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Death Announcements

Marcum, S. W. (1909 )

Denison Review - Aug. 11, 1909
A Painful Accident
An Old Soldier Falls On a Stick Which Penetrated His Body Seventeen Inches

S. W. Marcum, an old soldier and resident of Deloit, who moved to Aitkin county, Minn. a few years ago, came suddenly to his death at his home at Glen, Minn. On July 31, 10:30 a.m. he and his wife were picking cherries a quarter of a mile from their house when he accidentally fell from the tree on a green snag about 30 inches long and about the size of a broom handle. This ran seventeen inches into his abdomen then broke off. His wife extracted the snag and helped him to the house. He was taken sixteen miles to Aitken in a buggy, requiring seven hours to make the trip. Arriving at 6 p.m. it was found the snag did not injure the intestines or liver, but penetrated the thin lining of the right lung which caused hemorrhage of the lungs and he died at 9 p.m. the same evening. The G.A.R. had charge of the funeral and burial which took place at Aitkin, August 3rd at 10 a.m. and the remains were interred in the G. A. R. cemetery.

The family states the G. A. R. Post had complete charge and gave him a fine burial for which they felt very grateful. Their eldest son, A. P. Marcum, who went with them to Minnesota was instrumental in securing the Glen post office of which he was the postmaster. The family have the sympathy of all their old friends at this place.

Mason, Merinda Dobson (1916 )

Denison Review 12-2-1916 - Deloit Items
The writer received a letter Friday from her cousin, Mrs. Edith Putbreese, stating that her sisters, Mrs. Merinda Mason and Mrs. Julia Wiley, had both passed away. Their deaths occurred the same day, January 9th. The eldest sister, Marinda, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Blanche Barnes, of Los Angeles, California at 4:30 P.M.on Sunday. She was the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. John Dobson. Mrs. Julia Wiley, one of their twin daughters, died the same day at 5 o'clock at their home in Orifino, Idaho of jaundice and pneumonia. Both Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Wiley were born and reared here and resided at this place a number of years with their families. Thus one by one we are passing to the great beyond. The widowed mother, Mrs. John Dobson, received the sad news with a shock.

Maas, LeRoy (1944 )

Schleswig Leader - August 1944
LeRoy Maas and Martin Wellner were killed in France on July 4th and official notices received here on July 31st.

Maynard, James (1909 )

Denison Review - June 30, 1909 - Vail
Mrs. Rose Maynard went to Lake View last Wednesday to attend the funeral of her father-in-law, James Maynard. Mr. Maynard was well known in Vail and his death comes as a shock to his many friends throughout the county.

McCaffrey, Jas. Sr. (1899 )

Denison Review, 10-3-1899 - West Side
Jas. McCaffrey Sr. died at his home in Jackson township between 12 and 1 o'clock Saturday. The funeral was held at St. Ann's church in Vail at 10 a.m. Monday. The deceased was one of the early settlers in Jackson township and was a most highly respected citizen.

McColisky, infant (1913 )

Denison Review 1-29-1913 Manilla
Mr. and Mrs. McColisky are mourning the loss of their infant son, who was born Thursday and lived only a few hours.

McCracken, Mrs. Ed (1898 )

Denison Review 10-7-1898 - West Side
Mrs. McCracken, who lately died in Scranton, was well known among our people. Ed was in the harness business here and Ms. McCracken was engaged in the millinery business with Mrs. Schuyler before she was married. We extend to Mr. McCracken our sincere sympathy in this his hour of sorrow.

McDonald, Infant (1899 )

Denison Review 12-5-1899 - Arion
On Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. George McDonald were called upon to part with their newly born babe.

McFall, George Edward (1873 )

Denison Review 12-3-1873
Denison, Iowa, Nov. 21st, 1873, after a short illness, George Edward, aged 3 years and 18 days, only child of Hiram and Hattie E. McFall

McHenry (1909 )

Dow City Enterprise - 12-3-1909
Mrs. E. W. Pierce of Denison has been at the Frank McHenry home helping to care for her father until his death which occurred Monday.

McHenry, Morris (1911 )

January 20, 1911, Schleswig Leader
Uncle Morris McHenry died at his home in Dow City Tuesday from heart failure. Deceased was aged about 80 years and was one of the first settlers in the county. The funeral was held Thursday at Denison.

McHenry (nee Sears), Mrs. W. A. (1912 )

Schleswig Leader - August 9, 1912
On July 26 one of Crawford county's most prominent women died at her summer home at Lake Okoboji. She was a resident of Denison and the wife of W. A. McHenry. Mrs. McHenry was one of the most prominent women in this county. For a number of years she had served as Department President for the Women's Relief Corps and was one of the most enthusiastic workers in that organization. Her departure takes from Crawford county one of her most foremost pioneer ladies and bereaves a good family of wife and mother. Her death was due to paralysis and it was known for several days that she could not survive, but she met the end peacefully and was not afraid to die. Her acquaintance was not limited to Crawford county for she was known far and near., having gained her prominence in her good work at the head of many societies and organizations.

She was the daughter of David G. and Olive Sears and was born at Sandisfield, Berkshire county, Mass, December 30, 1834 and departed this life July 26, 1912, aged 77 years, 6 months and 26 days.

McIntosh, Maggie (1900 )

Denison review, Friday, 5-11-1900

On Thursday, May 10, occurred the death of Miss Maggie McIntosh, the bright and winsome daughter of Mrs. Malinda McIntosh of this city.

The deceased was born in Gallands Grove, Shelby county, Iowa, on December 29, 1875, but had spent the greater part of her life in this county where she was known as a successful and ambitious teacher. Nearly a year ago she went west to the home of her sister, Mrs. Hodges, in Utah, where she taught. She returned to Denison last February and was soon stricken with an illness which proved fatal. She leaves two sisters and two brothers, John and Steven D., both residents of Denison to mourn her untimely death.

The remains were taken this morning to Galland's Grove and the funeral occurs this afternoon. Miss McIntosh was a member of the Latter Day Saint's church and was a consistent follower of its teachings. We grieve with her loved ones over the death of one whose life was so full of promise and hope. The members of the family wish the Review to thus publicly express their thanks to the many kind friends and neighbors who, by their sympathy and helpfulness, have aided them in this, their hour of sorrow.

McKim, Mrs. Rebecca (1907 )

Denison Review 4-24-1907 - Deloit

Mrs. J. L. Miller received a dispatch Monday morning of the death of her aunt, Mrs. Rebecca McKim, wife of John McKim deceased, who recently died at their home at Lamoni. Mrs. McKim and husband had been in the hotel business for several years at Lamoni but had to give it up on account of fast failing health about 2 years ago. Mrs. McKim had to give up housekeeping on account of ill health and had gone to St. Joseph, Mo., to be cared for by her daughters Mrs. Alice McCormick and Mrs. Lou Dobson. She died at the home of Mrs. McCormick Sunday evening April 21 and will be taken to Lamoni to be buried by the side of her husband.

Mrs. Rebecca McKim was born July 28, 1836, in Lancaster County, Penn. and at her death was 70 years and nearly nine months. Mr. and Mrs. John McKim moved from Pennsylvania to Deloit and were residents of this place for several years, their children having frown to manhood and womanhood here and some of them married here. The family and relatives have the sympathy of all in this their double loss of father and mother.

McMahon, Mrs. Bryan (1894 )

Denison Review 3-21-1894
On last Friday was buried Mrs. Bryan McMahon, an Irish lady seventy-five years of age who resided near Manilla. The funeral was one of the largest in the county, there being eighty-four conveyances in the procession. The Irish, as a nationality, attend funerals much more numerously and generally than those of other nationalities.

