The Railroad and Bridges through Postcards

Postcards courtesy of David Shedlock's collection.


Clinton, Iowa. Bridges across the Mississippi
To Miss Otelia Arnold, Chicago from Mrs. D
Railroad Bridges
High Bridge and Northwestern Double Track R. R. Bridge, Clinton, Iowa
High Bridge
To Mrs. Lee C. Wallace, NY from Harriet
High Bridge
C. & N. W. R. R. Bridge over Mississippi River at Clinton, Iowa

Railroad Bridge
To Miss Lizzie Kline, Wauketon ?, IA from Frieda ?
Railroad Bridge
Scenes on the Chicago and North-Western Ry.
Clinton Bridge and Residence St., Clinton, Iowa

Railroad bridge
To Mr. E. Leppert from loving son
C. & N. W. Yards Looking West and C. & N. W. Roundhouse and Tracks looking East, Clinton, Ia

Railroad Yard
To Mrs. Sorere May, Miles, Ia
Railroad yard