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Trinity Lutheran Church

Grant Township, Ida County, Iowa

Marriages, Book 2, 1899-1930

Please Note: You will see an occasional "?" appearing as an entry. It was not possible to determine what the pastor had written for that entry.

In other cases an entry followed by a "?" indicates the entry was somewhat legible but is still questionable.

The questionable entries have been transcribed and then reviewed by a second individual. They were transcribed from the original record book of the Trinity Lutheran Church. It was not possible to photocopy the pages for transcription and it is no longer available for proofreading by the transcribers, therefore no changes can be made to the information presented on these pages.

The marriage records were recorded in two books with different formats for entry of the marriages. This page contains the records from Book 2 and the previous page contains the records from Book 1.

BridegroomResidenceAgeBrideResidenceAgeMarriage DateWitnesses
Edward ReimerMorgan Cr. Co. IA. 25Bertha Catharine StruckMorgan Cr. Co. IA. 2001/18/1899Johannes Kuhl, Adele Struck
Wilhelm ReimerMorgan Cr. Co. IA. 58Anna Struck geb. AldagMorgan Cr. Co. IA. 5001/25/1899John Christian Jensen, Elisabeth Hensen, Georg & Ella Riessen
Heinrich SeinmannGrant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 27Anna Mathilde WerneburgGrant , Ida Co. IA. 2002/09/1899Frida Werneburg, Wilhelm Werneburg
Johannes BottgerOtter Creek Cr. Co. IA. 25Maria DahmsOtter Creek Cr. Co. IA. 2502/09/1899Christian Schneider, Sophie Bottger, Ernst Dahms, Sophie Mohr
Wilhelm Jacob Noble?46Mary Luise Intveen??4010/11/1899F. Schug & frau
Jacob StandenmaierGrant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 27Wilhelmine StreckGrant Twp. Ida Co. IA. 2310/12/1899Heinrich Streck, Bernh. Streck, Emma Wiegand, Martha Schug
Jurgen PrussingCrawford Co. IA. 35Ida RenickeOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 3005/30/1900Wilhelm Reincke, Alwine Rehmke
Matthias JacobsenMorgan Cr. Co. IA. 26Emma LohseMorgan Cr. Co. IA. 2506/21/1900Hans Lohse, Emma Petersen, Willie Reese, Lina Lohse
Heinrich Streckborn in Covington, KY. Grant, Ida Co. IA. 24Emma Wiegandborn Mullerstadt, Ger., Morgan Cr. Co. IA. 2102/14/1900Hugo Wiegand, Ida Fuster, Willie Streck, Ella Nobel
Johannes KlahmCharter Oak, IA. 32Anna SeehusenMorgan Cr. Co. IA. 2602/27/1901Johann Seehusen, Willie Carstens
Ernst BurkMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 27Bertha RiessenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA.2203/05/1901Heinrich Riessen, Ida Burk
Gustav ElseGrant, Ida Co. IA. 22Minna RiessenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2403/05/1901Johann Else, Alma Riessen
Albert PutzierMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 24Emma WiedemannMorgan Cr. Co. IA. 2203/14/1901Wilh. Putzier, Minna Wiedemann, Herman Teut, Anna Wiedemann
Gustav EricksenHayes, Ida Co. IA. 25Margarethe RiessenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2303/19/1901Louis Riessen, Meta Ericksen
Paul KochGrant, Ida Co. IA. 26Maria RiessenOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 2003/21/1901Albert Andersen, Ida Riessen