McMahon, infant (1913 )

Denison Review 3-19-1913 Thomas Powers, son Ed and daughter Anna, drove over near Manilla Thursday to attend the funeral of the infant babe of Mr. and Mrs. Ed McMahon.

McMinomee, Mrs. J. S. (1885 )

Denison Review 10-16-1885 - Deloit
Mrs. J. S. McMinomee died at her home in this place on last Sunday afternoon. She leaves a husband and family to mourn her loss, to whom the sympathies of the community are extended. She was buried on Monday. The funeral sermon will be preached at the L. D. S. chapel next Sunday at 11 o'clock. Elder John Rounds will officiate.

Mein, Robert (1910 )

November 25, 1910, Schleswig Leader
Uncle Robert Mein of Ida Grove dropped dead in a lunch room one day last week. He had just climbed onto a stool to eat lunch when death overtook him.

Melberg, M. (1893 )

Denison Review 12-13-1893
Just as we are ready to send our items in we learn of the sad death of M. Melberg which occurred on Friday morning returning home from taking his children to school, being dead in the sled when the team returned. More particulars next week.

Melberg, Muns (1893 )

Denison Review 12-20-1893 - Kiron
We were somewhat mistaken in our letter last week, caused by incorrect information, as to the death of Mr. Muns Melberg. On Thursday night he was sick but got up Friday morning, ate a hearty breakfast and said he was not feeling well and returned upstairs and fell to the floor dead. He was buried Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Lutheran cemetery. He was 44 years old, peaceful and industrious and leaves a loving wife and five children to mourn his sudden departure.

Meyers, Frederick Louis (1908 )

Denison Review 4-29-1908 - Arion Anchor
Many homes were saddened in Arion when the news of the death of little Frederick Louis Meyers as learned. The parents and other relatives have the sympathy of all who know that their loss has been great.

Middleman, Mrs. (1908 )

Denison Review 5-20-1908 - Arion
Mrs. Wm. Kevan received the sad news of the death of her mother, Mrs. Middleman of Yorkshire, England. Ms. Kevan had sent several letters to her mother and they were not answered. She then wrote to the postmaster who informed her that her mother had been dead more than two years. Mrs. Middleman nee Waddington lived in Deloit many years ago and leaves three daughters, Mrs. Wm. Kevan, Mrs. Walter Wilson and Mrs. Wm. Montgomery to mourn her death.

Miller, infant (1911 )

Jan 20, 1911, Schleswig Leader
The sympathy of this community is extended to Chas. Miller and wife in the death of their little baby Monday.

Miller, Wm. (1912 )

Schleswig Leader - December 19, 1912
Chas., George and Harry Miller went to Manilla Sunday to attend the funeral of their uncle, Wm. Miller who died very suddenly at Denison last Wednesday from heart failure. They were accompanied by Hans Miller and Herman Johnson, the latter driving them over in his auto.

Mohr, Hans (1910 )

November 25, 1910, Schleswig Leader
The aged Hans Mohr of this place died Tuesday at Ida Grove after undergoing an operation at the hospital there. Deceased was one of our most respected citizens. The funeral is to be held this afternoon. Full particulars are not at hand at the time of going to press.

Moline, Mrs. S. M. (1909 )

Kiron News
(as published in the Schleswig Leader, Sept. 10, 1909)

After two weeks of severe illness, and with the best of medical treatment and a trained nurse, Mrs. S. M. Moline died at her home at Old Kiron, last Sunday morning at the age of 54 years. She was born in Sweden March 22, 1855. She leaves her husband, S. M. Moline, and seven children, Swan, Emily, Edward, Earnest, Nellis, Anna and Ida, to mourn her departure. The funeral services took place Tuesday. Interment was made at the Kiron cemetery.

Denison Review Sept. 1, 1909 - Kiron

Death made a call in Old Kiron Sunday forenoon and the home of S. M. Moline is now in mourning. Mrs. Moline, after an illness of some two weeks, breathed her last shortly after ten o'clock at the age of 54 years, 5 months and 7 days. Three doctors, an efficient nurse and near ones did all that was possible for her restoration but the Divine ruler had planned otherwise. She was married to the now mourning husband in Sweden, December 23, 1876 and together with him and family, immigrated to American and located in Kiron, having resided her since.

This union was blessed with nine children of who two are dead, the other seven residing in this vicinity and it was her privilege to have them at her bedside during the last hours of her stay on earth. She so lived with her husband and her children that her going away has caused sorrow and a most vacant place in the home. When the time drew nigh and it became certain that she would not get well, she was satisfied to go as she had made peace with her Savior. Funeral Services will be held from the Baptist church, Tuesday afternoon and her remains will be laid at rest in the Kiron cemetery. The sympathy of the community goes out to the bereaved ones.

Molony (1894 )

Denison Review 9-26-1894
Wm. Molony and wife had the misfortune of losing their only child, an infant ten months old. The bereft parents have the sympathy of all as this is the fourth child they have lost.

Morse, Frank (1894 )

Denison Review 1-10-1894
Frank Morse, one of Boyer's old settlers, while in a fit of temporary insanity, committed suicide a short time ago in a hotel in Mapleton. His remains were brought to Dunlap where he was buried. Frank was a young man of steady habits and the public was shocked to hear of his untimely death.

Mount, Richard (1900 )

Denison Review, Friday, March 9, 1900

Death of Richard Mount - Our community was shocked and grieved this morning to learn of the death of Mr. Richard Mount which occurred at the home of his son, Mr. John Mount at 9 a.m.

Mr. Mount was born in Yorkshire, England, Dec. 13, 1829, being in his 72nd year. He came to America 42 years ago and settled in Ohio. After two years in that state he came to Iowa where he has since made his home. His death resulted from an accident which occurred about two weeks ago at which time he fell down a flight of stairs causing concussion of the brain.

The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at the First Presbyterian Church. Mr. Mount leaves a loving wife and a son to mourn his loss. He was an industrious, high-minded citizen and a man who acted well his part in life.

Denison Review, Tuesday, March 13, 1900
The funeral of Mr. Richard Mount took place on Sunday afternoon from the Presbyterian church, Rev. A. Martyn officiating. The Review regrets that through a misunderstanding the announcement was made in its columns that the funeral would be held on Saturday afternoon.

Mullin, Leo (1906 )

Denison Review 5-10-1906 - Arion
Leo Mullin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Mullin, died May 7th, 1906. The little fellow has been a sufferer for several weeks with a complication of diseases. All was done in the way of care and medical attention and the family have the sympathy of their numerous friends and relatives.

Mundy, Infant (1900 )

Denison Review, Friday, 3-23-1900 - Vail
The C. C. Mundy's mourn the loss of their baby girl, but four weeks old. The little one passed quietly away Thursday. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of many friends

Myers, Mrs. Frank (1890 )

Denison Review 1-22-1890
On Monday night, Mrs. Frank Myers, wife of the Deloit miller, while laboring under temporary insanity, arose from her bed and without dressing started southward through the snow. She was found frozen to death two and a half miles south of Deloit. Her husband heard her get up at about 3 o'clock in the morning and called. She answered near the bridge. He then got up, dressed and lit a lantern to hunt for her. Finding her gone he went for help in his search.

Many Deloit people responded. A party consisting of N. L. Hunt, N. Jordan, Wm. Quigley, J. B. Dawson and E. Daughtery found her frozen dead in the vicinity of O. Ainsworth's at eight in the morning, Tuesday, Jan. 21.

She had been in ill health for some time but it was not thought necessary to keep a close watch on her movements. Mrs. Myers was one of the Bauberry? Sisters with whom many are acquainted and a lady highly esteemed.

