 1945, Denison Hospital, became ill on a family trip out west
Born: Otter Creek Township May 6, 1913
Parents: the late Adolph and Amanda Stockfleth Jochims
Marriage: Dec. 18, 1931 to Adele Gehring
Children: Beverly
Survivors: wife, daughter, his mother, seven brothers and sisters
Preceded in death: by his father and brother Clarence

Johnson, Child (1911)

Denison Review 8-16-1911 - Deloit
Mr. and Mrs. N. V. Johnson received a message from their son, Eli, Monday, from near Laurel, Neb., that he and his wife had lost their only son, about fourteen years of age. He had been sick some time with typhoid fever and rheumatism.

Johnson, Elmer (1894)

Denison Review 4-4-1894 - Deloit
Died on Monday morning only child of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson of lung fever. Funeral services were held on Tuesday at 10 a.m., she being at the age of four years and 1 months, the parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement.

Johnson (1895)

Denison Review - 1-?-1895 - Kiron
Two deaths occurred in the neighborhood the past week. The seven months' old babe of Mr. and Mrs. Gust Johnson passed away on Thursday and on Friday the baby of Mr. and Mrs. John Winquest died at the age of one month. Funeral services were held at the Baptist church, Rev. E. O. Olson delivering the sermon. A large crowd was gathered to extend sympathy and aid in the last rites. The bereaved parents have the sincere sympathy of their many friends.

Johnson, John (1890)

Denison Review 1-15-1890
John Johnson was buried in the cemetery here last Wednesday. Deceased as 41 years of age, and leaves a wife and two children. Subject to apoplectic fits it would seem that on Tuesday morning he was seized and fell near the barn and was soon found dead. Only the previous day he had leased the Bouldron farm for 5 years. He was a native of Sweden and much respected. Sincere sympathy is extended to the survivors in his stricken home.

Johnston, H. B. (1913)

Denison Review 1-15-1913 - Deloit
The many friends of H. B. Johnston received the sad news of his serious illness and death the latter part of the week. He moved from here to Denison about two years ago. His widow has the sympathy of her old friends and neighbors in her bereavement.

Jones, Mrs. J. H. (1895)

Denison Review 2-20-1895 - Dunlap
Mrs. J. H. Jones died last Sunday after a lingering illness. The funeral services took place at the Mormon church in Galland's grove Tuesday. The services were attended by a large concourse of sympathizing friends.

Jordan, Cecil (1893)

Denison Review 11-15-1893 - Deloit
Cecil, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Jordan, who died last Saturday was buried in the Deloit cemetery Sunday, Elder J. T. Turner preaching the funeral sermon at the L. D. S. church Sunday forenoon. A large number fathered to pay this their last respect to Cecil who has been taken from (missing rest of article)

Jessen, Henry (1897)

Denison Review - February 24, 1897
Henry Jessen was born in Schleswig, Holstein, Germany, Nov. 20, 1863 and died at his home near Deloit, Feb. 19, 1897. He was married to Christina Bastian in the year 1889 and came to this country in 1894. His death was due to an attack of la grippe which quickly developed into lung fever. The deceased leaves a wife, two small children, two brothers and one sister. The funeral services were held at the residence Sunday, Rev. Claussen having charge. Interment was had in the cemetery south of town.

Jones, Alma (1901)

Denison Review - June 18, 1901 - West Side
Alma, the nine year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claus Jones, died on Tuesday of Brights disease. The funeral was held on Wednesday.

Kachler, Dedief (1909)

Denison Review 1-27-1909 - Manilla

Dedief Kachler, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Kachler, who lived near Buck Grove, died suddenly in Kansas City, Mo., last Saturday, Jan. 23 and was buried Tuesday in the Manilla cemetery, rev. H. Wendt officiating. Mr. Kachler was married four days before his death to Miss Alvena Scott of New Hartford, Iowa.

Kanouss, S. S. (1900)

Denison Review, Friday, 6-26-1900
It is with regret we chronicle the death of another of Dow City's old citizens in the personage of Mr. S. S. Kanouss which occurred at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. W. Cramer, east of town, Tuesday, June 20th, at five o'clock of paralysis. A faithful, kind and honest old gentleman beloved by the entire community. Funeral services were held on Wednesday.

