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Astor Cemetery List

Located one half mile south and one mile west of the old settlement of Astor

along the county line road in the NW corner, Sec 4, township 81 N, range 38 W

Greeley Township, Shelby County

The Astor cemetery is located in Shelby County. It is on the south side of the county road and the old town of Astor was on the north side of the road, which would put the town in Crawford County.

About half of the people in the cemetery were from Crawford County and the others from Shelby county.

Submitted by Norm Prince

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedAdditional Data
ANDERSONJohn H18861942[same stone as Victoria}
ANDERSONJohn HaroldOct 31, 1924Mar 3, 1990Tec 4, US Army, World War II
ANDERSONPeter C18431895Father
ATHEYInez CAged 33y 8mApril 13, 1904Mother, wife of D R Athey
ATTEREdith LJuly 13, 1906Sept 23, 1906dau of Wm & Eva Atter
BARRAndrew JNov 17, 1866April 20, 1955 
BARR *Effie EAged 1y 2 dJuly 16, 1889dau of W M & Jennie Barr
BARRGeorge SAged 64 y 29 dJan 3, 1894 
BARR *Jennie18621916 
BARRLouise CMar 7, 1875Dec 14, 1957 
BARR *Wellington M18541912 
BROWNPodyAged 9 m 19 dJune 30, 1892dau of H C & E D Brown
CADWELLLloyd WMar 14, 1911Nov 16, 1995[same stone as Margaret B]
CADWELLLottie V EMarch 13, 1822Oct 6, 1895 
CADWELLMargaret BJuly 15, 1917Nov 15, 1999married Dec 15, 1935
CADWELLSarah M18491921Mother
CHRISTENSENCaroline18831960[same stone as Kjeld]
CHRISTENSENElsa MarieJune 23, 1828Aug 9, 1912 
CHRISTENSENJohn M18931977[same stone as Olga M]
CHRISTENSENLawrenceAug 19, 1871Mar 6, 1955[same stone as Sigred N]
CHRISTENSENLena JMay 8, 1887Nov 27, 1908(Frederickson) wife of Kjeld
CHRISTENSENOlga M19021987 
CHRISTENSENSigred NJuly 29, 1883Mar 21, 1971 
CONRADFrank LeslieAged 1m 17dFeb 24, 1891 
CRAKESCarrie BAged 4y 3m 4dNov 15, 1879dau of W & P Crakes
CRAKESPhebe MApr 22, 1843June 23, 1898metal Woman Relief Corps
CRAKESWilliamNov 25, 1823Sep 29, 1896[same stone as Phebe M]
DETWILERBert R18941965Father
DETWILERBud L19141927Son
DETWILEREdna V18971984Mother
DETWILERJacob LSept 22, 1844July 1, 1913Father
DYSONInfantAged 1 dMay 29, 1892dau of G F & A A Dyson
DYSONReuben WAged 2y 1m 25dFeb 17, 1889 
FISHElizabeth J18411917his wife
FISHIsaac J18271908[same stone as Elizabeth J}
FISHIsaac J  Co H, 1 Mich Inf
FISHMinnie BAged 1y 2m 7dSept 6, 1873dau of I J & E A Fish
FULLERSarah JAged 9y 9m 3dMar 9, 1879dau of G W & E A Fuller
FULLERFloyd RJuly 23, 1886Jan 12 1887son of J O & M C Fuller
GLEISERAlice AMay 18, 1858April 10, 1887His wife
GLEISERCarrie F18421914 
GLEISERJohnNov 8, 1851July 19, 1919[same stone as Alice F]
GLEISERMary MMarch 28, 1847Nov 17, 1906 
GRIMESBenj Hoyt18801887 