Myers, Mrs. C. F. (1890 )

Denison Review 2-5-1890 - Deloit
The last sacred rites of the Catholic religion were performed in the Catholic church in Barneveld, Wisconsin, on Sunday, Jan. 26th, for the repose of the soul of the late Mrs. C. F. Myers, of Deloit, at 10 o'clock a.m. A vast procession formed in which 135 vehicles beside a great many people on foot and horseback took part and followed the remains to the grave.

Myers (1895 )

Denison Review 3-27-1895 - Deloit
A five weeks' old boy of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Myers, died last Wednesday evening. The funeral services were held at their home, conducted by Elder J. T. Turner, assisted by C. J. Hunt.

Maack, Christ (1897 )

Denison Review - March 10, 1897 - Hanover Township
It is with regret that we announce the death of Mr. Christ Maack, a young man 18 yrs of age. His father preceded him a little over a year ago. Therefore, his mother depended on him for support. He passed away peacefully Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, at 3 o’clock p.m. after an illness of two weeks. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. C. Runger Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at the home. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved mother, brothers and sisters.

Malloy, Mrs. J. B. (1902 )

Denison Review - January 24, 1902
Many friends will learn with regret of the death on last evening of Mrs. J. B Malloy of West Side Township and will feel the most sincere sympathy with her bereaved husband and children and with her brother, Mr. Frank Leahy of Denison. Mrs. Malloy was ill but a short time with the dread pneumonia. She was a young woman, thirty years of age, and she leaves two little children to miss a mother’s care. The funeral services will be held at St. Ann’s Church in Vail on Sunday morning.

Martins, Mrs. Peter (1897 )

Denison Review - February 10, 1897
Mrs. Martins, wife of Peter Martins died and was buried last Tuesday. Mrs. Martins had been in failing health for some time and the end was not entirely expected. The bereaved family has the sympathy of the entire community in this their hour of sorrow.

McAhren, Oren C. (1901 )

Denison Review - October 11, 1901

Oren is dead. Oren the happy hearted. Oren the friend of all. Oren is dead. For more than a week Denison has watched at his bedside hoping against its fears, hailing with delight every favorable symptom and grieving with profound and sincere grief when latterly the word came from the Carroll hospital that life was gradually slipping away and that hope was gone. We do not know when our community has been so deeply moved or a case where so many among both the high and the lowly have felt such sense of personal loss. There is none to much cheerfulness and light heartedness in the world and when there comes to any community one whose fund of good nature is simply overflowing, who has a kind word and a glad hand for all, whose laughter is infectious, the hearts of the people grapple to him with hooks of steel.

Such a boy was Oren. Generous to a fault, kind-hearted to all, gentlemanly and courteous to the poorest as to the wealthiest, it is no wonder that his friends were as numerous as the in habitants of Denison and as those who knew him. We feel that an element of cheerfulness and happiness has been taken from us that can never be replaced. It is the happy province of some to carry light and sunshine with them, to brighten somber lives, to make men better by making them happier, others may give good advice, others may counsel, others may lead in the grave affairs of life, but we dearly love the one who sheds sunlight along the path.

Oren was one of the sunshiny kind. Where the young folks gathered for gaiety and light-heartedness, Oren was the gayest of the throng. At all public events his was the laughing spirit that led the fun, and it was always kindly, good-natured fun that left no sting. Oren was a bright, energetic young man, he was probably the best salesman ever in Denison and it is a splendid commentary upon his life that those who knew him best and those who had the most intimate relations with him were ever his best friends.

The relations between him and Mr. Kemming, for instance, did not partake so much of a business arrangement as they did of the nature of two brothers and bosom friends. Mr. Kemming clams a large share of our sympathy, for he loved Oren like a brother, was always kindness personified in his dealings with him and during his last illness he has let business go to the winds to be at his bedside and to show in very possible way how deep his affection was for the young man who had been connected with him for so many years.

Oren had a bright future before him, he was surrounded by a loving family and constant friends; one of Denison's move lovable and capable young ladies was his promised bride, and his won capabilities insured him constant and remunerative employment. It is hard to die at thirty when success is half won, when one appreciates with the fullness of manhood the many joys and possibilities of life and when one is surrounded on every side by loving hearts.

The cause of Oren's death was appendicitis of long standing. It was not until recently, however, that the nature of the disease was recognized and last Sunday he was taken to the hospital where an operation was performed by Dr. Wright of that place. The surgeon reported that his constitution was in splendid shape for the trying ordeal. On Monday and Tuesday the reports were of a most encouraging nature but on Wednesday he seemed to grow worse and on Thursday it was felt that the end was near. All day long where two or three people could be seen together, one was certain they were talking of Oren's chance for recovery and last night our city was singularly quiet and grave as each one felt that before another day he would have passed away.

The news came this morning that Oren had died at 6:15 o'clock. Today a special meeting of the Knights of Pythias was called and that order together with a large number of friends assembled at the North Western station when the body was brought home. Our grief for the stricken loved ones is boundless and sincere. Oren was pride of the home and his bright and affectionate disposition never showed to better advantage than when he was in the home circle. It is a sad blow to them and our people all sympathize with them deeply.

Oren was born in this county and was twenty-nine years of age. All his life he was a hard worker, faithful to every duty or trust imposed upon him and he had the unbounded confidence both of his employees and those who dealt with him. His brother, Willard, was the only one of the family not with him at Carroll and he has been telegraphed for and he expected to reach the city tonight.

The funeral services will be held on Sunday afternoon at the First Methodist Church at 2:30 o'clock, Rev. E. M. Holmes officiating. As we say goodbye to Oren we cannot do it without tears in our eyes and sorrow in our hearts. He was our friend as he was the friend of every one in the entire community. He was loving, generous, kind hearted and true and our prayers and our affection follow him into the great unknown with the hope that the Infinite Master may deal as kindly and as compassionately with him as he ever dealt with his fellow men.

McBride, Gale (1901 )

Denison Review - April 22, 1901

Gale McBride, the four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. McBride, living in the southwest part of Washington Township, was accidentally hung while at play last Friday noon. The little one was playing on a small stack of straw near the barn. She had a muffler about her neck. While playing she slipped and the muffler caught on a shingle nail on the side of the barn and before help came the little life was extinct from strangulation. It was the mother who found her child. Her heart still fluttered and the mother bore her in her arms to the house, medical aid was sent for and immediate measures taken to restore life but all without avail.

Gale was one of the brightest and sweetest of children, she was a favorite with all who knew her. It was said that she never met a stranger. To her innocent and affectionate heart all were her friends. Thus it was that all the people of Defiance and vicinity have mourned her untimely and fearful death with a sense of personal loss and bereavement; thus it was that the funeral held at Defiance last Sunday was the largest ever held in that little city. Little Gale had been playing about the straw stack during the morning and at dinner time her father went into dinner, whereupon Mrs. McBride asked where the daughter was. Mr. McBride said she was out by the barn and had seen him come in and would doubtless come to dinner in a few minutes. Something must have told the mother-heart that her child was in danger for she was not satisfied until she went to get her little one herself and when she reached the barn, the awful sight of her baby hanging with life almost extinct met her eyes.

Mr. J. F. McBride is the brother of William McBride, the well-known citizen living just west of Denison. He and his wife went to Defiance at once to attend the funeral and to comfort the sorrowing ones.

The funeral services were held at Defiance on Sunday, the pastors of the Methodist and Christian churches officiating. One touching incident of the funeral occurred before reaching the church when the coffin was taken from the hearse to the home of the grandmother who was bedridden and who wished once more to look upon the face of the little child who had shed so much brightness upon her grandmother's declining days.

McColl, Margaret B. (1901 )

Denison Review -December 3, 1901

Died, Grandma Margaret Belle McColl. She was born in Paisley, Scotland, Oct. 12, 1802 and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Foney Talcott near Dow City, Iowa, Nov. 26, 1901, aged 99 years, 1 month and 14 days.

