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Buck Grove Cemetery List

Located on top of a hill southeast of Buck Grove
in the northeast quarter of section 21

The original list was taken from the Buck Grove Centennial history book containing only name and age data as shown in the first three columns and was submitted prior to 1998 by Nancy Stepanek Rosburg.

The cemetery was subsequently walked by Norm Prince and he has provided the additional data on names, birth, death, and other data on stone engravings.

Last nameFirst NameAgeBirthDeathOther Data
BillCarrie L. W.12 Nov 15, 1889Dau of J R & M A Bill, 13 y 7m 25d
BrownW. W. 71May 25, 1823Nov 20, 1894 
CarpenterBen H.36Nov 14, 1864Apr 11, 1900 
Carpenter Clarence R.7118681939 
CarpenterGeorge M.61 Mar 8, 1895 Aged 61 ys, 1 mo, 17ds
CarpenterGerald inf Jan 10, 1891Son of L E & L L Carpenter. Aged, 16 ds.
CarpenterMary A.78Sept 19, 1841Nov 6, 1919Wife of Geo. M. Carpenter
ChaseIra J.72 Oct 16, 1911Aged 72y, 8m, 12d
Fotherington Frank D.16 Feb 7, 1892.Son of John & Agnes Fotheringham. Aged 16 ys, 2 ms, 26 days.
Franklin Verevoninf  21 Aug ?Aged 29 ds
Hagan Rose69Mar 3, 1830Jan 4, 1901same stone as Emma Rooney
Rooney Emma Mar 28, 1859Sep 7, 1876dau of J & R Rooney
HesterAugusta H.9618481944wife of George Hester
Hester George7518391914 
Hodgell[baby]   no further data
HodgellGeorgia M.10 Dec 1, 1896 (?)Aged 10ys ?m ?d.[weathered stone, hard to read]
HodgellWilliam M.35 Mar 26, 1891Aged 35 Y'Rs, 11 M's, 10 Days.
Jones infmarker not located in cemetery
KepfordHarriet E.7618551931Mother
KepfordJohn F. 18551938Father
NewmanF. M.48Feb 14, 1861May 14 1899 
NewmanMary62Mar 3, 1854Sept 6, 1916 
PattonSamuel78 Apr 16, 1891Aged 78 yrs
PembrookJohn C. Nov 20, 1878Oct 24, 1884 (?)son of J W & A Pembrook
PenceAlma M.26Feb 24, 1876Oct 27, 1902Wife of R A Pence
PetersenAlbert B.6418791943 
Petersen infNov 25, 1906Nov 26, 1906Infant son of A H & L Petersen
PetersenChristina72Mar 22, 1839Feb 2, 1911 
PetersenPeter C.6918681935 
PolzienBertha24 Dec 1, 1888Aged, 24 yrs
PolzienHerman38 June 8, 1893Aged, 38 yrs
Reinwaldt Minne  18541940[wife of Fritz Reinwaldt]
Stahl Clara 7Moved to Denison cemetery
StollerRuthinfJune 19, 1918June 22, 1918dau of W F & M E Staller
ThewIvian10 July 9, 1889son of S M & S L Thew. Aged, 10y, 1m, 27d.
Thew Percival C.14 Dec 7, 1872son of Erastus & Melissa Thew. Aged 14 ys, 10ms, 2ds
Thew Our Babes, children of Sylvester M & Sarah L Thew
TilletHenry E.76 May 18, 1887Aged 70 yrs, 8 mos. 21 dys
TilletMary68 Feb 8, 1892Aged 68 Y's, 3M's, 1 D
TilletEtheline E.8318441927 
Wiley Lela infmarker not located in cemetery
WinnAviah94Jan 5, 1801Feb 23, 1895 
Winn   infMar 28, 1903Apr 1, 1903Infant son of Lee & Catherine Winn
WinnMary A.8218391921 

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