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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1911

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa, Vol. I., 1911. S. J. Clarke Publishing, Chicago

Surnames Starting With H, I and J

Name: HAGGE, Henry
Residence: West Side (previously Davenport; Crawford Co)
Occupation: Retired Farmer and Stockman
Birth: 2 Oct 1838, Germany (emigrated to US 1864)
Father: John Hagge (b., d. Germany)
Mother: Christina Rohwer (b., d. Germany)
Siblings: Jurgen (d.); Claus (d.); Dora (d.); John (d. 1872)
Spouse: GRAGE, Sophia Magdalena (d. 1 Jul 1909)
Marriage: 10 Mar 1868
Children: John (SEE his biography); Stena (m. John Strattman); Anne (m. John F. Sheldorf); Amelia (m. Henry Ort); Emma (m. Henry Frahm); Henry; Julius; Dora (m. Henry Frahm); one other (d.)
Spouse Parents: Chris Grage and Sophia
Spouse Siblings: Claus; Jurgen
Name: HAGGE, John
Residence: Hayes Twp.
Occupation: farmer
Born: 20 June, 1869, Crawford Co
Father: Heinrich Hagge (SEE his biography as Henry Hagge)
Mother: Sophia Magdalena Grage
Spouse: THIEDEMAN, Anna M.
Marriage: 1 March, 1892
Children: Gertrude (b. 10 March, 1904)
Spouse Parents: Claus Thiedeman and Margaretta Gruenwald
Residence: Paradise Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Born: 2 Feb 1853, Elgin, Illinois; unmarried
Father: Joseph Hallowell, b. Saratoga Co., NY; m. Ashtbula Co., Ohio; d. 1880; buried Dow City cemetery; blacksmith and farmer
Mother: Marcia Adams, b. Ohio; d. 1897; buried Dow City cemetery
Siblings: George (d.), Ophelia (d.), Peter J. (SEE his biography), Mary (m. James Scott; on farm adjoining John's farm)
Name: HALLOWELL, Peter J
Residence: Paradise Township
Occupation: Farming and Cattle Raising
Born: 16 Oct 1855, Fayette County, IA
Father: Joseph Hallowell
Mother: Marcia Adams
Spouse: SCOTT, Matilda
Marriage: 1882
Children: Ada E. (m. J. G. Rule, Red Oak, IA); Inez A., Joseph E. (m. Daisy Glassburner, at home); Jennie E. (at home).
Spouse Parents: William Scott and Mary Ann Garland, migrated from Canada
Affiliations: Modern Woodmen of America; Republican
Name: HAMANN, John G.
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 28 July 1859, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Emigrated to US 1881
Father: C. Hamann, farmer, entire life in Germany
Mother: Margaret Redus, entire life in Germany
Siblings: Sophia, Johanna, Louise, Henry, and Wilhelmina all in Germany. August (Washington Twp.)
Spouse 1: SMITH, Dora, d. 3 months after marriage
Marriage: 1885
Spouse 2: SUHR, Anna, b. Germany
Children: Henry, Albert, Alvina, Edward, Annie, Dewey, Flora
Name: HANNAH, James Jr.
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 18 June 1850 Scotland
Father: James Hannah (b. Scotland; emigrated to CT 1852, then to Kane Co. IL)
Mother: Margaret Glenn (b. Scotland; mother of nine, eight living)
Name: HANSMAN, Henry
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer; Hog raiser
Birth: 06 Jun 1858, Hessen, Germany; Emigrated 1881
Father: Conrad Hansman (b. and d. Germany).
Mother: Anna E. Smith (b. and d. Germany; mother of four, two living).
Spouse: LUCKHARDT, Alice (came to America with future husband Henry Hansman)
Marriage: 19 Jan 1884 in Crawford Co.
Children: Lizzie C. (m. A. P. Bottgar, DesMoines); Henry (d.); Henry J., Anna L., Carl F., Leona Mary, and Elsie E. (all of the home)
Church Affiliation: Lutheran
Name: HARDING, Parker W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Attorney
Birth: 27 Oct 1863, Lockeport, Nova Scotia
Father: Captain Simeon Harding, b. Nova Scotia; d. abt. 1908, Council Bluffs, IA, buried Walnut Hill Cemetery; emigrated to US 1906
Mother: Margarat McQuhae, b. Nova Scotia
Siblings: Rosa W. (d. Nova Scotia), Emma J. (m. Richard Gwillam; Gloversville, NY), Allie F. (m. Dr. J. E. Clausson; Beatrice, Neb.), Lizzie P. (Council Bluffs)
Paternal Grandfather: Richard Harding, b. England. Children: Simeon, Robert (d. Lockeport, Nova Scotia), William (New York City), Anna R. (Denison), Elisabeth (m. B. R. Morrow; Denison), Mary (d., m. Robert Firth; Lockeport, Nova Scotia)
Maternal Grandparents: Robert McQuhae( b. Scotland; d. Jordan Falls, Nova Scotia, age 90) and Margaret McDonald (b. Scotland, d. age 88)
Spouse: KEVAN, Margaret M., b. Illinois
Marriage: 1890
Spouse Parents: Charles Kevan (d.) and Jean Taylor (d.), both b. Scotland
Name: HARPER, Alexis Henry Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Section 19-20, Union Twp (previously Racine; WI, Cedar Co., IA; Washington Twp; Boyer Twp)
Occupation: Farmer (120 acres)
Birth: 26 Feb 1850, Utica, NY
Father: James Henry Harper (d. 1861-returning from Calif gold fields)
Mother: Unamed (d. about 1853)
Siblings: Sarah Jane (m. James Wiley)
Spouse: BONSALL, Marianna (b. Chester Co. PA)
Marriage: 1873
Spouse Parents: Joseph W. Bonsall (b. PA. d. 1907) and Sarah Hunt (b. PA. d. 1903)
Spouse Siblings: Chester (Dunlap, IA); 4 deceased siblings.
Name: HARRINGTON, Andrew
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 30 April 1867, Cedar Co., IA
Father: John Harrington, b. County Cork, Ireland; m. Fall River, Mass.; d. 1 July 1888, Crawford Co.
Mother: Hannah, b. Coungy Cork, Ireland; d. 24 June 1905, Crawford Co.
Siblings: Mary (widow, m. Charles Dupont), William (West Side Twp.), Joseph (Crawford Co.), Maggie (Vail, IA), Michael (S. Dak.)
Spouse: O'CONNELL, Rosa, b. Dubuque, IA; d. 25 Feb 1899, buried Vail
Marriage: 1891
Children: Blanch M., Earl C.
Spouse Parents: John O'Connel (d.) and Rose (d.)
Name: HARTHUN, J. F.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Educator, editor, Denison Zeitung
Birth: 14 Feb 1845, Christfelde, Westpreussen, Germany
Father: Ludwig Harthun, (b. Abt. 1807, Germany, d. Germany, 1872), miller, farmer.
Mother: Johanna Frank, (b. Abt.1816, Germany, d. 1888, Germany).