She was married to Mr. Daniel McColl in 1822 and they lived happily together until his death on Honey Creek, Iowa in 1851. Eleven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. McColl, four of whom, with many grandchildren and great grandchildren, remain to mourn. Mr. and Mrs. McColl were baptized into Christ a few years consequent to their marriage and both remained true to their religious views until death.

Mrs. McColl has for many years been an honored member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She lived to see the fourth generation and was willing to depart this life and meet her God and the loved ones gone on before to the celestial world. Funeral services were conducted at the home Wednesday, November 27th, by Elder C. E. Butterworth who came in from Omaha, Neb. For that purpose. A goodly number of relatives and neighbors were in attendance at the services. The remains were laid to rest in the Dow City cemetery to await the resurrection of the just.

McCombs, Norman C. (1901 )

Denison Review - November 19, 1901
Rev. A. G. Martyn was called to Vail yesterday to conduct the funeral services of Norman C. McCombs, a young man whose sudden death occurred on Sunday. He was well known and respected at Vail, where he had been reared. He was a soldier in the 52nd Iowa Regiment and his casket was draped with his country’s flag, while the soldiers present were a guard of honor. The services were very largely attended at the Presbyterian Church and the obsequies at the cemetery were in charge of the Modern Woodmen.

McCord, Jennie I. (1901 )

Denison Review - February 5, 1901
Jennie Irene, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert McCord of Paradise Township, died of la grippe last Saturday morning, Feb. 2nd. She was born July 18, 1900, and was six months and 14 days old. She was a very sweet baby and the parents are greatly saddened by her death. The funeral was held at the house Sunday afternoon conducted by Rev. Webster and the little one was laid to rest in the Dow City Cemetery.

McFarland, John (1901 )

Denison Review - February 22, 1901 - Charter Oak
Mr. John McFarland died Wednesday night. The funeral services will be held Friday at Dow City.

McFarland, Julia May Trease (1901 )

Denison Review - February 26, 1901
Julia May Trease was born Oct. 7, 1853, in Marshall County, Iowa; was united in marriage the 23rd day of October, 1873 to J. R. McFarland in Clay County, Missouri, united with the Baptist Church at the place in 1873: came to Marshall County, Iowa in the year 1874. Five years later she came with her family to Crawford County, where she has since resided up to the date of her death, Feb. 20, 1901. Mrs. McFarland has lived a consistent Christian life, loved by all who knew her, a faithful wife and companion, a loving and devoted mother. She leaves with her husband to mourn her loss, nine children, namely, Isabelle, John, Fannie, Elbert, Edwin, Robert, Martin, Bessie, Edith, the youngest but seven years old. They were all with her at her death bed. She knew them and smiled her loving smile, told them goodbye, she was going and for them to meet her in heaven. In addition to her immediate family, she leaves an aged father and one sister and three brothers to mourn her loss.

McIntosh, John (1897 )

Denison Review - August 11, 1897
John McIntosh, who resided with his son in North Denison, died Monday, August 9th of a complication of diseases induced by old age. The deceased was one of the oldest citizens in western Iowa, both in time of residence and in age, being in his 92nd year. He was a resident of Gallands Grove until about a year ago when he came to reside with his son in Denison. He was well liked by his wide circle of acquaintances for his congeniality, honor and earnest purpose in life. The deceased leaves a large family of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. His oldest son is now past the seventy mark and resides at Council Bluffs and is enjoying good health. The remains were taken to Gallands Grove for burial this morning.

McLaughlin, Loren (1901 )

Denison Review - September 18, 1901- Manilla
Loren McLaughlin, who had been sick for some time with consumption died at his home Saturday morning, Sept. 14th. The surviving members of the family have the heartfelt sympathy of their many friends in their bereavement.

Mills, Isaac (1901 )

Denison Review - February 19, 1901
Mr. Isaac Mills died last Thursday at the home of his son, Amos, at Manning, and the remains were brought to this place, where the funeral was held at the Presbyterian Church Saturday afternoon.

Moffitt, Mrs. Samuel (1901 )

Denison Review - December 3, 1901
Died at her home Nov. 28th, Mrs. Samuel Moffitt. Funeral service was held at the house, Saturday, Nov. 30th, conducted by Mrs. Franklin of Sioux City. The remains were laid away in the Defiance cemetery.

Molseed, Susie Flynn (1901 )

Denison Review - December 24, 1901
Mrs. John Molseed died Saturday at Denver, Colo. And the remains brought to Vail and the funeral held Monday at 10:30 a.m. from the St. Ann's Church, Rev. Father Murphy officiating. She went to Colorado several months ago hoping to find relief but was unable to do so and died from consumption, leaving a husband and two small children and a large number of friends to mourn her death.

Molseed, Susie Flynn - Denison Review - December 24, 1901
Mr. Frank Leahy was saddened on Saturday by the news of the death of his wife’s sister, Mrs. John Molseed, nee Susie Flynn. Mrs. Molseed died in Denver of consumption. She had many friends in this county who will learn of her death with great sorrow.

Mullis, Mary D. (1897 )

Denison Review - August 11, 1897
Mrs. Mary D. Mullis died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M. A. Marsh at Linn, Kansas, Saturday, July 27, aged 76 years, 5 months and 0 days. Mr. and Mrs. Mullis came to Denison in 1861 where they resided until the death of Mr. Mullis which occurred July 18, 1895.

Since that time Mrs. Mullis has made her home at Buck Grove, Ia. With her daughter, Mrs. Marsh. In a few days after her arrival she became rested from the fatigue of her journey and was as well as usual until July 20th when she was taken suddenly ill and all that medical skill and kind, loving hands could do was in vain. She passed away at 1:15 a.m., July 25th, after an illness of only 5 days.

The remains were taken to Marengo, Illinois and deposited by the side of her husband who preceded her to the better land two years ago. Rev. E. J. Rose of Marengo officiated at the burial. The body was accompanied by W. T. Mullis of Wankee, Mrs. S. L. Thew of Buck Grove and Mrs. J. D. Hutton and daughter Addie of Lockport, Ill. Three children survive her, W. F. Mullis, Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. Thew. Deceased was a member of the M. E. Church, an excellent lady and a devoted Christian always kind and affectionate to her family. She will be greatly missed by her many friends.

Murdock, infant (1901 )

Denison Review - January 8, 1901
Many friends grieve with Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Murdock over the death of their little son on January 5th. The babe was born on December 30th, but the Heavenly Father soon called him from this world to a brighter one above. The funeral services were held at the home at noon on Thursday, January 7th, Rev. F. W. Bateson officiating.

Naeve (1911 )

February 10, 1911, Schleswig Leader
John Naeve was called to Clinton last week owing to the death of his aged mother. He left Friday to be at the funeral.

Naeve, Mrs. John (1909 )

Denison Review - 4-27-1909
Word was received here Friday evening stating the sad death of Mrs. John Naeve at her late home in Wagner, S. D. She is well known in this vicinity, having spent a great part of her childhood here. She leaves a husband, three small children, father and mother and sister, Mrs. Frank Woods of this place to mourn her departure. She had been sick only a short time, death resulting from pneumonia. The funeral was held Sunday in Wagner. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods and children left Saturday morning for Wagner so as to attend the funeral of the former's sister.

Neary, Edmund (1911 )

Denison Review 10-18-1911- Vail
The funeral of Edmund Neary, who died at his home at Rock Valley, Iowa, Saturday, October 7th, was held at St. Ann's church here Tuesday morning and the remains were laid to rest in ... (rest missing - will be in actual paper)

Nemitz, Will (1909 )

Schleswig Leader, Nov 5, 1909

On Monday morning early occurred the death of Will Nemitz, one of the popular young farmers of the vicinity of Ricketts. Deceased had been suffering for some time from diabetes, and last Thursday went to the German Lutheran hospital at Sioux City for treatment.

