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1865 Crawford County Census

County Statistics

The tables below contain various data on the residents of Crawford County, agricultural data, manufacturing, county officers, and post offices.

1865 Census Returns for Crawford County
Townships Denison Union Milford Total
No. of Dwelling Houses 35 32 24 91
No. of Males 127 105 80 312
No. of Females 98 83 81 262
Total White Population 225 188 161 574
No. of Colored Males ---- ---- ---- ----
No. of Colored Females ---- ---- ---- ----
Total of Colored Population ---- ---- ---- ----
No. entitled to Vote 41 34 29 104
No. of Militia 25 50 21 126
Foreigners not naturalized 2 14 1 17
No. between ages of 5-21 years years 106 68 70 239
No. of Blind 1 ---- ---- 1
No. of Deaf and Dumb ---- ---- ---- ----
No. of Insane ---- ---- ---- ----

Crawford County Returns by the Assessors
No. of miles of Railroads finished ----
No. of Colleges, Academies and Universities ----
No. of students attending College ----
No. of acres of Land enclosed 4357
No. of Fruit Trees in bearing 2
No. of Fruit Trees not bearing 3762
No. of acres planted for Timber 12 1/2
No. of rods of Hedging 90
No. of bushels of coal raised -80 pounds per bushel ----
Value of Mineral raised not including Coal ----
Value of Manufactures ----
No. of Hogs of all ages 481
No. of Cattle of all ages 913
No. of Milch Cows 298
No. of pounds of Butter manufactured 10059
No. of pounds of Cheese made 4900
No. of Work Oxen 192
No. of Horses of all ages 331
No. of Mules and Asses 2
No. of Sheep in 1864 485
No. of pounds of Wool shorn in 1864 1267
No. of Sheep on hand in 1865 1305
No. Dogs 69
Value of Sheep killed by Wolves and Dogs ----
No. of acres of Sorghum 11
No. of gallons of Syrup from Sorghum 793
No. of pounds of Sugar from Sorghum ----
No. of hives of Bees 151
No. of pounds of Honey taken 2600
No. of pounds of Beeswax 119
No. of pounds of Grapes raised 10
No. of gallons of Wine made ----
No. of pounds of Hops raised ----
No. of pounds of Tobacco raised ----
No. of bushels of Onions 65
No. of acres in all other crops 10
No. of acres of Flax ½
No. of bushels of Seed harvested 3
No. of pounds of Lint ----
No. of gallons of Linseed Oil ----
No. of acres of Hungarian Grass 16
No. of tons of Hay from Hungarian Grass 37
No. of acres of Tame Grasses 4
No. of Hay made from Tame Grass ----
No. of tons of Hay from Wild Grass 1879
No. of bushels of Grass seed ----
No. of acres of Irish Potatoes 25
No. of bushels harvested 1366
No. of bushels of Sweet Potatoes ----
No. of acres of Spring Wheat 419
No. bushels harvested 4289
No. of acres of Winter Wheat ----
No. of bushels harvested ----
No. of acres of Oats 408
No. of bushels harvested 7282
No. of acres of Corn 1065
No. of bushels harvested 30341
No. of acres of Rye 20
No. bushels harvested 195
No. of acres of Barley 13
No. bushels harvested

Post Offices - Township, Number and Range
Post Office Township Number Range
Boyer Valley Milford 84 38
Denison Denison 83 39

County Officers
S. E. Dow County Judge
A. D. Maloney Clerk District Court
Morris McHenry Treasurer
Morris McHenry Recorder
S. P. Gardner Sheriff
Morris McHenry County Surveyor
H. C. Laub Superintendent of Schools
I. S. Comstock Coroner
S. J. Comfort Attorney
James M. Butler Attorney
Hubert Clark
Andrew Johnson President of United States
William Milo Stone Governor of Iowa
James Wright Secretary of State
John A. Elliott Auditor of State
William H. Holmes
Treasurer of State

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