Siblings: Otto; Matilda (d., m. Ludwig Jarchow); Alvine (deceased); Ludowike
Paternal Grandfather: miller, killed in mill accident
Spouse: DAER, Alvine (b Abt.1845, Germany, d. 25 Oct 1907)
Marriage: Oct 1871
Children: Herman (m. Blanch Burks; Omaha); Anna (at home); Julius (at home); Hugo (m. Birdie Lang; Children: Robert, Dorothy; Kansas City MO); Heinrich (at home); 5 other children deceased
Spouse Parents: August Daer, (b. Germany, d. Germany) and Charlotte Schuelke, (b. Germany, d. Germany)
Religion: Lutheran
Note: J. F. Harthun was a soldier in Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71. Emigrated to NY in 1873
Name: HARTWIG, Carl
Residence: Denison (previously Hemsen, Hanover, Germany; Niagra Co. NY; Goodrich Twp, IA)
Occupation: Retired (previously watchmaker, farmer and stockman-880 Acres)
Birth: 7 Dec 1846, Hanover, Germany
Father: Frederick Hartwig (b. Germany)
Mother: Dora (b. Germany)
Siblings: Ernst (d.); Marie (widow of Henry Bierman); Frederick; Louise (d.); Henry (d.); Herman; George; Anna (widow of William Eigendrauch)
Spouse: BUSCHE, Sophia (b. 18 Dec 1853 Anderton, Hanover, Germany)
Marriage: 28 Feb 1875
Children: Herman (d., m. Martha Schug; Child: Florence); Carl (d.); Otto (d.); Frederick (d.); Henry (m. Linda Knapp); Lena
Spouse Siblings: Louisa; Katharina; Henry; Ernst; Marie
Name: HARVEY, C. P.
Residence: Denison twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 2 May, 1852, Lee Co. IL. Moved to West Side, Crawford Co. in 1878.
Father: Michael Harvey, (b. Co. Armagh, Ireland, 27 Mar., 1817; m. NY City; d. 1867). Emigrated to NY City abt. 1837. Buried in Sandy Hill Cemetery, Lee Co., IL.
Mother: Ellen McGill (b. Ireland, 1819, d. 1903). Buried in Sandy Hill Cemetery, Lee Co., IL.
Siblings: Thomas A. (Lead City SD); James (Lee Co. IL); Mack (Lee Co. IL); John (Amboy IL); 3 deceased: Mary, Charles and an infant
Spouse: POLHAMUS, Hannah (b. IA)
Marriage: 1876
Children: Earl (deceased); Thomas Albert (m. 1894 to Lissie Latschaw [b. Shelby Co., IA], Children: Grace Gladys, Glen Eldon, Merlin Paul); James (m. Florence Warmath [b. Denison], Children: twins Frank, George)
Note: Grandfather of C. P. Harvey was probably Daniel Harvey, an English army officer who settled in Ireland.
Name: HAUGH, John Thomas
Residence: Denison (Came to Crawford Co. from Scott Co. in 1882)
Occupation: Clothier and owner, Haugh and Brummer
Birth: 12 Oct 1854, Davenport, IA
Father: Mark Haugh (b. Ireland; d. 1862, age 48. Emigrated to Canada, then, in 1848, to USA. )
Mother: Margaret Rasp (b. Canada, resides Denison)
Siblings: Mary L. (m. Patrick Meade, Crawford Co); Bridget (m. Thomas Clark, Denison)
Paternal Grandfather: Micheal Haugh (d. age 95. Resided Scott Co., IA), Children: Mark, Martin, John.
Maternal Grandfather: John Rasp (Farmer, Scott Co. IA), Children: Michael, Margaret, Mary, Ellen, Eliza, John, Thomas, Bridget.
Spouse: FARRELLY, Mary (b. Ireland)
Marriage: 6 May 1891
Children: Marguerite
Spouse Siblings: Rev. Father Ralph Farrelly, Denison
Name: HAWK, Zachary Taylor
Residence: Denison
Occupation: teacher
Born: Delaware Co., Ohio; lived there for the first 5 years.
Father: Martin Hawk, moved the family from Ohio to Iowa in 1854
Mother: Nancy Burroughs
Siblings: 2 unknown older brothers
Spouse: WHEELER, Emma, b. Massachusetts
Marriage: 1876
Name: HAWLEY, Robert Charles Jr.
Residence: Hayes Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 12 Oct 1861, Bridgeport, Conn.
Father: Robert Charles Hawley; b. Conn.; d. age 81, Crawford Co., IA
Mother: Sarah Bears, b. Conn.
Siblings: Ella (Crawford Co.), Edward (d.), Frank (Crawford Co.), Wilbur (Milford Twp.: SEE his biography), Sarah (m. Avery E. Ford; New Haven, Conn.)
Spouse: OSTERLUND, Laura; b. Clinton Co., IA
Marriage: 6 March, 1901
Children: son (b. 16 Aug 1902; lived one day), Nellie Irene (b. 24 July 1903, d. 22 May 1907), Alice Marie
Spouse Parents: Lewis Osterlund (b. Stockholm, Sweden) and Nellie Nelson (b. near Stockholm, Sweden), both now living in Milford Twp.
Name: HAWLEY, Wilbur
Residence: Milford Twp
Occupation: Farming, raising stock; conducting a country grocery store.
Birth: 12 Jan 1864, Connecticut
Father: R.C. Hawley of CT, d. age 81
Mother: Sarah Bears of CT
Siblings: Ella (Crawford Co), Edward (d.), Frank (Crawford Co), Robert C. (Crawford Co.: SEE his biography), Sarah (m. Avery E. Ford of New Haven CT)
Spouse: SLEGEL, Anna
Marriage: 7 Oct 1896
Children: Raymond Ford, Grace Carol, Robert Theodore, Wilbur C. (b. 23 June 1907)
Spouse Parents: Carl Slegel & Barbara Kocum
Spouse Siblings: Frank (Crawford Co.: SEE his biography), Louis (Crawford Co), Mayme (m. William Maynard of Crawford Co), Carrie (m. Floyd Chapman of Crawford Co); and 2 deceased.
Note: Republican. Presbyterian.
Name: HAYES, Thomas, Jr.
Residence: Nishnabotny Township
Occupation: Farming, stockraising
Birth: 22 Jan 1860, Monona Co., IA. To Cuming Co., NE abt 1883, to Crawford Co. abt. 1892.
Father: Thomas Hayes, Sr. (b. NJ; m. aft 1838; d. 1875); To Chicago, IL abt. 1835, to Burlington IL abt 1838, to Monona Co., IA abt 1853, to Crawford Co. abt 1866. Shoemaker, farmer, local public offices.
Mother: Emily Riggs (b. KY; d. 1898); to IA in 1838.
Siblings: Amelia (d.), Sarah (m. M. G. Wiggins; Dow City, IA), Henry (OK), Martha (Omaha, NE), Emma (d.), Callie (m. J. B. Milligan; NE), Silas (SD), Infant (d.), James (d.).
Paternal Grandmother: (Unnamed) McMurty
Spouse: MILLIGAN, Mary M. (b. PA)
Marriage: 1883
Children: Mabel (m. George Massie; ND); the following in Nishnabotny Twp., IA: Clarence L., Howard, Thomas, Ruth, Joseph, Katie, twins Irma and Enid
Note: Hayes Township named for Thomas Hayes, Sr.
Name: HELSLEY, Albert
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Bookkeeper, abstractor for Crawford Co. State Bank
Birth: 19 Nov 1857, Jacksonville Co., IL. To IA abt. 1866, to Crawford Co. Jan 1890.
Father: John Helsley (b. Canton Bern, Switz.; d. 17 Jan 1895, age 83); Emigrated to US (IL) 1850, to Marion Co., IA 1872, to Crawford Co. abt 1890; hotelkeeper, butcher
Mother: Marie Balsiger (b. Canton Bern, Switz.; d. 19 Jan 1895)
Siblings: Emma (m. Henry Boschen; Toronto, KS), Lina (m. John Schofield; Gardena, CA), and four deceased.
Paternal Grandfather: John Helsley; hotelkeeper.
Maternal Grandfather: John Balsiger; Judge, Swiss appellate court. Children: Marie, Susan (m. Mr. Montandon), John, Ferdinand
Spouse: WHALEY, Susie L. (b. Crawford Co.)
Marriage: June 1892
Children: Charles W., Marie, John A., Martha, Helen, Grace.
