Board of Supervisors

SOURCE: The Clinton Mirror - 22 Sept 1900. I typed this up because there are alot of names here, however, I'm sure what some of the names refer to.  For example, under SOLDIERS' RELIEF FUND is Nicholas Schreiner, wood, $70 and G W Salzer, mdse $12.  Did these guys provide wood and stuff for local soldiers? or were they soldiers and needed the help of the fund? I don't know.  The same is true when it comes to the POOR FUND.  I think it may be a mixture of both but I don't know.  But it is a name and a date and a possible link to more info :)

Also, on a side note, a dollar in 1900 is equal to 26.50 in 2020.

CLINTON, Monday, Sept. 10, 1900
The Board of Supervisors met according to adjournment.  Present, Supervisors Burken, Gohlmann and Frazier.
The following claims against the county were allowed and warrants in payment of same ordered drawn on the different funds as follows:

Age Pub Co., blank books $ 28.25
G U Gordon, salary   32.00
Age Pub Co   59.60
P F Hallinan, drayage      5.00
J L Bohnson, premium on insurance   15.00
R C Langan, same   30.00
J Q Jeffries & Co, same   30.00
T R Murray, same   20.00
J C Crennen, assessing saloons, Elk River      4.00
Robt Hall, same, Low Moor      2.00
J F Feddersen, printing   20.00
Age Pub Co, printing court docket   90.00
Sol Hirsch, mdse to jail      6.50
Simon Tolson, material and labor to jail    
    claimed $29.50 allowed   27.10
Henry Specht, mdse to jail      9.55
Nicholas Schreiner, wood   70.00
G W Salzer, mdse   12.00
Tom Williams, labor in rock quarry, Elvira road      9.90
Henry Bambro, same      9.90
R. Sorengsen, same      7.92
S Simons, same   12.60
John Dempsey, same      9.90
Carl Sorgensen, same      9.07
Carl Beck, same      9.90
L Miller, same      8.25
Wm Steele, use of tools      6.00
H Petersen, labor      9.90
Will Morey, hauling gravel      1.10
J Hostert, labor   35.00
Hans Edens, same      3.30
Pat Gilroy, same   33.00
Wm Henning, same   32.40
Geo Dixon, same   15.75
Bruce Laycock, same      6.00
John Voget, same   13.50
Fred Hart, same   21.09
Chris Jensen, labor Berlin       7.75
N Jensen, same      8.50
J Jacobsen, same   13.25
J Schroeder, same      7.00
H Blunk, same      4.25
Ad Barnes, same      7.50
L Dosland      4.25
M Dosland, same      7.75
J Bliedorn, same      6.60
J Deitch, same      1.50
C Sampson, same      5.25
H Dosland, same      2.00
H C Gabriel, labor on road, Olive      6.00
Wm Griebel, same      6.00
John Gibson, same      9.00
Niels Petersen, same      6.00
Geo Wulf, same      9.00
Mick Doherty      4.00
Gus Griebel, same      6.00
Chas Weick, same      3.00
Peter Ehlers, same      5.50
Michael Murphy, same      4.50
Martin Ruhs, same      5.50
Chas Bu Bolos, same      1.50
Paul Hartman, same      3.00
Henry Pinter, labor Olive   21.90
Henry Greible, same   27.20
E G Franklin, lumber and labor, Brookfield   14.96
Wm Struve, planks, Elk River      3.17
C Lamb & Sons, Clinton      2.00
Towle & Spreter, mdse   14.75
Sarah Ward, rent      6.00
G W Salzar, mdse   11.00
P J Barnes, mdse      7.00
Wm Schmidt, care of orphans      4.00

