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Grant Township Cemetery

Trinity Lutheran Church

Ida County, Iowa

The Trinity Lutheran Church in Grant Township of Ida County was the home church for many Crawford County residents north of present day Schleswig.

We are indebted to Nancy Streck who recorded and submitted this list of burials to the Ida Co., IAGenWeb site and to Marilyn Dose, Coordinator of the Ida Co., IAGenWeb site who provided the burials list to post on the Crawford Co., IAGenWeb site.

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Last Name First Name Date Inscription Other Notations or (comments)
Abbe Emil H. October 19,1880-December 24,1955  
Abbe Emma M. 1883-December 20,1949  
Abbe Hertha K.(Marth) September 2,1888-August 19,1984  
Abbe John F. December 21,1884-July 20,1968  
Abbe Vernis J. 1926-November 22,1958 Husband
Abbe Hedwig P.(Koch) March 3,1905-September 20,1999 Mother
Abbe Albert A. January 24,1906-November 6,1938 Father
Abbe Gustav J. October 2, 1884-January 25,1956  
Abbe Emma H. 1886-December 10,1961  
Abbe Augusta K. October 15,1854-March 28,1927  
Abbe Johann May 21,1853-April 4,1902  
Abbe Mary(Honz) February 1,1867-October 12,1945  
Abbe Maria Dorothea July 27,1865-August 24,1896 Wife
Abbe Theodor September 26,1857-February 3,1940  
Abbe Henrich R. November 25,1890-March 15,1909  
Abbe Willie August 1,1879-December 2,1959  
Abbe Minnie 1880-May 4,1965  
Aldag Henry M. Apriil 20,1886-January 27,1977  
Aldag Louise J. January 6,1893-December 11,1976  
Aldag Walter F. 1917-December 5,1947  
Aldag Marlene G. November 3,1932-July, 1986  
Aldag Vernis L. -1923  
Aldag Sopia(Prosch) November 19,1859-December 17,1941  
Aldag Henry May 5,1859-November 6,1940  
Andresen Kristine 1821-September 14,1907  
Andresen Hans 1824-January 14,1908  
Backhaus Emil 1883-June 11,1911 (stone says 1910)
Backhaus Otto May 14,1843-August 21,1917  
Backhaus Anna Died August 8,1906  
Backhaus Infant Son No date Son of C & C Backhaus
Backhaus Anna November 12,1864-March 24,1906  
Backhaus Clara October 29,1887-July 30,1944  
Backhaus Carl April 12,1886-February 8,1956  
Backhaus Otto B. February 25,1915-November 5,1970  
Backhaus William T. July 13,1888-February 2,1966  
Backhaus Emilie E.(Schumann) January 13,1890-February 9,1974  
Barthel Richard C. December 4,1901-July 30,1968 Oregon Pvt. Co. C. 383 Infantry WWII
Barthel Carl F. October 8,1905-August 18,1968  
Barthel Lillian Marie December 21,1913-July 17,1996  
Barthel Rubye, E. -1917  
Barthel Richard C. December 4,1901-July 15,1968 Husband
Barthel Anna(Schoebel) December 11,1874-June 13,1940  
Barthel Carl 1856-1939  
Bathon Anna November 19,1847-February 19,1895  
Bielenberg Emma L. Died October 2,1894 34 Jahre, 5 mo. 29 days
Bielenberg Jacob F. June 17,1848-January 15,1907  
Bielenberg Frederich J.C. Died May 9,1889 1 year, 2mo. 19 d.