Church Affiliation: German Methodist Church; wife: English Methodist Church
Name: HEMMINGER, Frank
Residence: Iowa Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Born: 18 Jan., 1858, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania
Father: Joseph Hemminger, b. Pennsylvania
Mother: Susanna, b. Pennsylvania
Siblings: Harriet (PA); Lucinda (PA); Israel (d.); Adeline(PA); Jacob; Cyrus (d.); David (PA); Nora (PA); Edward, (S.D.) Frank; Ferdinand (S.D.); Benjamin (d); Marcellus (d.)
Spouse: BERRY, Alice; b. Knox Co, IL; d. 26 Dec., 1905
Marriage: 1882
Children: Effie, Frances, Hazel (all at home); Allie (teaching school); William; Gertrude; John
Name: HESTER, George
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Born: 04 Feb 1839 Baden, Germany; emigrated 1850 to Chicago; vet Civil War, Co. C. IL Vol. Inf.; 1882 to Crawford Co.
Father: Jacob Hester (b. and m. Baden, Germany; d. Geneva, IL; emigrated 1850 to Chicago; lived Du Page Co. IL and Geneva, IL).
Mother: Madeline Shaffer (b. and m. Baden, Germany ; d. Geneva, IL; emigrated 1850 to Chicago; lived Du Page Co. IL and Geneva, IL).
Siblings: Ursula (d.); Mary (Aurora, IL); Ellen (d.); Carrie (Geneva, IL); Sophia (Elgin, IL); and three died young.
Spouse: POLZIEN, Augusta; b. 1848 Prussia
Marriage: 1867
Children: George (d.); Edward (d.); May (m. Robert Pazmore of Des Moines, IA); Cora (m. Dr. Windette of Aurora, IL); Harry (Aurora, IL); Albert ( Washington Twp); Edna (m. John Cole of Buck Grove, IA).
Spouse Parents: August Polzien and Caroline Winke (emigrated 1856 to Batavia, IL; d. Batavia, IL).
Spouse Siblings: William (Aurora, IL); Emma, Fred, Minnie, Julius, August, Herman, John, Charles, Henriette and Caroline (all d.).
Church Affiliation: Methodist Episcopal
Name: HIGGANS, John W.
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 05 Jan 1884
Father: John Higgins (b. Ireland; retired farmer, Ute, IA)
Mother: Mary Gaynor (b. Ireland, m. in Chicago; Ute, IA).
Siblings: Mary (at home); Margaret (m. Dan Hartigan, Ute, IA); Johannah (m. Patrick Devin, on home farm); Anna and Lizzie (at home).
Spouse: BALL, Pearl (of Monona Co., IA)
Marriage: 12 Feb 1907
Children: Daniel; Laverne
Church: Catholic
Name: HILL, Albert R.
Residence: Denison; since 1896
Occupation: Marble, Granite & Monument business
Born: 31 Aug, 1869 Cedar Rapids, Ia
Father: Rufus L. Hill, [ SEE his biography]
Mother: Margaret E.
Siblings: Walter L. Hill
Spouse: EWALL, Birdie, b. Denison
Marriage: 15 Feb, 1899
Children: Ray Ewall, Howard Bliss, Robert Leon
Spouse Parents: Nils A. Ewall (b. Sweden; d. 1896, age 38; emigrated to US. Age 12) and Christine Starr (d. 1889, age 31)
Spouse Paternal Grandfather: Elias Ewall (b. Sweden; buried Oakland Cemetery, Denison). Children: Nils, John( Minneapolis, Mn), Orlando (Council Bluffs, Ia)
Spouse Maternal Grandfather: Charles Starr (b. Sweden, emigrated, and served in the Civil War). Children: Christine, Albert (Boone Co., Ia), Mrs. Fred Beck (d.), Mrs Charles Erickson (El Reno, Ok), Mrs. Peter Nord (El Reno, Ok)
Notes: Albert R Hill lived in Alma, Harlan Co., Nebraska in 1878; schooled in Orleans, Ne; learned trade in Jefferson, Ia.; joined father in business in Holdrege, Ne; joined brother Walter L. HILL in business in 1908
Name: HILL, Rufus L.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Marble Business
Birth: 31 March 1841, Clearfield County, PA
Father: Thomas G. Hill (native of PA, d. 1908, Denison, age 91)
Mother: Marilla Bliss (native of PA, d. 1908, Denison, age 88)
Siblings: James J. (Linn County, IA), Alexander F. (AR), Mary (m. Hiram Harris, Goodnight, OK), Albina (m. G. S. McCorkle, Alma, NE)
Paternal Grandparents: Thomas Hill (b. VT., d. PA. Soldier of the War of 1812, farmer) and Permelia, (b. MA). Children: Charles C., Thomas G., Frederick, Horace, Eliphalet P., Alexander.
Maternal Grandparents: Jeremiah Bliss (b. MA, farmer and carpenter), and Mary Lucore. Children: Marilla L., James, Sylvia, Mary, Isaac, Jeremiah, Anna, John
Spouse 1: WAYT, Margaret E. (b. PA, d. 1888)
Marriage: 1 January, 1863
Children: Carrie (m. J. T. Strome, Grand Junction, CO), Walter (m. Elizabeth Bull, Omaha, NE), Marilla (m. Grant Fraker, Blackfoot, ID), Albert R. (m. Birdie E. Ewall), Cora (d. age 7), Frank C. (m. Clara Holmes, Emporia, KS), Earl, Paul (d. age 2 1/2), Mary (d. age 6 months), Warren (d. age 8 months)
Spouse 1 Parents: William C. Wayt (b. PA, d. Jefferson, IA, age 86) and Elizabeth (b. PA, d. Cedar Rapids, IA, age 43)
Spouse 1 Siblings: John J., Wooster B., Benjamin F.
Spouse 2: COLLIER, Eliza A., widow of Harrison J. Wilson, of Fairfield, IA.
Marriage: 17 Sept. 1889
Stepchildren: Step Children: Children of Harrison J. Wilson: Ira J. (m. Viola Chase; Dickinson, N. Dak.), George F. (m. Effie Burgess; Cedar Falls, IA), Carrie H. (m. Rev. E. N. Miller; Waterloo, IA), Wellington M. (marriage 1: Mattie Gibson [d.], marriage 2: Mrs. S. E. Hanson), Ernest M. (m. Mary Dority; Cedar Falls, IA), Julia O. (m. William P. Cox; Enid, OK)
Spouse 2 Parents: James M. Collier and Caroline M. Davidson
Spouse 2 Paternal Grandparents: James Collier and Margaret Driesdal
Spouse 2 Matermal Grandparents: Ira Davidson and Luania Clark
Name: HILL, Walter L.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Member of Hill Brothers, dealers in marble & granite monuments
Birth: 22 Nov 1866, Muscatine Co IA
Father: Rufus L. Hill (SEE his biography)
Mother: Margaret E. Wayt
Spouse: BULL, Elizabeth Catharine, of Page Co IA
Marriage: 13 Sept 1888, at Phillipsburg KS
Children: Frederick A. (d. age 3-1/2 yr), Lillian, Irene, Mildred, Jessie, Walter L. Jr., Robert P, Dorothy.
Spouse Parents: Cornelius A. Bull (of CT) and Nancy McConnell (of IL)
Spouse Siblings: Harry P, Frederick, Alice, Harriet, Charlotte
Spouse Paternal Grandparents: W. H. Bull (b. 1817, Milford New Haven Co CT) and Phoebe Stow (b.1820, New Haven Co CT). Their children: Cornelius A.; Charlotte (m. Robert Overstreet of Galesburg IL); Philip H. (Galesburg IL); Mrs. Augusta Campbell (Knoxville IL), Isaac T. (Shenandoah IA).
Spouse Maternal Grandparents: William McConnell (b. 1814, Pittsburgh PA) and Mary McConnell (no maiden name given; b. 1814 Pittsburgh PA). Their children: William (Pawnee NE), Mrs. Mary Miles (Nelson NE), Mrs. Margaret Chapman (Cambridge IL), Marshall (Woodhull IL), Nancy.
