Eagle Point Park

Elijah Buell, the first settler of Lyons, owned 88 acres of land.  On October 11, 1888, he sold the land to the owners of the Clinton and Lyons Railway, David and William Joyce.  The 88 acres of land was the called Joyce's Park.  Under the new ownership, mule-drawn cars ran on a narrow-gauge rail from Main Street to the park. On December 1, 1891, The Clinton Street Railway changed to electric driven cars and found it necessary to enlarge the tracks.  Since there was no entrance to the park except by rail, the company ran an eight-mile line to the park in 1902.  Admittance was free but there was a five-cent fare to ride the rail car. Soon after, Joyce's Park was enlarged and used year round.  There were four pavilions without water service, but a great deal of amusement equipment was provided, as well as free movies in the evenings.  Dances, with several hundred people in attendance, were held on a regular basis.  The newspapers of the time show there were events and stuff every weekend.

Joyce's Park become known as Eagle Point Park. 

Postcards courtesy of David Shedlock's collection.

History also tells of the Fox and Sac Indians worshipping Stone Face.  This is a huge rock overlooking the river from one of the bluffs, holding the natural formation of a man’s face.  Legend tells of a ruthless Indian tribe from the Great Plains attempting a huge deer kill without consulting Stone Face.  As they attempted to encircle the deer, a dark cloud appeared out of the west, causing a great wind that uprooted trees and dropped sheets of rain.  Many of the ruthless red men were killed and the rest were frightened and fled.  When Stone Face found they had left, the storm subsided.  A band of Sacs came upon the dead, burying them, worshiping Stone Face, settling down to hunt and fish right here in the Gateway area. The location of Stone Face is currently unknown.   Eagle Point Park, Clinton, Iowa
   Eagle Point Park, Clinton, Iowa 

 Postcard is addressed to Mrs. Carnes from Mrs. Peterson

A view of the Cliffs at Eagle Point Park  Eagle Point Park 
  Eagle Point ParkTo Mrs. D. Beckman, Wheatland from Louise 
Another view of the Face Rock   Eagle Point Park
   Eagle Point Park  To Miss Coral Crippen, Muscatine 
The Rustic Lodge, Eagle Point Park, Clinton, Iowa: Beautiful Eagle Point Park, situated along the Mississippi River Bluffs, abounds with natural charm and affords outstanding views of the mighty river.
 Eagle Point Park