Keane, Pat (1893)

Denison Review 10-14-1893
Saturday morning Pat Keane died at his home after a month's sickness. He suffered from laraia fever and inflammation of the bowels. Deceased having been a member of the A. O. H. was buried from St. Ann's church by this order Sunday afternoon. A very large funeral procession escorted the remains to their last resting place. A family of nine unprovided children mourn the loss of a loving father. Surely Christian charity should step in and help the bereaved widow.

Keating (1909)

Denison Review 1-20-1909 - West Denison
On Friday morning, Mr. and Mrs. M. Keating were called to mourn the loss of their little son. The little one was but a week old. Mr. and Mrs. Keating have the sympathy of their many friends.

Killean, Patrick Sr. (1909)

Denison Review 3-16-1909 - West Side
Patrick Killean Sr. died at his home near West Side Monday, March 8, after an illness of several weeks of dropsy and complications brought on by old age. Obituary next week.

Kinyon, D. W. (1909)

Dow City Enterprise 10-15-1909
Word was received here Saturday from Hawarden that D. W. Kinyon was dead. He is father of Mrs. Ed Kepford and is well known here. His remains were taken to Woodbine Tuesday for interment. What the cause of his death was we did not learn.

Koch, Mrs. Joseph (1900)

Denison Review, Tuesday, 4-17-1900
News comes to Denison that Mrs. Joseph Koch died at her home in Washington township last night of pneumonia. The deceased was a young woman who was greatly loved and esteemed by all who knew her. She leaves a husband and four children to mourn her loss. We understand the remains will be taken to Ft. Madison, Iowa, for interment.

Koepen, Wm. (1911)

Schleswig Leader - August 4, 1911
Caught Under Engine

Wm. Koepen of this vicinity met a horrible death Tuesday evening when he was caught under a threshing engine that broke through a bridge.

The accident occurred near the home of John C. Moeller in Otter Creek, southeast of Schleswig. Koepen was running the threshing machine and came to this bridge. He had been warned that the bridge was not safe and that he should not attempt to cross it. He decided to try it, however.

The bridge was a short one. The front wheels were nearly across when the rear wheels go onto the bridge. The bridge could not stand the weight of the rear part of the engine, and gave way, the engine tipping to the left. The engineer managed to jump off the engine as it fell and was uninjured.

Koepen, however, hung onto the steering wheel and was carried over with the engine. He must have turned a complete somer-sault as the engine turned over, the top sticking into the ground, and the four wheels up in the air. The body was sunk into the mud about a foot. A ditch was dug underneath in order to get the body out.

Death was certainly instantanious as his neck was broken, a big hole cut in the back of his head, and his chest caved in. One leg was also broken.

The body was taken to the home of his parents near Ricketts, where the funeral was held Friday. Koepen was about thirty-five years old.

The threshing rig belongs to Henry Hennings. It will be a big and expensive job to get the engine set up again.

Kral (1942)

Denison Review 1-24-1912 - Vail
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kral mourn the loss of their three weeks old baby, which died Friday evening. The little one was buried in the Vail cemetery Saturday afternoon.

Kroesen, Mrs. (1910)

Jan 14, 1910, Schleswig Leader
Early Monday morning Editor Kroesen of Ute awoke to find his house afire. He grabbed his two children from their bed, shouted to his wife to follow him, and made his was outside. Mrs. Kroesen delayed a few minutes before following and was overcome by smoke gas and her body consumed in the fire.

Kruger, Mrs. Emil (1893)

Denison Review 12-13-1893 - Vail Observer
Mrs. Emil Kruger, Tuesday morning, Dec. 5, 1893, at her residence in Vail, of lung fever. Mrs. Kruger had been sick only about two weeks and on Saturday last seemed so much better that it was though there was no doubt of her speedy recovery. But the terrible disease had fastened its fangs with too sure a grip and on Tuesday morning at about 6 o'clock she passed away sincerely lamented by all who knew her.