Note: Republican.
Name: HODKIN, Thomas Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Willow Township
Occupation: Stable boy/servant, farmer.
Birth: 27 Jan 1838, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. Emigrated to US (Iowa City, IA) abt 1868, to Crawford Co. 1882.
Father: George Hodkin (b. Derbyshire, Eng.; d. Eng.; buried Buxton, Eng.) Stonemason, farmer.
Mother: Mary Brown (b. Derbyshire, Eng.; d. Eng.; buried Buxton, Eng.).
Siblings: Jane (d.), George (d.)
Spouse: COMPTON, Eliza (of Bedfordshire, England; d. 1903; buried Dow City, IA)
Marriage: 1865
Children: Charlotte (m. John Sanders; Charter Oak, IA), George (bridge gang foreman), Blanch (m. Carl Larson; Redfield, SD), Horace (Boyer Twp., IA), Daisy (m. John Grant; Charter Oak, IA), Jennie (m. Peter Hansen; Streeter, ND), Thomas B. (Willow Twp., IA), Jesse (Redfield, SD).
Church Affiliation: Methodist
Name: HOEFER, Henry
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Farmer, real estate
Birth: 11 Feb 1854, Husum, Germany. Emigrated to US 1880, to Crawford Co. 1894
Father: Ingwer C. Hoefer (d. 1889); superintendent of poor farm.
Mother: Anna Moeller (d. 1864)
Siblings: Agnes (m. Cornelius Boysen; Germany)
Spouse: SCHMIDT, Anna M. (twin, b. 10 July 1868, Germany)
Marriage: 16 Sep. 1888
Children: Katrina (b. 18 Feb 1889, d. infancy), Christ P. (b. 29 Jun 1891; Charter Oak, IA), Otto J. (b. 13 Mar 1892; Charter Oak, IA), Frank H. (b. 15 Aug 1893).
Spouse Parents: Peter Schmidt (d. 1878, Germany) and Katrina Nissen (d. 1895; Emigrated to US with 2nd husband; to Crawford Co. 1886)
Spouse Siblings: Katrina (m. Fred Ahff; Paullina, IA), Margaret (twin, d., m. Thomas Munster), Peter (Woodbury Co., IA).
Spouse Stepfather: Christ A. Hendricksen (m. Germany, aft 1878); feed store operator in Ute, IA.
Spouse Half Siblings: Lena (m. Julius Clausen, Monona Co., IA), Christina (m. Herman Sievers, SD), Henry (SD), Mary (m. John Holstine; Paullina, IA), Christ (Monona Co., IA).
Church Affiliation: German Lutheran Church
Name: HOFFMAN, Leonard S.
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Assistant Postmaster
Birth: 21 Feb 1877, Crawford Co.
Father: Thomas J. Hoffman (SEE his biography)
Mother: Debbie Leonard
Siblings: See biography of Thomas J. Hoffman
Spouse: Alice M. Crampton, b. 11 April 1880, Crawford Co.
Marriage: 30 Nov. 1897
Children: Gladys, Grace G., Dorothy J., Edward C.
Spouse Parents: Benjamin and Jane Crampton, b. England, residents of Vail, IA
Name: HOFFMAN, Thomas J
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Grain and stock business, Postmaster of Vail
Birth: 4 December 1846, IA
Father: Henry Hoffman (b. PA, d. 1869, Boone Co., IA)
Mother: Nancy Baldwin (b. Kentucky, d.1878, Crawford Co., IA)
Siblings: Elizabeth (West Bend, IA), Ella (m. Everell Springer, PA), eight (d.)
Spouse 1: LEONARD, Debbie (b. MI, d. 8 February 1903, buried Vail cemetery)
Marriage: 1869
Children: Leonard S. (Vail; SEE his biography), Harry B. (Denver, CO), Earl E. (Vail)
Spouse 1 Parents: Nathaniel and Mary Leonard
Spouse 2: WALL, Annie (b. England)
Affiliations: Co. H, 44th IA Volunteer INF., Past Member School Board, Masons, Republican Party, Methodist Episcopal Church
Name: HOLDSWORTH, George H. Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Iowa twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 1 January 1866, Mercer Co, Illinois
Father: John H. Holdsworth , b. 22 July 1821, County Fermanagh, Ireland, m. 8 April 1846, d. 11 May 1905. Emigrated from Ireland 1847, then Canada in 1855. Buried in Manning, IA, cemetery.
Mother: Margaret Irwin, d. abt. 1901. Buried in Manning, IA, cemetery.
Siblings: Mathilda (m. T. J. Armstrong; near Manning, IA), Martha (m.James Waller; Rock Island, ILL), Latitia (m. William Dixon; Jeannette, PA), Sarah (m. Andrew Geisinger; New Jersey), Belle (m. Lou Stumm; Minn.) George H., six others (d)
Spouse: BRIGMANN, Dora. Emigrated from Schleswig, Germany
Marriage: 1892
Children: George Washington, Edward Henry, Alexander, Matilda Jane, John James
Name: HOLLANDER, Andrew P.
Residence: Schleswig
Occupation: retired farmer, stock-raiser
Birth: 5 May 1855, Germany
Father: Rasmus Hollander, (d. Germany)
Mother: Maran Neissen, (d. 22 April 1890)
Siblings: Peter (d); Christina (Germany); Laurence (Schleswig); Thomas (Ida Co.); Ebbe (Schleswig); Maria (m. John Moeler, Otter Creek twp); Asmus (d); Ingurerd (Otter Creek twp)
Spouse: STEGEMANN, Albertina
Marriage: 3 Sept. 1882
Children: Mary (d.); infant (d); Otto, Laura, Caroline, Minnie (m. Henry A. Klotz)
Spouse Parents: Edward Stegemann, Caroline Rohdy
Spouse Siblings: Augusta (widow, m. John B. Dorfler,Crawford Co.); William (Otter Creek Twp.); Wilhelmina (Schleswig); Ernest (Crawford Co.); Otillie (m. John Reimers, Otter Creek); Gustav (North Platte, NE); Albert (Schleswig); Otto (Otter Creek Twp.); 2 infants, (d)
Name: HOLLANDER, Peter C.
Residence: Schleswig
Occupation: Men's furnishing goods store
Birth: 22 June 1879, Hamilton Co., IA
Father: L. A. Hollander, b. Germany; emigrated 1877, Clinton Co, IA
Mother: Annie Simsen, (b. Germany, d. 1907)
Siblings: Amos (Nebraska); Mattie (m. Henry M. Kolls, NE); August (d.); Thomas (Ida Co.); Annie (at home); Laura (m. William Stegemann, Schleswig); Bernhart (Ida Co.); Celia (d.); Lilly (at home)
Spouse: LORENZEN, Adeline
Children: Annie (m. John Weise, Denison); Ida (m. Louis Evers, Denison); Laurence (Gilmore City); Andrew (Denison)
Spouse Parents: A. B. Lorenzen and Hannah Christensen
Religion: Lutheran
Name: HOLLMANN, Henry
Residence: Morgan Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 7 Sept 1849, Germany, emigrated to US 1865
Father: T. H. Hollmann, b. Germany, d. 19 Mar 1873, Germany
Mother: Anna Blackwell, b. Germany, d. 2 Feb 1872, Germany
Siblings: Heinrich (Shiner, Texas), George (d. Germany), Diedrich (d. Germany), Elizabeth (d. age 59), 3 others (d. infant)
Spouse: SCHAFER, Annie, b. 14 July 1861, Germany, emigrated to US 1884
Marriage: 1884
Children: George D. (b. 12 Apr 1888), Katie (b. 29 Dec 1890), John M. (b. 16 June 1894), Harry and Adolph died in infancy
Spouse Siblings: Diedrich (d. Calif.)
