The following articles are from The Weekly News, Saturday, January 2, 1886 under the heading "City and County."

"Fun on the Bristol" at the Opera House last Monday night. At six o'clock Tuesday morning Mrs. Tennyhill, wife of the manager of the company, at the Gates House, presented her husband with a new boy, and he was named DeWitt Clinton. - DeWitt Observer, Dec 23.

Rural Mutuality

At the meeting of the Farmer's Mutual insurance company of Clinton, Jackson, and Scott counties, at DeWitt yesterday, they rescinded their former action and will pay the loss o casioned by the burning of the Ordway House, three miles west of town, in August last. They elected officers as follows: M. Sullivan, Welton, President; L. K. Harrington, Delmar, Vice President; J. Alex. Smith, DeWitt, Secretary; Benj. Spencer, Delmar, Treasurer; Directors L. P. Lambertson, A. B. Correll, Robert Cooper, J. J. McGarry, F. Davidson, A. A. Gardner, R. J. Dannatt and B. F. Grove of Clinton county; and Watson Crane of Jackson county, J. J. Langfeldt of Scott county.

Court Record
(very small print and very hard to read)

Elizabeth O B Beatty to John Taylor, for $1, lot 17 blk 13 S Clinton.
Elizabeth Rightmyer to Zacariah Pittman, for $210, pt of lot 9, Hyatts add to Clinton.
Mary McKinzie to B???? V ?ssenden, for $658, w 1/2 lot 2 blk 3, Flournoy's add to Clinton.
Susan E Butcher to W R Anthony & Co., for $50, lots 31 32 39 and 40 blk 4 Camanche.
Belle Howard to F D Owen, for $1?0, lot 4 blk 13 range 13, Camanche.
Jessie M Rabn to J K Sweney, for $5,500, lot 10 blk 29 Clinton.
Josephine Stone to Celia Couro, for $550, lots 1 and 3 blk 13 range 2, Camanche.
jacob Grohe to W C Grohe, for $1, ? 1/2 se 30 and sw sw 29 ?? 6.
S F Dillon, by Sheriff, to Isabelle F M Kennick for $??? 5 acres of timber in lot 7 tp ?? 6
Milton Muzzy to Rowland J Muzzy, for $1500, w sw and new sw 25 ?? 1
Peter Dierks to L P Adams, for $1600, we ne nw 35 and se sw 26 ?? 5
L P Adams to A L Stone, et al, for $162, same

C H Ehrich, Lyons, girl
P C Jurgensen, Clinton, girl
J Frandsen, Clinton, girl
M P Jurgensen, Ringwood, girl
J Jakobsen, Clinton, boy
J Franke, Clinton, boy
? Dierksen, Clinton, girl

Frank Jensen to Henrietta W Hoffman
Frank Lethans to Mariah Branchert
Jasper Cooper to Grace M Ruff
G W Holt to Lucretia Parson


Killed by the Cars -- Foot Caught in a Frog and Mangled

(Beware! this one is a bit graphic)


The startling news reached Clinton Monday afternoon of a horrible accident that just occurred at Camanche and whereby William H. Hurd, a young brakeman, had come to his death in a horrible manner. The B. C. R. & N. freight, in charge of Conductor Hughes, had pulled in and was doing some switching, and young Hurd was between two cars endeavoring to pull the pin, and it is supposed fell and was run over. The train was stopped and the body of the poor, unfortunate young man was removed from under the cruel wheels that had just crushed out the sparks of life. Death is supposed to have been instantaneous. The body was considerably mangled, the head being crushed, jawbone broken, shoulder hut and mashed internally. A Justice of the Peace was at once notified, and took the testimony of the crew running the train, after which the body was placed in a box car and brought to this city.

The young man's parents reside at Linden, Ill., and were at once telegraphed the sad news of their son's death. It will be a hard blow to them to learn that their son came to so horrible a death away from home and among strangers.

The body was met at the Q. depot by an undertaker and placed in a coffin and removed to the home of Mr. George Ely, on Tenth avenue.

