1920s Newspaper Advertisements

This is a list of advertisers in the June 1, 1920 Clinton Advertiser.  

A-Muse-U Theatre

A. H. Berner
For Sale – Real Estate (Classified)
A. W. Walliker Howes Block Lawyer
Abstract & Title Guarantee Co. Rooms 404-5-6 Weston Bldg George F. Skinner, Sec’y
Adams China Store 232 Fifth Ave
Albany Packets
Shumway & Sons Prop.
Arnold & Sturdevant Next door to People’s Bank The Book Store
Artificial Ice Co.
Help Wanted (Classified)
Aug. Rehr
For Sale – Livestock - Follett’s (Classified)
B. Heend 3rd & DeWitt Sts Buys Junk & Hides
Barker Bakery
Help Wanted (Classified)
Black & White Melody Jazz Orchestra Davis Opera House Dance
Buechner & Buechner 3?7 Main St., Lyons Grocers, Help Wanted (Classified)
Buehler Bros. 310 S Second St. Quality Meats
Buick Agency
L. B. Brandt Auto Co.
C. C. Lambert, M. D. Office in Revere block on 4th Ave
C. E. Armstrong & Sons
dealers in Sherwin Williams Products
C. G. Carstensen
lost brown sweater (Classified)
C. J. Neuman 220 5th Ave To make your buttons & sewing (Classified)
C. O. D. Cleaners & Dyers 125 Fifth Ave
C. P. Huey Over Korn’s Bakery, 5th Ave Chiropractor
C. Rudebeck
Poultry for Sale - Maquoketa (Classified)
Carl Martensen
Help Wanted – House Keeper – DeWitt (Classified)
Carroll Bros. 304-305 Wilson Bldg Lawyers
Chas. A. Ashton 222 5th Ave, Royal Cloak Bldg Tailoring
City National Bank 226-228 Fifth Ave
Clinton Co. Maxwell Sales Co. 212 S 2nd St Nick Carstensen, Mgr
Clinton Gas & Electric Co.

Clinton Rendering Co.
Sid D. Robb, Prop.
Comstock & McDonald 117-119 4th Ave Used Cars (Classified)
Darling & Darling Wilson Bldg Windstorm Insurance
Dayton & Settle 11th Ave and 5th St Auto Repair Work
Dettermann’s Settlement
Dr. Charlton & Dr. Nicoll Howes Block Eye Glasses
Dr. E. L. Hallinan Weston Bldg Ear, Nose, Throat
Dr. H. L. Leedham 204 Wilson Bldg Dentist
Dr. R. N. Howes 305 Howes Block Dentist
Eclipse Lumber

Ed Schroeder
For Sale – Livestock – Rt 2, Lyons (Classified)
Empire Furniture Co. 306-308 2nd St
Evangeline N. Dreesen 220 S 6th St, Lyons Insurance
F. Roe Cramer, Kodak & Supplies 220 Sixth Ave
Family Theatre

Geo. T. Smith & Bro. 524 8th Ave Farm Equipment ?
Gerald L. McMullen 408 Howes Block Attorney at Law
Godskesen Hardware Co. 600-602 S 2nd St
Gus Domann 512 DeWitt St Papering, Painting (Classified)
H. D. Richardson 207 Weston Bldg Insurance
Haas Bros. 120 Fifth Ave Welding
Henry Hecker c/o Sanger’s Store, Lyons Real Estate (Classified)
Henry Richardson
For Sale – Real Estate (Classified)
Henry Specht & Sons 213 S 2nd St Tires
Holm & Otto 410 Howes Block Real Estate (Classified)
Hotel Clinton
Wanted - Maid (Classified)
Iowa Bottling Co. 516-518 Third Ave
Isbell Optical Co.

Ivan Banks
Hay & Straw for Sale - Maquoketa (Classified)
Iverson’s Syncopated Five Goose Lake Dance
John Galvin
Real Estate (Classified)
John Richard “Snaps”
For Sale – Real Estate (Classified)
Kathryn E. Fox, D. C. Ph. C Weston Bldg Chiropractor
L. A. Sullivan 220 Third Ave Painting, Paper Hanging
L. B. Brandt Auto Co. 6th Ave Finch Garage
L. K. Fenlon, M. D. 509-519 Wilson Bldg Medicine & Surgery
L. L. Dolson Ste 315 & 315 Howes Block Chiropractor
L. W. Barker Co.
For Sale – Real Estate (Classified)
Lafayette Hotel
Wanted Girl for Chamber Work (Classified)
Majestic Steamer

Milo J. John Co. Opposite P.O.
Model Auto Co. 307-309 S 2nd St
Mr. Phipps Hotel Clinton Salesman (Classified)
Mrs. Jas. McCullough 631 5th Ave 10 room home (Classified)
O. H. Dalrymple
Real Estate (Classified)
Ovee Sale Co. 420 N Second St. Auto Supplies
P. A. Thelin 849 Stockholm St. House for Sale (Classified)
Parkside Theatre

Payson’s Auto 3d Ave & 2nd St Sale (Classified)
Pelton Auto Shop 516 N 2nd St.
People’s Trust & Savings Bank

Rankin’s Boarding House
DeWitt (Classified)
Royal Cloak Co. 222 Fifth Ave
Snow White Market 708 2nd St Chas. F. Eisleben, Prop.
Specht’s 6 Piece Jazz Band Camanche Dance
Strand Theatre

Swift & Co. 109 5th Ave
T. H. Spaulding 729 8th Ave 4 room Cottage (Classified)
Tim Shean & His Syncopated Kings Mt. Pleasant Park Dance
Towle & Hypes Co.

Tri-City Loan Co. Room 211 Weston Bldg
Valley Mfg. Co. back of Collis Factory, 19th St A. W. Hansen, Assignee, Bargains for the Farmer
Van Allen’s
John D Van Allen & Son
Volckman Furniture

W. H. Reimers 615 to 621 First St. Transfer & Storage
W. J. Keefe Weston Block Lawyer
W. J. Keefe Weston Bldg Real Estate (Classified)
Wm. Parker 126 Sixth Ave Transfer & Storage