Johannes WulfMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 30Charlotte KohrsHamburg, Germany2506/05/1901Julius Wulf, Heinrich Hahn
August ReinkingGrant, Ida Co. IA. 25Johanna PetersenOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 1910/02/1901Fritz Petersen, Lina Bielenberg, Wilhelm Reinking, Hulda Schroeder
Henry HeinGrant Ida Co. IA. 25Meta JahdeHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2112/18/1901Johann Kubelstein, Julius Bielenberg
Johann ReimerGrant, Ida Co. IA. 27Mathilde NielsenGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2112/26/1901Tho. Petersen, Rich. Petersen
Peter MeyerGrant, Ida Co. IA. 34Anna SchuettGrant, Ida Co. IA. 4801/24/1902Ludwig Ehler, Agnes Ehler
Johann PipgrasOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 28Anna ThomsenHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2502/12/1902Frank Cassens, Emilie Pipgras
Wilhelm AbbeGrant, Ida Co. IA. 23Minnie SpahnHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2202/12/1902John Spahn, Emilie Haustedt, Emil Abbe, Maria Spahn, Luie Abbe
Herman HanammGrant Ida Co. IA. 24Anna SchiernbeckGrant, Ida Co IA. 1902/19/1902Ernst Hamann, M. Schiernbeck, Ed Spahn, Em. Hamann
Frank CassensGrant, Ida Co. IA. 23Emilie PipgrasOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 2102/19/1902Johann Seehusen, Nellie Cassens
William ClarkSchleswig, IA. 30Adeline FuesterSchleswig, IA. 1902/19/1902Emil Boock, Anna Leopold, Claus Gottlub, Minna Fuester
Heinrich ReeseMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 25Hermine SchuetteSchleswig, IA. 2602/20/1902Detlef Reese, Rosa Cassens
Johann DallmannHayes, Ida Co. IA. 27Louise M. MoellerHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2602/20/1902Karl Moeller, S. Moeller
Detlef SchiernbeckGrant, Ida Co. IA. 23Louise WolferMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2302/25/1902Karl Wolfer, Mary Schiernbeck, Richard Stelck, Minna Wolfer
John SeehusenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 26Nillie CassensGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2002/26/1902Ed Cassens, Alwine Seehusen
Wilhelm ReinkingGrant, Ida Co. IA. 23Hulda SchroderMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 1902/26/1902Gottfried Schroeder, Clara Schroeder, Heinrich Schroeder
John KuhlMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 29Bertha StellingSoldier, Cr.Co. IA. 2002/26/1902Ed Kuhl, Pauline Johansen
Johann ClausenBattle Creek, IA. 22Alma DeibertBattle Creek, IA. 2203/05/1902Johann Diebers, Johanna Peters
Ewald KleinschmidtGrant, Ida Co. IA. 29Frida WerneburgGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2003/06/1902Lucas Kramer, Louise Kramer
Julius BielenbergOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 26Dorothea JaehdeHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2003/12/1902Willie Hamann, Lina Jurgensen, Herman Jahde, P. Von der arc
Johann SpahnHayes Twp. Ida Co. IA. 26Ida BurkMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2203/19/1902Fritz Burk, Mary Spahn, Edward Spahn, Manda Burk, Fritz Buesing
Detlef ReeseMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 24Rasie CassensGrant Ida Co. IA. 2203/26/1902Robert Meisner, Bertha Lohse
Robert MeisnerSchleswig, IA. 37Bertha LohseMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 1904/17/1902Johannes Lohse, Emma Petersen, Wilhelm Reese, Luise Lohse