Bielenberg August W.C. October 19,1894 1 month, 13 days. Child of J & E.L. Bielenberg
Bielenberg Friederick Died May 10,1889  
Bliesman William E. March 21,1888-March 2,1970  
Bliesman Minnie M.(Linke) April 4,1896-April 27,1950  
Bliesmann Carl T. 1889-January 19,1901 Son  
Bock Henry June 6,1889 Age 78 yr., 8 mo., 23 day
Bock Maria Magdalena September 15,1816-November 8,1896  
Boger DeWayne R. 1934-November 7,2001 Married January 29,1956 Parents of John, Jeff & Jary
Boger Arlis (Burk) -1935
Boger Benhart 1905-May 17,2003  
Breitag J. Sigismund May 8,1818-July 10,1895  
Breitag Justin Weckwerth January 6,1823-September 2,1895  
Brodersen Hans January 16,1827-December 5,1890  
Brodersen Anna F. December 29,1835-December 0,1900  
Burk Hilda M. 1890-March 1,1923  
Burk Conrad 1838-August 3,1921  
Burk Friedricke 1848-May 22,1929  
Burmeister Jacob May 28,1881-September 6,1941  
Burmeister Alvina(Rehmke) September 21,1881-July 31,1932  
Cassens Gerke January 10,1821-February 8,1898  
Christensen Herbert H. 1911-March 10,1964  
Christensen Lorraine K. -1917  
Christiansen Donald Petey November 5,1930-January 22,1988 Married March 8,1953 Parents of Sandy, Brad, Joy, Jan, Patti, Brian
Christiansen LaVonne M. May 23,1931-
Cohrt Lenard J.C. June 2,1913-February 4,1919  
Cohrt John H. April 10,1889-November 6,1935  
Cohrt Dora A. 1893-1982  
Deibert Herbert G. December 16,1894-January 18,1895 Sohn von H.D. Deibert
Dickman Hans August February 17,1881-February 13,1891  
Ehler Emilie P.O. November 5,1868-June 22,1917  
Ehler Hellmuth W.H. 1906-June 22,917 Son
Ehler Walter H.R. 1904-March 22,1907 Son
Ehler Anna K.A. 1890-May 6,1901 Daughter
Ehler Matthaeus October 22,1835-June 27,1906 Friede Seiner Asche
Ehler Emilie 1865-June 20,1917 Mother
Ehler Julius 1861-January 3,1932 Father
Ehler Friedrich November 1850-March 15,1925  
Ehler Emil 1894-February 24,1973 Married February 14,1917
Ehler Selma June 14,1895-January 24,1988
Ehlers Johann J.C. August 29,1841-May 19,1907  
Ehlers Karoline(Luocke) April 15,1825-July 4,1890  
Else Julius Jr. February 20/May 19,1923 Son of J & E Else
Else Gottlieb October 22,1841-June 12,1915  
Else Louise June 24,1848-September 27,1935 His Wife
Else Martin July 9,1890-March 24,1891  
Else Emma F. 1885-October 22,1955  
Else Edward O. May 17,1885-June 13,1957  
Else Hertha O.(Ernst) October 28,1899-June 28,1993  
Else Harvey G. 1898-December 29,1960  
Ernst Roma A.(Kastner) 1904-October 19,1988 Married June 27,1928
Ernst Walter O. 1901-July 29,1995
Ernst Ray C. August 23,1909-August 7,1997 Married February 8,1935 Parents of Duane
Ernst Roberta I. "Bobbi" November 29,1912-March 19,2000
Ernst Henry 1860-September 14,1936  
Ernst Minnie(Zabel) April 18,1872-July 9,1961  
Ernst Anna Died March 17,1918  
Ernst Henry February 10,1860-September 14,1936  
Ernst Minnie 1872-July 9,1961 Mother
Ernst Theo A. April 24,1893-December 29,1983  
Ernst Hilda E. June 14,1898-July 1983  
Ernst Darlene M. -1927  
Ernst Vernon J. 1919-October 22,1965  
Ernst Marilyn No date  
Ernst Leonard A. No Date  
Ernst Albert August 10,1891-November 23,1967  
Ernst Marie (Schwenk) February 23,1894-March 8,1976  
Ernst Wilbert W. April 19,1921-September 28,1965  
Ernst Vernon John H. May 31,1919-October 22,1965 Iowa Tec 5 186 Infantry WW II
Ernst Vicky Lynne 1948-February 25,1949  
Ernst Mary Lee May 20,1951-June 4,1951  
Evans Ronda C. (Schneider) December 25,1942-July 14,1997  
Faupel Albert 1877-November 24,1913  
Faupel Anna 1886-June 23,1911  
Faupel Fredarieka 1848-March 10,1921  
Friedrichsen Carolina August 30,1844-January 19,1931 Wife
Friedrichsen Hans April 12,1836-September 18.1916 or 1910?  