It was there that he died, being 33 years old at the time of this death. The funeral was held Thursday from the Hanover church.

Deceased is survived by a wife and three boys, the oldest boy being 4 years old and the youngest six months. The bereaved ones have the sincere sympathy of the entire community.

Mrs. Nemitz is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Schultz Sr. of this place.

Nicholson, J. L. (1800 )

The Denison Review, Tuesday, May 30, 1899, page 5, column 3

Mr J L Nicholson, father of the Nicholson Bros, who are so well known throughout this county, died at the home of his son B Y Nicholson, on Sunday morning, May 28th, 1899. Mr Nicholson was over eighty years of age and was a native of Ohio. He has lived in New Sharon, Iowa, for many years and it is there that his family of sons was raised to splendid manhood. Last fall he came to visit his sons in Denison and his failing health forbade his taking the home journey again in life.

Personally we did not know Mr Nicholson, but we know from the character of his children that he was a grand and noble man. We can imagine no more blessed old age than was his. Surrounded on every hand by love and kindness; seeing his sons successful and prosperous and much esteemed. Undeprived even in his old age of his wife's loving presence. We repeat that we can imagine no existence crowned with richer blessings. His loving wife and devoted sons will miss him sadly but will have the consciousness that they contributed continually to his joy in life and robbed death of its sting. The remains were taken to New Sharon for burial on Monday morning and we regret that the absence of the members of his family prevents us from giving more of the data of his well spent and successful life.

Nordine, Gus (1912 )

Denison Review 10-16-1912 Front Page
Hanging by Neck Cause of Death
Gus Nordine of Near Deloit, Ends His Life by Hanging
Act Committed Monday morning
Despondent for some time
Leaves Wife and Three Children
Funeral Held Today and Burial Takes Place at Deloit.

Monday morning Mr. Gus Nordine, who lives just north of here on what is known a the Allbright farm took his life by hanging himself from a rafter in the barn. The body was found by his wife some time after the deed was committed.

Mr. Nordine arose as usual in the morning and did his chores and after finishing his work returned to the house and went back to bed again. He arose for breakfast and at the breakfast table told his wife he was going to drive to Mr. Sjogrens and try and make arrangements to rent his farm for next year, the farm on which they were living having been rented Mr. Erickson. He left the house and went to the barn to hitch up a team and his wife supposed that he had left for the Sjogren place.

Some time later she had occasion to go to the barn and was horrified to find the lifeless body of her husband suspended from a rafter with a rope. The rope was tied around his neck and to a rafter only a few feet higher than the floor and when found his feet were resting on the floor and seemingly he had thrown himself backward and strangled to death. Mrs. Nordine gave the alarm at once and neighbors arrived on the scene and carried the lifeless body of Mr. Nordine to the house.

He had been very despondent for some time and the fact that he was having some trouble to rent a farm for next year caused him to worry to some extent. It is intimated here that domestic trouble may have had something to do with the crime. A wife and three children are left. The funeral services will be held on Wednesday, burial taking place in the local cemetery.

Denison Review 10-23-1912 - Deloit
The funeral of Mr. Nordine was held from his home Wednesday, in charge of Rev. Eddy. The remains were laid to rest in the Deloit cemetery.

Denison Review 10-23-1912 - Goodrich
The sudden death of Gus Nordine, one of our Goodrich farmers, occurred Monday and his funeral was held on Wednesday.

Naeve, Wm. (1897 )

Denison Review - March 31, 1897
At the hospital in Council Bluffs, Ia., on Saturday at 3 a.m., Wm. Maeve quietly passed away. The deceased had been quite a sufferer of late from a cancer and at last was forced to succumb to that dread disease. The remains were brought here Saturday and the last sad rites were held Tuesday. The deceased was a prominent and highly respected German; and had lived a number of years near the old Morgan post office. He leaves a wife, one son and two daughters, besides a brother to mourn his loss. The sorrowing family have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.

Nixon, Mary Ann Albright (1901 )

Denison Review - June 25, 1901

Mrs. L. B. Nixon called to rest - funeral will be held in Denison Tomorrow Afternoon.

The funeral of Mrs. L. b. Nixon will take place at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. R. Hall, tomorrow at 2 o'clock. Denison friends and relatives are thus called to mourn the loss of two estimable and well beloved women. One dying when age had set its seal of approval upon silvered locks, the other dying in the midst of the duties and the life of womanhood.

Mrs. Mary Ann Albright-Nixon was born in Junietta County, Pennsylvania on May 26, 1830. She was married to Mr. L. B. Nixon of this place on June 29th, 1848 at Lyons, Iowa. To them were born four children, all of whom survive their mother. They are Messrs. Z. T. Nixon and D. Nixon of Deloit, Mrs. E. T. Shirtcliff of Otego, Kansas and Mrs. E. R. Hall of Denison. Mrs. Nixon also leaves two sisters and four brothers among whom are Mrs. David Winey of Deloit, Mr. E. D. Albright of Deloit.

Mrs. Nixon has been a great sufferer for some time past but the immediate cause of her death was apoplexy. She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. R. Hall in this city at 8:00 o’clock. Rev. E. M. Holmes will officiate at the funeral services. Mrs. Nixon was an exemplary woman and the best memorial of her life is left in the upright son and daughters she has left to mourn her loss. The Review sympathizes deeply with afflicted ones in their great sorrow.

Noll, Levi (1901 )

Denison Review - June 7, 1901
Another of Crawford county’s pioneers gone - Mr. Levi Noll, born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, February 8, 1823, emigrated to Iowa in 1856, assisted in building several houses in Denison, located on a farm three miles south of Dow City, returned to Ohio in 1860, enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1862 in the 123 Regiment of Volunteers and served his country until the close of the war. He participated in the following battles: Bull Run, Piedmont, Winchester, Cedar Creek, Richmond, Petersburg, the Siege of Vicksburg and was at Lee’s surrender at Appomatox, was mustered out of the service at the close of the war at Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Noll had been in poor health for quite awhile. He died at his home in Dow City, Sunday, June 2nd, at 10 o'clock p.m. and was laid to rest in the Dow City cemetery, and accompanied to the grave by all the old soldiers in the community and a large company of sorrowing friends. Words of comfort spoken by Rev. Eddy of Dunlap.

Newcome, Clara (1899 )

Denison Review - October 3, 1899
It is with deep regret that we chronicle the sad news of the death of our friend Miss Clara Newcome who for four weeks have been very ill with typhoid pneumonia. On Monday evening at 8:30 p.m. death came to her relief and claimed its victim. She was a member of the L. D. S. church and Sunday school and her school mates, friends and relatives join in sympathy with the bereaved family.

Newcome, Clara - Denison Review - October 6, 1899 - Goodrich
The death of Clara Newcome, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cashus Newcome, which occurred Monday evening, though not unexpected, has cast a gloom over the whole neighborhood. Clara was about fourteen years of age and a very dear girl of pleasant manners and kind disposition which made her a favorite with all. She had been a faithful member of the L. D. S. church which she joined about three years ago. Funeral services were held Wednesday morning at the L. D. S. church, Elder Hunt officiating. The bereaved parents, brothers and sisters have the sympathy of a host of friends in their affliction.

Nelson, Eunice H. (March 4, 1995 )

Unknown Crawford County Newspaper

Eunice H. Nelson, 91, of Onawa, formerly of Soldier and Ricketts, died Monday, Feb. 27, at the Elmwood Care Centre in Onawa. Services were held Friday morning at the Soldier Lutheran Church, with burial in the Soldier Lutheran Church Cemetery.