Name: HOPP, Carl
Residence: Soldier twp.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 1 September 1863, Germany. Emigrated in 1888.
Father: John Hopp (d. 1904)
Mother: Sophia Peters
Siblings: William, Sophia, Friedericki, Minnie, Hattie, (all living in Germany)
Spouse 1: WITTKOPP, Hattie (b. Germany; d. 1 March 1902). Emigrated with father (d.1904) in 1888.
Marriage: 1 September 1890
Children: Ella (b. 3 April 1891, m. Theodore Mesick), Emil (b. 24 September 1893), Leo (b. 1 June 1894), Martin (b. 24 July 1898), Olga (b. 7 Dec. 1900), Paul (b. 1 Jan. 1902).
Spouse 2: LENTZ , Amelia, b. Germany. Her Spouse 1: Mr. Schreiber.
Stepchildren: Albert Schreiber (b. 14 Feb. 1899), William Schreiber (b. 14 Dec. 1903).
Name: HOULIHAN, Michael L. Sr.
Residence: Denison Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: August, 1840, County Claire, Ireland, emigrated to US 1865
Father: Patrick Houlihan, b. County Claire Ireland , d. County Claire, Ireland
Mother: Bridget Hoogan, b. County Claire Ireland, d. County Claire, Ireland, age 90
Siblings: Mary, (lives at home), Michael L, Nora, (Ireland), Cornelius (Kansas City, Missouri), John ( d.), Patrick (d.), Bridget (d.), Austin (d.), Thomas (d.)
Spouse 1: KREAMER, Mattie,(d.)
Children: John Patrick,(d.) cost the mother her life and died at two and half months.
Spouse 2: McMAHON, Bridget, widow of Michael O'Brien.
Children: John and Martin, (Denison twp), Cornelius, (assists father on the farm.), Thomas,( a practicing physician in Ida Grove.), Michael, (cashier and manager of the bank in Vail, Iowa.). Ellen, (m. Edward Houston of Boyer twp.), Bridget, Bryan, Francis, Margaret, (at home.), Marjory,( d.), Nora Francis, (d.), and two others (d.).
Stepchildren: Children of Michael O'Brien : Mary (d.), Dennis (Denison twp.)
Name: HOWORTH, Edmund
Residence: Union Township
Occupation: General farming and horse breeding
Birth: 23 December 1823, North Lancastershire, England. Emigrated to US in 1853
Father: Ferdinand Howorth (d.), Emigrated to US 1842
Mother: Mary Howorth, b. England, d. Crawford Co., buried Dow City
Siblings: Daniel (Dunlap, IA); six (d.).
Spouse: GOODRICH, Sabina (d. Nov. 1906)
Marriage: 1862
Children: John William; Mary; Lulu; Isaac (Goodrich Township); Margaret (m. Fred E. Butler, Lewiston, ID) Frank C. (Union Township); 2 (d.)
Spouse Parents: Isaac Goodrich of Goodrich Twp. SEE his biography
Affiliations: Republican Party, Baptist Church, past Trustee of Goodrich Township
Name: HUGG, Mathias
Residence: Not stated
Occupation: Farmer (80 acres)
Birth: 5 Mar 1850, Alsace, France
Father: Mathias Hugg (b. France, Swiss extraction, Emigrated 1865 to Lake Co. IL, moved to Coon Grove, Crawford Co in 1878. d. 1891-age74))
Mother: Marie Salome Oberlin (b. France, German extraction)
Siblings: George (Farmer, Platt, SD)
Spouse: SCHWARTZ, Anna Marie (b. Alsace, France)
Marriage: 1882
Children: Emil M. (Crawford Co); George Walter (m. Lillie Paulsen; Child: Fernetta Marie; Oacoma, Lyman Co. SD); Martha Marie (at home); Esther Salome (d.); Susana C. (d.)
Spouse Parents: Jacob Schwartz (d. Alsace) and Anna Marie Hild (resides in Alsace)
Spouse Siblings: Catherine (resides in Ostheim, Alsace); Madeline (resides MN)
Name: HUNT, Ninus L.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison (inferred in biography but not explicitely stated)
Occupation: Merchant/Partner (Pfarr, Gebert & Hunt, General Merchants). Previously teacher, Denison Postmaster 3 yrs, several exelctive offices.
Birth: 19 Oct 1855, Goodrich Twp.
Father: Alonzo R. Hunt, b. NY. Came to Harrison, Co. IA in 1848; First marriage in Harrison Co. Came to Crawford Co. in 1853. d. Omaha NE, age 37
Mother: Margaret Dobson (b. OH; d. Deloit, IA, 25 Nov 1905 at age 76)
Siblings: Sarah A. (d., m. Lafayette Robbins); Amos W (Alberta, Canada); Mary L. (m. John F. Goff), Glen (MN); Elder Charles J. (Deloit); Cynthia (d. age 18 months).
Paternal Grandfather: Walter Hunt (b, NY, farmer, ). Children: Amos, Elizabeth, Johanna, Amanda, Emily, William, George, Isaac, Alonzo R., Jason Z.
Paternal Great-GrandparentsZiba Hunt (b. 1746, d. 1820) and Johanna Blont (daughter of Ambrose Blont and Johanna Clark).
Maternal Grandparents: Benjamin Dobson (b. 1799, OH., miller, came to Crawford Co in 1851. d. age 77-78) and Keziah Wolf (d. 1863). Children: Thomas, John, Benjamin, William, Elihu, Margaret, Elizabeth.
Spouse: MASON, Emma L., Milford Twp.
Marriage: 22 Feb 1880
Children: R. Blaine (Pittsburg, PA); N. Leslie; Margaret
Spouse Parents: Jesse Mason (b. KY) & Eliza Johnson (b. IL) Came to Crawford Co. in 1850-pioneer settlers.
Spouse Siblings: Jane; Margaret, Angeline (Parents Jesse Mason & Eliza Johnson)
Spouse Step Siblings: Matilda, David; Jesse; John; Julia; Hiram C.; Emma L.; Andrew J. (parents Jesse Hunt and second, unnamed wife)
Name: HUTCHINSON, George
Residence: Milford Twp
Occupation: Farmer, stock raiser; serves as township trustee, justice of the peace, and school board member.
Birth: 21 Feb 1859, Rock Island Co., IL
Father: Thomas Hutchinson (b. N. Ireland; d. 1902 age 82; emigrated 1846 to New Orleans, to St. Louis, to Rock island)
Mother: Susan Ramsey (b. N. Ireland; d. Jan 1903 age 72; emigrated 1846 to New Orleans, to St. Louis, to Rock Island)
Siblings: William (homestead Rock Island, IL); Thomas (Crawford Co.); Anna (m. W. W. Long of Rock Island); James and Samuel (both of Rock Island); Robert (d. Crawford Co.) and three others (all d.)
Spouse: JOHNSON, Alice (of Mercer Co., IL)
Marriage: 31 Jan, 1883
Children: George Marion (b. 1885); Florence S.; Thomas Clarence (b. Aug 1889)
Spouse Parents: Robert Johnson (b. N. Ireland; d. 1878) and Alice Lipton (b. N. Ireland; d. 1906 age 68)
Spouse Siblings: Robert (Oklahoma City, OK); Mary (m. K. Dawson of Oklahoma City, OK); Emma Celia (Oklahoma City, OK); and Belle (m. Otis Whan of Mercer Co., IL).
Church Affiliation: Methodist
Name: ISEMINGER, William, M. D.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Physician
Birth: 10 July 1836, Westville, Laporte Co., Indiana
Father: Jacob Iseminger, b. Ohio; d. 1879 on home farm, age 79. First spouse: Miss Rogers with children Martha, Elizabeth, George Washington.
