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Death Announcements

Abbe, Henry (1909)

Denison Review March 24, 1909 - Schleswig
Henry Abbe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Abbe, died Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Henry was 18 years, 3 months and 20 days of age when he died. He had been sick for some time but was not thought to be seriously ill until a short time before his death. It was found that his tonsils were in such a condition as to poison his blood, which was the cause of his death. He leaves besides his sorrowing parents, several brothers and sisters and many other friends, who will miss his friendly companionship. The funeral services were held Thursday at 10 o'clock. The many grief stricken relatives and near friends have the sympathy of all in their great sorrow.

Abbott, Pearl (1909)

Denison Review 9-1-1909 - Vail
Miss Pearl Abbott died Tuesday, August 24, after a short illness of typhoid fever. She was eighteen years of age and daughter of Ted Abbott. The funeral was held Friday morning, interment being in the West Side cemetery beside the remains of her mother.

Albright, Samuel (1894)

Denison Review 8-15-1894 - Deloit
Mrs. D. Winey and Mrs. L. B. Nixon were called to the bedside of their brother, Samuel Albright, of Clinton county, last week; also a brother of Mr. E. D. Albright of this place. Word was received Saturday announcing the death of Mr. Albright.

Allen, Willie T. (1884)

Denison Review 5-9-1884
Willie T. Allen - Westside - March 18

Anderson, Mrs. Emma nee Boettger (1900)

Denison Review, Tuesday, 3-20-1900
The funeral of Mrs. Emma Anderson nee Boettger, who died on the 18th was held yesterday and the remains were laid to rest in the Nissen cemetery, Rev. Lothringer conducting the services. The deceased was 36 years, 9 mos. And 2 days old. Cause of her death was parturition fever. She leaves a husband and many friends to mourn her loss.

Anderson, James (1884)

Denison Review April 25, 1884
From Mr. C. J. Johnson we learn of two deaths which occurred in his vicinity lately (see also: Weiburg, Mrs. P. W.). One was that of Mr. James Anderson, of Stockholm township, who died of consumption, on Tuesday, April 17th. His funeral services were conducted at the house on Saturday by Rev. Skeylund. The deceased was born in Sweden, but had lived in this county for over sixteen years.

Andresen, Mrs. Ernest (1912)

Schleswig Leader - June 28, 1912
Julius Andresen went to Ida Grove Thursday to be present at the funeral of his brother Ernest's wife, whose death occured Tuesday. Deceased thad suffered for several years with cancer. She leaves her husband and eight children to mourn.

Anthony, Infant (1912)

Schleswig Leader - May 3, 1912
A baby girl was born to Prof. Anthony and wife Saturday. The little one was not strong however, and passed away the next day.

Arnold, Maud (1894)

Denison Review 3-21-1894 - Paradise
We are pained to chronicle the death of Maud Arnold, aged about 15 years. The deceased was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Arnold of Bell and passed from earthly cares at 8 o'clock Saturday after an illness of three days though she has been ailing nearly all winter. The funeral took place in Dow City at 2:30 Sunday afternoon and the remains were laid to rest in the Dow City cemetery to await the morning of the great resurrection. A large concourse of people assembled at the Baptist church to honor the remains of one who has been among us so recently. The parents have the sympathy and condolence of the entire community.

Ayleswood, Jas. (1894)

Denison Review 6-27-1894
Saturday noon our community was startled by the terrible news that Jas. Ayleswood, who was visiting his brother Phil, was killed by being kicked in the stomach region by a horse belonging to Beck Mitchel. The pitiable young man lived about twenty minutes after the accident, having, during that time, regained his full senses. His mother, who at Denison only a month ago lost the husband in such a frightful manner, is almost heartbroken. The remains were taken to Denison the following day and laid by the side of his father. A large number of friends attended the last sad rites.

Ackelbine (1901)

Denison Review - January 8, 1901
Mr. Ackelbine, one of the early settlers of Hanover, died Thursday of consumption. The funeral services were held Sunday at the Hanover church. He was the father of Mrs. Fred Kortman of this place.

Albertson, Charles (1901)

Denison Review Jan 22, 1901
Charles, the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Albertson, living on Vine Street, died on the evening on Sunday, January 20th, of diphtheria. Interment was made on Monday, all of the services being of a private character.

Allen, Hattie (1903)

Denison Review - November 25, 1903
Mrs. Allen Suicides
Mrs. Hattie Allen Drinks Carbolic Acid at Omaha
Despondency Cause of Rash Act- When Discovered Her Face, Tongue and Throat Were Horribly Burned, and Physicians Could not Save Her.

On Wednesday night word was telephoned to Denison that Mrs. Hattie Allen had committed suicide in her room in Omaha. Further investigation made by her father, Mr. Geo. Servoss confirmed the report. She had drank a full ounce of carbolic acid and when discovered, her throat, face and tongue were frightfully burned and she lived but a short time afterwards. Mrs. Hattie Allen was formerly Hattie Servoss, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Servoss, and was a bright and attractive girl. She was married to Mr. Sam Allen and one child, a little girl, was born to them. About a year afterwards the couple were divorced, Mrs. Allen securing the divorce on the grounds of drunkenness and non-support. Mrs. Allen then accepted the position as operator for the Iowa Telephone Co. where she was employed for some time. The past year she has been living in Woodbine and Omaha. Her little girl has been making her home with her grandmother Mrs. Geo Servoss. The remains were brought to Denison and the funeral services conducted at the Presbyterian church by Mr. Sharp at 2:30 p.m., Saturday and interment made in the Oakland cemetery.

Aylward, Bridget (1901)

Denison Review - December 24, 1901
The funeral of Mrs. Bridget Aylward took place today from St. Rose of Lima's church. Mrs. Aylward was 82 years of age at the time of her death, which took place at South Omaha on Monday, Dec. 23. Mrs. Aylward was the mother of ten children, five of whom are living: Frank and Phil living at Charter Oak and John, Mary and Lizzie living in South Omaha. Her husband was killed in a railroad accident some six years ago. She was a good mother and had a wide circle of friends who mourn her death.

Amstein, baby (1901)

Denison Review - January 8, 1901
The four months old baby of Rev. Amstein died very suddenly Sunday morning. It had a cold, but they did not consider it sick. At 5 o'clock it seemed as well as usual, but when they awoke later in the morning its life was gone. The funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Asmus, Edward Henry (1901)

Denison Review - January 18, 1901
Died, January 12, aged seven weeks, of lung fever, the infant, Edward Henry Asmus buried at the Lutheran cemetery, Rev. Lothringer officiating.

Baak, Mrs. Herman (1911)

Schleswig Leader - July 7, 1911
On Wednesday noon occurred the death of Mrs. Herman Baak, nee Minnie Schelm, of Ricketts, aged 38 years. She leaves a husband, and two daughters, aged 7 and 12 to mourn. Deceased was well known around here.

Backer (1885)

Denison Review 10-30-1885 - Vail
An infant child of Mr. Backer, living near A. Hogle's south of town, was buried today from the Methodist church.

Barsby, A. (1909)

Dow City Enterprise 8-27-1909
H. E. Pease came up from Dunlap Tuesday with his hearse and returned with the remains of A. Barsby who died in Arion.

Barton (1898)

Denison Review 1-25-1898
The sad news of the death of Mrs. David McKim's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Barton of Vail, was received last Wednesday.