Three children, the eldest but seven years of age, the youngest one and a half years, are left motherless by this most distressing blow. The light of a happy household has been suddenly extinguished. The enjoyment of the presence and the brighter prospects of the future have been alike destroyed and in their stead reigns the gloom of bereavement, the darkness of grief. The sorrowing husband, loved, honored and respected by his fellow men has, in this hour of greatest trial, the heartfelt sympathy of all.

Kuehl, Willie (1944)

Schleswig Leader - August 1944
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Kuehl received word Friday, that their son Willie had been killed in France on July 7th. This was the third death notice to be received in this community in less than a week. LeRoy Maas and Martin Wellner were killed in France on July 4th and official notices received here on July 31st.
Willie Kuehl was born and raised on the farm northwest of town. He attended the local high school and graduated with the class of 1934. Prior to his entering the army in April 1942, he was employed in the aircraft industry on the west coast.

Kuhl, Hans (1912)

Denison Review 12-4-1912 - Charter Oak
The death of Hans Kuhl occurred about midnight Saturday after an illness of about two months. Mr. Kuhl was a retired farmer, having moved to town last March to enjoy the remainder of his life. He was born in Holstein, Germany, about 73 years ago and married while still living there. They came to America in 1887 and to Crawford county in 1888. The funeral services were held at St. John's Lutheran church Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Deceased leaves a wife and four children.

Kullberg, John (1910)

August 19, 1910, Schleswig Leader
John Kullberg, an old resident of this county, died at his home half a mile east of Boyer Wednesday night, after only a week's illness, and will be buried at the cemetery south of Odebolt on Friday. Mr. Kullberg was an old pioneer of this locality and had many friends who will regret to learn of his death. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his death

Kusel, Julius W. (1909)

Denison Review 12-29-1909 - front page
Death of Julius W. Kusel - Parents Receive the Sad News from Olive, California of the Death of this Promising Young Man - The hearts of many Denison friends and relatives were saddened last week by the news of the death of Julius W. Kusel which took place at his home in Olive, Cal, on December 22nd. It was just two months before that he and his happy bride left Denison for their western home where he was well established in the mercantile business. A more complete obituary notice, together with a portrait of this splendid young man, will appear in our next issue. In the meantime we would extend our most sincere sympathy to his heart broken loved ones.

Kinnan, Emma Bell (1901)

Denison Review - September 18, 1901
Died - Emma Bell Kinnan, at Boyer, Iowa, Friday, Sept. 13th, at 1 o'clock a.m. Miss Kinnan was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac P. Kinnan of this place. She was born near Bloomington, McLain County, Ills., where she spent her early childhood, after which she removed with her parents to Iowa, where she has since resided. For some time she was engaged as stenographer in the office of Mr. Melvin Smith, Sioux City, Iowa, but at the time of her death was teaching near Boyer, Ia. Her very true and helpful life will be greatly mourned by her friends and loved ones. Miss Kinnan was the fourth in the family of eight children and the oldest of her four sisters. Her unexpected death was caused by the rupture of a blood vessel in her head. Her suffering was most intense and before relatives could reach her, death had claimed her for a better home where suffering and sorrow cease. Early in life she became a Christian and died with full faith in her blessed and loving Redeemer. She leaves her aged parents, three brothers and four sisters to mourn her departure.

Knoblock, Mrs. Oscar (1902)

Denison Review - January 24, 1902
We extend sympathy to Mr. Oscar Knoblock and family who was bereft of wife and mother on Tuesday night. Mrs. Knoblock leaves a husband and six children to mourn their loss, leaving a babe about one hour old which her sister-in-law, Mrs. Otto Lincke took charge of.