GRIMESCarl Wilson18901918Veteran marker
GRIMESRay H18881957Am Legion Aux marker
GRIMESSarah S18871962 
GRIMESWm Russell18481916Veteran marker
HANNONAnna BelleAged 28y10m27dSept 8, 1886wife of C M Hannon
HARRISAlta Louise19051973[same stone as Ward George]
HARRISJamieJan 6, 1939Jan 14, 1939 
HARRISWard George18931959Am Legion marker
HARRISWard GSept 2,1893Nov 5,1959Iowa,PFC,Co A,38 BN U S Guard, WW I
HENRYFredaSept 6, 1899Sept 25, 1973[same stone as Howard S]
HENRYHoward SMar 12, 1893Apr 22, 1974 
HENRYLucy L18651938Mother
HENRYOcean MayDec 8, 1895May 30, 1896 
HENRYStephen A18631949Father [same stone as Lucy L]
HOLMESAnna19112000[same stone as Burton]
HOLMESArthur EdwardAug 19, 1903Nov 15, 1905son of J C & G L Holmes
HOLMESAustin T18971943USA - WWI - AEF, metal vet
HOLMESCarol J1949  
HOLMESJohn LaVerneMay 21, 1919May 1, 1923son of MR & Mrs J C Holmes
HOLMES   Father
HOLMES   Mother
HOLMESMarvel B19011994[same stone as Austin T]
HOLMESRose Ann1935  
HOLMESThomasAged 72y 4m 19dJan 23, 1898 
IVEYElisa18451926[same stone as both James]
IVEYJames R18791916 
JAMESAlice H18621938Mother
JAMESClyde K18891961[same stone as Alice H & Robert A]
JAMESGeorgeMar 6, 1914May 2, 1914inf son of Wm & Nora James
JAMESMildred IsabelleAug 12, 1898June 19, 1900(R A & Alice James)
JAMESNora B18761957[same stone as William]
JAMESRobert A18571923Father
JAMESSadieAged 12 y 2 mJuly 20, 1887dau of Sarah James
JAMESSarahAug 12, 1836Aug 10, 1901Gone but not forgotten
JAMEStwins Oct 23, 1931daus of W Frank & Verne L
JAMESVerne L19001989[same stone as W Frank]
JAMESW Frank19011977 
JENSENArnel CarlMar 27, 1895Jun 3, 1983Pvt, US Army, World War I
JENSENElvy AOct 4, 1892May 2, 1976Sister
JENSENgrandma1826Feb 14, 1915 
JENSENGrant LJuly 24, 1897June 27, 1989Dad [same stone as Mildred B]
JENSEN Mildred B Sept 16, 1907   Mom (SEE FOOTNOTE 1)
KNIGHTNellie AAged 2y 9m 16dJune 3, 1886dau of M & N Knight
KROGHMetta KirstineApr 5, 1868Jan 22, 1949[same stone as Therkild]
KROGHTherkild JJan 29, 1869Oct 19, 1954 
LONGENECKERBillie Gene19301936son of Mr & Mrs E R
LONGENECKEREverett R19011966Dad [same stone as H Lesta]
LONGENECKERH Lesta19051982Mom
LONGENECKERWillie JAged 11y 18dSept 20, 1891son of W S & E Longenecker
LUDLUMJohnAged 7 dMar 28, 1885son of G & J Ludlum
LYNCHBertie HSept 4, 1886May 16, 1887son of T W and S A Lynch
MAYEREvelyn18711945[same stone as William]
McCONEMrs J EAged 22y 5m 11dAug 21, 1897 
MORGANGrangieAged 1y 1m 9dAug 30, 1873son of M & S Morgan
MORGANour EdnaAged 2m 20dApril 2, 1882dau of A & P Morgan
OARANGE *Ethel Barr18861917 
OLSONElla K18761953Mother - Am Leg Aux Marker
OLSONInfant Nov 10, 1910dau of O A & E K Olson
OLSONInfant July 10, 1903son of O A & E K Olson
OLSONInfant May 25, 1908son of O A & E K Olson
