First Term of District Court 1869 

From The Clinton Age, Nov. 26, 1869, Page 8

THE DISTRICT COURT -- The first term of the District Court of Clinton County ever held in the city of Clinton, is now in session, Judge J. Scott Richman on the bench.  The Judge is one of the ablest jurist in the State, and should Judge Dillon "go up higher", Governor Merrill could do no better than put Judge Richman on the Supreme Bench.
We publish the proceedings of the court this week, as far as we have been able to obtain them.

A R Logan vs C N W R R Co Law -- dismissed for want of prosecution at plff's costs.
Rice Bros vs A Lang (law) Report filed and motion confirmed.  Report of Referee confirmed and judgment accordingly.
Solomon Sisco vs John Hollingworth dismissed by plff at his cost.
S G Magill vs Edward Savage, judgment by default.
W D Follett vs Geo W Bell, dismissed by plff at his costs.
Wm E Vary vs Norman Evans Garnishee on execution vs Barney Evens, Garnishee discharged.
G W Bell vs Nelson Phillips et al dismissed as to deft Kellog without prejudice, leave to withdraw ote on filing copy.
E N Gray vs Samuel Shorey et al deft withdraws all claims on demant against plff asked for in answer, deft withdraws answer.  Tried by court judgment for plff $100.
John S Fleury vs August Stressinger, appearance for deft withdrawn, order of referee set aside, judgment by default, clerk to assess.
Charles Walker vs W G Hill et al jury waived, trial by court, judgment $220.50.
Joseph McDermid vs Lawrence O'Connor, dismissed for want of prosecution.
Jurgen M Momsen vs Karsten M Christinsen, demurrer to second count of answer sustained, deft excepts trial by jry, jury not yet returned verdict.
Leroy R Harrington vs Richard Felton, settled as per stipulation on file.
Henry Todd vs W W Sanborn, dismissed by plff.
James Haddon vs David J Davis, settled.
Am? R Bissell vs J T Maxon et al judgment by default.
Mary Winters Admix vs John Haggerty et al plffs, bill dismissed, decree for deft on cross bill.
Milo Smith vs Henry Davis et al, settled.
Mary Manny vs Pat McMullin judgment by default.
?? & Co. vs Watterman & Briggs, settled.
J H Peterson vs E A Rodler et al, demurrer sustained as to second cause, plff has leave to amend.
W C Clifford vs Alexander Clark. Slander, trial by court, judgment for plff $500, the plff did not money but a vindication of her honor, consented to take $50.00, that being enough to pay the costs.
D Whitney vs Geo R Wolf et al, settled.
Warren Dunn vs J B Hotchkiss mechanics lien, dismissed at plffs costs.
Susan A Vandegriff vs Susannah McMullen et al. Equity, dismissed as to Thos McMullen deft as to other defts, asnwer filed for minors, decree as prayed for foreclosure of mortgage.
Susan Adams vs Jacob Cliff et al judgment by default.
C & N W R R Co vs W H Bowers, trial by court, judgment for plff $502.00.
Ezra W Cressy vs George Tanna, Catharine Tanna et al. Equity, settled.
S Heyman vs Charles Hermann et al. Equity, judgment by default.
H F Brown vs Thos J Springer, law, discharged.
The Commercial Bank of Kentucky vs L P Allen, dismissed.
Dennis Whitney vs F H Richards and Edward Alger, settled.
Jacob H Dillenbeck vs Sarah E Dillenbeck. Divorce, trial by court, judgment for plff.
Joyce Huggins & Co vs James Gill et al. Equity, judgment by default.
William Hay vs Jacob W Miller and Barbara Miller, equity. Judgment by default.
Emelin M Dodge vs Martin Strayer. Judgment by default.
Tomassine Welty vs John Welty, divorce. Judgment by default, referred to N Corning, Esq.
Henry Smith vs Louisa Smith, divorce. Default. Referred to N Cornning, Esq.
Wm Blair & Co vs Geo T Finn, law. Trial by Court, judgment for plaintiff $690.
Milo Smith vs D W Swihart, law -- Judgment by default.
Prica & Dinhart vs Edward Mulligab. Judgment by default, special execution. 
B H A Hensingsen vs James P Layton, law. Judgment by default.
Ann Browning vs Hezekiah Browning. Divorce. Judgment by default. Referred to N A Merrill, Esq.
John Herring vs Emory T Holway. Equity. Judgment by default.
David Mahar vs Ellen Mahar, Divorce. Judgment for plaintiff.
Twenty-seven more defaults taken.

From The Clinton Age, Dec. 3, 1869 Page 8

DISTRICT COURT -- We continue our report of the proceedings of the District Court now in session at the Court House in this city, Judge Richman, on the Bench, N. B Howard, Esq. Clerk.
Several days of the session were devoted to the trial of a divorce case of Carr vs Carr which resulted in the wife obtaining the divorce.
Hannah M. Adams vs B. P. Adams, Divorce, trial by court, decree of divorce, Plaintiff to have custody of child, articles of property as agreed.
Nathaniel Anthony vs Judson S. Corbin in equity, by consent judgment for plff for $40, with interest from April 1869, lien established, execution not to issue for 90 days.
Elisa A. Carr vs Benedict R. Carr, divorce, trial by jury, verdict for plff motion to set aside verdict overruled, decree as prayed.
Ralph M. Weston vs Wm. Eulick, law, trial by court, judgment for plff for possession of land and $10, damages.
A. M. McPhail & Co. vs H. S. Hyatt, demurrer to answer sustained, deft excepts and stands by his answer, judgment for plff on demurrer for amount due, clerk to assess.
Pitkin C. Wright vs S. R. Seeamans, appearance for deft withdrawn, judgment as to note alone, continued as to note not due.
Benj. Delair vs Rob't Hogle, deft has until next Monday to answer, demurrer to petition overruled.
John Mulligan vs Edward Mulligan, referred to K. W. Wheeler.
Matilda J. Prunk vs Harrison Prunk, default, referred to W. W. Stephens, Esq.
Ann Browning vs Hezekiah Browning, default, referred to N. A. Merrill, Esq. report of referee filed and confirmed, decree accordingly.
Joseph Frey vs Martin Connor, trial by court, judgment for plaintiff for $125 execution to be stayed until October 1st 1870.
Joseph Frey vs Owen Croughan and Luke Tiernan, Judgment by consent, execution stayed until October 1st 1870.
Sarah Langford vs Orlando E. Langford, divorce, default, referred to N. Corning, Esq. report of referee filed, confirmed and decree accordingly.
A. Ortinger & Co. vs E. Alff, judgment by consent, execution stayed for month.
Anna Peterson vs N. E. Peterson, divorce, default, referred to C. W. Chase Esq. report of referee filed, confirmed, and decree accordingly.