Bayles, John (1909)

Dow City Enterprise 10-22-1909
John Bayles of Manilla dropped dead Monday.

Beach, Martin Allen (1907)

Dow City Enterprise 3-22-1907
E. A. Beach and wife came up from Omaha to bury their child which died there last Friday.

Dow City Enterprise 3-22-1907
H. E. Pease and his white hearse was in attendance at the Martin Allen Beach funeral Sunday.

Beatty, Mrs. Mary Bell (1885)

Denison Review 10-9-1885 - Dow City
Died October 1st, Mrs. W. Beatty, funeral services Saturday, October 3rd, at the M. E. church, by Rev. Barton assisted by Rev. Randall. Text, John 14:1-3. Mrs. Beatty was born in Crawford county in 1858 and was 28 years of age. She was dearly loved by all who knew her and after all had been done for her that medical skill and kind friends could do, her spirit took its everlasting flight to that bright world where there is no more sickness or pain, but joy and happiness for evermore all through a never ending eternity. The funeral was the largest ever held in Dow City, the church filled until there was no standing room. Fifty-three teams loaded followed the remains to their final resting place in the Dow City cemetery. The bereaved husband, aged mother and brothers have the sympathy of all in this their loss.

Denison Review 10-9-1885

In Memoriam - In Dow City, October 1st, 1885, Mrs. Mary Bell Beatty, wife of Dr. Beatty, aged 28 years, 6 months, 26 days. The decease of this good woman brings the darkest and gloomiest shadow upon a home that had been made very happy and sunny by her presence. Five months ago she became the happy wife of Dr. Beatty of Dow City, well known as one of Iowa's best physicians. Not withstanding all that medical skill and patient waiting could do, on Thursday afternoon of October 1st, the messenger claimed her s the bride of death. During the four weeks of her severe illness she demonstrated the patient spirit and calmness which characterized her in health. She affectionately bade friends good-by, telling them that she was going home. She was greatly beloved by brothers and the object of her aged mother's affections. Yes, "None knew her but to love her." The smile which lit up her countenance in health, shone in triump o'er the shadows of death. Dr. Beatty, we well know, will have the condoling sympathy of his whole circle of friends. But words are very empty when death steps in and sweeps away all that is treasured and precious in the heart of home - the wife - daughter - and sister.

Beck, Grandma (1895)

Denison Review 3-27-1895 -Kiron
Just as we are ready to send the items in, we learn of the death of Grandma Beck, which occurred on Sunday morning at the home of her son, Fred Beck at Odebolt. As she was among the first to settle in this vicinity she has many friends here who will be pained to learn of her death. We hope to be able to make further mention of her death next week.

Beech, Infant (1898)

Denison Review 11-18-1898
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Beech, living one mile south of Arion, lost an infant. They have the sympathy of their many relatives and friends.

Beermann, Henry W. F. (1900)

Denison Review, May 1900
Died on May 25th in East Boyer township at the age of 73 years less ten days, Mr. Henry W. F. Beermann Sr. and was buried the 26th, Rev. Lothringer officiating. The cause of his death was lung trouble and old age. Mr. Beermann was born in Hanover, Germany and came over to American in 1886. He leaves his wife, 3 sons and two daughters to mourn his loss.

Bellow, Carl (1895)

Denison Review - The Arion Record - 5-15-1895 - Paradise
Miss Lillie Schafer attended the funeral of one of her pupils, Carl Bellow, May 5th. The deceased was only six years old and was sick but two days. The disease was brain fever and his remains were laid to rest in the Lutheran cemetery of Hanover township.

Binnall, George Sr. (1909)

Denison Review - 12-29-1909 - Dow City
George and Frank Binnall received a dispatch that their father, who lived in Missouri, was very sick with pneumonia. They started on last Friday to see him. Word has been received that he was dead and they started Monday morning to bring him to Dow City for burial. George Binnall, Sr. was well known here and leaves many relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

Black, T. P. (1909)

Dow City Enterprise 11-5-1909
The sad news reached us that Mr. T. P. Black, an old friend to many in and around Dow City, had died very suddenly and in a similar manner to that of his brother George a year or two ago. We sincerely extend sympathy to the bereaved family. Clair Butterworth and wife and Aunt Nettie Graves went to Fort Dodge Wednesday to attend the funeral.

Denison Review 11-10-1909 - Dow City
Mr. and Mrs. Clair Butterworth and Mrs. Nettie Graves went to Fort Dodge last Wednesday to attend the funeral of T. P. Black, which occurred that day. Mr. Black lived in Dow City for a number of years and has many friends here. His death is said to be very similar to that of his brother, George, who died two years ago, and occurred in the same house and the same room. Heart failure was the cause of death in both instances. Sympathy of friends is extended to Mrs. Black and the boys.

Boger, Ferdinand (1909)

Dow City Enterprise 7-30-1909 Ferdinand Boger was killed at Buck Grove last week by being thrown from his buggy while his team was running away.

Bonsall, J. W. (1907)

Dow City Enterprise 5-3-1907
J. W. Bonsall, an old settler and a resident of Dow City for many years, died at the home of his son in Dunlap last Friday. The deceased was born in 1828 and came to Crawford county in 1874. He was a highly respected citizen and was quite well known in the county. He was mayor of our town a number of years and also served as justice of peace, which office he filled with credit to himself and the community he served.

The remains were buried in the Dunlap cemetery beside that of his wife who died a few years ago. The Enterprise joins the many friends in extending sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Bottger, infant (1911)

February 10, 1911, Schleswig Leader
The sympathy of this community is with Johannes Bottger and wife in the loss of their little two weeks old babe on Wednesday night

Bottger, Mrs. Johannes (1912)

Schleswig Leader - February 16, 1912
The grim reaper Death entered two homes in this vicinity Wednesday night, and took away Mrs. Johannes Bottger and Martin Petersen. We were unable to learn any particulars before going to press. The sympathy of the community is with the bereaved families.

Schleswig Leader - March 15, 1912
CARD OF THANKS - The undersigned with to thank the kind neighbors and friends who gave their assistance during the sickness and death of a loving wife, a kind mother, and sister; also wish to thank the choir. John Bottger and family, Ernst, Robert, Carl, John, Otto, Ella and Alvina Dahms, and Mrs. Louis Wallwey.

Bournes, infant (1912)

Denison Review 9-1912 - Goodrich
Mr. and Mrs. John Bournes had the misfortune to lose their little babe this week.

Bracelin, John (1893)

Denison Review 12-27-1893 - Vail
At the age of 87 years, Mr. John Bracelin died at his home in Milford township, Monday. The remains were buried Wednesday at the St. Ann's cemetery. A large number of friends followed the remains to their last resting place. Deceased had resided in our county since 1881; HE LEAVES TWO SONS AND A DAUGHTER TO MOURN HIS LOSS. Greatly loved and esteemed by all who knew him for his uprightness, honesty and kindness, he goes to a place to dwell forever in a glorious immortality.

Brake, Archibald

Bruce, Dorothy

(July 13, 1909)

Iowa Falls, Ia. - July 13 - Special:
A double accidental drowning occurred here this afternoon. While riding on a launch Dorothy Bruce was struck by a guy wire and thrown into the water. Hoping to save her, Archibald Brake from Dow City, night operator at the Illinois Central depot, jumped in and was drowned. Lena Sperry and Marvin Reynolds were thrown into the water but saved themselves by grasping the guy wire.

