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Church Records

Saint Paul Lutheran Church

Hanover Township

The location of this church is 3 miles east of Ricketts, Iowa.

If you are ever in the area, it is a country church and all visitors are WELCOME.

Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings, Burials

Our Church Family

Ackelbein, Duane

Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. John, Rebecca, Nancy, Julie, Lori

Bielow, Mr and Mrs Martin,

Blunk, Mrs Herman

Boell, Mr and Mrs Richard, Andrew, Allen, Michael, Lynette

Bohlmann, Mr and Mrs Arthur

Bohlmann, Mr and Mrs Herbert, Dean

Bohlmann, Dennis

Bohlmann, Mr and Mrs Ralph

Bohlmann, Randall

Bohlmann, Mrs Otto

Brockmann, Mr and Mrs William

Bruhn, Rudolph

Creese, Mr and Mrs Orlen, Debra

Creese, Mr and Mrs Randall

Eyer, Mr and Mrs Alvin, Calvin

Eyer, Mr and Mrs Joseph, Shannon

Gierstorf, Mr and Mrs Allan, Allan jr, Angela

Gierstorf, Mr and Mrs Delbert, Gary, Janelle, Theresa

Gierstorf, Mr and Mrs Harry

Green, Mr and Mrs Charles Kevin, Joyce, Richard

Hagemann, Mr and Mrs Alfred

Hagemann, Mr and Mrs Arnold

Hagemann, Harry

Hagemann, Mr and Mrs Paul

Hansen, Mrs Anna

Hargens, Mr and Mrs Alvin

Hargens, Louie, Gerald, Dean

Hennings, Mrs Leone

Hennings, Mr and Mrs Warren, Timothy, Brian, John, Andrew

Jensen, Mr and Mrs Donald, Robin, Shawn

Jepsen, Mr and Mrs Edward, Dennis, Marlon, Kevin

Kahl, Mr and Mrs Donald, Gary, Shelley

Kortmann, Mrs Esther

Kortmann, Mr and Mrs Walter, Penny, Roxanne, Shelia

Lichtenberg, Mr and Mrs Jerome, Chris, Jerod, Nathan

Loeck, Mr and Mrs Raymond

Meseck, Mr and Mrs Allan, Theresa, Timothy,Thomas

Meseck, Mr and Mrs Gailen, Kip, Todd, Troy

Meseck, Mr and Mrs Henry, Norman

Miller, Mr and Mrs Herman

Moeller, Mr and Mrs Dennis, Nicole

Neddermeyer, Mr and Mrs Gailen, Gary, Ronni, Janine, Vickiee

Nemitz, Mr and Mrs Adolph

Nemitz, Mr and Mrs Ernest

Nemitz, Mr and Mrs James, Janelle, Janine, James

Nemitz, Mr and Mrs Kenneth, Natalie, Debra, Pamela

Pauley, Mr and Mrs Lyle, Ricky, Randy

Rabe, Mrs Alfred, Delbert, Lois, Milroy

Rabe, Miss Ida

Rabe, Mrs Walter

Schau, Mr and Mrs Allan, Bradley, Leesa, Lynn, Lynda, Louise

Schau, Mr and Mrs Hans

Schmadeke, Mr and Mrs August

Schmadeke, Mr and Mrs Louis, Harlan, Keith, Sheryl,Michael, Jill, Timothy, Thomas

Schultz, Mr and Mrs Arthur

Spiegel, Mr and Mrs Mark

Wellner, Mrs Janine, Chantel Spring

Werling, Dr and Mrs Dale, John, Ruth, Mary, Martha

Westphalen, Mr and Mrs Harvey, Kimberly, Matthew, Paul

Westphalen, Mr and Mrs Russell, Dana

Wigg, Mr and Mrs Glenn, Bambi, Brandon, Bridget, Brett

Carmen Pappan, Pauli Mullin, and Helen Dethlefsen Weber and Allan Weber helped to process and get this 100 year church history online.