Friedrichsen Thomas J. ? 18,1887 18 years, 11 mo., 4 days
Funderman Diederich January 13,1888 70 Jahre 2 months
Funderman Doris December 2,1833-May 21,1901  
Funderman Adele Died February 27,1899 age 2yr,10 months, 20 days, Dau. of Ed and Mary Funerdman
Funderman Theodore Detlef Born November 15, 1865
-Died Febraury 24, 1891
Gebuldt Child September 26,1888 Child of F&C Gebuldt
Gerke Cassens January 10,1821-February 8,1898  
Gosch Howard John April 17,1946-November 18,1952  
Gosch John H. August 1,1919-March 30,1988 Married February 13,1944
Gosch Phyllis M. -1924
Grill Irma (Namanny) 1915-April 10,1935 Daughter
Grunwald Johannes 1851-June 8,1928  
Grunwald Paulina May 30,1846-May 2,1923 His Wife
Gulck Arthur March 17,1896-March 27,1896  
Gulck Herbert April 9,1897-April 8,1900  
Hamann Ella F.(Backhaus) August 22,1913-April 14,2000  
Hein Harvey H. 1919-December 25,1948  
Hein John D. October 29,1891-August 7,1983  
Hein Mary M. 1894-January 27,1960  
Hein Sophia November 20,1870-December 5,1931  
Hein Frank 1864-May 30,1927  
Hein Frank December 3,1886-October 24,1887  
Hein Johanna(Thoden) May 9,1834-August 22,1898  
Hobert William October 17,1886-June 22,1973 Husband
Hobert Marie 1890- Wife
Hobert Martha December 8, 1865-December 31, 1895 Ehefrau von Louis Hobert
Hobert Louis 1864-February 3,1938  
Hobert Anna 1870-November 1,1965 Mother
Hobert Selma P. September 30,1901-March 15,1972  
Hollander Caecilie M. November 16,1892-December 16,1901  
Hollander August W. April 25,1881-June 13,1902  
Hollander Lillie A. May 19,1897-June 7,1959  
Hollander Annie M. 1885-March 30,1965  
Hollander Christine(Hollander) May 1,1857-January 28,1937  
Hollander Ebbe N. April 25,1853-September 7,1934  
Hollander Hattie C. 1884-June 11,1911  
Hollander Lorenz A. June 3,1847-April 19,1933  
Hollander Anna E. 1850 or 1857-July 9,1906  
Hollander Jennie D. March 5,1890 Frau von I.N.Hollander
Hollander Marn/Pasmus A. Ap. 22,1890 Frau von Pasmus A. Hollander
Janssen Christian Heinrich Died May 4,1889  
Janssen Omma F. April 14,1889-May 4,1889  
Janssen Friedrich J. August 24,1882- January 22,1890 Son of O & F Janssen
Janssen Ommo 1849-February 26,1932 Father
Janssen Friedericke 1854-November 19,1934 Mother
Janssen Alfred G. February 13,1904-October 6,1954  
Janssen Frieda D. November 10,1905-November 15,1940  
Janssen Margaretha E. June 17,1892-July 16,1894  
Janssen Albert G. January 4,1884-January 27,1900 Son of C.F. & G Janssen
Janssen Christian F. April 16,1851-May 4,1939  
Janssen Geske A. February 10,1859-June 22,1919  
Jensen Andiene(Petersen) July 4,1863-February 16,1896  
Jensen Herman G. 1894-November 21,1924 Iowa Pvt. 316 Infantry 79 Division
Jensen Andine O. 1863-February 16,1896  
Jensen Theodor M. 1861-February 21,1928  
Jessen Hertha 1909-September 2,1937  
Jessen Ronald Died September 3,1934 Beloved Son of Andrew & Hertha Jessen
Johannsen Alvina W. 1886-April 14,1947 Mother
Johannsen Carl R. December 20,1886-January 11,1972 Father
Jors Baby Girl Born and Died November 19,1939  
Jors Jolene Ann February 1,1941-November 28,1985  
Jors Dora August 21,1886-July 20,1959 Mother  
Jors Erwin P. 1910-February 25,1928  
Kleinschmidt Arno September 25,1902-November 6,1902 Sohn von Ewald & Frieda Kleinschmidt
Kleinschmidt Roy December 6,1803-January 28,1909 Sohn von Ewald & Frieda Kleinschmidt
(Should birth year be 1903?)