Dow City, Iowa, July 14th - Special to the Review
This community was cast into gloom Tuesday afternoon when our townsman, Mr. E. R. Brake received a telegram from Iowa Falls that his son, Archie, had been drowned at about four o'clock. He with a young lady friend were out on the river in a gasoline launch, when the lady in reaching for something lost her balance and feel into the water. Archie sprang into the water to save his friend. She caught hold of him and the swift current drew both under. A number of others were on the river and saw them, but they could not reach them and both were drowned. The bodies were recovered about seven o'clock. Mr. Brake went on the evening train to bring the body of his son home. As yet no further particulars are at hand but the obituary will appear next week.

Dow City Enterprise 7-16-1909

Archie Paul Brake was born April 11th, 1889 in Willow township Crawford county, Iowa and died July 13th, 1909 being twenty years, three months and two days old.

He passed his physical examination June 12th, 1907 and at once entered the depot at Dow City and began the study of telegraphy under Mrs. O. J. Judd. He was so rapid and proficient in his work that in October following he was given work as extra man and was relief operator at many stations along the Illinois Central railroad. Last October he was given regular work at Iowa Falls, only being called into the dispatcher's office during last March, after which he returned to his regular work again.

He lost his life in trying to save a friend, Miss Dorothy Bruce, from a watery grave when both were drowned. He was only slightly acquainted with the lady who was a school teacher of high standing but the manhood and heroism that was in Archie was instantly shown when he saw this person in danger. The launch was loaded with about forty persons, mostly children, three being knocked off into the water by the swinging of the launch against a guy wire. Two caught the wire and clung to it until rescued.

Mr. E. R. Brake went to Iowa Falls and returned with the remains. He was an entire stranger there and still everyone was his friend, which showed in what esteem Archie was held by those who knew him. Archie was a bright young man of honor and integrity and never failed to make good in any position of trust. We are informed that he was to have been married to Miss Ida Waterhouse next fall. Miss Waterhouse has been teaching school in this vicinity a few years and is highly respected by all and this death will be a sad blow to her.

The funeral will be held this morning at the M. E. church, Rev. Curtis preaching the sermon. The remains were interred in the Dow City cemetery. The Enterprise extends sympathy to the bereaved family and all friends.

Branaka (1911)

Schleswig Leader - January 27, 1911
F. J. Branaka was called from Cedar Rapids, Nebraska, last week Thursday to Denison owing to the death of his mother. The funeral was held Saturday.

Brogan, Mrs. Mary (1908)

Sac City Sun on May 14, 1908
Odebolt Record:
Mrs. Mary Brogan, wife of Edward P. Brogan, died at her home three and a half miles south of Odebolt last Saturday afternoon at the age of 46 years, 6 months and 24 days, of an abscess on the lungs. Mrs. Brogan was the mother of seven children, six of whom survive her, one dying while the family resided south of Arthur. The remains were taken last Monday morning to Vail, where the funeral services were held. Interment was made in the Vail Catholic Cemetery.

Brogan, Mrs. Matt (1911)

Denison Review 12-13-1911- Deloit
Mrs. J. C. Williams was called to Brogan last week on account of the serious illness of Matt Brogan's wife. Later we received the very sad news that she passed away Thursday evening, leaving husband, a little girl and an infant, mother, father, brothers and sisters to mourn her loss. Our sympathy goes out to the bereaved ones.

Brogden, Eugene (1895)

Denison Review 7-31-1895 - Deloit
Died Thursday, July 25th, 1895, of cholera infantum, Hugo and Esto, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brogden, aged 10 months and 23 days. The funeral services were held Friday at 10 a.m. at the L. D. S. church, Elder Turner officiating. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community in this sad hour of affliction.

Brown, W. W. (1894)

Denison Review 12-5-1894 - Dow City
Mr. W. W. Brown died at Basset, Neb. And was buried in the Buck Grove cemetery. He was an old and highly respected citizen and the funeral was largely attended.

Brown (1912)

Denison Review May 22-1912 - Vail
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown died at the home Monday afternoon of last week after a short illness, convulsions being the cause of death. The child was about six weeks old. The funeral was held from the family residence at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon and burial made in the Vail cemetery. The bereaved family have the sympathy of all in their affliction.

Brown, Charles and Catherine (1912)

Schleswig Leader - September 26, 1912
Mrs. A? Brown of near Ida Grove stood by helpless and watched her two children, Charles, aged 5, and Catherine, aged 3, burn to death Monday afternoon. The tots, playing in the barn, set fire to the hay and were unable to get out. Their screams brought the mother from the house, but the barn was enveloped in flames and she was powerless. The father was in town when the fatality occurred.

Browne, Stanley (1894)

Denison Review 4-4-1894 - Deloit
Just as we are ready to mail our items we are informed of the death of the infant babe of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brown which occurred today (Monday). Funeral services will be held on Tuesday.

Brunnier, Martin (1913)

Denison Review 1-8-1913 - West Side
Martin Brunnier, one of Manning's leading merchants, died at his home in Manning last Thursday.

Buenz, Wm. F. (1937)

Sept 16, 1937
Wm. F. Buenz was killed in an automobile accident Sunday near Charter Oak about 8:30 p. m. The accident was a head on collision.
The accident occurred as Mr. Buenz, going west, turned in front of another car. The other car was being driven by C. E. Sharp, of Des Moines.
Mr. Buenz died on the way to the doctor's office in Charter Oak. The cause of the accident was attributed to the blinding sun's rays.

Burke, Peter (1912)

Schleswig Leader - May 24, 1912
A most appalling accident occurred here last Friday morning about eight o'clock, in which one man lost his life and another was injured.

John Spahn's building, Albert Schultz' old hardware store building, was being moved south across the street. A. J. Gary of Denison having the job. The building was not a strong one, having been built orginally for but one story. A heavy second story had been built on later. It had been raised onto the rollers, moved across the street ....and it was being let down into place .... the lower walls gave way and spread allowing the top story to fall onto the ground.

There were for men working under the building at the time of the accident - Buck Gary, Chas. Christensen, Peter Burke and Ben Olsen. The first two men, when they saw what was coming, crawled into some trenches that had been dug, and thus escaped uninjured. The other two men attempted to crawl out from under the building. Burke was almost out ...... when the top fell on him. A huge timber fell on the back of his neck, breaking his neck and killing him instantly. Olsen was also trying to crawl out when the building fell and had both legs caught under some timbers. ..... That he escaped without any broken bbone is indeed wonderful.

Peter Burke, the dead man, was a resident of Denison, as were all of the men who were working on the building. He was not married, and is survived by his mother. He did not have to work, being pretty well fixed financially. He was 38 years old. The funeral was held in Denison Tuesday.

Burmeister, Bernard (1912)

Schleswig Leader - August 23, 1912
Bernard Burmeister met with a fatal accident Monday which takes from the home of good parents a bright youth just at the age when he was becoming useful and a great comfort.

Mr. Burmeister brought home an empty alcohol barrel which was to be used for some purpose on the farm, and it was still in the wagon when the boy went out to play. The sad news reached his mother when she heard an explosion and went out to find her son laying in front of the wagon box with the left side of his head crushed in.

