Schools, Hospitals, Churches, Courthouse, Fire, Police Postcards

Postcards courtesy of David Shedlock's collection.


Agatha Hospital, Clinton, Iowa Agatha Hospital
Bob and Bob, State Champions, Clinton, Iowa Bob and Bob
Central Fire Station, Clinton, Ia

Central Fire
To Mr. George Schmitz from Adeline
Central Fire
Clinton Iowa, Clinton County Court House

Clinton County Court House, Clinton, IA

To Mr. A. McCoy, Cedar Rapids
County Court House in Clinton Iowa Courthouse
Emanuel Lutheran Church, Clinton, Iowa Emanuel Lutheran
First Presbyterian Church, Clinton, Iowa

First Pres

To Jerry Shaven, Waukegan, Ill from Dick & Pat
First Presbyterian
Back: "The Clinton County - City law Enforcement center was completed in 1970."

Jane Lamb Hospital, Clinton, IA Jane Lamb
Mt. St. Clare Academy, O. S. F., Clinton, Iowa

Mt St Clare
To Helga M. Johnson, Lansing, Iowa from H. J. W.
Mt St Clare
Presbyterian Church, Clinton, Iowa

Pres Church
To Miss Lizzie Simper, Dougherty, Ia from Dixie
Presbyterian Church
Telephone Center and Lounge, Schick General Hospital, Clinton, Iowa

To Mrs. Jacob Diehl, Fulton, Ill from Frances
St. Mary's School, Clinton, Iowa

St. Mary's School
To Mr. George Stearn, Rock Island
St Marys School