Mother: Elizabeth Graybill, b. Virginia; d. 1874, age abt. 70
Siblings: John (d.), Hiram (d. Civil War), Holbert G. (Tappen, N. Dak.), Peter R. (Laporte Co., Indiana), Margaret Jane (m. John Bone; Marysville, Kan.), Rachel (d.)
Paternal Grandfather: George Iseminger, b. Penn., wheelwright. Children: Daniel, George, Jacob, Christina, Julia Ann
Maternal Grandfather: John Graybeal, b. Virginia. Twice married. Children: Holbert, Jacob, Peter, Elizabeth
Spouse: CAVETT, Nancy J., b. Pennsylvania; d. 30 May 1893
Marriage: 10 Sept., 1868
Children: Flora E. (Denison), Mertie (m. Frank C. Evans; Ft. Wayne, Indiana. 2 children: Donald, Franklin.)
Spouse Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cavett, both b. Penn., resided in Vandalia, Jasper Co., IA. Mr. Cavett (d.), Mrs. Cavett (d., Denison, age 71)
Spouse Siblings: Robert J., Orlando, John, Norville, Mark J., Sylvester
Residence: Kiron, Stockholm Twp, IA
Occupation: Carpenter in Kiron, for about 30 years
Birth: 07 Nov 1854, Sweden. Came from Sweden to Crawford Co 1881
Father: Jacob Swenson, d. age 90, in Sweden
Mother: Bettie Hesselgren, d. age 82, in Sweden
Siblings: Peter (lives w/A. J. on farm in Stockholm Twp), Charles (Nebraska), Lena (Kiron)
Note: Republican
Name: JAHN, Henry N.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Manila
Occupation: Implement business
Birth: 14 November 1860 (Scott county Iowa).
Father: Claus Jahn, b.Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, emigrated to America 1853. Farm laborer, Manila
Mother: Louisa Kortum, b. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, d. 1890, age 54
Siblings: Anna E., William L., Emile
Paternal Grandfather: Claus Jahn. Children: Claus, Bertha, Catharine, Henry, Anna
Maternal Grandfather: KORTUM, M, d. Davenport, Iowa. Children: Chistian, William, Joachim, Henry, Louisa, Elise
Spouse: RODERICK, May E., b. Milledegville, Illinois
Marriage: 3 January 1900.
Children: Wilbur R., Ruth E.
Spouse Parents: William Roderick (b. Maryland, d. 1905) and Mary E. Bidlack (b. Pennsylvania.)
Name: JAHN, J. F. William
Residence: Hayes Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 9 July 1882, Hayes Twp.
Father: Paul William Jahn, b. Germany
Mother: Catherine Lemster, b. Germany
Siblings: Lena (m. Henry E. Kuhl; Iowa Twp.), Minnie (m. Gus Meggers; Iowa Twp.), Herman (Hayes Twp.), Henry (Hayes Twp.), Amanda (m. Gus Peppers; Hayes Twp.), Louis (Hayes Twp.), Adelia, Hugo
Spouse: PEPER, Martha, b. Iowa Twp.
Marriage: 13 March 1907, Iowa Twp.
Children: Hugo Paul George, Willette Catherina Fredericka
Spouse Parents: George Peper (d.) and Sophia Meggohtsen
Name: JAHN, Paul William
Residence: Hayes twp
Birth: 6 April 1857, Holstein, Germany
Father: John Jahn, b. Germany; d. 1906, West Side, IA; buried Hayes Twp. cemetery; emigrated 1872 to US
Mother: Catherina Groth, b. Germany; d. 1908, West Side, IA; buried Hayes Twp. cemetery
Siblings: Anna (m. Claus Anthony, Carroll Co. IA); Herman (home place); Maggie (m. H. C. Martins, West Side, IA); Amelia (m. George Buck, West Side); Lina (d.); one other (d. infant)
Spouse: LEMSTER, Catherine
Marriage: 1879
Children: Lina (m. E. H. Kuhl, Iowa twp); William (Hayes twp); Minnie (m. Gus Meggers, Iowa twp); Herman (Hayes twp); Henry (Hayes, twp); Amanda (m. George Pepper, Hayes twp). Louis, Adelia, and Hugo (all at home)
Religion: Lutheran
Name: JANS, Stephen J.
Residence: Jackson twp
Occupation: agriculturist
Birth: 20 Oct 1873, Chicago
Father: John Jans (b. Germany; d. 1906, age 64; emigrated 1865, Davenport, IA, Chicago, IL, Carroll Co. IA)
Mother: Wiebka Webers (b. Germany)
Siblings: John (MN); Annie (m. Fred Rickers, Jackson twp); Sophia (m. James McKinnon, Chicago); George (Sioux City, IA); Frank (Arcadia); Mary (m. Christ Kuehl, MN); Julius (Crawford Co); 5 others(d. infants)
Spouse: PETERS, Lizzie
Marriage: 11 Sept. 1901
Children: Harry (b. 12 Aug 1902); Helen (b. 3 June 1904); Claude (b. 10 July 1906); Leslie (b. 13 Sept 1908)
Spouse Parents: C. H. Peters and Augusta Martin (both b. Arcadia, IA)
Spouse Siblings: Mary (m. Frank Jans, Arcadia); Claude (near Arcadia); Minnie (m. Emil Kaspersen, Arcadia); Alvina (m. John Holck, Paulina, IA); Henry, (Des Moines); Emil (Des Moines)
Religion: Presbyterian
Name: JEPSEN, J. Peter
Residence: Otter creek Twp.
Occupation: farming and stock-raising.
Birth: 7 July 7 1868, Germany, emigrated to US 1894.
Father: Thomas Jepsen (Germany).
Mother: Christina Petersen (Germany).
Siblings: Claus, (d), Carsten, (d), Margareta, (d), Hans, Thomas.
Spouse: NAEVE, Lizzie
Marriage: 28 Feb 1900
Children: Walter (age 10), Harley (age 8), Alice (age 2).
Spouse Parents: William Naeve and Mary Schneider
Spouse Siblings: Katie (d) Emil (d), Freda, Willie (an adopted son).
Name: JEPSEN, Peter Frederick
Residence: Goodrich Twp.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 13 January 1847 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Emmigrated in 1867 to Clinton Co., Ia.
Father: John Jepsen (b. abt 1816 d. 1878) Emmigrated in 1869 to Clinton co., IA.
Mother: Elsobao Petersen (b. abt 1817; d. 1865)
Siblings: John, Henry (d), Hans (d), Frederick, August (d) Jurgen
Paternal Grandparents: John Jepsen and Margaretta. Children: Jurgen, John, Claus, Margaretta
Maternal Grandparents: Peter Petersen and Obel. Children: Henry, Claus, Detloff, Peter, Elizabeth, Elsobao, Kathrina
Spouse: LAUMBACH, Anna, b. 10 October 1842 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Marriage: 10 October 1867
Children: Anna (m. William Gehring; Children: William, Edward, Otilla); Johan (m. Maria Nath; Children: Peter, Anna); Peter (m. Margaretta Schroeder; Children: Emma, Peter, Walter, Hilda); Carolina (m. Martin Saggan; Children: Emma, Anna, Carolina, Joannas, Bernhard, Marie, Martin); Elsobao (m. Joannas Saggan; Children: Henry, Hogel, Martin, Edward, Harry); Henry (m. Marie Hallender; Children: Walter, Hilda); Jurgen (m. Anna Johansen; Children: Wilhelmina, ALbert, Johan); Jullius (m. Anna Rassow; Children: Martin, Otilla, Makinda); Emma (m. Henry Nath; Children: Henry, Edna)
Spouse Parents: Henry Laumbach (b. abt. 1815 Germany; d.1857) and Wiepke Utermann (b. abt 1816 Germany; d.1864)
Spouse Maternal Grandparents: Hans Utermann and Margaretta Herringsen
Residence: section 4 Hanover twp.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 13 July 1871 Chicago, Illinois
Father: Gustave Jeschke, b. Germany; m. Chicago; d. 1908 Ricketts, Ia.