John MenkeGalva, Ida Co. IA. 29Louise NeubauerGrant, Ida Co. IA. 3505/17/1902J. Koch, M. Werneburg
Emil BielenbergHayes, Ida Co. IA. 23Margarete PetersenOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 2606/25/1902Fried. Petersen, Caroline Bielenberg, Wilhelm Bielenberg, Christine Holst
Gus SchauGarfield, Ida Co. IA. 36Alwine DethlefsGarfield, Ida Co. IA. 1907/27/1902Jan Groth, Math. Jochims
Peter PetersenHanover, Cr. Co. IA. 20Hulda BrockmanHayes, Ida Co. IA. 1908/18/1902Heinrich Brockmann, Maria Brockmann
Claus GottburgSchleswig, IA. 38Katharine ClaussenSchleswig, IA. 2309/09/1902Andreas Claussen, Adele Marth, Meta Ericksen
Friedrich PetersenOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 22Caroline BielenbergGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2209/24/1902Karl Friedrichsen, Dora Bielenberg, Willie Bielenberg, Luise Meyer
Hermann AndresenHayes, Ida Co. IA. 23Maria SpahnSchleswig, IA. 2001/28/1903Albert Andresen, Emma Hamann
Ernst HamannGrant, Ida Co. IA. 23Maria SchiernbeckGrant, Ida Co. IA. 1902/18/1903Herman Schiernbeck, Emma Hamann
Heinrich KollsHayes, Ida Co. IA. 32Meta HollanderHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2402/18/1903Thomas Hollander, Hattie Hollander
Anton SchultzGrant, Ida Co. IA. 23Bertha WolferMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2304/16/1903Wil. Reese, Lina Lohse, John Abbe, Dora Rehse
Richard StelckMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 26Minna WolferMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2104/16/1903Hein. Stelck, Bertha Abbe, Carl Wolfer, Emma Petersen
H.W. SchmidtSchleswig, IA. 29Anna Dorothea JurgensenSchleswig, IA. 2106/15/1903C.C. Walter, Tillie Frahm, Huld. Bach, Julius Christiansen
Wilhelm ReeseMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 22Lena LohseMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2306/16/1903Karl Lohse, Rosa Dahms, H. Lohse, Manda Burk
Emil SchneiderCrawford Co. IA. ?Maria KnudsenCrawford Co. IA. ?09/02/1903Hans Knudsen, Anna Kollbaum, K. Andersen, K. Knudsen
Heinrich KollbaumMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 28Anna SchulFahmaarn, Germany2112/23/1903Hans Knudsen, Anna Kollbaum
Heinrich AndersenIda Co. IA. 28Dorothea Hannah PetersIda Co. IA. 1901/12/1904Aug. Paulsen, Elisabeth Peh??
Wilhelm MoellerCrawford Co. IA. 27Wilhelmine HamannCr. Co. IA. 2401/20/1904Rob. Reincke, Louise Monsees, A. Hamann, Anna Tauk
Heinrich JanssenIda Co. IA. 26Maria GrovertIda Co. IA. 2002/16/1904Frank Janssen, Anna Grovert
Peter MohrCr. Co. IA. 25Olga WellendorgIda Co. IA. 2202/17/1904Emil Wellendorf, Katie Mohr
Friedrich BurkCr. Co. IA. 26Adele MarthIda Co. IA. 2003/02/1904Karl Burk, Emma Marth, Gustav Abbe, Manda Burk
Emil AbbeGrant, Ida Co. IA. 24Emma BubkeGarfield, Ida Co. IA. 2103/09/1904Johann Abbe, Lina Abbe, Heinrich Muller, Alma Bubke
Hans IversenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 22Katharine KnudsenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 1904/17/1904Hans Knudsen, Anna Kollbaum
Walter SchultzSchleswig, IA. 26Lillie HollanderCharlotte, Clinton, Co. IA. 2206/02/1904Hugo Wiegand, Adelheide Schultz
Heinrich SchadeBattle Creek, IA. 30Wilhelmine Kollmetch?2306/25/1904Heinrich Speth, Anna Killbaum
