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Iowa GenWeb Gravestone Photo Project

The Iowa GenWeb has a Gravestone Photo Project with photos of gravestones in cemeteries found in Iowa counties. You may search on the Project for gravestones by county, surname, etc., or you may submit gravestone photos of your own. Please note the submission guidelines on the submission page

Click on the link below to enter the site.


HINT: The "ENTER" takes you to the search menu to search for photos of gravestones.

In the top panel menu is a link titled "Cemeteries" between the Gravestone Search and Submit a Photo links.

This link will take you to a list of Iowa counties and the cemeteries within the county.

Clicking on a cemetery link will take you to a list of names in that cemetery for which there is a gravestone photo.

Clicking on a name will enable a view of the photo.

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