The Clinton Weekly News, Saturday, Jan 30, 1886


Our townsmen, J. D. Chamberlain and E. P. Carpenter, leave for Florida this Tuesday.

Going West young men. Messrs. Ben and Will Tolman leave Tuesday night for Western Kansas to grow up with the country. Good luck boys.

Mrs. Calvin Judd left Monday for her home, having been looking after her new relation, a young son at C. C. Judds.

Our Marshal is having frequent calls from the too numerous class for a night's lodging and breakfast at the city cooler. Sorry for the tramp better give him work.

Mr. George Willis, of Camanche, is missing. He left his home Saturday the 23d inst., saying that he would go and see about the road where he wanted to draw wood and that he would be back in about an hour. Not returning that afternoon at evening his family, being alarmed at his continued absence sent a man to look for him. Then many of his neighbors turned out with lanterns. Upon inquiry they found a man who saw Mr. Willis a little past noon in the bottom below town walking with a stick. The searchers following with their lanterns, took the track, following it straight to the river, crossing over to Swan Island, across that and out to a large air hole in the ice and straight to it. They found the stick standing in the snow, the only sign left except the track in the snow. Mr. Willis, or some other man went into the open water where it was about twenty feet deep and the current very swift. Many willing hands were at work all day Sunday and part of Monday dragging for the body, but had to give it up in dispair until the ice breaks up. Mr. Willis was in Mr. W. A. Tyler's meat market and paid for some steak about 11 o'clock a.m. He seemed as cheerful as usual. Upon inquiry and search his wife found his purse in an unused coat pocket, out of which he paid for the meat, the purse being recognized by Mr. Tyler. Mr. Willis was well fixed as to property, and nothing, unless it might be some dissatisfaction that he had at times expressed in regard to his father's will, is thought by his friends might have led to the fatal act.

City and County.


Albert Price has gone to New Orleans where he expects to remain for a couple of months sight-seeing. He accompanied his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Cole, of Grundy Center, Iowa.

Miss Maggie Walker, assistant teacher to Miss Shaeffer, at the Park select school, died suddenly, on Thursday morning, of inflamation of the stomach, aged about twenty-six years. Deceased was born in England and came to the United States about thirteen years ago. During three years she has been a resident of De Witt and vicinity where she was held in high esteem by all who knew her. The funeral took place on Sundat at 11 a.m. Services at the M. E. church.

We trust that ere long you will have the pleasure of announcing the appointment of "our Old Roman," Capt. Nat Merrill, to the office now held by Ben Rich, of Des Moines. The "old man," as he is familarly called by all, is particularly fitted for the position, and we all, regardless of politics, trust and hope that President Cleveland will call the Captain to fill the office of Pension Agent for Iowa. The outlook is very encouraging. Capt. Merrill is endorsed by all the prominent Democrats of the state.

A short time ago the directors of the Clinton County Agricultural Association held a meeting at the Council Chambers, at De Witt, for the purpose of settling up affairs for last year and arranging for the next annual fair. L. D. Harrington, the outgoing treasurer, filed his report of the financial condition of the society which showed the association had paid off an indebtedness of $1000 and there still remained a nice balance in his hands, which he turned over to Geo. W. Fuller, treasurer-elect. Mr. Harrington was one of the original incorporators of the society and has ever tried to advance the interests of the association. The present condition of affairs shows conclusively that he has not labored in vain. After the fair last fall threats were made that unless Secretary Schlabach "carried himself pretty straight his head would come off next." This came from a member who was the fortunate possessor of one share of the stock in the association. Mr. Schlabach served that august body the trouble and quietly presented his resignation which fell upon the directos like a thunderbolt. The resignation was reluctanly accepted. The association has been in existence but five years. Mr. Schlabach has been secretary for two years, but he is the only secretary the association ever had that knew anything about running a fair. The board meets on January 28th when a secretary will probably be elected to fill the vacency. One of the candidates mentioned for the office knows as much about making a fair a success as a mule knows about the beauties of Heaven.