Knowles, Charlie (1901)

Denison Review - October 16, 1901 - Vail
One of the saddest accidents that ever happened in Vail occurred Saturday afternoon about 2:30 when Charlie Knowles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Knowles, was run over and killed by a gravel train. Charlie, with several other boys, was running on the train to where they were unloading gravel just east of town and in some manner he fell under the cars, one leg was entirely severed from the body and the other one horribly mutilated. He was picked up and the train slowly run back to town where everything possible was done for him but he only lived a few hours but was conscious to the end enquiring for his parents and playmates and recognized them all. Charlie was a very bright boy about 12 years of age, industrious, accommodating and possessed quite a talent for music. He, with his sister and father, were on the programe to furnish the music for the bazaar next week. It is a sad blow to his parents and the entire community sympathize with them. The funeral was held Monday afternoon at the St. John's Episcopal Church, Rev. Doughlass of Mapleton officiating.

Koeppen, Louis (1901)

Denison Review - March 5, 1901 - Charter Oak
Louis Koeppen, living five miles north of Charter Oak, died Monday morning at six o'clock of Bright's disease, of which he had been a sufferer for some time. The funeral will be held at 10 o'clock Wednesday. He leaves a wife and six children, four girls and two boys. He was 64 years of age and a native of Germany. He first lived in Chicago and then moved to Crawford County where he has lived for over 22 years.

Kurdelmeir, W. J. (1901)

Denison Review - February 5, 1901
The funeral of W. J. Kurdelmeir took place on Sunday afternoon at the German Lutheran church, Rev. Lothringer officiating. Many friends were in attendance to testify their kindly affection for the bright and energetic young man whose untimely death was mourned by all his acquaintances.

Lackman, Johnnie (1912)

Denison Review 10-23-1912 - Deloit
Johnnie Lackman, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Lackman, died Wednesday evening of typhoid fever. He was sick only about two weeks. He was nearly a young man and will be missed greatly in the home. The funeral and burial took place at the German Lutheran church and cemetery near Boyer. The family has the sympathy of friends.

Lahr, Infant (1911)

Denison Review 7-12-1911 Buck Grove
Mrs. Charles Lahr, living south of here, lost a baby last Friday. The little one was taken to Defiance Sunday for burial.

Lange, Jennie (1899)

Denison Review, 10-10-1899

Mrs. Jennie Lange, widow of the late August Lange, an old citizen of Crawford county, died at her home south of town, last Thursday evening after a brief illness.

She was born in Baden, Germany, in 1847 and had therefore reached 52 years of age. She came to American in 1867.

She leaves to mourn her loss three sons and six daughters who will have the sympathy of many relatives and friends in their great affliction. The funeral was conducted on Sunday afternoon at the residence by Rev. A. G. Martyn of the Presbyterian church and was very largely attended. Mrs. Lange was a most faithful wife and mother and a most excellent neighbor. Sincere condolence is given the bereaved household in this their day of sorrow and bereavement.

Langholdt, Mrs. Peter (1910)

Denison Review - May 25, 1910 - Charter Oak
Mrs. Peter Langholdt died in the Sioux City hospital last week from cancer. The remains were brought to Charter Oak on Saturday. The funeral services were held at the Lutheran church on Tuesday.

Larson (1895)

Denison Review 3-13-1895 - Kiron
Died on Friday eve, the three weeks' old boy of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Larson. Funeral services occurred on Sunday afternoon, Rev. E. O. Olson officiating.

Lass, Mrs. Geo. (1899)

Denison Review, 10-10-1899

Mrs. Geo. Lass died at her home in Denison on Saturday, Oct. 7, 1899 at 10 p.m. after an illness of some days' duration.

Mr. Lass was born in Schleswig, Holstein, Germany in 1836. She was married to Geo. Lass and seven children were born to them of whom five sons and a daughter remain to mourn her loss. Mrs. Lass had lived long in this community and her life was that of a devoted wife and mother and Christian womanhood. The funeral services were held this morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. C. Claussen officiating. Interment was made in the Nissen cemetery. To her surviving loved ones we extend our heartfelt sympathy in their hour of grief.

Laub, H. C. (1910)

November 25, 1910, Schleswig Leader
Hon. H. C. Laub of Denison died Tuesday, aged 86 years. He was one of Crawford county's oldest and most substantial citizens

Laughrey, Charles (1917)

Denison Review - Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1917
Word has been received that Mr. Charles Laughrey was buried at his home in Wyoming where he went about four years ago. Mrs. Juliett Johnson, his sister, had kept house for him. He died of heart trouble and was buried December 31.