Hans HarderMapleton, IA. 24Meta JohannsenSoldier, Cr. Co. IA. 2010/24/1904Peter Harder, Dora Johannsen
Hans KnudsenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 22Anna KillbaumMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2212/10/1904Fritz Kollbaum, Dora Rehse
Edward SpahnGrant, Ida Co. IA. 24Bertha AbbeGrant, Ida Co. IA.. 2002/22/1905Gustav Abbe, Emma Marth, Joh. Abbe, Lena Abbe
Heinrich HamannBattle Creek, IA. 22Anna JanssenGrant, Ida Co. IA.2302/28/1905W. Hamann, Etta Janssen, John Janssen, Emma Hamann
Carl JessenSchleswig, IA. 22Clara SchroederMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2004/26/1905H. Shroeder, Dora Ernst, Fred Petersen, Margarethe Jessen
Louis HeinseDanbury, IA. 24Lena SchumannGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2207/08/1905Clara Schumann, Otto Heinse
Jacob SchauGarfield, Ida Co. IA. 29Meta BerndtWoodbury Co. IA. 1908/27/1905Emil Meyer, Mary Meyer
Gustav AbbeGrant, Ida Co. IA. 21Emma MarthHayes, Ida Co. IA. 1909/13/1905Johnny Abbe, Hertha Marth, Erwin Rehse, Lina Abbe
Carl FriedrichsenSchleswig, IA. 25Anna JanssenGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2012/13/1905Ernst Book, Frank Janssen, Anna Grover, Marie Janssen
Paul JepsenSchleswig,IA. 26Roma HollanderSchleswig, IA. 2012/20/1905Peter Hollander, Karen Jepsen
Heinrich JahdeOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 21Malinda HollanderHayes, Ida Co. IA. 1812/21/1905Thomas Hollander, Dora Jahde
Wm. BielenbergSchleswig, IA 23Mattie Krohnke?2412/24/1905Julius Nielsen, Emilie Krohnke
John JohannsenSoldier, Cr. Co. IA. 25Louise BackhausMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2102/21/1906Carl Backhaus, Anna Johannsen
Herman S. BoysenBattle Creek, IA. 25Annie MuellerGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2510/03/1906Karl Mueller, Mamie Mueller
Heinrich SchroederMorgan,Cr. Co. IA. 19Dorothea JaehdeOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 1910/17/1906Herman Jaehde, Hulda Ernst
Herman WerneburgGrant, Ida Co. IA. 35Emma (S or L) illSchleswig, Holstein1912/09/1906Louie Hobert & frau
Edward ElseGrant, Ida Co. IA. 21Emma JohannsenSoldier, Cr. Co. IA. 2102/20/1907Carl Johannsen, Alwine Else
Heinrich WittmaackHayes, Ida Co. IA. 23Etta JanssenGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2002/27/1907Joh. Wittmaack, Gesine Janssen, Joh. Janssen, Marie Wittmaack
Hans PetersenGrant, Ida Co. IA. 21Emma HamannSchleswig, IA. 2104/17/1907Fritz Petersen, Elsie Mueller, Willie Hamann, Margaretha Petersen
Heinrich MundtMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 26Martha MoltmannGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2010/18/1907Wilh. Mundt, Hannah Moltmann
John AbbeGrant, Ida Co. IA. 22Hattie Marth?1911/27/1907Heinrich Abbe, Clara Marth
Henry HeinSoldier, Cr. Co. IA. 21Dora JohannsenSoldier, Cr. Co. IA. 2101/25/1908Ferdinand Johannsen, Josie Hein
Friedrich KollbaumMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 21Rosa TrinkelbachGrant, Ida Co. IA. 1802/05/1908Gustav Ott, Therese Trinkelbach
Wilhelm StegemannOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 23Laura HollanderGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2002/12/1908Bernhard Hollander, Mathilde Stegemann
