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Butler Cemetery List

Located in Union Township near Arion and Dow City

The cemetery is located in the southeast quarter of Section 2 of Union Township, Crawford County, Iowa.

It is a small, inactive burial site which is located within a farmed area. When the crops are growing, it is impossible to see the cemetery from the gravel road, yet the farmer maintains a small drive left unplanted through the field for access.

According to deed records at the county court house, the cemetery was sold to the town of Arion in 1940 by Mary A. and A. H. Nickols for the sum of $1. The site was originally part of the Butler land holdings and many still refer to the location as the Butler Cemetery. The town of Arion continues to maintain the grounds.

As of September 2000 there where thirty one grave stones still remaining, with two additional foot stones. Several pieces of stones have been stacked next to the east fence. There are also several stone or concrete bases without a stone located in some of the rows.

The site was walked on 11 September, 2000 and rechecked on 21 October by Norm Prince. The rows were read from the west toward east and the stones in each row were read from north to the south. As the site is small, it was felt the readers would have a better picture of the burials if shown by row.

Submitted by Norm Prince
Headstone TypeNameDatesInscriptions
Row One
slantJames W Butler 1877 - 1944 
slant Clyde N Rose May 15, 1874
Sept 27, 1946
Row Two
slant Tracy Butler1891 - 1915 
slant Mary R Butler 1880 -1955 
slant Bert M Butler1879 - 1911 
slant Mary E Butler1859 - 1951 
slantWm J Butler 1853 - 1912 
obelisk Bessie C ButlerAug 9, 1884
Mar 23, 1889
dau of W J & M E Butler.
Beautiful, lively,
she was but given,
a fair bud to earth,
to blossom in heaven
obeliskElizabeth Fortenberrydied Aug 11, 1886
aged 82 yrs
wife of H Fortenberry
four unreadable lines below
metal obeliskL B LaFountan Died Nov 20, 1886
aged 64 ys 10 m
Weep Not He Is At Rest
broken white tablet ---- son of B & M Al ----  
broken white tabletJ W B  
Row Three
slant M Agnes Butler1858 - 1944Evans- Nichols
monument Dr W B Evans 1844 - 1909 EVANS
tablet Bessy Leonora Evans Jan 6, 1897
Nov 20, 1900
Budded On Earth
To Bloom In Heaven
white grass marker Vivaldo TalcottSeptember 2, 1908corp 75 Ill Inf
monument TALCOTT  
grass markerMargaret Butler Talcott 1848 - 1916 
broken white tabletViola Talcott dau
V & M A Talcott
last line unreadable
tablet Katy P Talcottdied Oct 19, 1879
Aged 8 Y 6 M 19 D
daughter of
V & M A Talcott
very large monumentBUTLER  
  left face
Wife of J M Butler
Born May 16, 1828
Died Oct 28, 1898
  right face
James M Butler
Born Apr 21, 1824
Died Feb 21, 1868
at base of monument is a white tablet lying flat, nicely engraved and decorated
 James M ButlerFeb 21, 1868
Aged 43 Y 10 M
four unreadable lines below
white obeliskone face
James Lewis
son of Don Butler
Born May 23, 1876
Died Nov 11, 1876
The Angel from beyond the sky
Came down to see my dear ones die
And swift their souls on wings of love
To that Celestral Home above
 second face
Francela ?
dau of Don Butler
Died Aug
remainder unreadable
 third face
Earl Leroy
son of Don Butler
born Mar 19,1871,
died ? 3,1877
 fourth face
blank on the base stone
white round obelisk ROSCOEJuly 26 1889
Aged 8 ms & 3dy
son of
D J & M A Butler
slant Don J Butler May 16, 1851
Jan 29, 1908
Row Four
slant Raymond Guild Evans 1891 - 1945 
concrete pad no stone  
slant Albert H Nichols 1861 - 1945 
slant Gertrude E Talcott 1886 - 1962 
tablet Butler Baby Mar 7, 1889
May 5, 1889
Our Baby
Dau of
L C & L Butler
last line unreadable
foot stoneMother [Cathy Butler]  
foot stoneFather [James Butler]  
concrete base concrete base
no stone
Row Five
tablet Mabel LawrenceDied Sept 24, 1889[?]
Age 1 year 3 m
Dau of
J S & A A Lawrence
small white foot stone R. B.  
obelisk Nellie BuckMay 21, 1888
July 26, 1889
Dau of
S A & J A Buck
four unreadable lines
BUCK on base stone
broken tablet Maudie GroutSept 11, 1890Dau of
Wm & A Grout
Row Six
obelisk Mary M TrippDied Dec 16, 1891
Age 48 y 4 m 1 d
Wife of Geo Tripp
Weep not husband and children for me
For I am walking in glory in thee
TRIPP on base stone

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