Knudsen Freddie J. September 26,1894-January 15,1916  
Knudsen Christina Marie July 29,1821-June 6,1897 Geborne Hansen
Knudsen Theresa Christina November 17,1895-April 3,1896  
Knudsen Martin C. 1892-June 20,1952  
Knudsen Gretha L. (Peterson) May 23,1889-December 30,1972  
Knudsen Anna M. 1883-February 4,1951  
Knudsen Hans 1882-September 13,1959  
Knudsen Hans C. March 30,1857-June 10,1956  
Knudsen Doris(Andresen) August 27,1852-November 18, 1935  
Koch Jacob August 2,1842-May 3,1920  
Koch Louisa December 5,1835-January 19,1917  
Koch Lester January 14,1921  
Koch Roland September 13,1914-November 20,1914 Son of Paul and Mary Koch
Koch Harvey June 23,1906-October 2,1906  
Koch Marvin June 23,1906-September 12,1906  
Koch Robert March 13,1902-March 18,1903  
Koch Viola January 6,1902-March 13,1902  
Koch Marie(Riessen) 1881-August 5,1964  
Koch Paul February 2,1876-October 24,1940 Father
Koch Malinda L. April 5,1904-December 27,1997  
Koch Donna M.(Weinbrandt) April 17,1933- Married December 12,1953. Parents of Delora, Diane, Darla, Donnie
Koch Donald L. July 13,1926-
Korner Dorothy(Miller) August 16,1915-December 13,2001  
Korner Bernard "Ben" November 19,1909-March 6,1998  
Korner Infant July 14,1940  
Kramer Elizabeth(Rudloff) November 6,1852-March 27,1924  
Krick Arthur R. April 12,1892-April 9,1952  
Krick Clara J.(Seidler) July 12,1898-January 19,1962  
Krick Son and Daughter 1935-1935 children of M\M Art Krick  
Krick Arthur Roy April 12,1892-April 9,1952 Iowa Cpl. 313 Supply TN 88 Div WWI
Kruger John February 2,1862-March 19,1931  
Kruger Fredericka 1860-June 19,1896  
Kruse Alfred Johannes February 27,1895-August 14,1984 MECH. US Army WWI
Kruse Louise(Rossow) 1896-October 17,1932 Mother
Link Thelma Juney 1960-1960  
Linke Gilbert C. November 4,1920-1921  
Linke Henry W. October 18,1913-July 22,1917  
Linke Frederick W. October 16,1889-March 10,1971 Married January 15,1913
Linke Minna K. (Aldag) January 29,1891-July 13,1984
Linke Sista Ann March 26,1933-March 30,1933  
Linke Ruth No date (baby)
Macentun Henry W. January 3,1884-June 1,1951  
Macentun Louise G.(Monsees) January 11,1878-May 4,1927 Mother
Magnussen John H. Jr. 1924-September 29,1928  
Manley Louise 1885-1945 Mother
Marth Juliane(Redlin) September 16,1864-March 23,1940 Mother
Marth Hans May 6,1857-November 12,1933 Father
May Ernestine April 20,1836-March 26,1891  
Meier Karolina November 10,1822-April 24,1893 Daughter of Freidrich Meyer
Meisner Ernst, Lavonne J. No Date  
Meyer Louise January 1,1890-September 20,1890 Daughter of William and Nettie Meyer
Meyer Peter J.H. 1868-July 12,1944  
Meyer Anna G. 1854-February 16,1938  
Miller Harry H. 1886-December 6,1964  
Miller Anna J. (Abbe) March 20,1892-November 8,1982  
Moller Hans Died September 28,1889 Age 69 years, 5 months, 23 days
Moller Catherina Died May 6,1889  
Moller Christina Born 1882 & died 1882  
Moller Cattin April 26,1857-1886  
Monsees Diedrich November 6,1854-January 7,1922 (Could be 1851)
Namanny Martin H. 1918-August 14,1947 Son
Namanny William August 6,1894-March 27,1982  
Namanny Minnie(Plagge) March 23,1895-May 20,1978  
Neubauer Ella January 18,1900-January 3,1917  
Neubauer Friederick February 27,1856-April 8,1907  
Neubauer Augusta(Eggebrecht) 1870-April 1,1956  