Help was called, the father being at one of the neighbors. A physician was at the place as soon as possible, but nothing could be done to save the life of the little fellow. He lived only about a half hour after the accident.

The barrel was laying down in the wagon and when found it was upright with the bottom blown out. It is supposed that the boy dropped a match in it which caused the explosion. It is said that pieces of the barrel were found fifty feet from the wagon.

Bernard was the ten year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Burmeister, who live eleven miles northwest of here. Most of our people are well acquainted with Burmeister family and extend sympathy in this, their hour of grief. The funeral service was held Thursday, with interment in the Grant cemetery.

Buss, Mary E. (1884)

Denison Review 5-9-1884
Buss, Mary E. - Union Township - March 6

Buss, Edward Horace (1909)

Denison Review 9-1-1909
Edward Horace Buss was born in Crawford county, Iowa, on April 29, 1871. He has until the time of his death, resided in the county and made his home with his parents. At the age of seven years he was afflicted with sunstroke which permanently affected his mind and destroyed his reasoning and mental powers but until this time, he was the brightest and keenest to learn of any one in his class at school, but after this he would learn a lesson today and tomorrow know nothing about it. Thus leaving him a care for life to his parents and loved ones. In the year 1906 he was compelled to go to the hospital for an operation which revealed the fact that a cancer of the stomach had formed. After this operation he felt pretty well until eighteen months ago when he was again afflicted with the same dread disease. He was a terrible sufferer but bore his pain and distresses without a murmur unless in a delirium of pain with which he was so often affected.

He departed this life on last Friday evening, August 27 at 8 o'clock at the age of 38 years, 3 months and 28 days. There are left to mourn his departure his aged parents, two brothers, Fred and William of Dow City, Mrs. L. A. Vore, Mrs. F. A. Parker of St. Clair, Mich. And other relatives and friends. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at two o'clock at the home, conducted by Rev. Curtis and the remains were laid to rest in the Dow City cemetery. Sympathy is extended to the bereaved relatives.

Butterworth, Angel Darling (1900)

Denison Review, Friday, 4-6-1900 - Dow City
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Butterworth were called upon to part with their little daughter, Angel Darling, who died Tuesday evening of muscular rheumatism. The funeral was held Thursday at the Saints church.

J. T. Benedict (1901)

Denison Review - April 26, 1901- Dow City
Mr. J. T. Benedict, who was taken violently ill on last Wednesday in the afternoon, died Sunday at 7 p.m. A post-mortem examination was held by Drs. Carr and Coon and a large abscess found in the abdominal cavity and kidneys that completely obstructed the bowels. Funeral at the M. E. church conducted by the pastor of that church assisted by the pastor of the Baptist church. B. F. Bigelow, wife, daughter and son-in-law of Malvern, Ia. And W. J. Benedict of Walnut, Iowa, son of the deceased, were in attendance.

Louie Kossuth Bensley (1901)

Denison Review - December 31, 1901
Died - Louie Kossuth Bensley at the residence of his sister, Mrs. M. B. Hopkins, 3935 Ellis Ave., Chicago, Thursday morning, Dec. 26, 1901. The deceased was well known in Denison and Crawford Co., where he resided for a number of years prior to 1893 at which time he went to Chicago where he has since resided. While in Crawford County, Mr. Bensley was in the grain business and was known all over the county. He was a big brained, big hearted man, a true friend to all but himself.

Bigelow (1901)

Denison Review - August 6, 1901
It is with a feeing of sadness that we chronicle the passing away from earth, Mr. Bigelow, father of our townsman, E. A. Bigelow, who died at the home of his son on Saturday morning, Aug. 3, 1901. His illness was of such brief duration that few knew of his death until the news was hurriedly passed from lip to lip. Mr. Bigelow had not been in the best of health for some time and a few days ago he was attacked by a stroke of paralysis which resulted in death. The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the house, Rev. Bradford of the M. E. church officiating. The relatives have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

Brownlee (1901)

Denison Review - October 18, 1901
The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. W. Brownlee died Oct. 14. The funeral services were held at Dow City and the remains were taken to Dow City cemetery.

Elvira Bullock (1901)

Denison Review - October 8, 1901
Elvira Bullock was born at Granville, Washington County, New York in 1844. Her parents early moved to Virginia. In 1856 they came to Monona County, Iowa.

Here, in 1808, she was married to Wm. Goodrich and they afterwards located in Crawford County and have lived in the vicinity of Denison ever since. Mrs. Goodrich was the mother of four children, one son who died several years ago at the age of ten and three daughters, Mrs. Cole, of Arthur, Abbey and Kate. She had one sister, Mrs. McDonald, now resident in Rodney, Iowa and one brother who lives in Chicago. She passed the last several years in impaired health, but last February a severe sickness from pneumonia so shattered her remaining strength as to lead to a gradual decline. While there were alternations of weakness and improvement she realized the seriousness of her malady and looked into the future with the prayer and faith of a Christian.

The end came with unforeseen suddenness in the night of Oct. 3. While her daughter was keeping vigil and performing tender ministry, a few words were briefly spoken as with failing strength and she fell asleep in the Lord. She united with the Methodist Episcopal Church in her childhood and sustained this relation to the end of life.

J. F. Burk (1901)

Denison Review - March 29, 1901
Mr. J. F. Burk, for many years a well known citizen of Denison, died last night at his home in north Denison of catarrh of the stomach. Mr. Burk had been in feeble health for some time, but it was not until a week ago that he was taken with the attack which caused his death.

Mr. J. F. Burk was born in Greensberg, Indiana, Dec. 14, 1846 and was thus but a little over 54 years of age. He came to Denison in 1869 making him one of the early settlers of our city.

He was married on Oct. 5, 1873 to Miss Ella Belle Branch and the result of their union was two children, Edith and Carl, both of whom survive their father. Mr. Burk was the pioneer druggist of Denison, having engaged in that business here almost continuously save for the years spent in the drug business in Burlington Junction, Missouri and one year in the same business in Battle Creek, Iowa, since 1869.

He was the son of Mr. B. W. Burk, who is still living and besides his wife and children here, he leaves two brothers to mourn his death. Mr. Burk was a man extremely fond of his family. He was always careful that they should be well provided for in every way. In business he was known as a man of strict financial integrity and as a careful and conservative manager. He was the owner of a lucrative drug business and had erected for his business a handsome and commodious building on Main Street. He was a man who was always kind hearted to his friends of whom he had many. He was one of the earliest of our business men and it was one of his proud records that he had been in business for a long period of years and that he was able to say that he owed no man a cent. The bereaved family have the sincere sympathy of the community in the loss of a loving and affectionate father.

Beermann, Carl (1951)

Unknown Crawford Co. Newspaper
Carl Beermann, 67, Buck Grove, died Oct. 23.

Busskohl, Fred (1951)

Unknown Crawford Co. Newspaper
Fred Busskohl, 80, Deloit, died Oct. 29

Callamore (1884)

Denison Review 5-9-1884
Laura Callamore - Nishnabotny, March 31st

Campbell, Wm. (1884)

Denison Review 5-9-1884
Wm. Campbell - Westside - March 18

Carlson, Marion (1913)

Denison Review 3-26-1913 - Kiron
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Carlson were called upon to part with their baby boy, Marion, last Thursday night. Little Marion was born January 18th and after a short stay of two months and two days with his parents and home, departed for the celestial abode. He took sick shortly after his birth and at one time very little hope was had for his recovery, but he recovered and was doing well and growing stronger up to a day previous to his death, when lung complications set in, which caused his death.