Mother: Mary Ebert, b. Germany
Siblings: Albert (d), R. C.
Spouse: JOHN, Amelia, b. 1879 chicago
Marriage: in 1895
Children: Gustave (b. 27 Feb. 1896), Bernhard (b. 5 August 1898), Otto (b. 20 Dec. 1899), Carl (b. 14 May 1902), Edna (b. 20 May 1905), William (b. 26 August 1906), Herman (b. 24 August 1908)
Spouse Parents: Carl John (b. Germany) and Bertha Kruse (b. Germany)
Spouse Siblings: Lizzie (m. Carl Kutschinski), Charles, Ida (m. George Fogle), Bertha (m. Fred Messenbrink), Annia, Lena (m. Albert Stressel), Otto, Minnie, Matilda, Bernhard
Name: JOCHIMSEN, J. Henry
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 30 March 1866, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; emigrated to US age 12 with parents
Father: Claus Jochimsen, d. 1903, East Boyer Twp. Emigrated Hamburg to NY 1878
Mother: Anna Ratje, d. 1894; buried in cemetery of Nishnabotny along with husband
Paternal Grandfather: Thomas Jochimsen
Spouse: NIEMEIER, Emma, b. Germany; emigrated to US abt. 1873 with parents at age 3
Marriage: 4 March, 1893
Children: Freda Emma, Claus, Herman T., Louie H., Lillie C., John P., Edwin
Spouse Parents: unnamed, farmed in Otter Creek Twp., died in Manilla, IA
Name: JOCHIMSEN, Thomas
Residence: East Boyer Township
Occupation: General Farming and Stock Raising
Birth: 5 October 1856, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Father: Claus Jochimsen (b. Germany, d. 1902, Crawford Co.) Emigrated to US 1878
Mother: Anna Ratje (b. Germany, d. 1904, Crawford Co., buried Nishnabotny cem.). Emigrated to US 1878.
Siblings: Botilda (m. Conrad Eric, Council Bluffs); Peter (Manila, IA); Kate (m. Hans Miller, Ida County, IA); Henry (Nishnabotny Township, IA); Claus (CO).
Spouse: NEIMEYER, Bertha (b. Germany). Emigrated to US 1877
Marriage: 1891
Children: Anna; Eddie; Henry; and Herbert (all at home)
Affiliations: Republican Party, Lutheran Church
Name: JOHANNSEN, Peter
Residence: Schleswig, IA
Occupation: Retired farmer
Birth: 24 Nov 1848, Germany (emigrated to US 11 Apr 1868)
Father: Peter Johhansen (b. Germany, d. about age 76)
Mother: Christine Walter (b. Germany, d. about age 76)
Siblings: Mary (m. Henry Boyse); Hans; 3 others (d.)
Spouse: HANSEN, Gyde
Marriage: 1871
Children: Peter; John; Hans; Christina (m. Charles Tamm); Mary (m. Edward Tamm); Annie (m. Carl Loose); William (d.), Clara (d.), two others (d. infancy)
Spouse Parents: Nise Hansen and Christina Hansen (maiden name)
Name: JOHNSON, C. S.
Residence: Boyer, IA
Occupation: business man
Born: 19 May, 1873, Sweden
Father: John A. Johnson, b. Sweden, d. Sweden
Mother: Anna , b. Sweden, still lives there
Spouse: ERICKSON, Effie S.
Marriage: 25 Nov. 1903
Children: Eveline F. (b. 14 June, 1905); Carlyle A.( b. 27 Aug. 1910, d. 30 Sept, 1910)
Spouse Parents: John A Errickson (b. Sweden, now living in Kiron, IA) and Martha (b. Sweden, now living in Kiron, IA)
Notes: C.S. Johnson emigrated in 1892 and spent 5 years in Nebraska before coming to Crawford Co. in 1897.
Name: JOHNSON, John M., MD
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Physician (M.D., 1902, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA); Founder, Denison Hospital
Birth: 17 Mar 1874, Seneca, KS
Father: Albern Johnson (b. VT; m. Seneca, KS); farmer; To Sycamore, IL at age 14; York, NE 1876; Omaha, NE 1900; Provost Marshal, Union Army, Miss. 13th Calvary; (Omaha, NE)
Father's Siblings: George W., Samuel, Emma, Edward William
Mother: Clara C. Hampton (b. IL)
Mother's Siblings: Anna, Mary, Mildred, James, Gertrude
Siblings: Lena Beatrice (Omaha, NE), Maude J. (m. Frank Brown; Florence, NE), Mary C. (Omaha, NE); three deceased children, names unknown
Maternal Grandparents: Jasper N. Hampton (b. IL) Miss. riverboat captain, farmer; (Omaha, NE) and Maria Irvin (d. 1910, age 79)
Spouse: DOTY, Lola R.; widow of N.S. Ellithorpe
Marriage: 16 June 1904
Children: Mary Claire (Denison), John A. (Denison)
Stepchildren Ralph C. Ellithorpe (Denison)
Spouse Father: Frank B. Doty
Note: Catholic
Name: JOHNSON, Julius
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer; former railroad worker
Birth: 23 Dec 1845, Sweden; emigrated to IA 15 Jun 1869
Father: John Johnson (b. and d. Sweden)
Mother: Katrina (b. and d. Sweden)
Spouse: BENSON, Carrie, b. 14 Nov 1848, Sweden
Marriage: 1877
Spouse Parents: Bent Benson (b. Sweden) and Bertha Pearson (b. Sweden)
Name: JOHNSON, Oscar C.
Residence: Otter Creek Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 09 Aug. 1877, Crawford Co.
Father: Carl J. Johnson (b. Scandinavia; d.25 Feb 1908. Emigrated 1868; farmer and stock-raiser)
Mother: Nellie Hanson (b. Scandinavia; d. 11 Feb 1908. Emigrated 1871)
Siblings: Hilma; Edward (Ida Co.); Emil (South Dakota); one other (d.)
Spouse: ANDERSON, Maggie Christina
Marriage: 02 Apr. 1901
Children: Florence; Myrtle; Russell; Bernice
Spouse Parents: Lars Anderson and Martha Oleson
Spouse Siblings: Andrew (Ida Co.); Eric (d.); Abraham (Kiron).
Religion: Baptist
Name: JOHNSTON, John E.
Residence: Grawford Co.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: Sweden. Emmigrated in 1871.
Death: in 1902
Spouse: Unnamed. Living with daughter Hannah.
Children: Hannah. [SEE following biography.]
Name: JOHNSTON, Hannah
Residence: Otter Creek Twp.
Occupation: Farm Owner
Birth: Sweden. Emigrated with parents to US 1871
Father: John E. Johnston [SEE previous biography]
Spouse: CARLSON, C. G., b. Sweden. Emigrated to US 1881.
Marriage: 1884
Children: Alfred B. (b. 17 Dec. 1884; d. 30 Dec. 1888), Selma E. (b. 11 Feb 1887), Walter S. (b. 3 Sept. 1888), Agnes E. (b. 24 Sept. 1890; d. 16 August 1896), Edith E. (b. 7 March 1893), Esther M. (b. 31 May 1896)
Name: JONES, J. H.