Lee, Arnold (1909)

Denison Review 8-4-1909
Arnold Lee Instantly Killed Last Night Near Dow City
His Neck Broken in Two Places
Team Was Startled as Lee Climbed Into Wagon and He Was Hurled to His Death Beneath the Wheels

Arnold Lee, a well-known Dow City character met sudden death in a runaway accident a mile east of that city last evening. Lee with his companions, John Holliday and John Shafer, were returning from Arion. Near the wagon bridge over the Boyer east of Dow City they met B. M. McElwain on horseback. They stopped to talk with him and Lee got out of the wagon. They were all in a jolly mood and just as Lee started to climb into the wagon one of the party gave a yell. This started the horses and they sprang down the road throwing Lee and Shafer. The latter escaped with a few bruises but Lee had his neck broken in two places and his death must have been instantaneous. Mr. McElwain rode to town as speedily as possible and help was quickly on the scene but it was at once found that Lee was beyond all help.

The body of the unfortunate man was placed in the wagon from which he had been thrown and taken to the undertaking rooms and later the remains were taken to the home. Mr. Lee was a man in the prime of life. He leaves a wife and two children in destitute circumstances. His father and mother, brothers and sisters are also well known Dow City people. Mr. Lee had lived most of his life in the vicinity of Dow City and he was well known to all. At this writing no arrangements have been made as to the obsequies. The bereaved family has the sincere sympathy of the community.

Dow City Enterprise 8-6-07
Died - Arnold Lee was born Jan. 3, 1880 in Delaware county, Iowa. He died at Dow City Aug. 3, 1909, being 29 years and 7 months old. He leaves a wife and one child, father, mother, three brothers and two sisters to mourn his untimely death. The funeral services were held in the L. D. S. church yesterday afternoon and were conducted by Rev. A. L. Curtis of the M. E. church who preached the sermon. The attendance was very large. Burial was had in the Dow City cemetery. The Enterprise extends sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Lehman, Mrs. (1898)

Denison Review 6-4-1898 - Goodrich Gossip
Mrs. Lehman gave birth to a nice girl baby, May 22, and died Saturday morning May 28. She had been ailing with lung trouble for more than a year and after the birth of her child failed rapidly. We extend our heart-felt sympathy to her bereaved husband.

Lentz, Enoch (1890)

Denison Review 1-8-1890
Enoch Lentz lost a fine bright boy of eight years of age. He died last Saturday with scarlet fever and three more of his children are down with the same disease. Our public schools have been closed for a week and a rigid quarantine maintained and every precaution is being taken to confine the disease within its present limits. Mr. and Mrs. Lentz and family have the sympathy of the whole community in this their sad affliction.

Lorensen, Carl (1911)

Denison Review 6-28-1911 - Arion
The body of Carl Lorenzen, who was attacked and killed by the Northwestern train, was brought here on Thursday morning. The undertaker came and the body of the unfortunate man was taken to Denison for burial.

Lorentzen, Carl C. (1911)

Schleswig Leader - June 30, 1911
Carl C. Lorentzen of Denison was killed last week Thursday near Arion by being struck by a fast mail train.

Lumley, Mrs. Francis A. (1900)

Denison Review, Friday, 1-12-1900 - Deloit

Mrs. Francis A. Lumley, commonly known as Aunt Fannie, passed from this life Monday, Jan. 8th, after a short illness with pneumonia.

She was born April 11, 1839, at Toronto, Canada. She united with the L. D. S. church Sept. 19, 1872. The funeral sermon was preached at the L. D. S. church by Elder C. J. Hunt at 2 p.m. Tuesday and the remains laid to rest in the Deloit cemetery. Unfortunately Mrs. Lumley has not a living relative except her husband.

Larson, Mrs. L. J. (1901)

Denison Review - November 8, 1901 - Kiron
The remains of Mrs. L. J. Larson, wife of our honorable townsman, L. J. Larson, arrived today on the train from Clarinda, Iowa and will be buried tomorrow at the Lutheran cemetery. Owing to mental derangement she has spent the past few years at the hospital at Clarinda at which place she died on Monday. She leaves an aged husband, four sons and one daughter and several grandchildren to mourn her departure.