Funeral services were held at the home Saturday afternoon conducted by Rev. Irvin Johnson. The little remains were laid to rest in the Kiron cemetery. While his sojourn on earth was so brief, it was long enough to entwine himself into the hearts of his fond parents, who now mourn his absence and death. Our deepest sympathy is extended to them in their bereavements.

Carpenter, B. H. (1900)

Denison Review, Friday, 4-13-1900 - Buck Grove
Died at his home east of town, B. H. Carpenter, one of our best citizens. Mr. Carpenter was a man honored and respected by all and his many friends mourn his loss ass a good man and neighbor.

Carroll, Mrs. Charles (1912)

Denison Review 7-24-1912 - Arion
Mrs. Chas. Carroll, who was under the care of physicians and nurses for nearly two weeks, died at her home in Arion Sunday afternoon. Her health has been failing for nearly three years, her affliction being said to be of a cancerous nature and had grown steadily worse, but she resisted until about two weeks ago when she was suddenly taken much worse. The funeral will be delayed until the arrival of some of her relatives who live on the western coast. Very much of her time, of late years, was given to the care of the sick and afflicted. There was never any question of pay with Mrs. Carroll. She helped those unable to pay as willingly as others and many people of Arion and vicinity will remember her with gratitude.

Carstens, Broder (1912)

Schleswig Leader - March 15, 1912
Broder Carstens, who has worked on farms near here, committed suicide at Denison last week by hanging himself to the transom of the door of his room with a pair of leather shoestrings. No cause for the act is known.

Champion, Mat (1899)

Denison Review, 10-24-1899

Mat Champion Killed - Is Struck by a South-Bound Gravel Train Near Kenwood:

Early Sunday morning trainmen on a north bound train on the Milwaukee road discovered the body of a man lying in the center of the track near Kenwood. Stopping the train and summoning Mr. M. D. Mahoney, the body was identified as that of Mr. Mat Champion.

The unfortunate man had been to Charter Oak during the day and in the evening returned to Kenwood and between 10 and 10:30 o'clock went up to Mr. Mahoney's and said there was going to be a little party at Kenwood and asked Mr. Mahoney to accompany him down. Mr. Mahoney declined saying he was tired and was not feeling well. Mr. Champion then started and was not seen or heard of until found as stated above.

It will probably never be known how the accident occurred, whether he was walking on the track or attempted to board the moving train. When found the head was entirely severed from the body. Out of respect for his bereaved parents and relatives we omit the details. The coroner was summoned and a jury empanelled and after hearing testimony a verdict to the effect that deceased came to his death by being struck by a southbound train, was reached.

Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at the Catholic church, Rev. Father Farrelly preaching the sermon. His subject was, "The Immortality of the Soul and Body." A large audience of sympathizing friends were in attendance. Interment was made in the cemetery north of town.

Mat. Champion was born in Cleveland, Ohio and at the time of his death was 26 years of age. He leaves his parents, brothers and sisters and a number of relatives to mourn hiss loss. A favorite with all who knew him and an honest, upright and energetic young man, his untimely death casts a shadow of sorrow upon the entire community.

We wish here to correct a statement made by the Bulletin to the effect that this young man was intoxicated when killed. This was not the case his friends say, most emphatically that he was not under the influence of liquor. The Bulletin should be more careful out of respect to the bereaved ones, in its statements.

Christy, Alex (1909)

Dow City Enterprise 9-17-1909
Alex Christy, who a number of years ago lived in this vicinity died last week in Denison.

Claussen, infant (1910)

October7, 1910, Schleswig Leader
The infant daughter of Mr. And Mrs. John Claussen died Saturday night after a several weeks illness. The funeral was held Tuesday. The parents have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

Cody, Patrick (1923)

Denison Bulletin, March 21, 1923
Relatives of Patrick Cody of Sioux received the word of his death which occurred at his home there on Thursday. The remains were brought here for burial on Monday. The Cody family were former residents of Vail and vicinity, and the deceased was well known by a large number of friends here.

Comstock (1895)

Denison Review 1-16-1895
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Comstock lost their infant daughter, about three months old, on Monday evening. She died of catarrhal fever. All the care and medical attention would do was tried in vain. The afflicted parents have the profound sympathy of all people.

Corey (1907)

Denison Review February 27, 1907
Word was received here Friday of the sad and unexpected death of Mrs. Thos. Corey of Deloit. The relatives have the sympathy of many Vail friends in this the hour of trouble.

Cose, Benjie (1912)

Denison Review 10-23-1912 - Deloit
Dread Diphtheria - Benjie Cose, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cose, of Deloit, is Claimed by Disease

On Friday night about 1 o'clock occurred the death of little Benjie Cose, at the home of her parents in Deloit. She was the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cose. She had not been well several days and took a severe cold, which developed into membranous croup and when the physician was called Tuesday evening it was said to be diphtheria. She continued to get worse and on Thursday night they operated on her neck, placing a tube in the windpipe. All that could be done was done, but the disease could not be overcome.

She was a very loving and bright child. She could repeat pieces her older sisters learned to recite and sing well. She was the joy of the home and her place in the family circle is greatly mourned by her parents and sisters, yet not without hope, for the father above has a place prepared for her, where those innocent little ones are free from the sickness and trials of this earth, and they can look forward to the time when they too can swell with the pure and good if they prepare themselves and again meet their little one.

She leaves mamma, papa, one brother and three sisters to mourn her loss. On account of the disease no funeral was held. Mr. Bond, the undertaker and S. Horr were the only ones who went with the corpse to the cemetery. Albert and Ward Spence and Ivan Patchen dug the grave and assisted in the burial. The sympathy of all is extended to the family.

Costeloe, Maggie (1894)

Denison Review 10-24-1894 - Vail
The diphtheria claimed two more victims this week. Joseph Flynn, five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn died Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Costeloe lost their eleven year old daughter Maggie, Thursday. Although the first attacked by the disease have been released from quarantine, still new cases are being reported, so Saturday Mrs. E. Johnson's premises were quarantined by order of the health physician.

Currier, Mrs. G. W. (1898)

Denison Review 2-25-1898 - Deloit
Deloit is saddened by the death of Mrs. G. W. Currier, which took place on Thursday morning. Mrs. Currier was a highly respected and much beloved woman and her husband and sons are deeply afflicted by her death. The funeral services will be held at her old home in Correctionville, to which place the remains have been taken.

Mrs. Casey (1897)

Denison Review - February 10, 1897
Mrs. Casey, mother of M. J. and Will Casey, died Sunday morning. Services were held at the St. Ann's Church Monday morning and the remains shipped to DeWitt on the afternoon train.

Christensen (1897)

Denison Review - June 1897
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Christensen passed away after a brief illness, Sunday, May 9th, 1897, aged three months and ten days. A short service of prayer was held at the residence after which the body was taken to Dow City for burial, the former home of the parents. Rev. Whirry of Dow City conducted the funeral service. Their many friends sympathize with them in the great loss of their little one and we commend them to God's sustaining in this sore trial.

