Seniority List for the Chicago NorthWestern RailRoad 1940

This wonderful booklet was shared by Billy Rose on FaceBook. It was in a box of papers that belonged to his grandfather. The original was donated to the Clinton County Historical Society.

1940 Chicago NorthWestern Seniorities 1940

Chicago NorthWestern Line
East Iowa Division
Clinton, Iowa
Compiled by Charles C. Behr

Chicago & North Western Railway - Officials - East Iowa Division

J. R. Chandler Asst. Supt.
W. S. Whitford Master Mechanic
W. H. Schultz Asst. Master Mechanic
R. Reed Genl. Car Foreman
Neil J. Lehto Freight & Passenger Agt.
F. B. Taylor Storekeeper
Harry Thomas Genl. Foreman of Shops
A. R. Erickson Road Foreman of Engines
C. A. Knights Road Foreman of Engines
D. M. Swift Signal Supervisor
A. F. Peterson Yardmaster
J. R. Ramsey Yardmaster
William N. Judd Yardmaster
Thomas Donahue Yardmaster
J. H. Kline Ch. Clk. to Asst. Supt.
J. L. McGrath Ch. Clk. to Asst. M. Mech.
L. C. Bean Ch. Clk. to Storekeeper
J. P. Burlingame Ch. Clk. to Agent