In the matter of the petition of Isaac and Elizabeth Baldwin, it was ordered by the board that the Clerk of the District Court be, and he is hereby instructed to cancel the costs due the county, provided the balance of the costs are settled by the plaintiff, as recommended by the County Attorney.
It was moved that the action of the board in the matter of the so-called Lockwood road case be re-considered.  Upon call of the roll Burken voted yes and Frazier and Gohlmann voted no.  The motion was declared lost.
Petition of Mrs. Fick asking abatement of taxes of 1899, on account of poverty, was granted.
Ordered by the board that C. T. Swords, of De Witt, be, and is here by re-appointed Soldiers' Relief Commissioner for the term of three years.
Ordered by the Board that C. Boyson and Pat Hosty be, and they are hereby appointed to destroy the ballots of the 1899 election.
Petition of A H Polley, asking the soldier's exemption was continued.
Petition of Chas. Gluck, asking refund of mulct tax was rejected.
The time having arrived for the letting of the contract to furnish coal for the Court House and poor farm, the following bids were opened and read:
S. Shoecraft & Son -- screened soft nut coal, delivered at Court House, $2.50 per ton; Standard lump coal, delivered at Charlotte, $3.10 per ton; Chunk coal, delivered at Charlotte, $3.20 per ton.
Smith & Oakes -- soft nut delivered at Court House, $2.50 per ton; Third Vein chunk, delivered at Charlotte, $3.20 per ton; Standard lump delivered at Charlotte, $3.10 per ton.
E G Fenlon -- Nut and Pea coal delivered at Court House, $1.85 per ton; Screened Nut, Third vein delivered at Court House, $2.26 per ton; large Nut, Third Vein, delivered at Court House, $2.71 per ton; Spring Valley lump delivered at Charlotte, $3.20; 2d Vein lump delivered at Charlotte, 2.75 per ton.
Wilke Bros -- Third vein Spring Valley screened nut delivered at Court House, $2.29 per ton; Third Vein Spring Valley screened lump, delivered at Charlotte, $3.20 per ton.
The Board awarded the contract for furnishing Third Vein screened nut coal, delivered at Court House at $2.25 per ton to E G Fenlon, and for furnishing Third Vein chunk coal, delivered at Charlotte at $3.20 per ton to Smith & Oakes.

Ordered by the board that the following named electors be, and the same are, hereby appointed judges and clerks of election of the general election to be held on the 6th day of November, 1900, in the several townships voting precints of Clinton county.

Judges - Christ Gohlman d, Henry Schuber d, Wm Copenhafer r.  Clerks - T F Hughes d, A B Correll.

Judges - T Shollenberger r, J G Spence r, James McGonegle d.  Clerks - J A Fitzpatrick r, John Foley d.

Judges - J W Andersen d, Wm Ruggeberg r, Wm Myers d.  Clerks - W S Hill r, T B Leimbaugh d.

Judges - Theo. Hoyt r, W A Tyler d, John Trainer r.  Clerks - A Arp d, A R Nissley r.

Judges - J Rathman d, W J Schwartz d, Scott Hamilton r.  Clerks - A H Steudeman d, R J Gibson r.

Judges - Louis Kruse d, Freemont Watts r, Thos Farrell d.  Clerks - W Conrad r, Geo. Ingwersen d.

Judges - M O'Hern d, N S Harrington d, H Osterber r.  Clerks - M F Kelley d, Chas Howson r.

Judges - G W Powell r, J L Griswold r, Nathan Brooks d.  Clerks - R Hall r, Edw Hazard d.

Judges - John McGrath d, Louis Gradert d, Wm Koch r.  Clerks - H H Petersen d, E C Forest r.

Judges - Detlef Dierks d, Nick Everhart r, Henry Ashpole r. Clerks - L J Buell d, Geo. Cook r.

Judges - John Hoker d, Geo Robinson d, T W Kidd r.  Clerks - B C Horstman d, N J Edwards r.

Judges - Robert Rasmussen d, Noble Vosberg r, Bert Kelley r.  Clerks - Geo Dixon ind, Thos Hawke r.

Judges - N O Olsen r, David Wagner r, Paul Siegmund d. Clerks - W W A Huntington r, Hans Johnson d.