Angela Maude Cochran (1901)

Denison Review - July 9, 1901
Angela Maude Cochran, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Cochran, died on the morning of July 4th, after a ten days illness of cholera morbus. Deceased was born in Denison April 10th, 1891 and was thus a little over ten years of age. The funeral services were held on Saturday afternoon at Saint Rose of Lima church, Rev. Father M. J. Farrelly officiating. The parents and family wish through the columns of the Review to thank those who came to their aid in this time of bereavement with such friendly spirit and kindly deeds.

Mrs. Cody (1901)

Denison Review - May 28, 1901 - Vail
Mrs. Cody died Sunday morning at her home south of town after a few weeks of illness. The funeral services was held Tuesday morning at the St. Anns church. She leaves quite a family of grownup children and many friends to mourn her departure.

William Coleman (1897)

Denison Review - February 24, 1897 - Vail
William Coleman died at his home in Jackson Township, Wednesday and was buried on Saturday. Services took place at the M. E. Church conducted by Rev. Bartholomew. Interment was in the Vail cemetery. He was one of Crawford county's oldest settlers, having lived in Jackson Township for 16 years.

Dahms (1909)

Denison Review 2-24-1909 - Schleswig
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dahms were buried at the Nissen cemetery Sunday.

Daniels, Henry (1890)

Denison Review 1-1-1890 - Deloit
Henry Daniels' little boy, whose illness was noticed in this correspondence last week, died on the 25th ult. And was buried from the L. D. S. church on the 26th. As this was the only child, the parents had the sympathy of the community.

Dannatt (1909)

Denison Review 4-7-1909 - West Side
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Dannatt died at the hospital at Carroll last Tuesday.

Dannel (1894)

Denison Review - 10-10-1894 - Paradise

Last Saturday occurred the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dannel's youngest child. Death was supposed to be the result of cholera infantum, it being sick only one day. Rev. Boyd of Dow City, preached the funeral sermon and the remains were laid to rest in the Denison cemetery.

Gone to sleep, thou little gem.
Weep not father, weep not mother.
Soon thou too, will come to me.
When thy earthly trials are o'er.
And from them thou art set free.

Darling, Johanna (1895)

Denison Review 2-20-1895 - Deloit
On Feb. 15, 1895 at 9:30 p.m., occurred the death of Mrs. Johanna Daring of LaGrippe. The deceased was born March 13, 1813 and was married to Rev. Robert H. Darling at Mass. About sixty-two years ago. They came to Crawford county about the year 1856 and had been married 58 years at the (missing rest)

Dee, "Grandma" (1898)

Denison Review 11-15-1898 - Vail
Grandma Dee died Monday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Elmer Bagley, at Grand Junction and the remains brought here Tuesday noon, the funeral taking place at the M. E. church. Mrs. Dee was 96 years old and for many years resided at Vail until last spring she went to Grand Junction with Mr. and Mrs. Bagley. She has many friends who mourn her loss.

Delehante, Dr. D.L. (1929)

Dr. D.L.Delehante died October 29, 1929 at Mercy hospital Council Bluffs from complications of sinus trouble illness less than 6 days.
Married: Miss Gertrude Hook of Manilla, January 31, 1928, in Council Bluffs. Children: James.
Education: Creighton University Medical College
Funeral: St. John's Catholic church, Omaha NE

Detlefsen, Mrs. (1913)

Denison Review 1-29-1913 - Arion
Mrs. Dean Talcott, Mrs. O. W. Nelson, Mr. Nelson and Mr. Stilson went out to sing at the funeral of Mrs. Detlefsen who died suddenly last week. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Frese.

Dewey, Ada A. (1884)

Denison Review 5-9-1884
Ada A. Dewey - Iowa Township - March 26

Dickey (1909)

Denison Review - September 1, 1909 - Vail The funeral of Mrs. Dickey took place Monday morning at 9 o'clock. She died at her home near Emmetsburg, Iowa, on Friday last and the body was brought here on the late train Saturday evening and taken to the home of her sister, Mrs. Mason. The funeral services were held in St. Ann's church. High mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Murphy, who preached a very fine sermon. The church was filled with sympathizing friends.

Mrs. Dickey was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Chapman, the well known pioneers of this county. She was at the time of her death about forty-five years of age and was married to Mr. Dickey twenty-seven years ago. She has been ailing for the last six months.

Dillivan (1890)

Denison Review 2-5-1890 - Deloit
Death has again visited our already grief stricken community, the victim this time being the son of Mr. Dillivan just east of town. This young man was on a visit to his parents and left Pittsburg, the city of his residence about two weeks ago. He was a very intelligent and bright young fellow who, had he lived, would have made his mark high on the roll of fame. The funeral services were held at the brick church, Elder Turner officiating, on last Thursday at 2 o'clock p.m., the remains being followed to the grave by quite a number of relatives and neighbors.

Dobson, Elihu (1888)

Denison Review 6-15-1888
The many old friends of Mr. Elihu C. Dobson, will be pained to learn of his death at Collins, Benton county, Oregon, recently. He was about 42 years old and leaves a wife and three children. Mr. Dobson was the first settler in Deloit and among the first in the county. He was a brother of Mrs. Margarett Hunt and uncle to our auditor Hunt.

Dobson, Harry (1909)

Dow City Enterprise 11-5-1909
Harry Dobson of Deloit was killed almost instantly by the bursting of a fly wheel. He was engaged with others in sawing wood when the accident happened. He was born in Deloit, July 24, 1883 and grew to manhood where he was highly respected as an honorable, upright citizen and neighbor. He was the youngest son of Mrs. T. C. Dobson of Deloit and a brother of Mrs. A. H. Rudd of Dow City. The funeral was preached by Elder J. W. Wight of Lamoni, Iowa and was very largely attended. The remains were interred in the Deloit cemetery. He leaves a wife and one son, his mother, two brothers, four sisters and many other relatives and friends to mourn his departure. We extend sincere sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Doelfer, John (1909)

Schleswig Leader, Oct 15, 1909
Several from here attended the funeral of John Doelfer of Ricketts Sunday

Doherty, Elizabeth (1894)

Denison Review 11-14-1894 - Vail
Monday will occur the funeral of the late Miss Elizabeth Doherty, who died Saturday evening. Deceased had been suffering from kidney trouble for the last six months, but of late hopes for her recovery were diminishing every day. The parents have our deeply felt sympathy.

Doherty, Infant (1900)

Denison Review, Friday, March 27, 1900 - Vail
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Doherty mourn the loss of their baby boy but a few months old. The little one died Thursday morning and will be buried Friday.

Downey, Infant (1898)

Denison Review 4-19-1898 - Vail
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Downey of Jackson township died Sunday and was buried Monday. They have the sympathy of many friends.

Dozark, Frank (1894)

Denison Review 4-4-1894 - Vail
A large funeral procession escorted the remains of the late Mr. Frank Dozark to the King cemetery. The hopes for his recovery expressed in last week's edition were not realized and he died Wednesday morning, Leaving a wife and five children, one girl and four boys to grieve over the loss of their main support.

Drisscoll, Mary (1893)

Denison Review 12-5-1893 - Vail
The funeral of Miss Mary Drisscoll, who so suddenly died on Monday, took place last Wednesday. A large number of friends escorted the remains to St. Ann's cemetery.

Dukes, Child (1900)

Denison Review, Tuesday, March 13, 1900
Many Denison Friends will learn with sorrow of the death of the little son of Mrs. C. K. Dukes. Strangulation caused by membranous croup was the cause of his death and his body was laid to rest beside that of his father at Newell, Iowa. Our sympathy goes out toward the stricken mother.

