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Lehfeldt Family Biography

My grandfather was Rudolph Lehfeldt. He and his family came to Denison in 1870. They came from Schleswig- Holstein, Germany. He bought a farm called the Goodwin farm and raised sheep. He later became a state senator.

He was born in 1840: died in 1917. He was thrice married.

My father, William, was the only survivng son of the second marriage. He was born in 1883 in Denison. There is a house in Denison my grandfather built in the early 1900s. It is on the list of historical houses in Denison and is no longer in the family.

Grandfather went to Montana in the 1880s with several of his older sons and established a large sheep operation and would rail the lambs to Denison to fatten for the Chicago and Omaha markets. His operation was considered one of the best of his time. He is buried in the Oakland Cemetery. I was never privileged to meet him as I was only six at the time of his death, and lived in Montana.

There were 19 members of the family that immigrated to Denison in 1870. His brother, Hans, and his family and sister, Emma, whose husband was Carl Hansen. Grandfather's second wife was Marie Schroeder. Her father was Henry.

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Submitted by Conrad Lehfeldt a descendant.