Wheatland Gazette

These are abstracts from  Buxton's Wheatland Gazette from 1905 through 1916.  Our genie typist, Fran, typed up these pages from handwritten notes.  As I can, I am transferring them over to a table format so the names can be listed alphabetically.

I have arranged them by the year and then the month.  Please keep in mind that these are transcribed from hand-written notes and there are bound to be some errors.  There is quite a bit of abbreviating and we typed them as they were written.

Garla Steines sent us the following information:

The  Wheatland Gazette is on microfilm at the Curtis Memorial Library, Wheatland,  Iowa, and even some from the Wheatland Times.  Before Perry Buxton and his father took over the paper, it was inconsistently run.

There are 37 rolls of microfilm.  Here is the run down for you:

WHEATLAND TIMES, (the first newspaper), Only 1 roll, Volume 1 number 2, Starts: Feb. 11, 1860 - Ends: Volume 5 number 9, June 20, 1864.

WHEATLAND, CLINTON CO. ADVOCATE, on same roll, Volume 1 number 3, Starts: Nov. 3, 1864 - Ends: Volume 3 number 27, June 6, 1867

WHEATLAND GAZETTE, There are 27 rolls of film dating from May 9, 1888 to Mar 8, 1979, with only 3 months missing which is Jan, Feb, and Mar. of 1900. (Mr. Perry Buxton passed away in 1961, and it seems to me that a Mr. Jim McMeekin was hired to run the paper, with the trusty type setter, Gladys Jeppe, who also had worked with Mr. Buxton for many years. I think those two ran the paper under the Wheatland Gazette name, till January of 1979, and then the paper was sold again, and this time it was called the PRESS GAZETTE, whether it was sold to Mr. McMeekin, or someone else, I'm not sure.)

WHEATLAND PRESS GAZETTE, there are 9 rolls of film, dating from Mar 8, 1979 to Aug 9, 1984

Thank you so much, Garla, for gathering and sharing such wonderful news with us! (No pun intended <grin>)