Capt. Benjamin F. Darling (1897)

Denison Review - May 19, 1897
Died on Tuesday morning, May 11th, 1897, Capt. Benjamin F. Darling in the sixtieth year of his age. Funeral from his late residence, 1923 6th Street, northwest, Thursday, May 13, at 2 o'clock p.m. Interment at Arlington. Captain B. F. Darling was a cousin to Dr. Darling of Vail and was well known to all the older residents of Crawford County.

He was formerly postmaster at Deloit, where he kept a general country store. He moved subsequently to Denison, where he was engaged in the furniture business. For a number of years he has been a resident of Washington City, having received an appointment as a clerk in the pension office. He was promoted to $1400 - but the Cleveland administration in accordance with its prescriptive policy towards soldiers, especially when they were appointed by republican administrations, reduced him to $1000. He was a great sufferer from a fever sore on one of his limbs. He leaves a wife and one son. Mrs. Darling has the kindly sympathy of a host of friends in this hour of bereavement.

Josephine Dietz (1897)

Denison Review - March 17, 1897
Josephine Dietz was born November 10th, 1879 and died at her home in Willow Township from scarlet fever, March 12, 1897 at half past one o'clock Friday afternoon, aged 17 years, 5 months and 2 days. Phinnie (as we all knew her best) was the only living daughter of Mr. John Dietz and lived with her father, mother and only brother on their home farm in Willow Township five miles and a half southeast of Charter Oak.

Phinie had not been feeling well for several days but was not taken down until Friday night a week before her death. Everything possible was done to save her life, but it seems as though it was not for her to remain with us in this dark world of pain and sorrow. Her remains were laid in the Willow Cemetery on Saturday afternoon with only a few relatives and friends present. We are not able to tell many of the particulars of her sickness and death, there being no one allowed to go there. Phinnie was highly appreciated in her home and will be greatly missed. The bereaved family have the heartfelt sympathy of the community and one and all feel that they have lost a personal friend. May the Father who doeth all things well comfort the family in their sorrow.

Day, Lois (1951)

Unknown Crawford Co. Newspaper
Lois Day, 81, Denison, died Oct. 20.

Eck (1885)

Denison Review - 10-9-1885 - Deloit
We are sorry to announce the death of Miss Eck which occurred on last Friday morning at the residence of David McCord. She was liked by all who had formed any acquaintance with her. Her stay with us was very short as she only arrived in the state last May.

Edwards, William (1912)

Denison Review 10-9-1912 - Buck Grove
Word has reached here of the death of William Edwards at his home in Armour, S. D. Mr. Edwards used to live on a farm south of here but sold out about four years ago and went to Dakota to live. He has been ill with cancer of the stomach for several months and died of that trouble October 1st.

Eifert, Henry M. (1912)

Schleswig Leader - October 24, 1912
It will no doubt surprise our readers to learn of the death of Henry M. Eifert, a former resident of this place, who passed away at the home of his daughter Mrs. George N. Shaw in Chicago on October 4. He had been ill and confined in his bed for the past three years, at the beginning of which period he left Schleswig. He was 69 years of age and leaves to mourn his demise, a wife and two daughters - Mrs. V. O. Dixon and Mrs. George N. Shaw.

Evison, Charles (1893)

Denison Review 11-15-1893
Chas. Evison passed away to a better awaking Saturday. The grief of the mourning family is all the keener as his recovery seemed almost certain. We tender our most sincere compassion to the bereaved parents.

Annie Ehlers (1901)

Denison Review - July 30, 1901 - Johnsonville
Annie , the three year old daughter of Henry Ehlers and wife, died on Monday July 22 and was buried Tuesday in Schleswig. She has always been sickly and her death came as a relief, although the parents very keenly feel the loss and their many friends sympathize with them.

Sofie Espholt (1901)

Denison Review - February 5, 1901
On Thursday, February 7th, at 5:30 p.m., occurred the death of Mrs. Sofie Espholt at her home in south Denison, lung fever being the cause of death. The deceased was born in Pommer, Germany, in the year 1835; she had been a resident of the United States 32 years and of Denison about 8 years. Her husband died 22 years ago. She was a sister of Mrs. Wm. Mundt and a woman highly respected by all who knew her. Mrs. Espholt leaves three children, Charles, William and Mrs. William Heiden to mourn her loss. Funeral services will be conducted on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 in the Lutheran church, Rev. Lothringer officiating. The remains will be laid to rest in Oakland cemetery.

Anna Evers (1897)

Denison Review - November 10, 1897
The funeral of Miss Anna Evers, whose sad death in Montana was briefly announced last week, took place in this city last Thursday afternoon from the home of Mr. H. H. Lehfeldt. Miss Evers' girlhood days had been spent in this city and many of her friends gathered at the services. The obsequies were conducted by Rev. Claussen of the German Methodist Church and the pall bearers were young men of her former acquaintance. They were: Detelf and William Evers, Herman Lorenzen, Henry Moeller, Will Seeman and Otto Carstens. The interment was made in the Nissen cemetery.

The death of Miss Evers is particularly sad, coming as one of a series of misfortunes. Later particulars show that it occurred while fording the Missouri near Judith, Mont. She was returning Sunday, Oct. 31, from the home of Mrs. Henry Schwartz, whence that lady had departed for this city and was in company with Byron Schwartz in a buggy. The ferry was disabled but teams were fording the streams which at this point is a quarter of a mile wide. A man familiar with the ford volunteered to pilot them and they started in following his wagon. In mid-stream his horses became unmanageable and in the confusion the buggy was overturned and its occupants thrown into the swift current. Seizing her, Schwartz started to swim to shore but a short distance away both sank and became separated.

Help arrived and Schwartz was brought to shore and in a short time Miss Evers also was brought out, but all attempts at resuscitation failed. Miss Evers had been engaged to marry Robert Schwartz, whose death occurred just a year ago. He, likewise was brought to Denison to be buried and while here, his sister, Emma, died a month later. Now the young girl is brought back to lie beside her betrothed.

Accompanying the remains, which arrived Thursday, was only the father, C. H. Evers. The mother was visiting in South Dakota at the time of the accident and came with her sister, Mrs. Henry Jens. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schwartz and sons, Henry, Paul and Herbert, are also here and intend to remain in the city.

Farley, W. H. (December 31 19?? )

Former resident of Vail, recently of Omaha. Ill a few days with the flu, an abscess formed in his throat, causing his death
Funeral: at his home in Omaha
Burial: West Lawn Cemetery in Omaha
Survivors: Wife, Daughter, Mrs R.E. Clemmer of Omaha, Sister, Mrs D.E. Green of Vail, brothers, Frank of Omaha and Maurice of Sioux City.

Farmer, Richard (1907)

Dow City Enterprise 1-18-1907
Richard Farmer, an old time resident of this township over forty years ago, died at the home of Mrs. M. A. Shaw in Holden, Mo., last week and the remains were brought to Magnolia, Iowa, for interment. We do not know his age, but know him to be an aged man. His illness extended over several years, the last two of which he as cared for by Mrs. Shaw who is a daughter of Uncle John Pett. The funeral was attended by Dr. Fannie Pett and her brother O. J. Pett and also by Edwin Poitevin.