Neubauer Edwin Robert Born & Died 1920  
Neubauer Ella C. 1898-1973  
Neubauer Wilhelm H.C. November 5,1893-August 3,1947  
Neubauer Karl November 14,1859-April 20,1929 Father
Neubauer Mary(Gehrts) July 17,1864-January 17,1944  
Neubauer Louise J.(Else) January 8,1908-June 4,1983 Married March 16,1927
Neubauer Herman J. August 20,1905-May 20,1982
Noble Minna Augusta 1886-August 17,1886  
Noble Wilhelm Henrich February 17,1885-March 30,1885  
Noble Anna Elisabeth(Schroeder) Sep. 25,1856-March 14,1890  
Paulsen Johanna C.M.(Schade) January 1,1871-March 22,1923  
Petersen Forest E. July 19,1901-May 5,1989  
Petersen Mary C.(Streck) June 26,1905-December 18,1989  
Petersen Wayne October 31,1939-March 29,1940 Beloved Son of M/M Andrew Petersen
Petersen Hans Albert 1821-October 18,1895 (Stone says 1896)
Petersen Margaretha 1820-August 1906  
Petersen Friedricke 1852-March 19,1909  
Petersen Thomas A. 1858-February 17,1935  
Petersen Leo November 29,1891-February 26,1892 Son of Thomas and Mary Petersen
Petersen Chris A. 1893-June 27,1963  
Petersen Virgil C. August 27,1921-October 16,1981  
Petersn Christina J. 1896-August 29,1962  
Plett Heinrich Died September 18,1889 Son of H & E Plett
Prosch Johann Heinrich January 14,1829-January 21,1909  
Prosch Katharine September 8,1829-December 25,1919  
Prussing Jurgen 1864-June 1,1950  
Prussing Ida L.(Reincke) July 6,1870-March 30,1956  
Rehmke Otto April 20,1895-December 1970  
Rehmke Theresa November 29,1893-April 18,1980  
Rehmke Anna 1861-August 8,1927  
Rehmke Thomas 1850-April 17,1897  
Rehmke Ida T.D. November 19,1879-February 9,1891 Child of Thomas & Anna Rehmke
Rehmke Bernhard Herman October 23,1902-August 19,1912  
Rehmke Marie(Rossow) 1891-April 21,1933  
Rehmke Ernst 1886-February 28,1932  
Rehmke Herman August 27,1940 Iowa Corp. 102 Field Arty. 26 Div.
Rehmke Clara(Tiede) August 3,1903-July 1989 USA WWI AEF Parents of LeRoy, Phyllis, Lois, Lenora,Florence, Carl and Lowell
Rehmke Herman May 22,1891-August 27,1940
Rehmke Lenora C. June 30,1928-September 14,1998  
Rehmke Infant Son December 8,1930 Son of Herman and Clara
Rehmke LeRoy Thomas December 1,1922-January 17,1998 SFC US Army WW2 Korea
Rehmke Theodore 1897-1993  
Rehmke Otto H. May 8,1895-June 20,1962 WWI IA PVT 1589 Casual Det WWI
Rehmke Son December 8,1930 Son of Herman and Clara
Rehse Gustave November 5,1887-July 27,1896 Son
Rehse Augusta 1855-December 28,1943 Mother
Rehse William 1850-January 31,1925 Father
Rehse William Jr. May 13,1878-October 17,1949  
Rehse Erwin G. 1885-December 2,1947 Son
Rehse Pauline 1859-June 4,1938 Mother
Rehse Friedrich B. 1846-April 2,1924 Father
Rehse Evelyn W. 1915-May 1991 Mother
Rehse Richard F. 1894-March 29,1964 Father
Rehse Robert Ray July 15-16, 1950  
Rehse Kenneth Paul December 15-16,1945  
Rehse Johanna M.(Jacobsen) October 20,1887-April 30,1974 Married February 16,1910
Rehse Henry June 29,1884-June 23,1973
Reincke Wilhelm September 4,1863-November 18,1941  
Reincke Bernhard 1856-April 23,1916  
Reincke Minnie(Moeller) May 10,1862-March 13,1950  
Reincke Henry T. March 27,1893-July 30,1974  
Reincke Paul August Conrad August 21,1904-February 16,1905  
Reincke Julie February 1,1889 28 days, dau. of F & L
Reincke Louise(Burk) October 13,1867-December 1,1951  
