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Kathy Flippo is one of the most interesting story tellers I've met.  She has written, and is writing, several books and also writes a newspaper article.  Kathy is always on the go, selling her books and videos or collecting info for a new project.  She has graciously agreed to have her items available through the Historical Society in Clinton, with a portion of the sales going to them.  (Please contact Jan at for ordering info on any of the things listed here.)

Kathy's email is and her address is RR 1 Box 102, Morrison MO 65061.  Contact her to be put on her early bird list or to order products from her.

Her latest book is "Back To Beaver Island" and is available now.  The book is 224 pages long and has about 250 photos.  The price is $24.95 plus S&H.  It is available directly from Kathy or through the Historical Society in Clinton.  We have online Kathy's Beaver Island Directory.

Your Additions and Corrections:

We have received a few emails about Beaver Island and the one from Kelly inspired me to post your info on BI online.  

Where is Beaver Island, Anyway?  Well, here is a map with, I hope, very clear directions! (You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.) That big thing in the middle of the river -- (that would be called 'Liver' Island, if it were up to me <grin>) That is Beaver Island.  From tip to tale, it is about 4 miles long.  There are a few cabins there now but no-one actually lives there or farms.  From what I understand, the school is gone as are most of the other older buildings mentioned in Kathy's books.

Some of Kathy's other projects are:

"Beaver Island Remembered" is currently in the third printing and sells for $11.00  plus $2.50 S&H. This is the story of the way of life on Beaver Island, in the Mississippi River on the south side of Clinton, Iowa. The photo's start in 1915. Author is a third generation islander.  (We have an index to this book online.) 

"Between the Saints: Louis and Paul" is $29.95 and $3.50 S&H. The story of the towboating industry on the Upper Mississippi River includes a lot of Clinton history, etc. Author rode for 14 years with her towboat captain husband.

"Between Lock 14 and Lock 2 aboard the M/V Elizabeth Ann" 

A very long  video taken by Kathy Flippo one very rainy, snowy, foggy, trip that also had hail and sleet mixed in. The sun never shines when she is on a towboat. Doesn't matter if she is taping, taking photographs, or just riding, the weather NEVER cooperates! But for your money you get locking through #14 from the vantage point of the pilot house, locking through #5A from the head of the tow, a tour through the boat from the pilot house to the engine rooms, a tour of the barges, lots of scenery, several passing tows, making bridges, and all sorts of nifty stuff. Since you can't ride a towboat as a tourist anymore because of insurance regulations, this is the next best thing to being there. This video is $10.25 plus $3.50 S&H. WARNING...this video is best viewed with lots of coffee and a snack, very long winded! But then at 5mph, what do you expect!

And in the computer..."Between the River and Rails: South Clinton" .....hope to have it finished over the winter... it is going to be great!

All of these books are great history, full of facts, and entertaining. Feel free to E her! Kathy Flippo to be put on her mailing list and notified when these books are available.  You might get a discount too!



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