OLSONO A18621936Father [same stone as Ella K]
OLSONOscar Roland19251928 
O'MALLEYMartin J19081982husband of H Lesta [Longenecker]
PATTERSONremainder blank  set next to south fence
PENNISTONAnna18941981[same stone as Ross]
PENNISTONCarrie BelleJune 13, 1871Dec 29, 1879Daughter
PENNISTONEdmundDec 15, 1845July 16, 1925Father
PENNISTONMary JaneApril 2, 1852June 8, 1917Mother
RASMUSSENAnna MJuly 7, 1877May 9, 1924 
RASMUSSENChrissNov 18, 1867Oct 17, 1932 
RASMUSSENChriss E19151983[same stone as Violet L]
RASMUSSENInfant June 3, 1910son of John & Mary Rasmussen
RASMUSSENJensineAug 2, 1869Aug 10, 1930 
RASMUSSENJohn EMar 13, 1871July 24, 1932 
RASMUSSENRoger E March 27, 1967son of R & M Rasmussen
RASMUSSENViolet L19231992 
RUSSELL *Frank18821952 
RUSSELL * L Belle Barr18841942 
SAMPSONEdith MAged 5 dAug 9, 1890[same stone as Jennie B]
SAMPSONJennie BAged 13 m 7 dMarch 5, 1890child of S H & C B Sampson
SAUNDERSBertha A18621943[same stone as Charles A]
SAUNDERSBlanche NAged 1y 8m1d May 21, 1887dau of C A & B Saunders
SAUNDERSCharles A18571941 
SAUNDERSEdwin LAged 1 y 2 mFeb 10, 1892son of C A & B Saunders
SAUNDERSHarold IJuly 27, 1900Feb 1, 1902twn son of J & M Saunders
SAUNDERSJohn R18801958[same stone as Marie H]
SAUNDERSMarie H18781954 
SCHWIESOJeffrey L 1961son of Mr & Mrs Gary Schwieso
SCHWIESOGary LynnApril 11, 1942Aug 5, 1999 
SLAGG   Father
SLAGGFrank VMay 24, 1893March 28, 1896son of Joseph & Sophia Slagg
SLAGGMaggie VNov 25, 1879Feb 4, 1881dau of H & N H Slagg
SLAGG   Mother
SLAGG March 26, 1856Feb 25, 1892wife of H Slagg
STEFFENCarlAged 76 yJan 20 1900Our Father
STEFFENHenry186719__[same stone as Myrtle]
STEFFENHoward C19081940 
STEFFENJohnMar 8, 1864Mar 22, 1901[same stone as Carl]
STEFFENVelmaJuly 24, 1905Sept 24, 1907dau of H & M L Steffen
STORYHarvey NAged 32y11m13dSept 13, 1893 
STORYLizzie MJan 20, 1892Jan 26, 1895dau of S G & E Story
SWENDSENAnna M18881982[same stone as Carl A]
SWENDSENCarl A18791938 
THEOBOLDInfant  dau of E H & E A Theobold
THEOBOLDIsabellaAged 55y3m20dSept 2, 1886 
THEOBOLDJohn T  son of R P & E A Theobold
THEOBOLDRobertApril 10, 1819Aug 21, 1900 
THEOBOLDRobert HarveyApr 21, 1883Aug 7, 1883 
THEOBOLDRobert P18881936 
TILLETTInfant May 18, 1899dau of E C & E M Tillett
TOMKINSInfant March 27, 1898son of Sam & Annie Tomkins
TOMKINSLeslie E18951936Am Legion marker
TOMKINSSam 'l18451922 
WARDEdith Ann18621945Mother [next to Robert Theobold]
WEAVERAl S18611929 
WICKSElla JJuly 23, 1883April 24, 1887dau of J A & M J Wicks
WRIGHTBernardMay 7, 1903May 24, 1903[same stone as Clara]
WRIGHTClaraDec 28, 1904Jan 11, 1905 
Footnote 1: Birthdate June 16, 1906. Source: Emily Sorensen

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