Note: See Biography of brother James P. Jones
Residence: Denison
Occupation: real estate, contracting, building and architectural work
Birth: 30 June 1862, Clinton Co. IA
Father: John Jones (b. County Clare, Ireland; d. 1891, age more than 80). Stone mason, England; Havana, NY; LaSalle, Ill; Rock Island; Clinton Co. IA
Mother: Honora Carlon (b. County Clare, Ireland; d. 8 Jan 1905, age 83)
Siblings: Nine (four reach maturity); Julia, J. P., William (d. 5 April 1872); Mary Ann ( d. 15 Feb. 1896; m. Mr. Connor and had six children with 4 still living, Maud, May, Clara, Marie)
Paternal Grandparents: Roady Jones and Mary Gavin. 8 children: John, James, William, Roady, Margaret, Johanna, Kate, Mary Ann
Maternal Grandparents: Patrick Carlon and Julia Dooley. Children: James (d.); Margaret, Jane, Honora, Julia, Bridget, Kate, Ann, Patrick
Spouse: McANDREWS, Bertha, b. Crawford Co.
Marriage: 20 May, 1908
Spouse Parents: James McAndrews (b. Indiana; m. 25 Dec 1876; came to Crawford Co., 1865) and Lizzie Molseed (b. Clinton Co., came to Crawford Co. June 1873)
Spouse Siblings: Emily, Lillie, Clara, Jennie, Pearl
Religion: Catholic
Name: JONES, James P.
Note: See biography of brother J. H. Jones
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Live stock and real estate business
Birth: 15 May 1860, Clinton County, IA
Father: John Jones (b. County Clare, Ireland; m. County Clare, Ireland; d. 1891, age 80). Emigrated to U.S. early 1850's.
Mother: Honora Carlon (b. 1823, Mount Shannon, Ireland; d. 8 Jan 1905, age 82)
Siblings: Nine siblings; 7 deceased. Julia (Denison), John H. (Denison)
Paternal Grandfather: Roger Jones (farmer, Ireland). Children: William, Rogers, James, John, Maria and others unnamed.
Maternal Grandfather: Mr. Carlon (farmer, Ireland). Children: Honora, Julia (d.), Kate, Patrick (d. Ireland)
Spouse: BLAKELY, Isabel C., b. NY.
Marriage: 18 June, 1892
Children:David B. (d. infant), William B., James D.
Spouse Father: David D. Blakely, b. County Antrim, Ireland.
Spouse Siblings: Nine siblings; 3 deceased. Kate, David, John, Elizabeth and Grace.
Affiliations: Catholic church, republican party.
Name: JONES, Sylvester Lazarus
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 28 April 1847 (Huntingdon, PA)
Death 11 April 1910 at his ranch in WY, (buried, Charter Oak)
Father: Erasmus M. Jones (b. Perry Co. PA, 27 April 1824; m. 11 Feb 1844, PA; d. 14 May 1903, Charter Oak Twp.)
Mother: Lydia Wheelan (b. Center Co. PA 23 Oct 1826; d. 5 May 1909)
Siblings: Susan C. Dieter(Wy); John H. (Charter Oak); Mary E. (m. G. F. Wirtz, Charter Oak); Winfield S.; 8 others (d.)
Spouse: BECHTEL, Nancy N. (b. 20 Feb 1853, Blair Co. PA)
Marriage: 1 Aug 1875 in PA
Children: Lurella (m. Carl Fish, ID); Dosha I. (m. H. Sterner, Letcher, SD); Lydia A. (m. Carl Sterner, Charter Oak); Emma Marie (at home); Nora A. (m. Charles D. Ward, Sioux City, IA); Martha E. (m. W. H. Willrock, Denison); Daniel Harvey (b. 2 Nov 1886, mgr. home farm); S. Walter (b. 2 Aug 1888, SD); Dorothea E. (m. L. Satterly, Denison); Ben S. (b. 30 July 1893, at home)
Spouse Parents: Daniel Bechtel, Nancy L. Ray
Religion: Methodist
Name: JORDAN, George V.
Residence: Paradise Township
Occupation: Teacher, farmer, Director/VP of Arion State Bank.
Birth: 6 Aug 1846, Paris, Oxford Co., ME; To IA abt 1865
Father: Enoch C. Jordan (b. 30 Sept. 1808, Saco, York Co., ME; d. 1880, Saco, ME). Courier.
Mother: Mary Richardson (Cleaves) Jordan
Siblings: Mary Elizabeth (d.), Fitzwilliam (d.), James H. (d. siege of Charleston, 1863), Elizabeth R. (d.), Charles Albert (architect; Chicago, IL), Enoch (surveyor; Saco, ME), Isabelle (Boston, MA), Caleb (farmer; Defiance, OH), Mrs. Louisa Robinson (Council Bluffs, IA), Mary (Saco, ME).
Paternal Grandparents: Ichabod Jordan (b. 24 Sep 1770, Saco, ME; m. 5 Feb 1797; d. 20 May 1865, Saco, ME; Sea captain.) and Mary Coffin (d. 10 Oct 1859; Daughter of James Coffin)
Paternal Great-grandfather: Tristram Jordan (b. 13 May 1731, Winter Harbor, Biddeford, York Co., ME; m. 1749, Berwick; d. 1 Nov 1821, ME). Merchant, militia officer, York Co. senator. Tristram Jordan's Spouse 2: Dorcas [unknown surname] (m. Dec 1778, Falmouth; d. 19 Dec 1781); Tristram Jordan's Spouse 3: Hannah Frost (m. 21 May 1784, Berwick; d. 26 Sep 1789)
Paternal Great-grandmother: Hannah Goodwin (b. 24 Jul 1730; d. 10 Jul 1775). Daughter of Capt. Ichabod Goodwin.
Paternal 2nd-Great-grandfather: Samuel Jordan (b. 1684, Spurwink ,Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland Co., ME; m. 1718, York Co., ME; d. 20 Dec 1742). Indian agent/interpreter, businessman, leader in Congregational Church
Paternal 2nd Great-grandmother: Olive Plaisted (b. 1 May 1698; d. 1763). Daughter of James Plaisted & Mary Rishworth of Brunswick, ME.
Paternal 3rd Great-grandparents Dominicus Jordan (b. bef. 1664, Spurwink, ME; m. 1681; d. 1703, Spurwink, ME) and Hannah Tristram ( of Winter Harbor, ME. Daughter of Ralph Tristram).
Paternal 4th Great-grandparents: Rev. Robert Jordan (b. England; m. Richmond's Island; d. 1679, Portsmouth, NH, age 68.) and Sarah Winter (daughter of John Winter). Robert Jordan a Clergyman, Church of England; Emigrated to North America abt. 1639
Spouse: WETHERBY, Nettie (b. Allegany Co., NY)
Marriage: 1868
Children: William (twin; horse dealer; Dow City, IA), Mary (twin; d.), Lizzie (m. H. G. Scott, farmer; Paradise Twp., IA), Nettie (m. George Rule, farmer; Paradise Twp., IA), George V. (d.).
Spouse Parents: William Wetherby (b. NY; d. bef. 1867, Elgin, IL) and Susan Moore (b. VT; d. 1896; To IA 1867)
Name: JURGENSEN, Jurgen
Residence: Hanover twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 27 Jan 1882, Hanover twp
Father: Edlef Jurgensen (b. Germany; m. Iowa)
Mother: Margaret Bietz (b. Germany)
Siblings: Caroline (m. Carl Grill, Charter Oak twp); Herman (at home); Moritz (farmer, Hanover twp). Mary, Edward, Hannah, John (all at home)
Spouse: RIEMER, Theresa, b. 10 June 1891, Chicago, IL
Marriage: 22 Dec. 1909
Children: Irene H. M. (b. 27 Dec 1910)
Spouse Parents: Ludwig Riemer (b. Germany; m.Germany) and Hanna Lutz. Emigrated to Chicago, Crawford; now living Mondamin, IA
Spouse Siblings: Augusta (m. George Sciford, Crawford); William (Crawford); George (at home); Anna L (at home); August (d.); Gustave (d.)
Religion: Lutheran

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