Judges - John H Blunck d, Geo B Smith d, John R Merrell r.  Clerks - P H Blunck d, L D Harrington r.

Judges - C Guyer d, H Dickman d, F E Sanderson r. Clerks - A E Haak d, C W Comstock r.

Judges - L F Homerighausen d, A Dieckmann d, J W Tooker r. Clerks - J E Klahn d, J W Hover r.

Judges - Fred Wenzel r, P D Gaffney d, E M Aikman r.  Clerks - John H Krebs d, Charles Au r.

Judges - John Magoon d, Joseph Cranney d, Henry Drews r.  Clerks - Joseph McDermott d, Wm Lamp r.

Judges - Hugh Hanrahan d, James McDermott d, Harry Beeby r.  Clerks - John P Clark d, Arthur Monahan r.

Judges - Charles Rielly d, Henry Hilbert d, Frank Buck r.  Clerks - Jerry Donnegan d, John Howat r.

Judges - Fred Dieckmann d, Fred Meyer d, Gus Johnson r.  Clerks - Thomas Allen d, Herman Burde r.

Judges - J Andresen d, Nis Nissen d, Ed Worrell r.  Clerks - Sam French d, F A Frink r.

Judges - W L Callender r, M W Bailey d, J S Hart d.  Clerks - John Richardson d, L F Sutton r.

Judges - T W Hall d, E J Saxton d, E L Miller r.  Clerks - W J Keefe d, P S Bannister r.

Judges - W H Poston d, Knute Johnson d, Olof Norlin r.  Clerks - J L McDonehue d, Clark Chalker r.

Judges - H B Hobein d, Life Harrison r, Po C Donahue d.  Clerks - H E Oates r, Jens Bohnson d.

5th WARD
Judges - J Petersen r, John Logan d, Nels Howard r.  Clerks - H Hoffman d, H E Carr r.

Judges - F L Holleran d, W J Cook r, P H O'Connor d.  Clerks - Ed Kamer d, Arthur Holmes r.

Judges - Dr. Hamilton d, Pat Nutley d, S C Scott r.  Clerks - W E Russell r, Mike Jordan d.

7th Ward, 1st PRECINCT
Judges - M Foran d, L C Moeszinger d, John McDonald r.  Clerks - L P Schneider d, F E Leffingwell r.

Judges - Jake Borman d, Thomas Ashton r, M D Madden d.  Clerks - P S Eaton r, John Overcamp d.

In the matter of the appointing of judges of election for the first precinct of the Sixth ward, it was motioned that J E Anderson be appointed one of said judges.  On call of the roll Frazier and Gohlmann voted no and Burken yes.  The motion was declared lost.

Ordered by the board that the payment of the judges and clerks of election, of the election to be held Nov 6th, 1900, be as follows: In townships or precints where the number of votes cast is 200 or less, $4.  In townships or precincts where the numbers of votes cast is more than 200 and less than 500 $5.  In townships or precints where the number of votes cast is 500 or more $6.

The following claimes against the county were examined, allowed and ordered by the Board that warrants in payment of the same be drawn on the different funds as follows

Carroll Bros, premium on insurance $ 20.00
W J Keefe, same   15.00
N D Patterson, same   30.00
Paddock & Dieckmann, same   40.00
John Richardson, same   20.00
L N Frazier, com work      3.20
M T Gohlmann, same   11.30
C Nelson, assessing saloons, Olive      2.00
T Lyons, pt pay on road work, Spring Valley   25.00
J L McCarthy, repair at jail   12.75
The following Supervisor's bills, per diem and mileage were allowed    
H Burken, 2 days, 2 miles      8.10
M Gohlmann, 2 days, 70 miles   11.50
L N Frazier, 2 days, 90 miles   12.50

The minutes of meeting were read and approved and the Board adjourned to meet Monday, Oct. 1, 1900 at 9 o'clock, A. M.
L. RUTENBECK, County Auditor