She is survived by three daughters, Merces Merril of Hastings, Neb., Joan Smart of Sheridan, Wyo., and Vonda Healy of Orlando, Florida; one son, LeRoy Nelson of Onawa; seven grandchildren; nine great grandchildren; and one great-great granddaughter.

Otto, Mrs. Herman (1910 )

October 28, 1910, Schleswig Leader
Matt Lorenzen and wife and Jurgen Schroeder and wife attended the funeral of Mrs. Herman Otto at Denison Tuesday.

John Nicholsen, wife and son went to Denison Sunday morning. They were called there to the bedside of his sister, Mrs. Herman Otto, who died a few hours after they arrived. The funeral was held on Tuesday.

O'Connell, child (1897 )

Denison Review - February 24, 1897 - Vail
The 15 month old child of M. J. O'Connell died on Sunday, Feb. 18, and was buried on Tuesday.

O'Connell, Martin (1901 )

Denison Review - February 5, 1901 - Vail
Martin O'Connell, an old and highly respected gentleman, died Tuesday at the home of his son, Mike O'Connell, in Jackson Township, at the age of 81 years. The funeral was held Thursday at 12 o'clock at St. Ann's church, Rev. Father Murphy officiating.

O'Connell, Mrs. (1901 )

Denison Review - March 5, 1901 - Vail
Mrs. O'Connell died Thursday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jas. Mangan, at the age of 79. Funeral services were held at the St. Ann's church Saturday at 5:30 pm and the remains taken to Toronto on the evening train, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Mangan, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Fitzgerald and Mrs. A. B. O'Connell.

Oelberg, Peter (1901 )

Denison Review - February 12, 1901 - Schleswig
Peter Oelberg succumbed to the angel of death at his home east of town last Thursday, at the age of 65. The deceased had been a sufferer of Asthma for many years. His remains were interred in the Nissen cemetery, Saturday. A large number of friends assisted at these last rites.

O'Hare, Hugh (1903 )

Denison Review - December 30, 1903
Aged Citizen Dies at His Home in Denison, Stomach Trouble the Cause
Hon. Hugh O'Hare, father of Ex-County Attorney S. V. O’Hare, died at his home in Denison on Sunday morning, Dec. 27, stomach trouble being the cause of his death. Deceased has been failing for about five weeks, but not until recently had he been considered seriously ill. For a number of years Mr. O’Hare has been a resident of Denison, coming here from Carroll where he was editor of the Carroll Times. Prior to his residence in Carroll, he was editor-in-chief of the Catholic Citizen at Sioux City and he was at one time editor of the Iowa State Press at Iowa City. He was a man a little past sixty five years of age and leaves a wife, one daughter, Miss Mollie and two sons, S. V. O'Hare, ex-county attorney and John O'Hare. The funeral will be held this Wednesday morning from the Catholic Church. At this time we are unable to get full particulars of Mr. O'Hare’s life, but will publish the obituary in our next issue.

Owens, James Jr. (1903 )

Denison Review - November 18, 1903
On Sunday, Nov. 15, occurred the death of Mr. James Owens Jr. at the home of his parents near Denison. The cause of his death was Bright’s disease. The funeral was held Tuesday from the Catholic Church and was largely attended. The remains were laid to rest in the new Catholic cemetery north of town. Deceased was a young man 19 years of age and had been a sufferer for over a year. It was not until recently, however, that he was taken seriously ill. He was the eldest of three boys and had been prior to his illness a great help to his father. He also leaves five sisters besides his parents. He was a young man of sterling qualities and kind disposition and his death is a sad blow to the relatives

Paulsen, Infant (1909 )

Schleswig Leader, Nov 5, 1909
The 6-weeks old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Paulsen died Tuesday and was buried Wednesday. The bereaved parents have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.

Peper, Mrs. Minerva Jane (1944 )

Mrs. Claus Peper Astor IA
Died: December 7, 1944 in Des Moines IA, at her son's home, George R. Peper, was in poor health for years
Born: Minerva Jane Belz, Feb. 2, 1865, Laketon Indiana
Marriage: Oct 13, 1883 to Claus Peper, farmed in Astor
Children: Had 8 children, 6 are living

Pepper, Mrs. Herman (1910 )

Jan 14, 1910, Schleswig Leader
On Tuesday occurred the death of Mrs Herman Pepper (nee Clara Johannsen) at the Peter Johannsen home. Deceased had been in ill health for a couple of months or more. The funeral was held at the Church of Peace Thursday.

Petersen, Christian (1884 )

Denison Review 5-9-1884
Christian Peterson - Jackson Township - April 3

Petersen, Martin (1912 )

Schleswig Leader - February 16, 1912
The grim reaper Death entered two homes in this vicinity Wednesday night, and took away Mrs. Johannes Bottger and Martin Petersen. We were unable to learn any particulars before going to press. The sympathy of the community is with the bereaved families.

Petersen, Jacob (1912 )

Schleswig Leader - December 5, 1912
Word was received here this morning of the death of Jacob Petersen of this place who died at the home of his sister in Denison following a stroke of paralysis. He had gone to Denison on some insurance business and never lived to return alive. This is the fourth stroke Mr. Petersen has suffered and his advance age of seventy years made him unable to stand the last stroke. We do not know at the time of going to press when the funeral will be held. An obituary will appear in next weeks issue.

Petersmeyer, Frederick (1900 )

Denison Review, Friday, 5-11-1900
We learn from the Odebolt Chronicle of the death of Mr. Frederick Petersmeyer, father of Dr. Petersmeyer who is well known here. We sympathize with the sons and daughters in their loss.

Phelps, A. T. (1885 )

Denison Review 10-2-1885
Phelps, A. T. Denison 9-26-1885 A. T. Phelps after a lingering illness extending over several years, aged 46 years. Mr. A. T. Phelps enlisted in ... in September 1861 and was mustered out in 1866 after five years of military service. The volunteers in 1861, who rushed to arms immediately after the disaster of Bull Run were active mercenary motives. No bounty was paid, the monthly pay was only... Consequently raised by Congress while many men towards the end of the war received from $500 to...

Pigeon (Bagge), Amelia (1900 )

Denison Review, Tuesday, 4-3-1900

Amelia Pigeon was born May 20th, 1844, at Wannbrook Someratshire, England. She was married in 1866, to Nathaniel Bagge and came to this county in 1873, where she has resided almost continuously since.

There were born to her three sons and two daughters, Albert G., of Charter Oak, Thos. Dying in boyhood and Amelia C. McMinimee, John R. and Edna May, all residing in this city.

Mrs. Bagge united with the Baptist Church on December 7, 1873 and has been a great help to the church as well as to the community. On March 23, she was taken with a sudden and violent sickness from which she never rallied even to gain full possession of her mental faculties. The time of her departure came at 10:30 in the evening of March 31, 1900.

The deceased was a sister of Mr. John Way of Willow township and was a lady highly esteemed by all who knew her. Her eldest son, Albert, is interested in the mill at Charter Oak and John R. is a teacher in the Denison Normal school. The entire community extends to the bereaved children heartfelt sympathy in this their hour of trial.

Podey, Ella (1894 )

Denison Review 9-5-1894
Ella, the seven months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Podey, was buried at the Vail cemetery, Tuesday. The child succumbed to the dreadful disease, cholera infantum.

Prentice (1912 )

Denison Review 6-19-1912 - Deloit
An infant babe of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Prentice, of Boyer, was buried at our cemetery last Thursday. We were sorry to hear of their misfortune.

Prey (1911 )

Denison Review 8-30-1911 - Buck Grove
Mrs. Mat Prey died at her home in Coon Grove Sunday. This estimable lady has been in ill health for many months, so her death, although not altogether unexpected, come as a shock to her near and dear ones. She leaves a husband and several children to mourn her loss, as well as a host of friends who sympathize with the family left to mourn her love.