Reincke Franz September 4,1858-November 18,1941  
Reincke Ben 1901-September 14,1964  
Reincke Katie 1875-August 29,1959  
Reincke Rudolph C. 1868-April 30,1933  
Reincke Anna December 26,1904-December 26,1904 Baby
Reinke Henry J. January 13,1823-September 13,1907  
Reinke Lisette(Schultz) November 19,1833-April 9,1895  
Reinking Willie J.L. July 16,1879-December 1,1923 Father
Reinking Louisa November 28,1849-November 12,1923 Mother
Reinking Henry February 19,1838-October 16,1912 Father
Reinking Willie   Co. I 105 Ill. Infantry (big stone)
Reinking Nellie L.A. Geb. 29, September,1902  
Rix Max April 28,1822-March 16,1909  
Rix Catharina(Schnorr) August 27,1819-December 6,1897  
Rollefson Alice E. M.(Streck) November 25,1914-November 26,1957  
Rossow Christian F. August 5,1866-June 19,1926 Father
Rossow Ernestina 1869-December 27,1936 Mother
Rudloff Jacob February 12,1824-October 31,1902  
Rudloff Johanna C. November 4,1826-March 5,1909  
Rudloff Jacob February 12,1824-October 31,1902  
Rudloff Johanna C. November 4,1826-March 5,1909  
Schneider Albert -1912  
Schneider LuVerne 1917-June 13,1972  
Schroder Karoline June 16,1826-April 12,1890  
Schroeder Anna B.E. May 29, 1882 11 months 20 days
Schroeder Minnie April 8,1846-May 19,1932  
Schroeder Henry C. October 15,1854-July 13,1911  
Schroeder Louise May 16,1813-November 10,1903  
Schroeder Wilhelmina 1889-May 3,1889  
Schroeder Anna Maria November 10,1833-March 1,1907  
Schug Zelma A. February 5,1909-January 29,1974  
Schug Erwin Carl November 16,1909-June 2,1994  
Schug Alma August 21,1876-October 6,1955  
Schug Otto October 16,1875-June 15,1966  
Schuldt Katharina December 18,1845-January 10,1908  
Schuldt William August 23,1839-March 24,1913  
Schumann Bernhard 1850-December 7,1927 Father
Schumann Henry O. December 17,1892-1979 Husband
Schumann Minnie A. 1892-1971 Wife
Schumann John R. November 8,1880-June 17,1969 Father
Schumann Maria 1854-December 22,1926 Mother
Schutt Johann H. September 23,1847-January 9,1901  
Schutt Johann November 24,1887 65 Jahre
Schwenk Pastor Henry May 1,1868-July 15,1952 Father
Schwenk Anna 1868-October 23,1933  
Schwenk Henry 1905-August 29,1924 Son
Segebart Bernice April 2,1941-February 4,1942 Dau. of Geo and Viola
Segebart George October 3,1905-October 8,1974  
Segebart Viola M. -1918  
Seidler Carl February 13,1823-July 3,1890  
Seidler Johanna C. May 30,1834-January 25,1905  
Seidler Charles F. 1869-March 25,1958  
Seidler Anna Runge 1870-December 16,1913 Wife
Seidler Maria(Staudenmaier) October 31,1869-April 1,1921 Mother
Seidler Walter 1860-May 1,1932 Father
Seite Martin November 11,1876-September 19,1953  
Seite Minnie(Streck) May 5,1877-April 19,1937  
Seite George William April 21,1914-June 10,1960 BSM PII Iowa Cpl. Co. F. Inf. 34 Division WWII
Semmann Baby April 23,1906  
Semmann Helmut December 28,1908-August 23,1911  
Semmann Alwin August 12,1907-December 26,1907  
Siberell Lizzie Died October 2,1892 Age 38 Wife of A. Siberell
Sonksen Helen 1909-1931  
Staudenmaier G.F. March 12,1881-August 21,1908  
Staudenmaier Charles 1881-August 21,1908  
Staudenmaier Johanna June 14,1880-October 2,1972  
Staudenmaier Friedricke 1841-January 9,1911  
Staudenmaier George 1842-December 20,1892  