Herman SchierenbeckGrant, Ida Co. IA. 21Elsie PetersenIda Grove, IA. 1903/11/1908Wilh. Petersen, Louise Schierenbeck
Bernhard Streck Jr. Grant, Ida Co. IA. 25Lena AbbeGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2503/12/1908Ervin Rehse, Marie Hobert, Aug. Rix, Amanda Burk, Wilh. Streck
Karl Schoebel?30Friedericke WeifenbachIda Grove, IA. 1803/29/1908Hein. Weifenback, Willie Weifenbach, Anna Abbe, Dora Rehse
Friedrich Carl SaxenBattle Creek, IA. 23Johanna MoltmannGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2403/31/1908Karl Saxen, Erna Moltmann
Edward StolleyHayes, Ida Co. IA. 23Bertha RossowHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2001/06/1909H. Carsten, Marie Rossow
Jacob Burneister?28Alwine Margarithe RehmkeHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2803/03/1909Heinrich Aldag, Emma Rehmke
Friedrich StreckGrant, Ida Co. IA. 25Malonn? HenermannGermany2103/24/1909H. Streck & frau
John JorsGrant, Ida Co. IA. 22Dora RehseGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2204/15/1909Erwin & Paul Rehse, Hulda Ernst, Clara Schumann, Ferd. Fick, M. Jors
Carl R. JohannsenSoldier, Cr. Co. IA. 22Alvine ElseGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2206/24/1909Julius Else, Ella Bendixen, Louis Kuehl, Ida Johannsen
Willie BackhausGrant, Ida Co. IA. 21Emilie ShumannGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2010/14/1909Carl Backhaus, Clara Schumann
Magnus A. HollanderSchleswig, IA. 22Emma C. BaakRicketts, Cr. Co. IA. 1810/31/1909E.E. Schultz, Alice Jensen, Otto Hollander, Loretta Schmidt
Ferdinand FickGarfield, Ida Co. IA. 21Marie JorsMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 1911/14/1909John Schmidt, Margareth Jacobsen
Emil E. KuehlSchleswig, IA. 21Marr?? C. MillerGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2102/09/1910Charles F. Miller, Carl Kuehl, Minnie Miller, Anna Christiansen
Paul RehseSchleswig, IA21Hulda ErnstGrant, Ida Co. IA. 1903/09/1910Erwin Rehse, Ella Ernst, Albert Ernst, Clara Christiansen
Albert John SchmidtDenison, IA. 23Hulda Peters?2003/16/1910Edward Peters, Leona Schmidt, Fr. Schmidt, Anna Schmidt
Emil HargensBattle Creek, IA. 22Clara MarthHayes, Ida Co. IA.1910/05/1910Heinrich Marth, Martha Hargens
Herman B. SchultzSchleswig, IA. 29Marie Elizabeth Macentun? Schleswig, IA. 2810/13/1910Hein. Macentun, Louise Monsees, Will & Joh. Macentun, Louise Schultz
John PetersenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 23Amanda BurkSchleswig, IA. 2610/14/1910Theodor Burk, Melin. Petersen
John SchageClinton Co. IA. 31Edith D. RiessenOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 2612/21/1910Heinrich Riessen, Ella Schagt
Carl BackhausMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 24Clara SchumannGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2301/04/1911Alfred Backhaus, Francis Schumann, Heinrich & Lena Schumann
Hermann JanssenGranat, Ida Co. IA. 23Minnie MuellerMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 1902/15/1911C. Muller, Edna Mueller, Marie Janssen, G. Mueller
Rudolph H. ErnstSchleswig, IA. 24Helen L. PaulsenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2303/01/1911Henry Paulsen, Ella Ernst, Heinrich Buenz, Clara Ernst
Henry A. KlotzSchleswig, IA. 22Minnie M. HollanderSchleswig, IA. 2003/15/1911Charles Klotz, Laura Hollander