Prosch, Mrs. (1910 )

December 30, 1910, Schleswig Leader

This community was shocked Monday to learn of the death of Mrs. Prosch, which occurred Sunday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Bendixen, near here. The cause of death was heart failure. She was apparently as well as ever Sunday, but in the evening she was taken with a sinking spell. A doctor was summoned, but she had passed away before he arrived.

She was aged about 87 years. Interment took place Wednesday in the Grant township cemetery in Ida county. Johan Prosch came here from Bloomfield, Nebraska, Tuesday, having been called here by the death of his mother.

Parkins, Wm. (1901 )

Denison Review - March 19, 1901 - Manilla
The death of two of Manilla’s highly respected citizens, Benjamin Sachra and Wm. Parkins, occurred last Wednesday morning. The funeral services were held Friday at the M. E. church, Rev. Bradford officiating.

Pester, Annie (1897 )

Denison Review - April 7, 1897
Died at her home in East Denison Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. , Miss Annie Pester, Age 25 years, 11 months and 15 days. The deceased has been an invalid since she was twelve years old, and the last complaint was lung trouble. She will be missed greatly at the home, as she has been her father's housekeeper since her mother's death. She has always been kind and was a good Christian. Two brothers, seven sisters, and her father remain to mourn the loss of their beloved sister and daughter.

Peterson, Frederick (1899 )

Denison Review - October 13, 1899 - Otter Creek
It is with regret that we learn of the demise of another of Crawford County’s oldest inhabitants in the person of Mr. Frederick Peterson. His death occurred at the home of his son, Jacob Peterson. Mr. Peterson was 88 years of age and although an invalid, was a sufferer for the last two weeks. The funeral took place on Sunday at 1 o'clock, Rev. Schng officiating.

Piper, John F. (1901 )

Denison Review - May 17, 1901 - Denison
On Saturday, May 4, 1901, at his home in Northwest Denison, died Mr. John F. Piper, of consumption. The deceased was about 41 years of age and leaves a wife and daughter. Mr. Piper had listed in Denison a number of years and was much respected by all who knew him. Funeral services were held on Monday at the house and also at the German Lutheran church, Rev. Lothringer officiating. The remains were followed to the cemetery by a large number of friends.

Poorman, infant (1901 )

Denison Review - January 22, 1901
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Poorman died on Sunday morning, January 20th and was buried on Sunday afternoon. The little one was nearly two weeks old but alas, its short life was one of suffering and it was almost in mercy that the Heavenly Father called the little one home. The parents have the sympathy of all in their grief.

Prentice, Franklin (1897 )

Denison Review - February 10, 1897
Mr. Franklin Prentiss, an old citizen of Deloit, died at his home at four o'clock this (Wednesday) a.m. He had been ill with a severe attack of pneumonia for some time and at the hour stated, quietly passed away. It is impossible for us to learn the full particulars for this issue, but will print a full obituary notice next week.

Prokosch, Mrs. George (1899 )

Denison Review - October 6, 1899 - Schleswig
It is with regret we learn of the demise of another of Crawford County’s oldest inhabitants in the person of Mrs. George Prokosch. Her death occurred Thursday afternoon, Sept. 29, at about 4 o'clock. Mrs. Prokosch was 54 years of age and was born in the Fatherland. She has been a great sufferer for more than two years, during which time she was a complete invalid. She leaves a husband and several children to mourn her loss. The funeral was held from the Catholic Church at Charter Oak on Saturday at 11 o'clock a.m. She was a good consistent Christian and lived in the fullness of her faith.

Petersen, Lorraine (1994 )

Unknown Crawford County Newspaper

Funeral services for Lorraine L. Petersen, 78, of Clinton, formerly of Denison, who died Tuesday (November 8, 1994) at a hospital in Davenport will be held at 10:30 p.m. Saturday at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Clinton. Burial will be held Thursday, Nov 17, at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Denison.

Rae, Willie (1899 )

Denison Review, Friday, October 27, 1889

On Oct. 23, 1899, at the home of his parents, Mr. Willie Rae, aged 29 years; The deceased was the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Rae. He was born and grew to manhood at the family home near Dow City and there he entered the eternal rest. He early became connected with the M. E. church, being a member of the catechism class of Rev. H. H. Barton and was by him taken into membership of the church.

He had been for ten years a sufferer from disease and exemplified his Christian experience by his patience and cheerfulness during his affliction. The funeral services were held at the M. E. church in Dow City by the pastor, Rev. Molesworth, who preached an excellent sermon from the text, "To die is gain." The church was fittingly draped about the altar, pulpit and organ and there were a number of wreaths and bouquets of flowers tastefully arranged. The edifice was filled with sympathizing friends who followed to his last resting place at the Dow City cemetery the remains of the deceased.

Mrs. Stephens of Shelby, Mr. and Mrs. Temple, Mr. Harker, Mr. Bell and Mr. and Mrs. Pierce of Denison were among those present from outside the neighborhood. The pall bearers were Roy Roup, Edgar Bruner, Wilson Talcott, Paul Poitevin, Robert Woodruff and Henry Scott.

Rank (1895 )

Denison Review 1-16-1895
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rank were called upon to part with their infant child, aged three months, last Tuesday. The remains were interred Wednesday in the Denison cemetery. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of a large circle of friends.

Ratchford, Mrs. (1898 )

Denison Review 9-30-1898 - Charter Oak
Died Wednesday evening at the home of Dan McGrath, of cancer, Mrs. Ratchford, mother of Mrs. McGrath. Funeral services were held at the Catholic church Friday at 10 a.m.

Reed, Anna (1898 )

Denison Review 3-4-1898
Died at the home of her parents, south of town, Saturday night, Miss Anna Reed, 21 years of age. She died of consumption. For the last few days before her death she had appeared much better, was up and around the house, went to bed about nine o'clock and by eleven her spirit took its flight into the unknown. Rev. C. D. Fawcett conducted the funeral service Tuesday afternoon at the Methodist church. Her remains were laid to rest in the Dow City Cemetery. The family consisting of father, mother, three brothers and three sisters, mourn for her and have the sympathy of all in this their loss.

Reimers, child (1910 )

September 30, 1910, Schleswig Leader
The baby girl of John Reimers living west of Denison, fell off the porch into a jar of water one day last week and was drowned.

Reinking, Henry (1912 )

Schleswig Leader - October 17, 1912
In the death of Mr. Henry Reinking this community loses one of its best and most respected citizens. He had been ailing for some time and the end came a little after 5 o'clock Wednesday morning, death being due principally to infirmity and old age. He was 74 years old. The funeral will be held at 1 o'clock Sunday. We shall publish a more extended obituary of Mr. Reinking next week.

Denison Review 10-23-1912 - Schleswig
The funeral of the late Henry Reinking was held Sunday from the church with interment in the Grant cemetery.

Riddle, James (1909 )

Dow City Enterprise 10-29-1909
Just before going to press we learn of the death of James Riddle. The funeral will occur Saturday afternoon at the M. E. church being in charge of the Odd Fellows.

Dow City Enterprise 11-5-1909

Died - James Riddle died last week at the hospital at Clarinda. The remains were brought here Saturday. The funeral was preached by Rev. Koser at the M. E. church and the remains interred in the Dow City cemetery. Before his last affliction came upon him he had one of the brightest minds and most retentive memory of anyone we ever knew. He could at any time converse intelligently on all the leading topics of the time. He was a carpenter by trade and a single man but had a large number of relatives and friends to mourn the loss of a true friend. The Enterprise extends sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Rietz, John (1894 )

Denison Review 12-12-1894 - Denison
John Rietz was a farmer who lived not far from Denison. He was a quiet man who had many friends. He had a wife and a grown up family. He often came to town to do his trading. He had, however, the unfortunate habit of occasionally drinking too much. Last Saturday he was in town and in the evening he was found in what seemed to be a drunken stupor, in the alley behind the First National Bank building.