Staudenmaier George Died July 4,1890 Son of JG & FA Staudenmaier
Staudenmier Jacob July 22,1873-January 20-1909 Ruhe In Frieden
Stewart Lorraine Hein May 6,1922-January 16,1971  
Stockfleth Clara M. 1908-September 14,2005  
Stockfleth Hilbert H. September 1,1902-December 6,1967  
Stockfleth Merlin October 10,1928-  
Streck Fred March 21,1884-August 1,1966 Father
Streck Malwine(Prosch) March 8,1889-September 11,1977 Mother
Streck Herbert November 27,1911-September 29,1929  
Streck Martin June 15,1909-September 21,2001  
Streck Walter G. January 3,1909-December 9,1971  
Streck Helen M. November 21,1915-August 18,1978  
Streck Albert June 10,1902-May 30,1956 Parents of LaVonne, Eldon, Delmar, Kenneth, Marilyn
Streck Alvina(Jacobs) May 15,1904-August 16,1991
Streck Bertha C. 1905-September 20,1975  
Streck Ben 1882-January 26,1958  
Streck Lena W. H. March 25,1882-May 31,1914  
Streck Arthur June 14,1914 Infant Son
Streck Hulda January 11,1901-November 7,1921  
Streck Delmar R. 1934-October 23,1934  
Streck Henry August 25,1870-December 11,1938 Father
Streck Emma March 12,1878-December 2,1963 Mother
Streck Minnie June 29,1844-May 31,1923  
Streck Bernard 1845-December 15,1917  
Streck Herman Died July 17,1887 71 years 9 mo.
Streck Clarence C. August 5,1916-December 4,1990  
Streck Lucille A.(Petersen) September 28,1927-December 23,1998  
Streck Ida Bell(Lampe) July 23,1895-February 4,1950 Mother
Streck George C. July 13,1889-October 12,1957 Father
Streck Alice Mae March 17,1894-April 1,1941  
Streck William Herman November 18,1879-June 4,1968  
Streck Sylvia E.(Jensen) September 24,1926-July 31,1993 Married November 28,1943 Parents of Steven, Harry Jr., Judy
Streck Harry A. Sr. November 25,1920-January 26,1995
Trenkelbagh Christof August 28,1841-July 21,1925  
Trenkelbagh Marie May 14,1858-September 15,1908  
Weifenbach George April 22,1850-September 29,1927  
Weifenbach Luise(Abbe) November 20,1847 in Mulverstodt in Deutschland
Gest den November 6,1908 In Ida County, Iowa
Wellendorf Hans February 7,1837-October 20,1902  
Wellendorf Lena January 29,1842-December 2,1908  
Werneburg Johanna Maria 1812-May 21,1891  
Werneburg Johann Christop February 21,1845-May 21,1891  
Werneburg Michael Wolf March 21,1874-March 4,1891  
Werneburg C.Wm. November 15,1868-November 7,1915  
Werneburg Emma(Siel) July 7,1886-April 9,1934 Mother
Werneburg Herman June 24,1871-March 18,1954 Father
Werneburg Maria Died March 25,1931  
Werneburg Ronald 1941-1952 Son  
Werneburg Henrich M. March 3,1876-February 25,1891  
Werneburg Anna Martha(Kleinschmidt) Ap.20,1813-Aug 20,1906  
Werneburg Johan Michael February 2,1842-May 11,1928  
Werneburg Ronald 1941-1956 Son
Werneburg Imre M. 1913-1956 Father
Wiegand George August June 23,1848-March 3,1914  
Wiegand Martha Christine September 8,1857-January 10,1932 Wife
Wilson Clara Marie May 24,1885-October 31,1971  
Winkler Karlein Died August 30,1887 36 yr, 8 mo. 9 day, Fraudon (Frau von?) Wilhelm Winkler
Wittmack Henry H.P. October 21,1883-October 20,1915  
Wittmack Etta W. March 26,1886-March 2,1965  
Wolfer Anna December 19,1820-June 1,1885  
Zabel Emma(Burk) March 1,1872-September 4,1960  
Zabel August February 9,1871-September 5,1957  

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