Wilhelm WeifenbachHayes, Ida Co. IA. 24Mathilda RohrbeckChicago, IL. 2407/19/1911Wilhelm Rossow, Minna Rossow
Carl StenderMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 22Anna AldagHayes, Ida Co. IA. 1809/06/1911H. Aldag, Hermine Stender, W. Stender, Minna Aldag
Wilhelm KruegerDelmont, SD. 20Dora SpahnSchleswig, IA. 2101/03/1912Martin Knudsen, Greta Petersen
Gustav ReimersOtter Creek, Cr. Co. IA. 29Emma RehmkeHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2902/21/1912Albert & Minnie Reimers, Alma & Ernst Rehmke
Albert RahnAltamont, IL. 41Antonia SchmidtAltamont, IL. 3104/28/1912Louis Zobel, Anna Schwenk
Albert FaupelHayes, Ida Co. IA. 34Amalia Werle?3006/19/1912Christian Rossow, Aug. Wittmaak
Jens EdsenGrant, Ida Co. IA. 22Laura ZabelGrant, Ida Co. IA. 1911/26/1912August Edsen, Lilly Zabel
Friedrich Wilhelm LinkeIda Co.IA. 24Minnie Katharina AldagIda Co. IA. 2201/15/1913Heinr. Aldag, Thorwald Christensen, Lizzie Marth, Dora Linke
Peter Thorwald ChristensenIda Co. IA. 28Dora LinkeIda Co. IA. 2202/12/1913Marie Rossow, Carl Linke, Conrad Wittmaack, Minnie Linke
Peter B. NielsenIda Co. IA. 25Marie C. CohrtCr. Co. IA. 2102/19/1913John Cohrt, Dora Trinkelbach
Max Heinrich AldagIda Co. IA. 27Lizzie Julia MarthIda Co. IA. 2102/19/1913Henry Marth, Ella Aldag
Albert W. RiessenCr. Co. IA. 22Rosa Caroline EhlerIda Co. IA. 2202/26/1913Bernh. Riessen, Emma Ehler
Harry H. MillerCr. Co. IA. 28Anna AbbeIda Co. IA. 2203/05/1913Geo. Miller, Ella Stange, Geo. Ehart, Edna Miller
Martin SaiteIda Co. IA. 37Minna Standenmaier, geb. StreckIda Co. IA. 3606/29/1913Geo. Streck, Eda Lampe, Louis Reincke, Clara Seidler, Geo. Reincke
John KruseCr. Co. IA. 25Minnie RossowIda Co. IA. 2007/09/1913Wm. Rossow, John Bliesmann, Louise Rossow, Emma Kruse
Willie GrellCr. Co. IA. 24Ella AldagIda Co. IA. 1907/16/1913Theod. Aldag, Anna Grell
Louis ZobelIda Co. IA. 22Anna SchwenkIda Co. IA. 2108/13/1913Alb. Ernst, Marie Schwenk, Erich. Amstein, Auguste & Christian Zobel
Hermann MildensteinCr. Co. IA. 23Anna M. TrinkelbachCr. Co. IA. 2302/04/1914Henry Mildenstein, Alma Trinkelbach
Johann CohrtCr. Co. IA. 25Theodora TrinkelbachCr. Co. IA. 2102/04/1914Robert Hesse, Emma Cohrt
Heinrich RiessenCr. Co. IA. 30Dora K. HollanderCr. Co. IA. 2402/11/1914Carsten Hollander, Alma Riessen
Ernst RehmkeHayes, Ida Co. IA. 28Marie J.A. RossowHayes, Ida Co. IA. 2302/11/1914Willie Rossow, Albert Reimers, Louise Rossow, Alma Rehmke
Martin KnudsenGrant, Ida Co. IA. 22Gretha PetersenIda Co. IA. 2502/18/1914Fred Knudsen, Henry Petersen, Dora Nielsen, Caroline Knudsen
Albert Wm. ReimersCr. Co. IA. 30Alma RehmkeIda Co. IA. 2603/11/1914Wm. Reimers, Minnie & Herm. Reimers, Therese Rehmke
Henry MarthIda Co. IA. 19Malinda FriedrichsenCr. Co. IA. 1903/17/1914Albert Marth, Frieda Friedrichsen
Emil BubkeIda Co. IA. 20Anna Lena PetersenIda Co. IA. 1903/25/1914Wm. Wittmaack, Ruby Petersen
Hans H. IversenSchleswig, IA. 23Laura M. HollanderSchleswig, IA. 2603/25/1914Bernh. Hollander, Caroline Hollander
Bernhard SchniederGrant, Ida Co. IA. 32Amalie Faupel, geb. WerleGrant, Ida Co. IA. 3312/22/1914Julius Hobert, Fritz Streck
Albert ErnstIda Co. IA. 24Marie SchwenkIda Co. IA. 2102/07/1915Theodor Ernst, Martha Schwenk, Walter Schug, Hertha Ernst