LeValley, Mrs. (1901)

Denison Review - July 9, 1901 - Charter Oak
We regret to learn that Mrs. LeValley died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George R. Knight, at Charter Oak on the morning of July 4. Mrs. LeValley was 77 years of age and had been an invalid for a number of months. She was the mother of Mrs. Wm. Hall of this city, of Mrs. Geo. Bond, now of California and of Mrs. Knight of Charter Oak. She was a most estimable Christian woman and besides her relatives she leaves many old time friends, both here and in Charter Oak to mourn the end of a good and useful life.

Lincke, Mrs. (1901)

Denison Review - October 29, 1901 - Deloit
Mrs. Lincke, mother of Carl and Otto Lincke, died at her home near Deloit, Saturday, at the age of 65 years.

Lorentzen, Hans J. (1903)

Denison Review - December 9, 1903
Old Soldier Dead - Mr. Hans J. Lorentzen Dies at the Home of His Son - He Held an Excellent War Record - Was three Times Promoted for Valiant Service. Enlisted from Wisconsin in the Ninth Infantry.

Mr. Hans J. Lorentzen, an old and respected war veteran, died at the home of his son Herman in Denison on Friday evening, Dec. 4 at 7:30 o'clock after a short illness. He was 72 years of age at the time of his death and leaves seven children to mourn his death. The funeral was held at the Lutheran church on Tuesday, Dec. 8.

Hans J. Lorentzen was born in Bergenhusen, Germany, February 15, 1832, and removed to this country in 1854, settling at New Holstein, Wis. Where he was married to Miss Margaritha Jensen, in 1866, soon after the close of the war. Eight children were born to this union, all with the exception of one are still living. The deceased came to Denison in the year 1887 and has made this place his home ever since, where he has followed his trade, that of a painter. He was considered a first-rate painter and sign writer and had plenty of work when he was able to attend to it. He was not always in the best of health, his age and injuries received during the war incapacitating him.

At the outbreak of the civil war he enlisted with the Ninth Wisconsin Infantry, Company K and was its first sergeant. Afterward he was promoted for good service to second lieutenant of Company B in December 1862 and in August 1863 was again promoted to first lieutenant in Company H. In the early part of 1865 the regiment was reorganized and Mr. Lorentzen was again honored by being appointed captain of Company C, which position he held with honor until he was mustered out and received honorable discharge in 1866. He was a good soldier, serving his country and flag well and his promotions were duly earned. The G.A.R. post of Denison turned out to attend his funeral as did a host of friends who will miss the genial disposition and the many war stories he was so fond of telling.

Lorenzen, Lorens B. (1903)

Denison Review - December 9, 1903
On Saturday, Nov. 29, 1903, occurred the death of Mr. Lorens B. Lorenzen, at the home of his daughter Mrs. Boyens, in Hanover township. The funeral was held Tuesday following and burial took place in Nissen cemetery. Mr. Lorenzen was the father of Mr. A. B. Lorenzen and was 74 years of age at the time of his death. He was born in Schleswig, Holstein, Germany in April, 1830 and came to America in 1873, settling in Clinton, Iowa where he lived three years and then came to Crawford County where he has since resided. In 1852 he was married to Miss Amelia Godberson and three children were born to them, namely: A. B. Lorenzen, Mrs. Adelene Petersen and Mrs. Anna Boyens, of Hanover township. Deceased was a quiet, industrious man and lived an honorable life. He lived to see his children honored, loved and prosperous, and he was content.

Lousch, Maggie (1901)

Denison Review - September 10, 1901
Died in North Grove about four miles southwest of Dow City, Mrs. Maggie Lousch, wife of Joseph Lousch. Deceased was probably 40 years of age and leaves a husband and six children to mourn her loss. She appeared to be in her usual health and ate dinner and went out about the yard looking after the affairs of the family and strangled to death from the effects of a goiter. The funeral occurred at Dunlap, attended by Rev. Father White and sorrowing friends.