Another sad feature of the death of this young man is the fact that he had for some time been paying his attentions to a daughter of Mr. George Ely and that they were to be married in about two weeks. It is a cruel blow to the yound lady.

The deceased was about twenty-three years of age and had been in the employ of the B. C. R. & N. road about three years, and bore the reputation of being a sober and industrious yound man and a general favorite with is fellow workmen, who feel his death as only railroad boys can where one of their number meets the end in store for so many of them. The very danger of their occupation seems to knit them closer together.

The remains were taken to Linden Tuesday for interment. The deceased had been boarding with Mrs. DeWitt, and had a large number of friends in this city. No blame is attached to the railroad company nor the men in charge of the train for the accident. Conductor Hughes was interview by a News reporter, and stated that this was the first man he had ever killed since he began running a train. He felt deeply the loss of young Hurd, but thought that he himself was in no way repsonsible for the accident.


At an early hour Sunday morning Mr. Edward D. Connor night yard master of the Northwestern at this city, had a narrow escape from a horrible death. The gentlemen was walking along the track in the performance of his duties when by some means his foot became fast in frog. A train was moving slowly in his direction and it seemed that sure death was in store for him. However, fair fortune favored him and by his own exertions he loosened the foot and when the wheel struck him it crowded the member out, mashing the foot considerably, it is true, but not in such a manner as to necessitate amputation or render it usless in the future. Mr. Connor was removed to his home at No. 410 Fifteenth avenue and Dr. Hobart the company's surgeon, at one summoned who rendered medical aid. The doctor found the foot considerably mashed and sprained but is of the opinion that no bones are broken. Mr. Connor is about thirty-five years of age and has a wife and several children and has been a railroader all his life.

When asked what were his feelings when he stood there securely fastened and staring death in the face, he replied that he did not think of being killed but was angry with himself to think that so old a railroader should allow his foot to get caught in a frog.

(the rest of the article is about the dangers of frogs)


Charles Schrader is Presented With a Fine Chain, Charm and Purse of Money.

The memory of the gallant conduct of Charlie Schrader, in his midnight battle with the burglar Sullivan, is still fresh in the minds of our readers and the praise of his gallantry will continue to be sung for years to come. On the day following the capture of Sullivan a subscription paper was started for the purpose of purchasing a medal, or something with which to remember the occurence. This sum reached about eighty dollars. It was decided to purchase a fine gold chain and medallion charm. This was done and there remained nearly forty dollars. This money, together with the chain and charm, was placed in an envelope and, on Christmas morning, ex-Alderman Harris proceeded to the home of the young man's parents, in Ringwood, to make the presentation. Enclosed in the envelope was the following from May McDowell:

CLINTON, IOWA 1885, Christmas Morning

Charles Schrader -- That accompanying watch chain, charm and purse of money, are the spontaneous gifts of the people of Clinton, who wish you to recieve them as tokens of admiration for your manly defense of the lives and property of your parents from the attack of midnight robber and assassins on Dec. 5, last. Your courage caused the capture of one of the villians, fortunately without the loss of life, although murder was intended by him.

The medal attached to the chain related the facts as follows:

"Presented to Chas. Schrader by the citizens of Clinton for heroically facing death, to defend the lives and property of his aged parents and in jailing the midnight assassin."

We trust you may long enjoy wearing the ornaments.

They are intended to remind you of your many friends in Clinton.

Very Truly Yours, F. D. McDowell, Mayor

The presents were received in silence by the young man, who is not a speech-maker and does but little talking. He believes in action, as he has well demonstrated. It is the earnest wish of all that he may long live to wear the token of appreciation from a grateful public. There is one thing Charlie may rest assured of, and that is that he will never want for funds so long as courage has an advocate and bravery an admirer. Many of us may possess but little of either, but all honor those traits in another.

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Mr. N. T. Hall is tilling the lot surrounding his fine residence on Tenth avenue.

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