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Westside Cemetery Burial List

Westside, Crawford County, Iowa

These names came from the display of burials, which is a typed list posted in a weather-proof bulletin board covered with glass doors. This display is located at the center of the cemetery, beside the military monument, soldier statue, cannons, etc.

The list is given on three pages accessed through the three blue folders below. The list contains the names and locations of the burials, but no dates are given.

Directions to Westside Cemetery, Westside, IA (Crawford Co.):
Highway 30 runs thru the center of town. From the center of town, turn north on Aspen Avenue; it is also labeled as 400th Street (yes, 400th) and County Road M-64. The cemetery is on the left, about 1/2 mile from where you turned off Hwy 30. The first entrance to the cemetery leads to the section containing mostly newer graves. About 1/4 mile further, you will come to the second entrance, leading to the Soldier Statue and the section of older graves.

This list and the photo were provided by Karla Lewis

Blue Folder Surname listings from A to H
Blue Folder Surname listings from I to R
Blue Folder Surname listings from S to Y

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