Rotary Club

SOURCE: The Clinton Advertiser, February 23, 1920 (This is a long, series of articles.  I've only copied the part with the history of the Rotary Club in Clinton and the members.

The Rotary Club:

  • Meets once each week for luncheon or dinner
  • Membership formed on the unique plan of one active and representative man from each line of business and profession in the community
  • Genuine, wholesome good-fellowship
  • Developing true and helpful friends
  • Enlightenment as to other men's work, problems and successes
  • Education in methods that increase efficiency
  • Stimulation of your desire to be of service to your fellow men and society in general
  • Business returns that come from enlarging your acquaintance and inspiring confidense in you and your business

More than 600 Rotary clubs in the United States and Canada and throughout the world are observing Rotary wekk this week with special programs.  The Clinton club is co-operating.

The occation is the fifteenth anniversary of the birth of Rotary and the founding of the first Rotary club in Chicago on February 23d, 1903.  The week has been designated by the local Rotary club as "All Rotary Week," and is being given over entirely to Rotary activities.

Local Rotary History

The history of the Clinton Rotary club is a story of progress and activity.  It was formed in June, 1915, with a charter membership of about 25. Today it has in the neighborhood of 60 members, all representative business and professional men -- men who do things in Clinton.

The local club has always interested itself actively in municipal movements for the public welfare and advancement.  It backs up the Commercial club in its endeavors to make Clinton a bigger, better and brighter city.

It has put over a wonderfully successful city beautiful campaign, and an expense from its own coffres, of over $1000.

It has conducted a success bird house contest for boys.

It conducted a Rotary Red Cross sale and turned over to the Red Cross over $1000.

On one occasion last year it raised, in less than five minutes, the sum of $5,000 to back up the Boy Scout movement in Clinton.

It has interested itself and assisted in bringing about paving and other public improvements.

These and many other activities have made the career of the Clinton Rotary club successful and helpful to its home community.

The Presidents

Following is a list of presidents past and present, of the Clinton club:

  • Otto Korn
  • J. Q. Jeffries
  • Dr. H. E. Reynolds
  • James Leslie
  • D. C. F. Port
  • C. F. Tucker

Dan Winget has been secretary and A. C. Smith treasurer of the club since its inception.

The club has lost three members by death.  These are Henry Joehnk, M. W. Purcell and Carroll Armstrong.

The story of how the Rotary originated and how the institution has grown during the last few years until it is extending to all of the civilized countries in the world, is intensely interesting, especially as reviewed by the speakers on the program.

The Club's Personnel

  • Adams, Robt. - China
  • Arlen, Ed - Bottler
  • Barrett, H. G. - Investments
  • Bother, Leo - Florist
  • Chariton, T. B. - Eye and Ear
  • Collis, O. D. - Wire
  • Cook, Ward W. - Savings
  • Crawford, Tom - Gas
  • Curtis, E. J. - Millwork
  • Curtis, Geo. M. - Millwork
  • DeLange, Jas. - Drugs
  • Drury, Walter - Candy Mfr
  • Dulany, G. W. Jr. - Lumber
  • Engel, Fabian - Cloaks and Suits
  • Finch, Harry - Auto Machinist
  • Flindt, Emil - Phonographs
  • Hammarstrom, A. H. - Cer Pub Act
  • Harring, Dan - Contractor
  • Haugh, Jack - Fruits
  • Hicks, Frank - Schools
  • Hobart, Harry - Advertising Mgr
  • Iten, Frank J. - Crackers
  • Isbell - Mfg Optician
  • Jacobsen, Will - Dry Goods
  • Jefferies, J. Q. - Insurance
  • Keefe, W. J. - Lawyer
  • Kunnan, Ed. L. - Wh. Grocer
  • Korn, Otto - Baker
  • Lamb, G. E. - Lumber Mfr
  • Lamberton, Glenn - Automobiles
  • Leslie, Jim - Groceries
  • Lozan, Harry - Theatre Mgr
  • McCoy, R. H. - Lumber Mfr
  • McIntosh, W. M. - Sweetfood
  • McMahon, C. E. - Telephone
  • Matzen, Peter C. - Clothing
  • Nash, Burt - Barber
  • Oakes, W. T. - Building and Loan
  • Pahl, Henry - Refreshments
  • Port, C. F. - Dentist
  • Rockwell, E. A. - Mortician
  • Smith, A. C. - National Bank
  • Slocum, King - ??? ???
  • Smith, Herb - Fuel
  • Smith, Jim - Box Mfr
  • Smith, Wm - Wh Paper
  • Stormes, Chancy - Flour
  • Taylor, Robt. - Jeweler
  • Tucker, Chas. - Furniture
  • Turrill, J. F. - Stocks
  • Van Allen, Fred - Dept Store
  • Ward, Frank - Lumber
  • White, Robert - Com'l Traveler
  • Wilson, Geo. Jr. - Bridges
  • Winget, D. H. - Printer
  • Honorary - ADVERTISER Herald
  • Reynolds, Harry - with colors, Phy.

The Rotary Club website is They have a list of past presidents to 1915.