About ten p.m. he had died. Mr. Clough, the coroner ordered an autopsy. Drs. Folsom and Boyle made a thorough examination and found the right chamber of the heart filled with blood, showing that he died of heart failure. The coroner's jury was A. C. Weeks, Thos. D. Miler and Patrick McCarthy, who brought in a verdict in accordance with the facts and testimony. Mr. Rietz should not have been permitted to lie in the chilly night air, but should have been taken care of by the peace officers. It seems to us that on the vacant lot near the engine house a couple of rooms might be built on as headquarters, which might be kept warm so that tramps and other accidental unfortunates might be taken care of.

Rix, Henry (1909 )

Schleswig Leader, Oct 29, 1909

At his home near Ricketts last Thursday occurred the death of Henry Rix. Deceased had been in ill health for a year or more.

Henry Rix was born in Mulverstedt, Germany, 62 years ago. He is survived by a wife, three boys and a girl.

He was married twice, his first wife dying ten years ago. The boys are Hugo, August and Carl, the girl, Caroline.

The funeral was held Sunday from the Hanover church, the remains being interred in the Hanover cemetery. Many from here attended the funeral

Robinson, Thomas (1895 )

Denison Review 1-16-1895
The Review regrets to learn that Mr. Thomas Robinson, of Deloit, who has resided in Crawford county for thirty years, died last Monday morning of pneumonia. He was well and favorable known among all old settlers.

Robson, Jennie Johnson (1909 )

Denison Review 1-13-1909

Jennie Johnson Robson was born Oct. 26, 1880 at Deloit, Iowa. She married Joshua Robson, Feb. 26, 1902 at Laurel, Neb. To them two daughters were born, Margaret, aged 5 years and Joyce, aged 4 years. She passed away at 2 p.m. Jan. 3rd, 1909, of tuberculosis at her home at Long Pine, Neb. And was buried Jan. 5th at the same place. She united with the L. D. S. church, Oct. 28, 1894 and tried to live a Christian life. She leaves a husband, father, two sisters and one brother to mourn their loss.

Rose, Child (1907 )

Dow City Enterprise 3-22-1907
Clyde Rose and wife were called to mourn the loss of their baby by death last Saturday.

Rothe, Carl (1911 )

January 20, 1911, Schleswig Leader
Carl Rothe, the adopted son of a couple living near Ricketts, committed suicide at Battle Creek last week. He had been disappointed both in love and business affairs.

Rudd (1909 )

Denison Review 3-24-1909 - Dow City
A dispatch was received Thursday that the little two months' old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Rudd of Rolfe, Iowa, had died. Elder Chas. Butterworth and Mrs. A. H. Rudd attended the funeral.

Rule, Infant (1898 )

Denison Review 9-9-1898 - Arion
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Rule will regret to learn of the death of their infant daughter. She was a sweet babe of six months and will be greatly missed from the home.

Rule, Thos. W. (1894 )

Denison Review 11-14-1894 - Bell
At Bell, Iowa, Oct. 28 at 2:49 A.M., Thos. W., the little son of Wm. H. and Helen B. Rule, aged 3 years, 7 months and 2 days. The little child had been sick but a few days with membranous croup and his untimely death was a heavy blow to the loving parents. It was with broken hearts that they laid the body away to its final resting place in the Dow City cemetery. The heartfelt sympathy of many friends rests with the bereaved parents.

Ryan, J. (1894 )

Denison Review 12-5-1894 - Vail
Just now the surprising news comes in that old Mr. J. Ryan died at his son, William's place in Hays township Saturday night. The funeral will be held Monday forenoon.

Ranniger, Mrs. (1902 )

Denison Review- January 28, 1902- Aspinwall
We are sorry to chronicle the death of Grandma Ranniger who passed away after a long illness at the home of her son, William, Saturday morning. Mrs. Ranniger was born in Holstein, Germany, June 10, 1825 and was married in 1853. She was the mother of four children, all of whom survive her. Mrs. Ranniger was a kind-hearted woman and was loved and respected by all. The funeral occurred on Monday at the house, Rev. Wm. Martens officiating. A great many of her neighbors and friends gathered to pay their last respects to the departed.

Rath, Fritz (1901 )

Denison Review - April 22, 1901
The funeral of Mr. Fritz Rath took place at the Lutheran church this afternoon, Rev. Lothringer officiating. Mr. Rath was a resident of Paradise Township and his death was caused by dropsy.

Reimers, Wm. (1901 )

Denison Review - January 25, 1901
Wm. Reimers, living near Schleswig, died at his home on Thursday, January 24, after a very short illness, the cause of his death being lung fever. The deceased leaves a wife and several children to mourn his loss. Funeral services will be held on Sunday. Mr. Reimers was one of Crawford’s best citizens. His farm adjoining Schleswig on the west, is one of the best in the county. He was twice married, his first wife being a sister of Mr. Conrad Ehrig. He married his second wife, "Mrs. Struck" about two years ago. Mr. Reimers was only sick a few days. At first it was thought he was suffering from a slight attack of the grippe, but later it developed into lung fever and the end came soon. He will be mourned by many friends. We are informed that Mrs. Reimers is quite ill at present.

Remede, Hattie (Lang) (1901 )

Denison Review - January 15, 1901

The funeral of Mrs. Ed. Remede was held at the Center school house, Willow Township, Sunday afternoon, Rev. T. Carsen, of Charter Oak, conducting the services assisted by Rev. Hiese, of Ute. It was the largest gathering of people the writer has seen for some time at a funeral service. This no doubt, showed the deceased’s popularity. She was loved by all who knew her. In her Christian life, Mrs. Remede displayed a genuine steady adherence to the spirit of a true Christian. She suffered much; she was perfectly reconciled to go and invited her loved ones to lead a true, consistent Christian life and meet her again in that home where parting is no more.

Hattie E. Lang was born Oct. 22, 1874 in Chicago and died at her home January 11, 1901. She married Ed. Remede March 7, 1899. To this union there was born one child.

Robertson, A. (1901 )

Denison Review - November 5, 1901
At his home at Des Moines on Monday evening at 6:30 of Brights disease, Mr. A. Robertson, at the ripe old age of 68 years. Mr. Robertson moved to Dow City in 1878 and lived at that place until about four weeks ago when he and his family moved to Des Moines. Mr. Robertson leaves a wife and seven children, three married and four single, to mourn the loss of a kind and generous father and husband. They are Mrs. A. Robertson of Des Moines, Mrs. A. W. Wiggins of this city, Mrs. F. S. Stone of Dow City, Mrs. F. L. Hoffman of West Side, Miss Jessie, Bessie and Mabel of Des Moines and Willie of Dow City. The remains will be taken to Dow City. The funeral will be held at that place on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Riemer, Wilma (1994 )

Unknown Crawford County Newspaper

Funeral services for Wilma Reimer, 75, of Ricketts, who died Wednesday (November 9, 1994) at her home will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at the United Church of Christ in Schleswig. Burial will be in the Morgan Cemetery in Schleswig. Huebner Funeral Home in Schleswig is in charge of arrangements.

Survivors include two sons, Terry of Des Moines and David Reimer of Sioux Falls, S. D.; four grandchildren; and two sisters, Elta (Mrs. Al) Lutz of Omaha and Reva (Mrs. Herbert) Riessen of Schleswig.

Friends may call at the Huebner Funeral Home in Schleswig after 3 p.m. Friday.