The usual quiet town of Grand Mound has been the scene of much life during the few days last past caused by the capture of a "coney man" who had been "shoving the queer" on some of the merchants of that place. When they got track of the fellow they ran him down at his father's home. It seems that during one day last week, Sig Kirtly "shoved" a "case" on Will Ordway, clerk, and when the proprietor was sure that Kirtly was the man he wanted, he in company with Detective Alexander, started in pursuit. Kirtly was brought back to Grand Mound for examination before Justice Quin, but a change of venue was taken by P. H. Judge, attorney for the defendant, to Squire Jordan before whom Kirtly appeared on Saturday and waived an examination and was bound over to the District Court. The amount of bail was fixed at $500, in lieu

Alexander, Detective City and County: De Witt
Andrews, N. S. List of Patents
Anthony, F. H. Court Record: Births boy
Arlen, Chas. THE FIRST GUN
Armstrong, John Court Record: Marriages
Baily, E. S. IN MEMORIAM: The Death of Wm. F. Coan
Baldwin, Chas. THE FIRST GUN
Barwick, Chas Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
Beers, Miss Anna LYONS
Brown, Thos Court Record: Births boy
Browne, W. J. List of Patents
Buchanan, Maggie THE TEACHERS
Buell, Sherman Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
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Burnap, H. F. List of Patents
Burton, S P Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
Chappal, Mary THE TEACHERS
Coan, Wm. F. IN MEMORIAM: The Death of Wm. F. Coan
Cole, C. O. List of Patents
Cole, Mr & Mrs F. S.  City and County: De Witt
Cook, Miss Rachael LYONS
Cox, Daniel P Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
Crawford, J. B. Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
Davidson, Perry LYONS
Davidson, William LYONS
Decker, Mrs. Eliza L. LYONS
Doherty, Jack City and County: De Witt
Ebensberger, Miss C. LYONS Married
Emmots, Blanche Court Record: Marriages
Fields, Alva LYONS Married
Foley, Kate Court Record: Marriages
Fuller, Augusta THE TEACHERS
Fuller, Geo. W. City and County: De Witt
Gage, J. P. List of Patents
Gage, Miss Mame LYONS
Gallagher, Tom City and County 
Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Silas W. LYONS
Harrington, L. D. City and County: De Witt
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Hayes, John F. THE FIRST GUN
Heidt ?, Hans C Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
Hennesey, Bishop Broke His Leg
Hoag, I L Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
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Hopkins, Mrs. J. C. LYONS
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Kirtly, Sig City and County: De Witt
Klahn ?, J Court Record: Births boy
Lahann, T Court Record: Births boy
Lamb, Artemus IN MEMORIAM: The Death of Wm. F. Coan
Leffingwell, Mrs Bruce ------ Returned from a visit to Chicago
Lovell, Catherine E Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
Loyd, Miss Ida LYONS
Mathieson, Peter A Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
Matteson, E. L. List of Patents
McArthur, Neil LYONS
McCullough, A. LYONS
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Moore, F. D. List of Patents
Morse, J. M. List of Patents
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Ordway, Will City and County: De Witt
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Paddock, A. H. THE FIRST GUN
Palmer, Nirna THE TEACHERS
Paysen, Andreas Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
Pierpont, Mrs. A. T. LYONS
Price, Albert City and County: De Witt
Price, Thomas THE FIRST GUN
Quin, Justice City and County: De Witt
Rahm, Sarah M Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
Raworth, Mr. George Narrow Escape
Rich, Ben City and County: De Witt
Rightmire, Geo. H. LYONS
Robinson, Chas. THE TEACHERS
Rochford, Eva THE TEACHERS
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Schlabach, Mr. City and County: De Witt
Schmith, Bol Court Record: Real Estate Transfers
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Swigart, Henry Social Dance
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Walker, Miss Maggie City and County: De Witt Died
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