The criminal docket, though quite large, has not been reduced much by jury trials.  Quite a number of cases have been disposed of, some of them as follows:
State vs Edward Hackett, assault &c deft. called and defaulted, bail forfeited.
State vs John A. Emmert, to keep the peace, deft. to be discharged and bail released upon deft. paying costs.
State vs Thomas Heines and John Dolan, assault with intent &c dismissed on payment of costs by deft.
State vs E. R. Wood, false pretense, demurrer to indictment, sustained, plff excepts, deft discharged.
State vs Bridget Heines, resisting officer, deft plead not guilty, trial by jury, verdict not guilty, deft discharged.
State vs John G. Dubois, nuisance, deft plead guilty, discharged on payment of costs.
State vs Omara Bros., nuisance, dismissed on payment of cost.
State vs Wm. O'Brien, nuisance, deft plead guilty and fined $5.00 and cost.
State vs solomon Commery, nuisance, deft plead guilty and fined $25.00 and cost.
State vs Martin Miller and George Miller, nuisance, defts discharged on payment of cost.
State vs Conrad Bolton, larceny, deft plead not guilty, jury trial, verdict guilty, value of property $15.00 deft sentenced to pay a fine of $25.00 and stand committed until paid.
State vs A. C. J. Kaufman, false pretense.  Nolle proseque entered for want of evidence.  Costs taxed to prosecuting witness.
State vs Murphy Bros. nuisance. Deft to be discharged upon payment of costs.
State vs J. R. Bailey, nuisance. Deft pleaded guilty and fined $1, and costs.
State vs Thomas Quigly and Edward Quigly, nuisance. Thomas Quigly pleaded guilty and was fined $5 and costs. Edward Quigley [sic] dismissed.
State vs Kinsey Elwood, obstructing highway. Deft pleaded guilty and is fined $10 and costs.
State vs M. Ratchford, nuisance. Deft pleaded guilty and fined $5 and costs.
State vs Nathan ?ustice, assault &c. Deft to be discharged upon payment of costs.
State vs McAdams. Motion to order re-submission to grand jury. Court declines to make any order for want of authority.

From The Clinton Age Dec. 10, 1869 Page 5

DISTRICT COURT -- The Fall term of the District Court for Clinton county has adjourned after a session of three weeks, and after clearing the docket as near as it has been done for years.  We continue the reports of the cases determined since our last issue.

J H Peterson vs E A Rodler et al, appeal. Judgment for debt on demurer.
C Marquodt vs E A Rodler, appeal, same as last.
J S Butler vs E G Butcher, et al. Equity, Court.
M A Finn vs M R Hagner, Equity, injunction sustained.
Gotfried Noltenberger vs Christopher Mamler & Charles Pipping, equity, continued.
Rob't Williams vs Martha Butler, et al, judgment for plff, by default.
Humphrey, Gustin & Co. vs Geo A Ayer & Co, judgment for plff $203.
James Drey vs Martin Conner, judgment for plff $125.
Pat'k n C Wright vs Dennis McCoy, judgment for plff by default.
Benj. King vs J W Greatirax, judgment for plff by default.
James Haylock vs Benj. Dela?rr, judgment for plff $101.75.
David Lupton et al vs Luther B Hammond et al, continued.
Benj. Delairr vs Rob't Hogle, judgment for plff $812.80.
E??r B Ward vs G W Morehouse, judgment for plff for amount of his claim.
A & D H Chambers vs John Boldt and Chas Boldt, judgment for plffs $547.42.
Austin & Boal vs Robt Dunbar, judgment for plff by default.
Eli Wick vs Wm Linkenback and wife, judgment for plff.
Joseph Drey vs Thos Denehey, judgment for plff by consent of deft.
Sarah Langford vs Orlando E Langford, divorce ??? granted.
Aultman, M ? & Co. vs Daniel Walrod, judgment for plff by default.
D G Butterfield vs Patrick Moore, judgment for plff by default.
Aultman, Mills & Co. vs Arthur D. Willey, judgment for plff by default.
Geo. Stephenson vs Robt Bray, judgment for plff.
The F J Seibernig Co vs Samuel Barr, judgment for plff by default.
Geo Stephenson vs John Tracer, Michael Traver, judgment for plff.
James E. Eggleston vs A S McKinley, John Traver, judgment for plff.
Fairbanks, Greenleaf & Co., vs Wicks & Preffer, judgment for plff by default.
Michael Collaton et al vs the Iowa Land Co., demurrer to petition, set for hearing on Monday morning, 6th inst, demurrer agreed to and sustained.
G G Walters vs Hugh Sangall, judgment for plff by default.
Austin & Boal vs C M Brown, judgment for plff by default.