George StreckIda Co. IA. 26Ida LampeIda Co. IA. 2106/21/1915Myrtle Jones, Edward Lampe,
Herbert Mundt?24Alma Trinkelbach?1801/19/1916Robert Schwitzer, Lillian Mundt
Edward Leopold Janke?31Therese S. Trinkelbach?3003/14/1917Emil Mildenstein, Margareta Wilken
Richard BrodersenBattle Creek, IA. 23Martha Minnie SchugGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2103/21/1917Walther Schug, Rosa Brodersen
Wilhelm NeubauerGrant, Ida Co. IA. 24Ella Kath. HesseGrant, Ida Co. IA. 1910/03/1917Edward Neubauer, Mary Neubauer
Emil Mildenstein?21Margareta Wilkens?2001/05/1918Carl Johann Wilken, Gertrude Schmidt
Theodor A. ErnstGrant, Ida Co. IA. 25Hilda JuergensenMorgan, Cr. Co. IA. 2002/14/1918Hertha Ernst, Herbert Juergensen
Harvey ElseGrant, Ida Co. IA. 22Hertha ErnstGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2102/11/1920Walter Ernst, Mabel Else
Walter SchugGrant, Ida Co. IA. 22Elisabeth SchwenkGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2202/18/1920Arthur Schug, Victoria Schwenk
Herman JensenIda Grove, IA. 26Martha SchwenkGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2503/10/1920Hugo Ehler, Lydia Schwenk
Hugo EhlerIda Grove, IA. 24Lydia SchwenkGranat, Ida Co. IA. 2304/28/1920Herman Jensen, Martha Jensen
Edward WunschelIda Grove, IA. 24Alma BarthelGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2002/21/1921Wm Wunschel, Lillain Wunschel, Richard & Ida Barthel
Arthur H. SchugIda Co. IA. 22Victoria F. SchwenkIda Co. IA. 2204/12/1922Heinrich Schwenk, Rosa Schug
Albert WellendorgIda Co. IA. 25Leona ElseIda Co. IA. 2002/27/1924Harry Wellendorg, Lorene Else
Bernhard StreckIda Co. IA 43Bertha HillsmannIda Co. IA. 2009/23/1924Albert Streck, Minnie Hillsmann
Gilbert KastnerCr. Co. IA. 23Rose C.M. SchugIda Co. IA. 2201/28/1925Herman Schug, Mabel Else
Albert G. AbbeIda Co. IA. 20Hedwig KochIda Co. IA. 2112/30/1925Raymond Abbe, Selma Koch
Hilbert StockflethMonona Co. IA. 25Clara Abbe?2002/02/1927Alfred Stockfleth, Irene Abbe
Herman SchugIda Co. IA. 23Frieda KemmingIda Co. IA. 2403/06/1927Erwin Schug, Minnie Kemming
Herman NeubauerIda Co. IA. 22Louise ElseIda Co. IA. 2003/16/1927Kermit Johannsen, Josie Christensen
Walter GrimmSchleswig, IA. 28Charlotte Andres?2504/22/1927Emil Martens, Louise Martens
Harold Christiansen?18Goldie Sonksen?1807/06/1927Hertha Christiansen, John Sonksen
Vernon KrohnkeSchleswig, IA. 26Florence HamannGrant, Ida Co. IA. 2012/15/1927Anna Schwenk, Elvira Schwenk
Walter ErnstGrant, Ida Co. IA. 27Roma KastnerCr. Co. IA. 2006/27/1928Erwin Kastner, Florence Ernst
Carl Johannes PaulsenCr. Co. IA. 24Irene, Dor. Anna AbbeIda Co. IA. 1907/04/1928Vernette Paulsen, Leonard Abbe
Martin S. JensenIda Co. IA. 38Concordia SchwenkIda Grove, IA. 2609/09/1928George Spahn, Elvira Schwenk
Bernhard RabeIda Co. IA. 27Florence Ernst?2002/06/1929Raymond Ernst, Amanda Brosamle?
Elmer E. AbbeIda Co. IA. 25Lorene A. ElseBattle Creek, IA. 2106/22/1929Wm. Abbe, Wm. Else
Walter SchwenkIda Grove, IA. 23Dora Fae RichardsenIda Grove, IA. 1708/18/1929Claude Richardsen, Laura Richardsen, Anna Schwenk
Andrew JessenIda Co. IA. 28Hertha KronebergerIda Co. IA. 2112/07/1929Walter Harder, Clara Harder
Oscar H. HarderBattle Creek, IA. 23Helen JohannsenBattle Creek, IA. 2003/22/1930Orlan Fouts, F. Fouts

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