Feenstra, Mrs. (1910)

Feb 11, 1910, Schleswig Leader
Mrs. Sara Vermehren received word Saturday announcing the death of her mother Mrs. Feenstra of Arcadia. She with Geo Hoiten and daughter Sara, went to Arcadia Monday to attend the funeral.

Fineran, Mary (1894)

Denison Review 10-24-1894- Vail
Sunday afternoon the funeral of late Mrs. Mary Fineran took place at the St. Ann's cemetery. The old lady died the day previous at the age of sixty-seven years. She has been ailing for the past months, but her death came unexpectedly. We tender our most sincere compassion to the bereaved children.

Fitch (1912)

Denison Review 2-28-1912 - Vail
The remains of the late Mrs. J. P. Fitch, who died at her home in Carroll, Thursday morning, were brought here Saturday on No. 3 and were taken immediately to St. John's Episcopal church, where services were held, conducted by the Episcopal minister. Interment took place in the Vail cemetery. To Mr. Fitch and family is extended the tender sympathy of all Vail friends in their sorrow.

Fitzgerald, Geo. (1900)

Denison Review, Tuesday, 7-10-1900

A Northwestern east-bound freight ran down and killed Geo. Fitzgerald, an aged county charge on yesterday afternoon. Fitzgerald was walking on the track going from Denison to the poor farm. According to the trainmen's story they saw him approaching, sounded a warning whistle and expected him to get out of the way. When it was found that he would not do so the train was already to close for the engineer to prevent the accident and the iron monster struck him squarely and threw him on the side of the right-a-way.

When the train stopped and the train men ran to him it was found that life was already extinct. There were no marks of injury on the body and he was not mangled in any way. It appears that the shock simply drove the life from his body. It is reported by some that Mr. Fitzgerald was intoxicated at the time of the accident, but by others this is disputed.

Mr. Fitzgerald was a kindly old man who had done his share in life's work but who had been unfortunate and his last years were spent as a county charge.

He was a friendly, good-hearted man and those who knew him in his earlier manhood are united in saying that he never did an injury to anyone. The coroner's inquest was held today and the railroad company was exonerated from blame. We trust that the report that he was intoxicated is a mistaken one, for it is a fearful thing to think of a human being hurled to eternity with the fumes of liquor upon his soul.

Flahive, Mrs. M. (1899)

Denison Review 10-31-1899, Tuesday
On Sunday occurred the death of Mrs. Michael Flahive of Dow City, the cause of death being dropsy and heart failure. Deceased was a lady 35 years of age and had been a sufferer for many months. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Grainger of Paradise township and was a woman much loved by all who knew her. The remains were brought to Denison on Tuesday and the funeral sermon preached at the Catholic church at 2 o'clock.

Denison Review - Friday - 11-3-1899
It was with deep regret that we chronicled last week the death of Mrs. M. Flahive. At that time we were not able to give the full particulars of the noble life so sadly ended, and we do so now. Mrs. Flahive was born on Amherst Island, County of Lenox, Ontario, on March 14, 1864 and received a liberal education at the excellent high school at Bath. She came to Crawford county in 1880 and was known as one of our best and most efficient school teachers. The deceased leaves a husband, four brothers, three sisters and a father to mourn her loss.

Fleming (1911)

Denison Review 12-20-1911 - Deloit
It was with sadness the many friends and acquaintances learned of the death of William Fleming Saturday morning and their sympathy goes out to the grief-stricken children, their mother having passed away some two years ago.

Flint, Rupert Elmer (1894)

Denison Review 3-21-1894
At Omaha, Sunday morning, March 18, 1894, Rupert Elmer Flint, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Flint. The little body was brought to Denison and buried Monday afternoon at 2:30, a number of friends being in attendance. While it seems hard that mother and babe should thus be parted, it is consoling to know that there is an angel in heaven patiently waiting resurrection morn.

Flynn, Rosie (1894)

Denison Review 10-3-1894 - Vail
The rumor spread through town Monday afternoon that Rosie, nine years old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn, had died of diphtheria. Not only was this sad report ascertained, but the health physician found four more persons attacked by the dread disease. The board of health forthwith closed all the schools of the town until all danger from the spread of the disease will be past.

Flynn (1894)

Denison Review 10-17-1894 - Vail
Two more victims succumbed to the terrible disease that is scourging our community. Mr. and Mrs. J. Flynn lost two children by diphtheria this week and the rest of the family are stricken down also. J. B. Costelo's children are reported quite sick but all other patients are entirely out of danger.

Flynn, Joseph (1894)

Denison Review 10-24-1894 - Vail
The diphtheria claimed two more victims this week. Joseph Flynn, five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn died Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Costeloe lost their eleven year old daughter Maggie, Thursday. Although the first attacked by the disease have been released from quarantine, still new cases are being reported, so Saturday Mrs. E. Johnson's premises were quarantined by order of the health physician.

Frahm, Mrs. John (1900)

Denison Review, Friday, 5-18-1900
Mrs. John Frahm died Sunday evening at the home of her husband in Stockholm township, Crawford, County of consumption. The interment was on Monday in the Odebolt cemetery, Rev. K. G. Schlegel officiating. - Oldebolt Chronicle

Fulton, J.R. (1900)

Denison Review, Friday, 6-26-1900
The sad, although not unexpected news, was received here Thursday that J. R. Fulton had died in the early morning at his home in Boone. The deceased was taken sick shortly after returning from a visit with his sister in this city, and although in good health while here, his 82 years were against him when the test of sickness came. He was for several years a resident of this city and had many friends who will regret to learn of his death.

Christian Gottlieb Fehmerling (1901)

Denison Review - January 22, 1901
Mr. Christian Gottlieb Fehmerling died at the family home in Hanover Township on Monday, January 14 and was buried in Hanover Township cemetery on Wednesday, January 16, Rev. Runge officiating. The cause of Mr. Fehmerlings death was old age.

The deceased was born in Wismar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany, on February 9th, 1826. In 1853 he was married to Miss Sophia Kramer and they removed to America in 1886, living one year in Chicago, and then coming to Crawford County, where they have since made their home. Mr. Fehmerling leaves five surviving children, two sons, Gustav and Gottlieb and three daughters, Frida, Mrs. Carl Schelm; Louisa, still living in Germany and Emma, Mrs. William Bratthauer of Charter Oak. Mr. Fehmerling was a man highly respected by his neighbors and acquaintances and a man of strict integrity. Many friends throughout the county unite in expressing their sympathy with his bereaved family.

Newton Forber Fenn (1901)

Denison Review - 4-12-1901
Newton Forber, the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. B. I. Fenn of Boyer, died April 8th, aged 3 months and 4 days. The funeral services were held at the depot in Boyer, by Rev. S. C. Olds at 12 p.m., April 9th. The interment was at Odebolt. The sorrowing family have the sympathy of the community.

Mrs. C. P. Frodig (1901)

January 29, 1901 - Kiron
Mrs. C. P. Frodig died last night at the home of her son-in-law northeast of Kiron. Such was the report that reached Kiron on Monday morning. We shall try and give further information in our next letter.

Mrs. F. Funderman (1901)

Denison Review - May 28, 1901
Mrs. F. Funderman who was visiting at the home of her son-in-law Mr. J. Carsten four miles northeast of Kiron passed away after a very short illness at the age of 76 years. She was buried at the Nissen cemetery on Thursday.